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  1. And the other surprise on the UPN schedule is that now EVERY weekday train will stop at Clybourn, Ravenswood, and Rogers Park. Almost every train has always stopped at Clybourn, but it looks like they've eliminated the few exceptions. Given how busy Ravenswood is, that sounds like a good decision. But Rogers Park? Maybe they want to see if they can coax some people from Ravenswood to Rogers Park to ease crowding?
  2. The revised UPN schedule doesn't make a lot of sense to me. There are northbound trains terminating in Winnetka at 6:35, 7:35, 8:35, 9:35, and 10:35 am. But the first southbound train from Winnetka is at 10:09 am. There are also southbound trains from Highland Park at 6:59, 7:29, 7:59, 8:29, and 8:59 that have no matching northbound trains. What are they doing? Deadheading trains from Winnetka to Highland Park? It would kill them to let a few passengers stay on board for the trip? That still wouldn't explain the 7:29 and 8:29 departures from HP.
  3. That changed a couple of years ago: https://www.ventrachicago.com/featured-questions/ https://www.transitchicago.com/fares/
  4. At the State/Lake station, if the previous tap on your Ventra card/ticket was at an 'L' station (any station, any line) and within 2 hours, no fare or transfer is deducted. So, while you may need to tap your card again to cross platforms, it will cost you nothing. You don't even have to have a transfer remaining on the card.
  5. As artthouwill has pointed out, there already is a free transfer between the Red Line and the State/Lake elevated station. A Ventra card or ticket is required to enter the L. Just tap the same card that you used to enter the Red Line at the Loop elevated station and no fare or transfer will be deducted from your balance. It's completely free. It works in the opposite direction, too.
  6. The Link-Up Pass is good on all CTA routes, but during limited hours. It is also good on Pace regular-fare routes at all times. I don't know about the Pace premium fare routes, however.
  7. There already are. The PlusBus pass ($30) is good on Pace at all times. The Link-Up Pass ($55) is good on CTA during weekday rush hours and Pace at all times. Both must be purchased with a Metra monthly pass. https://metrarail.com/tickets/connecting-service-options
  8. I've been taking short free rides in 2021. In fact, I was taking a free ride on Monday when I heard the announcement. I think they set up the inspection booths at Ogilvie in late 2020. I haven't gone downtown since then. I'd be glad to pay, but there is no ticket agent near me and all the threats about being arrested if you didn't have a ticket when you passed by the inspection booth have scared me off.
  9. There were announcements on Metra UP trains today that 1) All passengers traveling to and from Ogilvie Transporation Center need tickets. 2) Conductors will start collecting tickets from all other passengers on June 1. So get in your joy rides by the end of the month. I never did find out what someone going downtown from a station without a ticket agent was supposed to do if they didn't have a phone or it wasn't working. Does anyone know?
  10. The 270 buses are equally empty. Nobody, except for a few seniors who can't walk an extra mile, is going to wait an hour for the next 270 bus to come, especially outside in the winter time. Conversely, if the next bus to pull up to an obelisk is a 270 rather than a Pulse, nobody is going to wait for the Pulse, because there is no appreciable difference in the run time between the two routes, at least not during the pandemic. I've never witnessed a Pulse bus pulling past a 270 bus on the street. I am suggesting that they could save face by simply decreeing that, as an "emergency pandem
  11. So right now, there are nearly-empty buses running on Milwaukee Avenue pausing at the Pulse obelisks for several minutes because they are running ahead of schedule. Meantime, it's winter time and the few people who have no choice but to take the bus have to walk a mile through snow and sub-freezing temperatures in the dark to get to or from a bus stop and watch the empty buses zoom by them on the way. Would it kill Pace to suspend the express service until things return to normal? Is this some kind of ego thing for somebody that they can't admit that the Pulse experiment is a di
  12. Thanks for the correction. You are right. I copied and pasted that from the USA Today article. I see they have corrected the article and say Dallas Love Field now. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/airline-news/2020/10/28/southwest-airlines-flights-chicago-ohare-phoenix-nashville-baltimore/6054800002/
  13. Today, Southwest announced even more service from O'Hare: Nashville, Denver, Dallas (IAH), Baltimore and Phoenix. Service will start Feb 14, 2021.
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