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  1. 7901 is out on the 119 right now, if anyone wants to catch it
  2. do you know which number this 6400 was? also that shield looks very cheap. @Shannoncvpi
  3. @Mr.NewFlyer1051 why does the sign matter so much? and why is this in the 1000s forums? this is irrelevent information. this does not need to be discussed. put this in random cta, if necessary
  4. ahhhh! 7929 looks something similar to 1962 or 8068
  5. reverse? it seems like oakton can berth 4 and dempster can berth 2 or 3 cars
  6. it's not that unusual that 4 car trains are out i think cta does because of the snow on the tracks
  7. 1449 broke down around 20 minutes ago on the 165 route
  8. BusGuy

    More Bus Moves

    @sht6131 i ignore the privacy thing whenever it happens. if you are on a computer, you can click advanced options, and then access maths22. it will say (unsafe), but there is nothing that i know of that is unsafe on maths. that should work when ever that screen pops up.
  9. BusGuy

    More Bus Moves

    i see it now @Mr.NewFlyer1051 i am just losing it today. mr.cta85 showed me and i found it on maths tracker a little later sorry.
  10. BusGuy

    More Bus Moves

    then i'm mistaken. thank you
  11. BusGuy

    More Bus Moves

    where is the proof mr.1051? you're always giving us these things and you never provide proof. i went all the way back to 1:30pm on cta.maths22.com and searched 1100, nothing popped up besides 1101/1104/1105/1106/1107/1108/1110 in the 110x section
  12. i don't remember north park had novas! lol
  13. BusGuy

    More Bus Moves

    no, no loaners, especially like 2025, will never be moved until that bus is on the tracker for some time
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