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  1. Pulse buses are in service at NW... (Video shot by MJChicagoland2312)
  2. Mobile Produce Market for food deserts... aka Fresh Moves. They also had 3 ex-6000 Flxibles but those are dead.
  3. 6159 is now at West, was on #319 this morning. I think it's safe to say that the Orion's will end their revenue lives at West.
  4. 6683 also moved from River to West, currently on #330...
  5. also 6648 moved from River to W...
  6. Maybe just forgot to update. Some other errors include #19 being a K route, I believe Chicago handles it. Also #X98 is a FG route, not a NP route.
  7. 1001 currently on 49 out of NP.
  8. Here are the renderings for 9 of the buses, the only one not shown is "CHI CHARGE" (Yellow Submarine), which BusHunter already posted a photo of.
  9. The first picture, when zoomed in, the white sticker below the phone number shows USDOT 665732. Which is for SP+ Transportation, the same company that owns Standard Parking. Their website ( shows Shuttle Driver openings in Chicago. Looks like Free Enterprise lost this contract.
  10. Elves train begins on 11/26...
  11. Most likey it was doing a test run or demo for Aon-Prudential. They are supposed to roll out next month, still not sure what company is going to be operating them.
  12. Looks like CTA will be running TWO Holiday Trains this season. The "Elves' Workshop Train" will run Saturdays only and debut Nov 26. on the Green Line. The article also states the 2016 Holiday Bus will hit the road on Nov 29. Official 2016 Holiday Bus and Train info:
  13. There was an incident with a FG operator last year I believe. A passenger got left behind at Jeff Park by an 85A, the passenger waited for the bus to do its entire roundtrip and when the bus got back to Jeff Park the passenger threw coffee at the operators face. For someone to put their commute on pause and wait 40 mins for a bus to come back around, in order to "get back" at an operator is nuts...
  14. Since it's no secret that CTA is short on bus operators, when someone applies to become a PTBO, will he/she have a better chance of working out of their desired garage? Or do curtain garages have more driver shortages than others? Also do PTBOs have the ability to transfer to another garage when it's time for a system pick?