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  1. Just last year MARTA started receiving MORE CNG buses 🙄 (they’re comfy tho.) So what do they do with a bunch of Xcelsiors? move them. Where? Try Hamilton Blvd. 1401-1480 (2013 XN40s) All are at either Perry or Larado 1481-1485 (2013 XN35s) 1481, 1482, 1484 and 1485 are at either Perry or Larado. 1483 got wrapped around a tree. 1501-1589 (2014 XN40s) 1501-1559: Larado 1560-1589: Perry 1601-1688 (2015 XN40s) now buses are getting moved. 1601-1607, 1618-1643: Larado 1644-1669: Perry 1608-1617, 1670-1675: Hamilton the rest
  2. The reason why America itself is WAY behind Asia and Europe is because of the car. After WWII owning a car was the rage of America, while everywhere else public transit was improving. if people stayed with public transit instead of moving to the suburbs and owning cars, America would be advanced.
  3. That is true. Guess Chicago isn’t BRT friendly
  4. I am gonna be blunt with it: CTA is either A) too poor or B) too forgetful. They promised a Ashland Ave. BRT 8 years ago.
  5. Damn. Those were my favs. Them and the Orion VI buses PACE had. i was talking to iamaxcelsior on Instagram. He said 6699 isn’t retired.
  6. What’s gonna happen to the remaining 6600s, 6700s and 6800s, since the 6400s and 6500s ended up at Sims Scrap.
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