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  1. It maybe I hope it is imma try to give 7 their 7900's back 😂😂😂😂
  2. Dam K C & I think NP sent buse to 3 tf going on over there
  3. Aw dam I aint know that
  4. Dam bro yea some is down due to vary reasons
  5. I told you bro bro sometimes I think 7 dont be feeling like using their buses how the golden child garage be short of buses way more then the middle child garage & stepchild garage
  6. Out of SS 7 stay going over there taking buses fron other garages I think they dont be feeling like using thrir own sometimes
  7. Lol man we csn give 7 their 7900's back for our artics
  8. Whats been up with 4062 was it innthe boneyard for work bro?
  9. Yea I seen those I wonder is they gone come back to service
  10. Cool I hope they all come back the ones thats at other garages
  11. Drove pass through 6 yesterday & notice all of the 6400's not on the wall no more did 6 send the send them back to FG
  12. This where archer garage use to be now its a strip mall 0607212035.mp4
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