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    More Bus Moves

    7 stay taking other buses I told my homie jabari that runs out of 7 I said y'all need to stop stealing other garages buses I be like y'all have all them buses yet y'all go to ss & steal another garage bus 😂😂😂
  2. Hell yea I agree that was when you could do things like that wasnt no cameras like it is now. Now you on somebody camera from the time you leave your house plus cta got front facing cameras its just not how it use to be
  3. Half of them dont be bothering peoole just trying to stay warm on the cold ass nights now ive then kicked the ones off thats acting crazy I kick those off but the ones that just mind they business I was letting them be cuz like I said I understand how it feels it ain't nice
  4. Idc imma just wake them up at the end of the line I understand homeless & trying to stay warm for the night
  5. That was before my time I am not too sure only train cars im older then is the 5000 the others was in service like 6 years before I was born
  6. Yea I see that can happen in just saying the red line is like 77th garage they get the new rides first
  7. My bus was ghost yesterday while I was on the 60 I pulled up to 26 & kedize & a guy was like amigo I though you wasnt suppose to come for another 19 mins I told him no I am actually 6 mins late he showed me his tracker my bus wasnt on there
  8. Yea I believe the red gone get it first they get all of the new rides first
  9. The 7000 series that tested in the orange like last week looks lije its goijg to the pink line start at the 11:15 mark
  10. Smfh since he parked there he could have parked sideways against the building
  11. They may do the 2600 like the 22 but I think all of them gone be around for a while & yea CTA kinds wated s lol money rehabbing some 6000 just to knock them off a year & change later
  12. Along with some buses get a break gets parked overnight or for the weekend while others run 24/7
  13. Naw I read it bro I'm just saying if the suspension never failed she might have still been on the road running up more miles
  14. Some buses gets the pissed beat out of em & some gets taken car of
  15. Yea 6686 been kept up at all the garages its been at
  16. I wonder how money miles 6686 got anyways sinces it served at C A 6 C again now counting its days at FG
  17. Dam she got knocked off due to suspension that's messed up how it got knocked off for some so minor but it is what it is
  18. Thsts good it got that many miles
  19. It was put back in service then retired for a second time cool
  20. Yea I figured then they was used & retire a second time see it still has the 7 sticker
  21. Didnt 4550 get sold to another bus company
  22. Ok when I got outwest today I may try to swing by there & look man I seen 6699 not too too long ago over the summer on the 86 & 85
  23. What happened to 1245 its just been retired 1185 close which I thought 1185 was coming back to the streets & whats going on with 1321?
  24. Dam I thought 1185 came back but what happened to 1245 & 1321
  25. Lol ikr I was just saying I think K put they sticker on 6697
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