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  1. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    I guess 1987 is back from Cummins then.
  2. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    Kind of surprising seeing they picked up so many artics. Maybe they have the problem of operators not being artic qualified or there are some who don't want to drive them. Notice all the new temp buses are everything but artic.
  3. BusHunter

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    That's the consensus at cta according to Garmon and he should know. Starting a line that will take a year or so to complete also doesnt say much for the other lines. I'd only do that if the cars were in bad condition. They would have to be worse than the #2600s which would be a stretch. Then if #5000s go to orange to retire 2600s how do they end up with 7000s? Too much transferring there. Probably they need to go where someone else will benefit off the receiving lines transfers.
  4. BusHunter

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    When they did the ryan shutdown didnt they say that if they closed the whole line it would take a year to repair versus 3 months to do 55th to 95th? Theres the question do you want to shut it down for a year or not? I dont know the trains are coming where will they go? Talking about gridlock the ike is not really the fastest road around especially in oak park traffic. Gridllock will be high from the highway losing lanes and your asking a bus shuttle to join in? Madison has bike lanes putting parts of it at one lane around Ridgeland I believe. That backs up nasty in the rush. Roosevelt is really bad west of central. All you could really do is Jackson which could work but would the village complain about it cause it's kind of like a small suburban street to take heavy traffic in oak park. Theres also nasty curves around Harlem if your thinking artics so I dont know. It will be interesting when the time comes.
  5. BusHunter

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Well I was thinking like a Indiana/Green line type stop back in the day where you had the 4 tracks and one fed in the direction of the branch line. You would probably have to make the blue through routed to 54th but if they were savvy they could short turn every 3rd train. If quick every 2 could help but they probably couldnt do it in the rush. They would need a horseshoe curve like Howard but theres probably not the money to do that. The forest pk would have to terminate at racine but I dont see why they couldnt through route a few trains. It would just be to buy time for a rehab project to start. They may have to do that anyway. Once you cut the forest pk yard off how do you maintain service? You could always build a mini yard from morgan middle to racine or even to ashland. Also do they do a line cut mid forest pk route or rehab the whole thing? Probably the pink would still run but it might have to lose frequency or you may have train bunching. I dont think 54th could handle double service. Orange line I supposed could work for 7000s. I just figured you are close to skokie shops at Howard. The trains dont run so much on purple and if there were real issues you could run them sparingly in the rush. Howard has equipment right there to borrow. The only drawback is Howard yard personnel may be too busy working on it's own equipment. So the examination process is greater at orange or pink.
  6. So much for the ex north shore #6263's being the last bus. They are starting to look old anyway. That's 20 buses you mention. Probably future Ravinia buses. If west does get all 85 buses it will be purging Axess. Where will they go? To nw or north shore guess it depends on who really needs the extra space with corona around. Sw could use some. You know with all the buses getting cut lately like the #241 I'm surprised nw just dont send the eldorkos to the outlying garages. South lost some routes but you cant do anything with their buses cause they are cng. Only thing they could really do is run something else out of south.
  7. BusHunter

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    There gonna to have a big issue with the Forest Pk branch if indeed the rail conditions are screwing up the automated leveling of the 5000s. It sure seems funny we still have not seen 5000s on the forest pk line. I believe the Ike project was not supposed to start until the Jane Byrne interchange was completed. It's running way late supposed to be done by 2023, so they have their hands full. Forest pk will need a complete rebuild down to the ballast, so theres nothing they can do but run #3200s on it as long as they can. If they cant finish in time to receive #5000s CTA may have to get creative. Maybe either make Racine a temp 4 track transfer point or consider running blues to 54th/cermak. They actually have the real estate to do that at Racine. I wonder what the 7000 issues would be on the forest pk branch. They may end up there anyway if they are compatible with the forest pk issues. But blue will always be apart from the rest of the system so it will live up to its name the blue line. They need to play some muddy waters on the PA. I dont really understand putting 7000s on the red to start. That's got to be wrong. It's too demanding for an unproven new train. They should at least start them on the purple or yellow. They'll know alot more once the prototypes take trips along the main lines.
  8. I wonder does Pace plan to order more buses with multicolored destination signs? If not all these nfs may be Pulse buses one day. Was reading somewhere Pace is not ordering Pulse buses at the moment but why the change from 75 to 85?
  9. #6279 is on the #330 and there are 2 more on the #313. #330 had another one but it just pulled in so a sighting of nabis is getting rare.
  10. Was looking at this rtams site. And it says there are 31 #4300's hybrids. So wth, they are missing #4323 and what else? http://www.rtams.org/rtams/rollingStockForServiceBoardAndMode.jsp?sbID=2&mode=MB
  11. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    Just was thinking in terms of if Fg ever got the #1000's up to #1079. They have 95 #1000 buses so it's not a big leap to say that. I wonder if the last 15 #6400's are coming back. SS is reported empty of #6400's so where are they?
  12. It's just the fact that it says Axess confuses me. Probably a press error.
  13. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    #1079 is back at fg. I wonder if maybe they might keep it.
  14. Yes, the 5 year contract calls for 164 buses should they execute after the 67. That's like 33 buses a year, so it's not something that will happen overnight. I seemed to have stumbled on a little confusion. When looking up the order, it states these will be Axess BRT 30 foot buses so they will be like their big brothers the #6323's. Now when looking up the Axess BRT it states on the Thor/eldorado website that the Axess BRT comes in 35 foot and 40 foot editions. So thinking about #2829 with it's Axess like front end, I was thinking but they make that, but my roster indicates those are easy riders, so is the order for a new model or the #2829 series like bus? Here's a few links for reference. Bus Order as reported in Masstransitmag.com https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/vehicles/gas-diesel-cng-lng/press-release/21096689/eldorado-national-pace-awards-enc-with-23-transit-bus-order-as-part-of-fiveyear-contract Bus #2829: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mbernero/7654167468
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