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  1. Making them part of the Heritage Fleet would be better.
  2. They are Proterra Cataylst BE40. Yes they have been discontinued by Proterra. You can tell these are BE40 by the curvature of the front windshield and taillights.
  3. No, transit agencies make the final decision on everything (mirror placement, taillight arrangement, type of passenger window etc.) these are called “specifications”, every transit agency has different specs. For example Pace prefers having full rear destination signs on its buses while CTA prefers just showing the route number. Also, why would manufacturers have to ditch modern styling in order to accommodate low-mounted driver mirrors? The Xcelsiors delivered to NYC, Boston and D.C. were all delivered with low mounted mirrors. Just look at Proterra, they were able to accommodate CTAs re
  4. As someone whose operated buses before, I just prefer low-mounted mirrors over high-mounted. First they did it on the Xcelsiors, and now these new ElDorados. If you look at the older buses like the NABIs, Orion VI and 2600-series ElDorados they all have low-mounted mirrors. Even buses from way back then like the Fishbowls and Grummans had low-mounted mirrors.
  5. So it looks like Pace is going with high-mounted driver mirrors on all future orders. 🤮🤮🤮
  6. Agreed. This has been happening a lot lately. A random reply 15 years later... 😂😂😂
  7. City needs more red light cameras... the only people that complain about red light cameras are the ones eating red lights.
  8. The last 10 will most likely to go NW, so that operators and mechanics can provide feedback...
  9. 5672 was the number I believe. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a restoration. If they can get 8499 running they can get this running.
  10. We've already seen the specs on 700/701, so if an order did happen my guess is the windows would look something like that. Only exception would be the passenger windows would be one-piece (no hopper window) similar to SEPTA specs.
  11. Fingers crossed for New Flyer 🤞
  12. Those early morning Fedex/UPS runs normally return to the garage for layover (this counts as the drivers lunch break, but more like breakfast). Those runs then go back out for the AM rush and could be interlined with anything. These runs are usually numbered in the low 100s (101, 102, 103), but some picks they were in the 300s.
  13. https://chicago.cbslocal.com/2020/04/10/pace-barriers/
  14. Hope my post didn’t offend anyone, just my observation. I know you guys are hard workers when it comes to restoring and running the trains and trolley buses, but when its comes to diesel buses you can’t deny there have been some questionable moves in the past like the scrapping of MCTS 1925, a perfectly fine GM Fishbowl. Then theres 3177 (which I believe was given a fresh paint job some years back, then parked inside a barn) now its parked outside deteriorating.
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