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  1. Imma be honest bro I carry my glock & knife everywhere I go rule #9 never go anywhere without a knife
  2. yea they gone be at those garages for a while
  3. Yea I remember that you was right cuz us at K only got a few artics back
  4. It's a bus being towen to SS from C didnt get the number saw it at the last min but it's on its way there
  5. 1755 back its on the 7 just snapped a pic of it
  6. @YoungBusLover is it true that SS will drain the oil & trans fluid out of buses they retire & park em in the yard leave them running till the motor lock up I heard it a few times just never seen them do it
  7. & whats the 5 for on 6446 window cant be for C since its was reried from FG & has a F sticker
  8. Yea at least since Nov its been there
  9. Probably so only time will tell
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