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  1. Aw that's probably why I seen trucks carrying building equipment in there over the last few weeks
  2. Dam bro I was still there didnt leave till 5 left the bus there tho
  3. Got sent to 35th & state to chill out with 4031 this morning just chilling getting paid to do nothing but chill
  4. He'll it could be from any garage they way these buses are mixed up you never know until you see the run box then the sticker from where its from
  5. Was at 3 Monday seen some novas thats just parked there my first time being there this was the only garage I haven't been to 0601201422.mp4
  6. They had 3 artics on state blocking street at 36th & 35th 4118 from 3 & 4029 OG from K but from 7 for the time being with a 3rd at 35th 0602202059.mp4
  7. Yea they was tearing down the stires that was looted & the shoe store was set on fire which spreaded over to the other buildings
  8. Green line trains are standing well basically not running pass or before 35th but definitely not going to 47th due to CFD spraying water while crews tear down buildings on 47th right next to the green line
  9. Shannoncvpi

    More Bus Moves

    Yea good wasnt no passengers on the bus
  10. Shannoncvpi

    More Bus Moves

    Dam I hope everybody cool
  11. 1 of the drivers had texted me saying they was getting ready to go home they was getting pulled off the streets
  12. Yea they was getting it down there I went down there last night
  13. Shannoncvpi

    More Bus Moves

    Yea the 54 can get heavy af at times
  14. Shannoncvpi

    More Bus Moves

    Guess NP helping out with the 9 of they sent it to 6
  15. Was by 7 this morning & seen they had the doors open to the shop & I was like aw thats where 1612 been at after I had it a few days ago 8012 in the air & 7900 in the next day
  16. Thanks for putting me on game broham
  17. Yew I seen it on the 54 yesterday I think
  18. Idk bro the work may never know
  19. Aw ok I just know it was a mistake one somebody part
  20. Now this morning I seen some strange which I figure it was a mistake 1508 got a C sticker in it now aint no 15's ever been at C on their routes that I can recall so by it being outsouth most of its life did it get sent to SS for maintenance or repairs didn't have a garage sticker in it & they may have put the wrong sticker in it 0523200741.mp4
  21. I had a guy who threw his beer at my bus yesterday on Jackson & Pulaski
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