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  1. That is 1 thing that I would like about working at FG but just cant deal with all if that traffic & those up north people that think they better then everybody
  2. Yea ive had the same before I went on med leave due to my accident but 1601 07 98 1702 1836 39 45 & a few 15s ive then had my fare share ive seen them in the drivers arear & all
  3. I know I'm saying it's only 3 garages that they are speard out too
  4. Yea cuz they are all spread her out between 7 FG & NP
  5. Math stay down like McDonald's ice cream machine
  6. Man 7 lost alot of 13's I guess in return for all the artics that NP sent to 7 months ago
  7. Shannoncvpi

    More Bus Moves

    Nice I'll be on the lookout
  8. I think I would hate to do the 94 route if I ran out of 6 since it goes almost to Addison from 74th & damen thats 1 long run
  9. I agree I think 1245 done but that looks like a minor accident it was in but 1925 is completely dont see how 1821 & 1993 got knocked off which I'm waiting for 1805 & 4119 to get knocked off but dam 4175 in there wasnt that 1 back at C
  10. 7 change stickers asap too only a few I seen slide through & dont get a sticker fast
  11. C know they can organize they buses 1017201323.mp4
  12. Shannoncvpi

    More Bus Moves

    Yea I found that out when kedize sent me to pick up 1666 1 day but the bus had been done idk for how long & I had too 1235 to as for work & 7 came & got 1666 & sent it out on the streets thats when I found out if they need a extra bus or dont feel like usijg one of theirs they will snatch 1 from SS
  13. Yea just gotta wait on the official word but either way I'm gone catch it so my mini bay can see it
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