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  1. Glad to see aint nobody parked here blocking buses today to go in the liquor store 0123211224.mp4
  2. Hell yea & be clearing the fast lane too when they be driving slow af in it
  3. 😂😂😂 well they then had a break so y'all can have em back
  4. Yea they have look on fb market offer up & Craigslist
  5. Took a pic of my car with 6163 today 2 iconic rides
  6. Yea a while back we was short buses I was like how tf we short we got buses on the wall come to find our that they were broke buses
  7. Yea thats why y'all can come get y'all 7903-07 from us we dont even want no buses in return y'all just come & get them 😂😂 might just take 1 each night & bring it to yall
  8. That was the last time I've seen it
  9. Last I seen 6585 it was at SS along the gate
  10. Yea it is then retired a second time & sold to a private person
  11. Yea it is I drove pass it the other day & said dam its getting like 6470
  12. Aw ok they must didnt put no sheilds on them which they shouldnt even worry about that cuz they are no longer in service
  13. Yea & when I seen my homie training drivers at 7 the other day I aint see them using a 6400 either then what they make them instruction buses for if they not gone use them they ass backwars just like we aint using 6697
  14. Yea you see 6697 starting to look like 6470 just watching everything else roll by
  15. One of the guys that folliw my youtube channel & vice versa posted a video onnthe TMC's rolling throughout the city
  16. Send me the link I aint know that bro
  17. Aw ok I would just wondering how that happened
  18. I most definitely use the rubberband trick I put it on every attic I get either un the morning or relieving another driver uf it has 1 already then I just keep mines in my pocket
  19. Man they be straight pissing me off when they do that
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