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  1. What bus routes do you think are the roughest or have the most crime in the CTA?
  2. Javi78

    More Bus Moves

    Why is it taking so long to retire the 6400s? It’s taking six years to replace 484 buses, when it only took 3 or 4 years to retire 3 and a half bus series which were the 4400s, 5300s, 5800s and 6000s. If CTA is having this hard of a time retiring 484 buses, it’s going to be a disaster retiring the 1000s, that’s going to be a 20 year retirement lol. What is CTA doing, I’ve always hated the 6400s the entire time they’ve been in service, they sound like garbage trucks and they look weird. Why does a bus sound like a garbage truck lol? What would CTA do in the worst case scenario of the 6400s just suddenly stop working or they have a failure to where they can’t operate anymore. Basically a Nabi situation where buses were no longer operational and CTA had no other choice but to work with what they being short on fleet, how would CTA respond when they can’t get new buses right away? Would they have to stretch garages thin to have buses for routes. What would happen if CTA was really short 70 buses?
  3. Javi78

    More Bus Moves

    With NP losing all hybrid artics, the bus drivers on the south side out of 77th and 103rd drive the hybrid artics faster than NP, NP drivers were always timid when driving artics. What is that sound that the hybrid buses make when they go fast then stop or slow down? The last few times I’ve rode a hybrid artic on the 146 I was disappointed that I didn’t hear that sound when the bus was approaching Michigan Ave off of Lakeshore Drive. I like the hybrid buses make that sound when they’re going fast then slow down or brake. Every time I rode the 6 or J14 the artics would be speeding down a street like we were on LSD and the hybrid buses would always make that sound every time I approached a bus stop, stop sign, red light. From seeing how aggressive the drivers on the 2, 3, 4, and 8 drive I could only imagine the they’re speeding with those artics at 77th.
  4. Javi78

    More Bus Moves

    Is there a possibility of NP getting 7900s to make up for the loss of artics to C and 77th? Would they let go of their 7900s? Also why is FG trying to put the 6400s back in service?
  5. I think the routes that would be up for elimination are 54A 96 11 7 157 124 130 10 48 55A 62H 37 since it duplicates the brown line merge the 106 and 103 into one route that makes a stop at the 95th red line. Considering the 2012 crowd reduction plan with bus routes being cut to favor the L lines, I’ve wondered about if the idea of the 56 Milwaukee being cut to favor the ohare branch of the blue line.
  6. They at least would still need the 146 and 147 to have a faster alternative to the red line and 151.
  7. One of my cousins has a friend that’s a CTA bus driver and he was told that since a lot of buses don’t have ventra fare readers and buses aren’t collecting fares, so after this crisis is over CTAs going to lay off a lot of employees and cut bus routes around all across. If CTA were to cut bus routes in a budget short fall, what would be the first bus routes to get cut?
  8. I wonder why they wouldn’t increase service on the 94, that would make the most sense, the 52 is heavy north of Chicago.
  9. With the new extended 94, I don’t think that route would workout at 74th considering that the 9 Ashland and most 49 western runs are out of that garage. Those are the two longest routes and the 94 wouldn’t be that far behind the 9 and 49. That garage also runs the 62 Archer and that’s no short route either. What other garage would be able to pick up 94, send it to Chicago or Forest Glen or maybe North park. Or transfer the 49 western to north park full time.
  10. Where did the 50 Damen turn around before the creation of the orange line?
  11. What would happen to all the garages if the 6400s never went back in service when bus service across the board goes back to normal and no new buses are ordered? What would all the garages be forced to do? CTAs been through the situation with Nabi, I think CTA can handle being short like 70 buses and be able to move bus routes around if they have to. There are a surplus of artics, possibly make some NP routes 100 percent artics at all times and that’s about 30 1000s NP can give up. NP has enough artics to make the 22, 135, 136, 146, 147, 148, 151 all artics with no 40 footers at all. Possibly run some artics on the 50 at all times too.
  12. Javi78

    More Bus Moves

    With the 6400s getting pulled off the streets due to bus drivers safety during this pandemic, and all service operating at regular schedules and runs and no service cuts, would it make sense for the CTA to officially retire the remaining nova 6400s? No garage is short on buses, these moves seem to work perfect proving that those 6400s were never needed in the past year. Now with the artics, why are artics running at 77th and Chicago garage? Would these be long term assignments too?
  13. Javi78

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    When is someone going to update the L car roster page, there’s been major changes, there is a heavier presence of 2600s on the brown line and 3200s on the blue line.
  14. Why’s it so hard for CTA to retire the rest of the 6400s? There’s more than enough buses at each garage. If you go by a garage during peak times there are probably 10 buses that each garage can give up without messing with service. I went by forest glen during the morning rush and there were an awful lot of 7900s and 1000s just sitting at the garage. What would happen if CTA one morning went to forest glen and just got rid of every 6400 just like that and forest glen was just left with whatever 7900s and 1000s they have? I think forest glen can survive off whatever number of buses it has without 6400s.
  15. I just thought about if the CTA got all 846 7000s, it would be smarter fleet wise to flip the 5000s, put the 5000s on the orange, brown and blue lines and make red, purple, yellow, pink and green 7000s. With 846 7000s, that would be 400 cars on the blue line, I don’t really think orange and brown needs nor can store 446 cars between those two lines. Send the 7000s to red that’s 440 cars on red, 100 cars on purple, 8 cars on yellow, then put like 170 cars on the green line then 128 cars on the pink line. That’s green and pink running 8 car trains during rush periods. There’s enough 5000s between blue, orange and brown to fulfill their fleets.
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