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  1. Oh ok. I saw it in passing and i wasn't able to get a pic to get a look at what model it was. Thanks artthouwill.
  2. I saw 20503 Pace Bus 353 going NB on Cottage Grove @159th St.
  3. 5197- 5198 has been on the Red Line for a while and 5711-5714 are also assigned to the Purple Line.
  4. In addition to running the Blue to 54th/Cermak, instead of short turning trains at UIC/Halsted or Racine, maybe you can short turn trains at IMD and make that a permanent thing after the Forest Park rebuild is over. Also, you could re-route trains via the Pink Line (Paulina Connector) to Lake St, build a new west connection and go west to Harlem/Lake via the Green Line. That way, customers can still have connections to all the North South bus routes on the West Side and Oak Park.
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