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  1. CTA 'L' Rosters

    Wow that sounds like 3 consists already. The 3270s one the 3250s one and the 3220s one. Then there's 3423-24.
  2. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    I thought they were really nuts when they didn't do blue and red 5000s. Hello, what happens when you put old junk on a 24/7 line? I just got to see the CTA solution if the bandaid 3200s doesn't help. Blue line maintenance needs a pat on the back to keep them going this long. But when the cars are old they fail. Remember the 2400s running the green purple? At least they got a break. Green doesn't do 8 car trains. Blue line does and the hours of 8 hour train service are long. While you may get away with some old cars you cant run them exclusively. This is where consolidation bites you in your buster browns.
  3. CTA 'L' Rosters

    If you look in the pictures on the chicago l Facebook site, they show a 3420, looks like 3423. That's weird cause thats not a 3200 block. I need to see who has what anyway. I'll be on the system on Monday and I'll see whats up between the brown orange and blue lines.
  4. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    I think your right Sam. It will probably go down the 7000s go to pink first for teething and slowly work themselves on the blue line maybe first as pink line trippers and when they are comfortable as blue line equipment. But th 5000s could go to blue also it really is a crapshoot.
  5. ATS O'Hare

    Does it say anywhere that the stations will expand? The new terminal appears to be bigger than 3 cars.
  6. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    They probably don't want them around O'Hare and Rosemont personnel. Don't forget. Pink line personnel is operating these cars. Wouldn't want a yard person taking those to Rosemont yard!! LOL!! I cant help but think how much they are slowing down the road waiting for signals ahead for Edmunds middle.
  7. CTA 'L' Rosters

    But damn that's more than 2 consists. My guess is 3200s up to 3260 will at least be coming but in saying that brown line gets the rest after 3300? I wonder if orange is going all 2600. Sounds like it but those 2600s did go to brown. I wonder if they are in service?
  8. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    Alright now I really need to see a doctor LOL!! I'm surprised. But the power issue is unaffected?
  9. CTA 'L' Rosters

    Yeah I'm totally tripping over here in Oak Park. Two straight 8 car sets of 3200s just passed me up. First consist I only saw #3219-20 cause I was driving the expy. They passed me on the forest pk branch at kedzie and pulaski they are inbound. I couldn't get runs but the 2nd was 213. Second consist had all #3250's in it. Those are from brown no? Look like the 3200s block is going to blue. The cars look so new and good they look like 5000s. I was completely tripping. Finally blue line has some newer equipment. Hallaluyah Hallaluyah Hallaluyah!!!! LOL!!
  10. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    Yeah but basically that's what blue line has been using 2600s and each car can be a potential suspect this is why they disable the trains at the yard. That incident wasn't supposed to affect the public way but when it entered the right of way it did just that. If something does happen again it needs to be contained to the yard. @Garmon. You know Garmon there are 24 cars that end with 9 LOL. Did your source say the word 5000s?
  11. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    That's really insane though. You have all these spare cars and blue line is short? Cause of consolidation??? What has that got them. They are going to have a mixed fleet of 3 different cars. What have they gained? I'm still skeptical that blue line will not just pick up more 2600s via pink line. 5000s on blue really. Someone better take a picture cause I just don't believe it. All this time they are running up miles on 2600s and 5000s are laid up in the yard... go figure.
  12. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    So who is going to give them 24 cars and how does that affect service when 50 cars are down on blue. If this really was no problem they wouldn't be in this situation to start out. Lol!!
  13. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    There going to have to add something to 54th anyway unless they have 24 cars to just give away in the morning. Seems kind of senseless when you are down cars to just pull out 24 more cars. Wouldn't that put an added burden on the already fragile situation? I'm sorry but if things are really that bad it's time for purple to go 2600. Having all those new cars sitting all but 40 hrs a week makes no sense. The 2600s need a rest, what better place to send them.
  14. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    You don't think they could station 2600s at 54th just for the purpose of running blue line extras. They have the space and can actually do that. It would make better sense but 54th personnel would be in the same boat as blue line if the coin was flipped.
  15. Supplementary 5000s on Blue next pick

    Well they are not going to O'Hare or Rosemont either. Wouldn't want anyone coupling to 5000 series cars do we lol. But check this out. Blue line could potentially have 2600s, 3200s, and 5000s. Running 2600 and 5000s together might be ok but running 3200s and 5000s together might prove challenging. Can all personnel tell the difference?