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  1. It had the battery electric wrap. It was a promotional bus for proterra. Same bus that was at chicago
  2. Yeah but from what I hear everyone starts on the extra board. Everybody by me says that a deterrant. I dont mind. I'm like hello you are making good money. I'm pulling 12 hrs days between all my jobs. The only downside I see is getting something overnight like a #79 but driving at night is easier no traffic. I've been all over the city on rideshare so i dont see the danger. Besides you have a bullet proof shield. I just dont like long commutes on split shifts. Currently driving 45 minutes to work on a split shift. I learned though if you uber you can make money up until you are scheduled. I'm making a negative a positive but that's how I roll.
  3. Why do say that about the garages seems everyone wants to work 103rd or 77th. When I heard a bus instructor from chicago talk about bus garage assignments for new applicants no one wanted to go to fg. Np wouldnt be bad or chicago. I just dont want to drive an artic until I'm comfortable with the 40 footers. Pace seems easy to drive but it does pay less. You want more money drive cta the traffic is more challenging.
  4. Someone did tell me from a cdl driving school that the worst they can do to you is make you repay the cdl costs. Basic cdl training is worth around 3k. I notice sometimes they say it's a year and sometimes they say 6 months. So it could be bs. Mostly I'm staying for the hiring bonus. I could earn better money for the cdl I have but for the most part it's a ladder job. I'm just happy they took the time to work with me. Plus my benefits exceed 4k in free money. So it's not a big deal. I can always rideshare to supplement my income. Now take away the hiring bonus and I could be a flight risk.
  5. Maybe I'll go out on one of these hot days and check out the 8325s myself. It makes sense with the tinted windows. They should try and and tint one of the 7900s windows just to see what is the effect. Yeah I know the 6400s are wonderful. If I was driving I'd probably request an old bus. They got to have some better ac for the driver on the 7900s. If not that buses ac is hopeless. I probably will end up at one of the two companies. My thinking is if I went to Pace I could try for the full time garages Aurora or Elgin. Most likely Elgin cause I'm on the north side. Depends what the pay is. I could escape all this part time. If I did do the part time I'd go to cta. The pay is excellent. I wouldnt be part time forever and the raises are excellent. CTA is the better paying job. I know some forest glen drivers that would be happy to see me and it should be easy to assigned there. I just dont want to get based on the south side with split shifts that's too much back and forth. That's the situation I'm currently in but I got a good deal with them. I've been driving a year and a half with rideshare and discovered I like driving. Had the opportunity to get a cdl so why not. I'm basically using them to get experience, but they claim they can disqualify my license if I leave within six months been driving almost 3 months now. Been talking to people some say yes they can do that some say no they cant. My driving ability is good. Because I'm a busfan this all interests me which makes me a good driver. Cta claims to do the same. Walk in with a permit they will license you up but a north park driver told me they told him you have to stay for a year or the license is disqualified. So bottom line it's going to be interesting but I do like driving buses.
  6. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    An engine can be replaced. I'm sure there is a nf around somewhere that could swap engines with it. The big problem is someone can sue cta if like say they fell through a rotted floor so ownership is a liability on the cta. CTA needs to partner up with places like IRM and together they could get the buses restored and usable. I'm sure the chicago film industry would be interested in a period vehicle. CTA could have tours of its system and. buses. MTA has a museum why not CTA? These vehicles are iconic. I'm sure IRM has earned alot of money over the years.
  7. You know the #36 layover at LaSalle metra it was there. No destination sign lined up between 2 artics.
  8. There is currently a proterra at LaSalle metra on financial place it's the prototype from chicago. Could it be doing a #36????
  9. The ac on the Novas at least the 7900s is terrible. They would be better off with the windows open. Can you imagine a warm place like Miami with these buses? You would have a revolt. I havent been on the 8325s please tell me they fixed the ac??? Sorry guys if I've been away been working my butt off. I got a cdl now and I'm driving buses. I dont know if I should come to the cta but I might be interested in them or working for Pace. Been trying to figure out Pace starting pay but it's like a a classified secret. I think cta pays better though. I'm trying to collect a hiring bonus where I drive but they give it in installments but when they are through I'll be ready to roll somewhere else.
  10. Yeah it would be rather embarrassing to receive the buses and not be able to charge them. The idea is to try and run these day and night. Dont know how that will work in time because they will be in high demand and the 66 serves alot of riders. I suppose they could run those out of the garage charging them old school like the 700s but that's not the intention of the contract. There was a 700 rehab contract that was out awhile ago. I wonder if possibly they could get the 700s to charge at charging stations like the proterras but they really don't need to. As long as the buses can run a standard day they should be alright. It's not like chicago garage is miles from the route.
  11. So why are they there if not to train operators? I guess if it was a mechanical trainer it would be out south where the mechanics train. Could be the contract calls for a demo bus by certain time time has passed no bus means breach of contract so they have a bus. Hmm it's weird it's there. The contract is behind though.
  12. Yeah they need to train operators how to use the buses. They drive different than diesels. They are supposed to get some in August according to Andre. Can tbey charge the one bus or do they have to take it to kedzie periodically? I wonder if that bus is cta property. Proterra wouldnt leave them a demo bus as it has to promote its product. Maybe that is the mechanical trainer although if its electric it doesn't have as many mechanical parts. If a electric bus is as simple as an electric car a wall charger wouldnt be too hard to install for the garage anyway
  13. BusHunter


    Incredible they talk of repairing the green and pink lines when those were both completely rehabbed. What about the forest pk branch? Kind of humorous the article says they will service four lines but pink is not one of them!! Lol!!
  14. Spotted 6 metra engines in a consist heading south looked like on the rock island headed south around 18th. They had coaches too maybe a shop move to federal 47th shops
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