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  1. O"Hare Express

    Plus you get into the area that the railroad there belongs to Canadian Pacific. They would have to authorize an expansion of service and why bite off the hand that feeds you (cp freight traffic). This is probably why the ncs had only one track for so long. Traffic is busy now on the Milwaukee west main. They probably couldnt take on much more service unless they did a 4th track. Speedier trains on this corridor as in electric trains sort of like what Amtrak is experimenting with would be interesting. I'd especially want to know the 0-60 speed. This is where the cta "L" triumphs over its heavy rail competitor.
  2. O"Hare Express

    There's the issue to of can they expand the existing stations? They could always run high frequency like the cta red line but the chances of an accident increase.
  3. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    Well I was commenting on your comment that said any 1000 bus split order would be between proterra and byd. You apparently missed the subject of my conversation which was a 1000 diesel bus order.
  4. 2018 Pace budget

    Somewhere they are going to need buses for dempster pulse. What are they going to use for edens bos? If we want to figure in this up to 416 Eldorado contract is the 76 buses the whole 416? I come up with about 340 buses. The 91 CNGs that Busjack said were part of the 416 cannot be because 340 and 91 is 430 so possibly those buses in the budget are still Eldorado Axess'. They probably can't order more than 60 though. Perhaps north will be getting these short Eldorado axess because they'll be close to retiring the #6262's by then and north won't have any nabis to fall back on. That will probably be it for the Nabis and Pace.
  5. O"Hare Express

    Probably a BOS service to o'hare would be most likely, but with the future rental car area and people mover relocation they might actually have a market going by Metra express. They need a faster people mover though. Can you imagine all the riders people mover is going to get? I think they are going to need a bigger yard. If you figure in all the bus riders from all the rental car places. Your probably talking in the neighborhood of 100 riders every 5 minutes at max capacity. Throw in Metra and the park n ride lots and the intl. Terminal which fills the cars now to capacity and you have pandemonium. Looks like by looking at the station they want to expand to 4 cars. They'll need 6 at least. Slowly though this will be turning into rapid transit. Probablythey should just change the service now to heavier rail thats faster.
  6. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    But 1000 electric buses is not practical if you are staying on topic. Gillig and Eldorado just dont seem to have the resources to deliver more than a couple hundred per year if that. The two big hitters are Nova and Nf. If a bid was split two ways those would probably be the two winners. But even Nova can't seem to build more than 200-300 a year. NF is like wal mart. You have the St Cloud/Crookston north assembly plant, the west coast assembly plant that nabi was using I suppose, they probably are putting the anniston, alabama main ex nabi plant to use. I did see nf artics being delivered through memphis going north. How can you beat 3 assembly plants? These guys are unbelievable. They can do 1000 bus contract from cta, do a Septa order and an Mta order at the same time and all 3 of those TA's order a lot of buses.
  7. More Bus Moves

    #1226 does rock just like a boat. Give it a ride in the back and you'll see what I mean.
  8. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    No it wouldn't and for two bids you need two contracts. If nf wasn't one of them who is left gillig?
  9. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    So how can they deliver? That would disqualify them from bidding.
  10. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    I guess cta is going back to 15 year old buses. They claim a rehab buys them 6 years so with the nf rehab they should make it 18 years. Dont know how they expect an 17 year old nova bus unrehabbed to make it but in a way they are better than the new buses. What bus would you take out on a 100 degree day? When they do the #1000 replacement it will probably be nf unless they want A six year contract. No one can do 1000 buses in 3 years that I know off. That's about a bus a day. They could do two different manufacturers like the tmc and flxible orders in 1990.
  11. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Hopefully they can do something with the A.C. on these buses. Its terrible. I would expect better from thermoking. The operators I asked that was the A.C. any better in the drivers seat said it was crap and they used the other word that begins with an S. I told them where the best a.c. is on the bus not that they'll benefit from it. I don't get why the 6400s a.c. is so good and these new buses are so poor. It has to be the interior design.
  12. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    #3333-34 has been there a couple weeks with atc issues. Its parked by the shop unconnected.
  13. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    Probably track 3 can be fixed up over a weekend. Then tracks 2 and 4 will get sorted out. Track 4 might go in use for red line weekend service then when weekdays hit they go back to track 3. Probably another weekend is required to fix track 2 if it needs fixing.
  14. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    I doubt that they would do that during a rush period, there will probably be a crossover installed and at worst the NB red line will only miss Lawrence.