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  1. Some opportunity to track the progress of construction of the bypass and/or temporary track structure.
  2. All of the 6400-series NovaBus LFS units are assigned to the Forest Glen Garage.
  3. The remaining 100 units will retire next year as new NovaBus LFS's will be replacing them. CTA recently ordered a contract of 100 new buses, with options to purchase an additional 500 buses. https://www.transitchicago.com/chicago-transit-board-approves-contract-to-purchase-new-clean-diesel-buses/ if you're interested in reading this article.
  4. "Major construction work will begin this spring." This doesn't guarantee that the work will start in March. Sure, spring begins in march, but doesn't guarantee that it'll start at the month. They could start in April or even as late as May.
  5. And Sheridan, Bryn Mawr (which will also be rebuilt soon) stations as well.
  6. Yeah, a decent amount of the CTA stations have DD and conveniences stores. I've seen some at 35th/Archer, Kedzie, Halsted, Ashland, Roosevelt (ofc), Polk, Jefferson Park, Morse (although the DD is across the street from the stationhouse), Fullerton, Belmont (Red/Purple/Brown), Lake, Howard, and Davis.
  7. Where did you get this information from?
  8. While the Red-Purple Bypass flyover is nearing the finishing line, the temporary track will be built in preparation for the second part of the project, running parallel to the mainline between Belmont and Roscoe.
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