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  1. Yesterday i saw them on Brown Line it has them as well. Only on the 3200's series idk about the rest. and if your lucky. There now putting them on Busses now just saw #1773 with that Mask signage as well
  2. Recently i just saw #1761 and #1763 are on the #146 tdy. I was on #1761 on the 146 tdy and still has the "F" sticker on it. And also saw #1763 pass by with the "F" sticker on it as well
  3. Well there goes #8229 being severly damaged in the front for now
  4. So a Report of CTA Bus has crashed into an apartment. Sadly it was a New Flyer #1883. Crashed happend at Clark & Rogers/Jarvis Ave
  5. After getting an Alert. I went to Visit the Kimball and Kedzie Brown Line Stations and yup it's getting way lot worst
  6. People on top of the 151 bus from Yesterday peaceful and now violent and rioting and looting protests
  7. Apperently #1930 was at Forest Glen now and then i saw #1930 on the #81 bus with the P sticker 🤯🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Just saw #1798 on Lawrence and Kedzie. Meaning it's back at FG and also saw the "C" sticker but couldn't take a picture of it.
  9. So like out of nowhere i was at Peterson and California. And i saw the 84 Peterson which is a New Flyer D40LF and all of a sudden i saw #1794. I was curious cause i went to check on maths22. com and i don't see it anymore. I forgot to take a picture of #1794 doing the route on Peterson Ave since it went pretty fast when i saw it pass by.
  10. I saw it on ABC 7. I think it was #1972 doing the Route on Chicago Ave
  11. So apperently 2 CTA Bus Crashes in one day. First was 7929 on Route #4 on 51st and Cottage Grove and the other one on Chicago Avenue at night. Feel bad for the passangers for both Route #4 and Route #66 tbh
  12. So i heard 7929 doing the Route #4 was involved in a crash at 51st and Cottage Grove. Guess it's going SS
  13. So i was on the 82 heading back home. Until i realize that they added a new cage for bus drivers. The fleet number was 1606. Idk if those will be add to other buses. Ik my camera quallity is bad. 👀
  14. Is it rare to have 2 93's coming at the same time 🤔
  15. Due to The Winter Storm. NP decided to add New Flyers on the 147 👀
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