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  1. I have ridden the Blue Line to O'Hare from time to time overnight because the car rentals there are open 24 hours. Will they still let you go upstairs and out to a car rental shuttle? And I haven't brought any kind of ticket to the airport since the advent of e-ticketing. Am I now going to have to print out some kind of paper receipt to show the cops to get into the airport?
  2. From the web page: "Metra is monitoring the level of crowding on each train by calculating the average number of riders per train car over a five-day period." Then further down on the page the green bar says: "Low ridership < 50 riders per car." The yellow bar says "Some ridership 50 - 70 riders per car." The orange bar says "Moderate ridership 70 - 100 riders per car." The red bar says "High ridership 100+ riders per car." And if you click on the individual charts (like this chart for the BNSF line), there is a color-coded key at the bottom of each page that also says "per car."
  3. Just a small correction: I think the statistics in those charts are riders per car, not riders per train.
  4. In this picture, it looks like some of the lights and signs on the train are still lit up. Are all those people hanging around on the tracks with live power still going to the third rail? Or is there a battery on the train to keep the lights going?
  5. Heavy rain floods CTA bus. (video). Unfortunately the video doesn't give any indication as to where or when it happened.
  6. Metra to reduce HC, SWS and NCS schedules May 4
  7. I rode a Pulse bus on Route 209 last fall (October or November). I thought it odd to use such a large bus given how few people ride that route. And one Sunday in March (before the lockdown) I saw a Pulse bus go by displaying a Route 270 sign. That might have been really confusing to any passengers waiting for a Rt 270 bus. The passengers might have assumed the bus wasn't going to stop and backed away from the bus stop and then had to wait another hour for another bus.
  8. Am I the only one imagining that some rider is going to get his arm caught in the door trying to open it, the driver won't notice him, and the driver will take off, ripping off the rider's arm?
  9. To support public safety and social distancing practices in response to COVID-19, CTA will be offering a one-time credit for any remaining days left on an active 7- or 30-day pass, based on when the pass was last used. https://www.ventrachicago.com/covid-19/?utm_source=Homepage Promobox&utm_campaign=COVID-19
  10. Metra: Medical personnel ride free during coronavirus pandemic https://metrarail.com/about-metra/newsroom/medical-personnel-ride-free-during-coronavirus-pandemic
  11. As long as you have a paper transfer or an active fare on your Clipper Card or mobile app, you don't have to tap in or show the driver anything when boarding a SF Muni bus. You just walk in and sit down. But if a fare inspector comes by, you have to show them proof of payment or face being ticketed. But here is the part you might not like. If your transfer expires while you are on the Muni bus, you are supposed to go back up to the front and pay again and get a new transfer. With the CTA, if you tap in one minute before your transfer expires and stay on the bus for an hour, no problem. With Muni, if an inspector comes by and your transfer is expired, you are treated like someone who didn't pay their fare at all, even if your transfer was valid when you boarded the bus.
  12. Your exhibit says "Reduced: Every 30 minutes on weekdays". That's not exactly what happened, is it? I haven't met a single person who is saying "Great! I can now walk an extra mile to get on the bus. I'm going to stop driving and start riding the bus." I'm sure Pace doesn't consider it a failure and is very proud of its shiny silver obelisks. Pace spokeswoman Maggie Daly Skogsbakken told Nadig Newspapers “But in time, as they use the service, they get used to it and learn that it is not as bad as they once thought," So basically Pace's attitude is to let passengers get used to the bad service. After all, if they are desperate enough to ride the bus, what choice do they have? It's just unfortunate they are spending more taxpayer money to provide worse service. The two people on the bus isn't representative of service all day, just late in the evening. Would it kill Pace to make local stops in the cold and the dark when hardly anyone rides the bus? Or is it too much of a thrill to have the power to make people walk that extra mile for them?
  13. Don't forget the obelisks at the "stops." That's what makes them "stations." Although it isn't publicized almost all Pace buses have free wifi. This whole project is proof that Pace hates its riders. At the open houses they assured us that Pulse would be an "addition" to the current service, so who could object? Then at the final hearing they said "oh by the way, we're slashing the service on 270." So now people either have to walk a mile or wait an hour for a bus. Yes, picking up and discharging passengers is an obstacle to running an efficient bus service. According to the schedule, the run time between Devon and JP is one to two whole minutes faster on Pulse than 270. I'm sure that people would gladly walk even two miles or wait two hours to save this kind of time. Late the other evening I was waiting at Jeff Park and saw a Pulse bus pull up and discharge exactly two passengers. I'm sure it would have killed Pace's efficiency goals to have picked those two people up at somewhere other than an obelisk. But if those two people have no option other than taking a bus, they'll walk a mile for Pace's convenience and learn to like it.
  14. All traces of the SB shelter that they started to build at Milwaukee/Haft have been removed and the area has been smoothed over and returned to more or less its previous conditions except for a curved sidewalk and the old shelter and bus stop have been removed. There is still a temporary bus stop on the NW corner of Milwaukee and Devon. The northbound stop at Milwaukee/Highland is operational. Both Austin stops are functional and the old bus stop signs and shelters have been removed.
  15. Coach USA is ending its Airport Supersaver service between O'Hare/Midway and Indiana effective 12/31/2019. It is also shutting down its Chicago Trolley service on that day. https://www.southbendtribune.com/news/local/coach-says-it-will-slash-bus-service-to-chicago-airports/article_62c84386-1d02-11ea-8864-27aff5a3ea8f.html
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