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  1. You can make any line you want, as long as it is logical. You can also modify current lines. I'll start: Cermak/22nd Line Color: Havent Decided yet Stops: Desplaines Harlem Oak Park Ridgeland Austin Central 54th/Cermak Cicero Kostner Pulaski Central Park Kedzie California Western Damen Ashland Racine Halsted Canal State St (Connect to Cermak-Chinatown and Cermak-McCormick Pl)
  2. That is amazing! Thanks for sharing this with me, i really like the brown line and i haven't found many good simulators of it.
  3. Here's a hard question for all of you; would a train from Harlem/Lake to Midway or vice versa be considered as a Green Line train via the Orange line or and Orange line train via the green line?
  4. Here's a cursed image found on google street view. If you wanna know where it is, it's north of Addison on the Kennedy Expressway.
  5. A lil gif of the 2400 series i made in Pixilart a while back, hope you like it!
  6. I honestly can't wait for it. Seeing how the Cermak - McCormick Place station turned out back in 2015, i think the new Damen will look amazing!
  7. I'm new here, this may seem stupid, who am i kidding its definitely stupid, but how exactly does one make their own topic? I cant seem to find a button or anything like that.
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