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  1. Probably mixing fleets is a nightmare scenario. If one car set failed and needed to be pushed by the follower which had another set they can't be linked together. This could also happen on the loop L that would make one wonder how these fleets will work out.
  2. But CTA did keep Wilson shops, and used it up to 65 years after it was no longer needed. Of course it was scaled back in a major way as it used to be multi-level in the 30's to 60's era I believe. Finally it was abandoned, shortly before it burned up. On your other point, they do send trains to 63rd middle, don't they? What if you had an emergency at 103rd, your whole south yard would be cut off. 98th yard is only 46 years old not 66. The red line trains to Englewood prove my point, in that if they had construction or an emergency they now have an option available to them at 98th. What if they built the extension and something was wrong with it? They are going to look pretty silly if they have no south yard to fall back on. Basically my point is if it's not bothering anything or in anyone's way why take it down so hastily? Surely it could serve a purpose and it probably will according to your quote. Now as far as if they build the extension, (and they will it just takes time) they will need the extra cars to run the extension so something is going to have to happen as far as the purchase of those cars unless they plan on ordering from a 3rd manufacturer of railcars. Their window is going to be in the mid 2020's, so they'll probably get it by then. If not they will have a problem if they do order cars and don't have a 340 car yard to put them in or open a line with not enough cars. One other thought, if they plan on opening a 340 car yard and howard is a 300 something car yard what do they plan on having a 600 something red line car capacity. If so you know what that means, virtually either all the #5000's or #7000's will be on that one line.
  3. Yeah but with all the extra capacity needed they will probably need 98th yard. Probably they'll just branch off the line and at 98th there will be a flyover on the nb side just like the 18th street curve on the orange line. AS the row expands because of the yard they could use a few yard tracks probably on the west side of 98th yard not to impede on the shop or the expwy. But if the shop is really in the way like the foster shop on the blue line they'll just demolish it. But that was a simple shop for 2 cars. 98th is bigger than foster shops. Depends on if they want to take the loss but 98th yard would serve a purpose. Do you want to send all your extras out of 122nd? That doesn't make sense from an operational standpoint.
  4. Probably long term there will still be a 98th shop and yard but it won't be what it is now as most of it will get outsourced to 122nd yard. I'm thinking something like what wilson shops and yard used to look like. Probably 95th will remain a spot for short turns though just like a UIC Halsted is now.
  5. You know the construction geek in me says what it looks like they will be doing is building up the south bus terminal along with building a south 95th red line station then closing the north side one while that side gets rebuilt. So what then they will have a sort of double tracked intermodal station similar to 54th/cermak, only difference is this will be an island station serving 2 tracks? That could be beneficial because you have a space for maybe 4 trains. With howard having so much space with its platforms and yard and turn around I guess it's about time the south side gets something that works for the modern age not 1969. Having the exwy there is an additional challenge though. I suppose that's the only way to design it so it works. Thanks for the pics garmon!!
  6. If you look under my rosters I have the lifetime assignments for each bus including the #9800's and #1600s l linked at the bottom of the roster. You can see what exactly was at limits. I can tell you this. Because they were a small garage the buses there were nice. They had the #9200s and when fg got them they mostly were all repainted in the new red white and blue livery. They were the best of the 9000s series. I believe the #300's came out of limits including the heritage vehicle #301. Between the glen and limits that bus was always in better shape than the rest of the #300s. I want to say americanas were at limits because I believe I saw them there but they might have been loans. I believe they were some of kedzies #4000 buses. Limits served alot of the buses that ran along the lakefront from belmont south like your #151 shortliners, #156 but they also shared on #8 with I believe 69th. They shared with np on the #36 and I want to say the #22 (not sure on that though) I have vague memories of them possibly serving the #145 and #146 locals that used to run on Saturdays cause I remember busfanning and there were #9900's on the route and those were not from np.interesting times I can still picture the garage there with the buses in it.
  7. Was it rehabbed? Maybe they are trying to paint the buses during rehab.
  8. I bet it wasn't wrapped, seems funny I haven't seen it since the first day and I've been looking for it too. That's probably one reason why it's not out there. It's probably the most interesting bus in town right now, at least for me but I'm a busnut!! i wonder if possibly it's on another heritage route or has left the garage?
  9. Reminds me of a situation I encountered in Norridge right at the harlem forest preserve dr bus stop sb. Cops had stopped someone and pulled their guns having it pointed at an offenders car with him inside. I was like hello this is a bus stop with people standing here. I went to another stop cause that was crazy.
  10. One thing that comes to mind is even though the other cars are older they have lower road miles running the brownage most of the time (max 3-4 hrs of work per day 12-15 per wk) they are in Midway yard alot so over time that adds up. The brown line cars on the other hand get a more thorough workout. Kind of weird also some of us were reporting problems with blue lights on the first rehabs and suddenly they go to the Orange line where they hardly run. These newer rehabs I notice don't sit in Kimball yard that long like whatever issues they had before have been resolved.
  11. I took some shots of those.
  12. Ok i just uploaded this weeks Wilson update to Youtube. Now they have removed track 4 structure in places which shocked me considering this has only been minus the revenue trains for a week. Looks like they are trying to get the space to put in the rest of the platform but there is a gray shack (electrical substation??) they have to relocate that's on the old Wilson shops tracks. Looks like all the old Wilson station structure is gone now and they have just track 4 structure hanging out all by itself which looks weird. They probably will have to close Broadway when they remove that, probably this weekend. Interesting though to say the least. All these videos I'm shooting is making for an interesting timeline of construction, I'll have to go back one day and check them all out when I have more free time. Nice they'll be archived as long as youtube's around. https://youtu.be/nDh8IuPkMdg
  13. #3455-56 are newly rehabbed in kimball yard.
  14. Well they claim there will be digital screens counting down the bus times in the shelters. I don't know why they mention video screens on the buses because video is video not a scroll sign which is visual. What we really need to do is track down #6510 and see what is in these buses to know for sure, but soon we'll get that chance when they train on local routes. As far as construction yes that is true and the more detailed answer. Bottom line is it's coming soon finally. I don't know why but what I read makes it sound like Dempster Pulse is an active project, although in the planning stage. Why else would they refer to the Pulse project as having 2 lines. One thing stands out to me also, if the training buses will be entering service, then possibly the days of Orions at NW may be over or at least on fumes.
  15. Yeah I see your point, but CTA most likely is requesting something with interchangeable parts that are similar to keep down with the repair costs. They should at least get the new blue tint headlights, I believe most vehicles built now have this. Even saw an 18 wheeler cab with one this morning. Yes I wish they were different also maybe some snazzier skinny type headlights that wrap around the front but CTA with it's 40 foot car design doesn't leave much in the way of choices as you are locked into that design. Maybe an articulated train would be nice, but then again they had problems with the #5000's of the 40's. They were hard to repair and had to be disconnected to do so, so CTA is probably too scared to go back there. You are also locked into this corrugated silver sides design thanks to the vandals which vandalize anything painted. So basically that doesn't leave you much choice. Unfortunately this will probably be the last cars most of us will see here, if the cars last 40 years, I'll be 81 and Busjack will be about 100!!