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  1. Aw ok & they sitting there cuz alot of em are out of service for the moment until Corona lashay virus back off then they going back wait you said the 6500's all of em got knocked off yea they a parts & instructions bus
  2. I thought 700 was don't with testing since it's Benn around 5 years now
  3. I know I was just playing but I believe the few 79's K got are staying cuz they was there before Corona lashay virus really showed her a**
  4. But I think all the buses gone go back & if it is permanent C ain't change none of the stickers on the buses they got from 3 or NP
  5. Well the Nova's at K been there before this kicked off so I think they staying but the flyers yea & I told young bus lover that we keeping 1235 they ain't getting that back 😂😂 that drives & handles good & NP & 7 be quick to change the stickers like they change them almost as soon as I they get em
  6. 1798 still rolling around with a C & a F sticker I guess C said why take sticker off when we gone send it right back & F says the samething
  7. 4158 broke down somewhere being towed back to C VID_20200429_071752488.mp4
  8. Here's a artic on the 53 I remember somebody said that they wanted to see 1 VID_20200429_071432722.mp4
  9. Smh I know I don't regulate mines I just look in the mirror & see what I think is more then 15 people & I start flying pass stops but I stop at the main streets like Friday when I was on the 12 I stopped at Ashland Damen Western & Cali kedize till my bus was almost empty
  10. Exactly & yea I be passing up people when my bus is more then 15 people on it & yea I'll start doing that when somebody start talking big bs on my bus & yea it's cameras everywhere we are on somebody camera somewhere nowadays
  11. I definitely agree a vet just told me this morning she pulled me to the side & said rookie this the way you gotta handle things when on the clock she told me next time let a dumb person talk don't get out your seat & say step off the bus & that I'm young with tittie milk behind my ear still & got my whole career ahead of me & that I'm a good driver don't let stupid people make you show your street side when you here
  12. Also sometimes guide lines don't work sometimes common sense & talking to people like human is the best guidelines
  13. First I'll come & ask what's going on get both parties sides cuz it's 2 sides to every story then if the driver still want em off I'll be like fellas come on & honestly ask them where is they going & give them a ride there try to calm it down or either talk with the driver & or he other party to try & get the show back on the road because honestly if it was just for talking loud that's not work fighting & going off the street a hour or more doing arrest report when it's gone be throwed out in court also that hour or so spend doing the arrest report that's a hour that you could have been looking for somebody with a gun or drugs or a stolen car something really worth the paperwork
  14. Yea I definitely agree with bro we get treated like sh** & I've had times where I just wanted to strangle a person or just beat them with my military training
  15. I had a car then when I came home on leave so I jumped in & go
  16. Yea it is I just want Copa to see this & see how that make officer was punching him & smiling about it that's just like I want them to change their driving habits now understand that they gone run reds & hit 1 ways when going to calls but they even do it when I patrol & the problem I have with that is when we do it they wanna get pissed off & act like it's so bad when we do it but it's all good when they do it so I started recording them last year driving like that
  17. See I just want Copa to see this & see how that make officer was punching & smiling about it that's my main issue
  18. Yea cuz I worked at UPS when I was on leave from the military & I had to be there early af but idk where these kids was coming from
  19. Now I know that officers come heavy when CTA bus & train drivers call but just that officer beating & smiling about is what made me mad
  20. UPS my lil homie worked there when he was 18 & had to be there at 4 am but I'm just really getting at why it take all of those officers & the 1 that's punching him & smiling about it
  21. Naw it's not C I don't think they ever had any Nabis & if it is 6 I thought they ain't have the lifts for the 60 footers so my only option left I think is maybe 3 or NP or it might have been A before they shut that down
  22. Yea I agree but the thing that blows me the officer is laughing about it it like they need to fire his ass & idk what they doing out at that time of the morning probably up to no good & probably was messing with the driver & I gotten written up supervisor said I didn't handle the situation in a professional & that it came from above his head to do so but he told me next time just let the people talk long as they don't run up in my face don't act like we are on the street
  23. Have anyone seen this video of CPD officers beating a teen on the bus it appears to be bus 8062 idk what route but CTA is free unless you get a bus with the card reader in the back & second those officers need to be retrained as you see 1 officers his actually getting a kick punching this kid in the ribs
  24. Yea I talked to driver that's been driving 33 years he said long as I didn't run up & get in the guy face I'll just max get 2 days suspended minimum a coaching on how to not handle things like I would if we was really in the streets
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