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  1. Wow 😂😂 these people crazy af
  2. & again today I had had a woman piss on my bus while I was doing the 12 she pissed all over the seat & the floor had to take my bus out of service
  3. Yea it is I was too blew I was like you nasty mf & took my bus out of service
  4. Man I hate that I had somebody drop a load on my bus today
  5. Yea thats what I was saying they become parts buses
  6. They keep them for parts until they are dam near a shell
  7. Dam what's wrong with 1245 tho
  8. Aw ok I was gone say it was just at FG
  9. What was wrong with 1552
  10. Yea I see they cut the front end off the bus but you right about that
  11. Yea some of them do abuse it
  12. Im not too sure but it just sits there when they mive it again they gone put it innthe back of C for a while then gone kick it back out into the back where it sits now
  13. CTA dont know where they want me at a few days ago they told me that im going back ti the rails ok I was at the rails yesterday now they sent me back to K 😂😂😂 0805200826.mp4
  14. Aw see I'm thinking passenger wise
  15. Why does 6488 have a sheild 😂😂 its no longer in service its retired
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