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  1. LACMTA bought several 45C-LFWs and 40CLFWs for their fleet, as well as 40-LFWs
  2. These reports are odd- LACMTA loves NABI, they make up like half of the fleet.
  3. < I just realized that our GE40LFs are HEVs- for some reason I only think of diesel electrics as HEVs. They drive pretty well and have amazing acceleration. The engine is not directly coupled to the vehicle drivetrain. It is connected to an electric motor, which provides power to the wheels. The system works well in frequent stop-and-go service because the electrically driven propulsion system has high torque at low speeds, providing smooth, fast acceleration. Most of the equipment required to support the bus, such as compressors, the HVAC system and air systems, are electrically powered.
  4. inkybus

    Bus Collector

    I would go for any 1:18 scale buses...
  5. Pittsburgh has a forum? Where?
  6. To me there seems like a huge difference- the 08s seem to have a flatter front end than the rounder front end of the others. Here is documented proof to state my case. [attachment=32][attachment=33] The RTS 08 is a TMC model.
  7. I looked at Tucson's buses on www.western-transit.com and I see the difference, though it does not make much of an impact to me(by the way LBT 08s have headlights in the body). I don't see why they just didn't extend the front end, widen the front doors for provision for a wheelchair lift, and keep the original profile? Anyone know? By the way, I am not trying to offend anyone's opinions.
  8. Its cool that people from New York and Chicago would let us out-of-towners in....
  9. Who operates those 08s? Long Beach Transit of Long Beach, California has 08s that look ok (on an RTS 08 scale of ok to abysmal) but thats all I've seen.
  10. I like the RTS Extreme, but it has the same front end as the RTS 08, which brings us right back to the topic.:cool:
  11. What do you guys think of the RTS 08 versus the 04s and 06s? I have always thought that the 08s were butt ugly compared to what I think of as the "real RTSs", but maybe you guys have a different perspective and could enlighten me.
  12. There is also Daimler-Chrysler Commercial Buses NA which owns Orion, Thomas, and Setra.
  13. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I want to introduce myself. My name is Josh, and I stumbled onto this site through links from other sites. I took a quick look through and was impressed so I joined up. I am from Southern California, 60 miles east of L.A., in San Bernardino. I am also a member of BusTalk.net, which is a site like this but dedicated to NY buses. I look forward to participating in this forum.
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