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  1. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Because they spent 2.5Mil on a whole new terminal, they have to serve it with something. What I'm wondering is why 307 hasnt been extended there yet.
  2. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Looks like they're ditching hopper windows. Pax windows are one piece.
  3. O'Hare Airport Expansion

    Avis, Hertz and all of the other car rental companies ended their shuttle operations on Oct. 31 when the new facility opened. Each company has their buses parked and lined up in their lots off of Bessie Coleman. As far as the lower level, I believe their using the former rental car shuttle bus stops at each terminal. Also it helps to reduce conflict with the chaotic traffic on the upper level.
  4. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    With all the talk about the North Shore changes, this one flew under the radar: http://www.pacebus.com/sub/schedules/route_notice_detail.asp?Notice_ID=705
  5. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    My point exactly, meanwhile Elk Grove PNR is just sitting there collecting dust. This would be the ideal place, it has parking, Pace signage, a shelter and for a bonus it still has a payphone...
  6. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Another thing I find interesting is why is Pace looking for a totally new place in Rolling Meadows for 282 service. Why don't they just use the Elk Grove PNR, it already has Bears service, and like the Hillside PNR it is barely used...
  7. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    The Hillside PNR was always lightly used (even before 301/747 merge), but a Google Street View search shows the lot repaved. Pace still uses both Roosevelt/Mannheim and Harrison/Wolf (Hillside) as relief points (just depends on the run). I wonder if the Yorktown change has something to do with a new restaurant or store that was built across from the Yorktown bus stop. Its well known Pace and Yorktown mgmt. don't have the best relationship, and Yorktown probably doesn't want Bears and Cubs fans taking parking spaces away from mall patrons. Also, the Wrigley page on the Pace website states a new location in Rolling Meadows will be announced when "our new contract is signed", what kind of contract would that be? What kind of contract is needed to change the begin/end point for these routes?
  8. 201 and 206 will be the last ones standing. The 206 already had its hours cut, and is now aimed more at serving ETHS students than rush hour commuters.
  9. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Changes are being done to the Wrigley and Soldier Field express services. Yorktown will no longer be the departure point for the 776/779, instead it will now depart Hillside PNR. 237/282 service from Schaumburg and Elk Grove is being discontinued in favor of Rolling Meadows (location TBD). The Schaumburg changes are kinda surprising considering NWTC is the unofficial flagship terminal for Pace and is slated for a major renovation, but at least the Hillside PNR will finally get some use... http://www.pacebus.com/sub/espd/wrigley_field_express.asp
  10. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    According to Bus Tracker, it looks like these 156/77 trips also do a short trip on the 82 from Belmont to Jackson. Makes sense, they might as well pick people up on the way to the garage.
  11. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    That's exactly what these Kedzie runs will be doing. Previously these #156 pull-ins ran via Belmont-Western-Van Buren, I guess they will now use Kimball-Homan as their pull-in route. The added time to these runs makes me think these are part-time/tripper runs (but I could be wrong) I think those long deadheads (like an #8 deadheading from Waveland to 77th) have to do more with a bus operator not going over their drive time. For example, if a full-time operator on the #8 has been behind the wheel for 9 1/2 hours and he is on the north end of the route he will most likely deadhead direct to 77th. Maybe Andre or Busjack can shed more light...
  12. New Eldorados?

    Thats 2378, the last Orion I ever built. It's preserved along with 460 and 776.
  13. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    After reading the same article, I starting brain storming on ways the CTA can make bus service (which has taken a hardest hit) more attractive to fight these ride sharing services. Since the city keeps dragging its feet when it comes to building more bus lanes and implementing more TSP, here are a couple of my ideas on what the CTA should do in the mean time. Tell me what you guys think... Reintroduce X3, X4, X54, X55 and X80 during rush hours, and take resources off the locals put them on express similar to what was done in 2006. Convert current 28 downtown trips into X28, limited stops on Stony Island. Review bus stop spacing and stop locations system wide, especially on Sheridan and Inner Lake Shore Drive. Consolidate bus stops and improve spacing in Downtown. (Example: Why is there a bus stop at Jackson/Chicago River? The only buses that should stop there are #7 and #37).
  14. Yup, it was operated by North Shore. It still exists as the "Intercampus" route for Northwestern, its ran by Free Enterprise...
  15. Random CTA

    Looks more like they are shooting a movie or TV show, maybe "Chicago Fire"? The news van is a dead giveaway, there is no such thing as WNMZ Channel 8 News.