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  1. Yea I had 1635 today on the 7
  2. Yea omnthe C on the 66 53 20 & 7 on the 79 bother garages keep on all times of the night
  3. Just saw 7900 9ut on the 29 0619211500.mp4
  4. So your saying the artics slow down the 79 bro
  5. It maybe I hope it is imma try to give 7 their 7900's back 😂😂😂😂
  6. Dam K C & I think NP sent buse to 3 tf going on over there
  7. Aw dam I aint know that
  8. Dam bro yea some is down due to vary reasons
  9. I told you bro bro sometimes I think 7 dont be feeling like using their buses how the golden child garage be short of buses way more then the middle child garage & stepchild garage
  10. Out of SS 7 stay going over there taking buses fron other garages I think they dont be feeling like using thrir own sometimes
  11. Lol man we csn give 7 their 7900's back for our artics
  12. 7 can keep it 😂😂😂
  13. Whats been up with 4062 was it innthe boneyard for work bro?
  14. Yea I seen those I wonder is they gone come back to service
  15. Cool I hope they all come back the ones thats at other garages
  16. Drove pass through 6 yesterday & notice all of the 6400's not on the wall no more did 6 send the send them back to FG
  17. It could we just gotta wait & see
  18. This where archer garage use to be now its a strip mall 0607212035.mp4
  19. 6687 sitting outside of 3 & the reast of the 6400's been moved inside of 3 they aint been sent to 7 like I thought 0529212155.mp4
  20. Lets all have a good friday & a e day weekend I know I am finna use my Seniority to get Monday off make the peoole with less time them me work monday chilling 0528211345.mp4
  21. Yea it not off topic its just crooked Politicians using us to be drivers for their law breaking people but anyways its free OT for us get paid time & a half just to sit at a district I think I might do it I can pick up plenty of things
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