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  1. And this is why real transit folk stay away from forums. Always have that one person that doesn't know how to talk to visitors or newcomers. The topic was interesting but instead of being supporting, you rather chastise the person because they chose to comment on something from a few years ago. What good is a forum if you can't talk about old topics or respond to old posts to share input? Very bad way to treat visitors and the like. Think I will take my knowledge and curiosity somewhere else where it will be appreciated and not treated with such blatant disrespect. Good day.
  2. Still doesn't explain the cocky attitude to a new site user. Good way to turn people away and spread negative word of mouth. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. And for the record, I didn't bring up an old topic. I just responded to an older post, there's a difference. But again, you don't need to be so insensitive about it. Defeats the purpose of a forum if you can't discuss old topics. Remember, everyone wasn't here 15years ago to comment on it so be mindful that new users may come in and want to contribute to conversation. I like this site, but don't be that guy please.
  4. Think about the fact that I literally just joined 2 days ago so I wasn't here to comment when the topic was originally discussed..... I would think you can turn off notifications, but I don't know the site's inner workings. No need to be a prick about it.
  5. It's 60ft but you can tell the back is shorter by noting that the rear door is right next to the bellows as opposed to the norm with a window between them.
  6. They ordered 60ft in 2004 and were the last US buses made by NEOPLAN.
  7. Grumman and Flxible were 2 separate companies until late in the game.
  8. *DE41LF for SEPTA. They don't refer to them as DE40LF. There's an extra foot on the tail. Plus, they use the low profile battery pack.
  9. The bus in Speed was very real. A whole GM Fishbowl. In fact, they used 15 different buses for the scenes. And the stunts were real albeit on a modified frame.
  10. They would fishtail more with a center engine in inclement weather. The engine weight in the back makes the rear slightly more stable and makes it so that the engine only has to push as opposed to pushing the front and pulling the back which one would think would put strain on the engine if it wasn't strong enough or if the body was too heavy.
  11. Xcelsior designations for those not familiar: X prefix + D - Diesel D E - Diesel-electric hybrid E - Electric battery (not to be confused with trolleybus) H - Hydrogen fuel cell N - CNG T - Trolleybus + Foot Length in numbers So an XD40 would be an Xcelsior 40ft diesel bus. Any above combination can be used as long as the bus is feasible.
  12. Hi DJ, it's Rick LoL I know I'm 11 yr late but literally just found this forum and am loving it lol. Good to see a familiar face amongst the crowd lol.
  13. That's why I say excuse me no more than 2x and then I shoulder my way out, to hell with your feelings at that point since you couldn't respect mine by being courteous. Mind you, I'm also 6ft, 230lbs with a bellowing voice when necessary lol
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