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  1. On existing service lines of course. The service is already elevated in the city. You just need to elevate it in the burbs. The world is changing. Metra is at 10 percent ridership. Covid has changed the world like 911 changed it. Those office buildings downtown that are vacant may remain vacant indefinitely. The office sector has been shown now how easily to have a stay at home network, so why would they ever come back to the office? Even with a vaccine it will be until 12 months for people to get vaccinated, so it will be at least that long. Remember the 911 scares we had after 911. It will be some time before the people trust confined spaces even after a vaccine because no one will know who got it. Plus being elevated you can electrify the whole line. Trains would be faster because they are lighter. We could actually get around the city instead of waiting for trains all day. That could also work on a freight network too. You could have high speed freight which would rival the trucking industry. I'm not saying it will happen tomorrow, but if it don't happen at all then your stuck in the past and things in the past get left behind.
  2. So did I miss the punch line? Why are they doing down 17th when they are a cermak bus? Construction or something? I havent been on cermak lately
  3. I dont see the difference in building a structure in texas versus here. A structure is a structure. If each state could build something then they could all connect and become a network. They say that rail service in the us doesnt have good ridership but if you speed it up you have something to rival the airlines. I wonder why all the help for the airlines and not so much love for the trains. There just seems to be a different culture here than in Japan. In Japan the trains carry half the population of Japan. That could change here but you have to invest in it or you'll have a lackluster service. Was looking at amtrak last week and the journey on the california zephyr, out to SF from here is 41 hours youch!!! Its something I always wanted to do. Theres actually an amtrak train tracker which shows the train out to sf in real time. Theres like 5 trains one a day. Each train is numbered 1-5. Seems like a cool thing to do!! Oh I was reading also the new engines amtrak got for its state ran service as well as Wisconsin and Michigan* the hiawatha ro milwaukee runs them and a service to carbondale runs those). I was reading amtrak wants to buy those engines for its interstate service like the california zephyr or empire builder so the future of amtrak will be those locos. It's really cool seeing those run downstate. If you drive I-55 down around Pontiac you'll see them.
  4. So what's this about on Pace paratransits it says it is run by first transit. Pace doesnt run it's own paratransits? Saw one heading into Loyola hospital out in Maywood. Also I've been seeing for a month now #322's serving Loyola via 1st Avenue. Is this some new service? Also spotted a #331 out by lagrange and Harding. That's north of Ogden two lights. Looks like it is trying to replace what was left of the #304 cause its serving Lagrange Metra.
  5. Was reading an article in Trains magazine about Texas wanting to build a high speed shinkansen type service from Dallas to Houston with only one stop in the Brazos valley. The line will be completely elevated and run trains at a speed of up to 205 mph. (Japans shinkansen can go 300 mph) construction was supposed to have started in 2019 with completion in 2026. They claim that I-45 in Texas is one of the most deadly stretches of highway. In the USA. It sounds like it could be a viable alternative to the short flights within texas. It would be cool if this would catch on in other states.
  6. Tesla is supposed to be the fastest car off the line. Watch all those youtube 0-60 vids. Its freaky fast. Competes with lambo and ferrari but once it gets to 70 the supercars overtake it. I wouldnt buy a Prius or small car, but I like the full size hybrids. Theres even talk of a full size hybrid pickup with electrics coming soon. GM's big draw is gonna be the electric hummer when it comes out. Trucks get bad gas mileage. When that happens it's all over for the cars.
  7. Well they are not supposed to get the balance of proterras until the testing is complete in case there is an issue somewhere. They should be testing soon. As far as putting them at 77th/south shops, hopefully they can charge the buses without a tower. There's got to be a plug somewhere. If not then they are destined for chicago, but how you would maintain them comes to mind. I guess the delay has to do with the towers construction. The future of the industry is charging pads, at least they can't get run over or knocked down. I feel like this is another Ballard #5900. So far I havent been proven wrong. I wonder why all the emphasis on electric, I thought hybrid was good. Electric just seems too bold a step. But that's where the world is heading. On Uber they want to have either all hybrid or electric cars by 2030. They want to start a platform called uber green where you can request an electric car, but It can be hybrid. There's gonna be incentives per ride to pick up passengers on uber green. Me personally, I was going to buy a hybrid anyway. There getting cheaper than they used to be.
  8. I bet if you snooped around those bays you would find some kind of charger. Hmm... I wonder if possibly a proterra could run at 77th via south shops on the #79. Maybe that's where they want to test the first test. They would have to wrap it with something because no one would know it's a CTA bus if it has no livery.
  9. 77th probably has a charger. Why not have one there, even if it's at south shops. That is heavy maintenance for CTA. How can they maintain anything if they don't have a basic charger. If the buses charge like a Tesla, it may be as simple as plugging them up. They might need a little electrical upgrade, but the power systems should already be heavy duty at South shops. Eventually they may get to Chicago or 74th because why install a pan on the buses, if your running them on 79th? I think the running of them on 79th is the first in a series of baby steps, when they have proven themselves, they'll move to the next level. It would be nice to test the pans, to see if they work or there's any kinks. All this construction and if it don't work something would have to be altered then in the plans. Work smart not hard!! LOL!!
  10. Surprised it's not testing on the #66 but maybe they are not far enough along. 77th is charging at the garage so why not Chicago?
  11. Was blowed away when I read a story that IRM got a roundhouse table I believe it was from Colorado. IRM intends to build a roundhouse for its fleet of steam locos but its diesel locos would look just as impressive. Theres a youtube video around that shows the roundhouse at Altoona shops on the Pennslyvania railroad and man does it look nice. Between that and the town from 1958 the museum will be very impressive if it's not impressive already. Was looking at the barns and they now have twice as many covered barns as they did in the early 90s. Good job guys!!
  12. Saw one day NP was training with artics there. Talk about pulling out the hardcore stuff first. But it can be done. I'm a fan of driving simulators and over time it makes you a better driver because you can fail in a simulator plus you get to see what different sized vehicles do on a turn.
  13. Theyll probably have more of an issue with where are the cng buses once the garage opens. Talking about routes the #696 could go to river. It's up there with the #554 and that runs out of river. Wheeling to me seems far from the service area but I guess the tollway will help. I've been thinking maybe the Lake Cook Rd service and deerfield service might actually not be far from wheeling. Could ns be taking a few nw routes? I'm surprised municiple vehicles aren't free on the tollway. I wonder what will happen to the #230, but River I believe has its own capacity problems, so they cant be the answer to everything.
  14. I doubt too much will leave nw, 115 cngs are slated to come their way, so that's like 90 percent of the buses they have now. Closing nw on Sunday would just be too ridiculous, some pullouts could be over an hour before they get to there routes. I think nw will lose buses to sw and ns because theyll need to have all 40 foot buses, if they replace the eldorkos with cngs.
  15. The hardest turns are the ones into side streets in the city. But when they have the no parking signs by the curb you would be surprised how much easier it makes the turn. I've seen tons of buses either get into an accident or get stuck at the neva turn on west addison. They used to not have the no parking signs at the curb there. Whoa that made that turn something. Even now you might have an illegal parker there. Some times you have to draw the line and say I can't make that turn. Its when you force it you get in trouble. Seek the alternative. Better late than never. Lol!!
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