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  1. Was by 7 this morning & seen they had the doors open to the shop & I was like aw thats where 1612 been at after I had it a few days ago 8012 in the air & 7900 in the next day
  2. Thanks for putting me on game broham
  3. Yew I seen it on the 54 yesterday I think
  4. Aw ok I just know it was a mistake one somebody part
  5. Now this morning I seen some strange which I figure it was a mistake 1508 got a C sticker in it now aint no 15's ever been at C on their routes that I can recall so by it being outsouth most of its life did it get sent to SS for maintenance or repairs didn't have a garage sticker in it & they may have put the wrong sticker in it 0523200741.mp4
  6. I had a guy who threw his beer at my bus yesterday on Jackson & Pulaski
  7. Aw ok & bro thats 1561 that was next to 7900 yesterday 7900 gone now
  8. 8206 just pulled out of C with 103rd garage on the sign couldn't get a pic of it but just look out if that bus pops up on any 1 of 3 routes
  9. Yea I definitely agree & some training drivers cuz the last time I saw it it was over by my house going down Chicago ave pass Cicero I posted the pic a while back
  10. Nope but I'll swing by there this evening after I get off & get my dog to get the number of it
  11. As wow I would love to see it in service I bet the miles are low as hell
  12. Shannoncvpi

    More Bus Moves

    Naw its on the northwest corner & a lol bit of both some out due to this virus bs retired & to be fixed
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