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  1. I've seen people doing this before then I was like they make their bed they lay in it then I thought bout it like naw they gone see that I seen an so let me gone report it
  2. 😂😂 bro it aint that bad just mind ya business & you all good that's surviving Chicago thats how I been doing in the hood since I was a kid
  3. Imma go to work on that day but I'm taking my gun with me CWW thang & if somebody call themselves trying to be slick they gone feel my military training along with 40 cal shells
  4. Man CPD dont care bro this aint law & order they aint solving nothing
  5. I agree they dont give a dam so they come out when they wanna come out cuz they know it aint like they actually protecting anybody in the hood anyways they only protect downtown & up north the rich white people
  6. Thats how it is bro they be up north somewhere hiding plus on the higheays thats state boyz turf & you know state boyz be so far spaced out
  7. If somebody shoot at me with paintballs imma give them that hot lead
  8. Bus driver was shot with a paintball gun overnight driver was driving 1276
  9. Yea its blue line train with green line sign 😂😂
  10. Whats wrong with this pic lets see who gets it 😂😂
  11. Yea I know 1001 been there for wekes its been like 2 weeks since I drove on 79
  12. Video of 600 at SS 1026201838.mp4
  13. A 600 from C is sitting at the gate at SS waiting to be picked up
  14. Dam yea they are ready for a rehab
  15. Only time will tell & I had said not too long ago that it was about time for the 7900 to get a rehab especially the very first ones that started at 7 they just get beat to tell we got 7903-07 & 1 or 2 of them bouncy buses are rough
  16. Aw so they finna start knocking them off too
  17. Dam I though they rehabbed all of the 10's in 14-15 now I see they didnt & I thought that artics got a rehab too
  18. Miss being at work whipping the artics got too much time on my hands now can't wait to get off of med leave 1021201008.mp4
  19. All of the ones in the first few rows in the front a run they ones in the back a be off but it not as cold in the garage as it is outside of the ones that sit outside of the garage they will turn on & have them running & they let the doors up & down when its real cold to keep the heat in the garage
  20. Yea the 94 long as hell now & yea ive seen FG leave some buses running all night long I ended a run last year at Rosemont when I was on the rails & took central home but I went to FG at like 130 am & seen all the buses that was going out in the am rush sitting running it was those days that it had got -23 below
  21. That is 1 thing that I would like about working at FG but just cant deal with all if that traffic & those up north people that think they better then everybody
  22. Yea ive had the same before I went on med leave due to my accident but 1601 07 98 1702 1836 39 45 & a few 15s ive then had my fare share ive seen them in the drivers arear & all
  23. I know I'm saying it's only 3 garages that they are speard out too
  24. Yea cuz they are all spread her out between 7 FG & NP
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