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    When I'm not involved with CTA I'm usually involved in the arcade industry traveling to shows and expos showing off my babies (games and cabinets) I spend alot of time with emulators and VP cabinets. VPforums.org is one of the best sites I've come across and the love just grows and grows. The longer you are a member, the more stuff you learn like programming and art and the possibilities are endless. I guess I'm just a sucker for nostalgia. I am also an animal lover, not the ones that ride CTA though!
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  1. New Eldorados?

    So what there's just 20?
  2. Pace Bus Moves

    W has been picking up a lot of Axess'. Was out there yesterday and spotted #6730 As well as #6735 with the A1 message on the #303, the bus on 25th. #6559 was out on the #318. So there seems to be lots of different blocks at west. Looks like Axess hq. LOL!!
  3. Damen/Lake Green Line Station Build

    The area is better but I would have themed it as a United center stop. At night it might be sketchy but it's no worse than Ashland/Lake. I think with the glass they are trying to spruce it up. The area is gentrified with many different types of people and social statuses. It might help the area get even better though it's not really that bad now. The traffic is bad at north/damen. If coming from the south I would think about Damen lake unless I'm a stone's throw from chicago. With slower green line service that could be a deterrent.
  4. Damen/Lake Green Line Station Build

    Looks a little overdone. It's just servicing one line. The rendering looks like a downtown station. The staircases are really something. They should try to at least try and call it United center/Damen. It's not that far away no further than the McCormick place stop. Don't know where they expect all the riders from Fulton or lake? I just see people from the #50. It might be a good alternate to the blue line for Ukrainian village Damen around north is a parking lot. but they can always go east on chicago to the blue so where will the riders come from? Imd blue line is just down the street also.
  5. 5000-series - Updates

    I never said they were facts. Sometimes you can't have all the facts. You are the one with a fact obsession. If all we did was post facts we would be no better than the Tribune. This is a discussion board. If everything was facts and we couldnt express our viewpoints we wouldn't have anything to discuss. I don't care if I'm right that's not why I'm here. Your obsession is just the opposite. You think by insulting people it will make you correct. Maybe this is how you do your job but it doesn't say much for you as a person. Why do you have so much negative energy? It's a forum not a bullriding contest. Lol!!
  6. 5000-series - Updates

    Which was? Bottom line this is not a court of law this is a public forum in which opinions are allowed. For that matter you havent proved your point either.
  7. 5000-series - Updates

    That's why I'm waiting for your response. I could say the same about you unless you are touring cta shops.
  8. 5000-series - Updates

    Where is the evidence counselor? Btw I'm not British.
  9. 5000-series - Updates

    common sense dictates that you shouldn't need a pass for the answer to that. Maybe Alstom did one heck of a rehab.
  10. 5000-series - Updates

    Yeah but what I'm saying is you have 2 shops only so many pits and only so much space to repair them. If more than 24 need repair you could see a maintenance backlog forming. You could address it with more mechanics but really more space is needed. Don't ask me how forest pk and Rosemont can take care of all this old equipment. Any trips to Skokie shops is an hour roadtime instead of 15 minutes. Blue line maintenance really need a commendation for their efforts
  11. 5000-series - Updates

    They wouldn't have enough to fully equip the blue line with 5000s anyway. But a few trains could take the load off the others. Where they are lost is on consolidation. I wonder what some former execs would say on the subject. Not only do you put a lot of old equipment on one line you put a lot on that lines maintenance
  12. 5000-series - Updates

    Only thing with the power issue is then why did we see a test train at o'hare. If it has power issues it shouldn't be able to run there. I really don't think the #3200's will go to the blue line or the #5000's. If we do the math the #2600's can't exist while the same number of #7000's do. In other words if 200 7000's show up, 200 2600's say bye bye. Now if 200 7000's fail uh oh!! I'm not saying they will but having incompatible cars between the #5000's and #7000's is just folly. This is a big mistake with ramifications to be a 40 year mistake. As far as me caring what equipment goes to my neighborhood. I really don't care. I stopped using the system, and haven't used it now in about 6 months. My only interest in CTA now would be as a transit enthusiast or employer, not a customer. There are better ways to get around town and I'm sure people are discovering them. It really is true because I'm seeing it with my own eyes working in the field. There are really smart companies out there and if the competition repeatedly ignores them they go under. Just talk to Kmart, nobody wants to shop at a 70's store they want to shop at a modern store like Target. Have you seen the new remodel? Same concept. Some companies are so smart they have the potential to wipe out lots of competition. Walmart has done that through its savvy purchasing. Uber has the potential to wipe out Divvy with it's electric bikes because it's just better. They have started Uber Pool Express in the last month and it's really taking off 40-60 percent of riders are using it. I asked someone why they are using it. They said there fare is half price (like 6 bucks) So let me see $2 bikes $6 pools. Close to $3 transit fares. What would you use to get around town?
  13. 5000-series - Updates

    Ask yourself why then did the NABI's continue well into the #7700's completing the order. Why did they run a few years? If you remember what happened which you don't, a bus failed in service nearly separating according to CTA officials. It was then and only then the buses future was questioned. CTA inspector???.... He didn't find anything until the fault occurred. Need I remind you, when #7675 was released in service and it was, according to the NABI list on here complete with the date it was running with passengers. Now if a defective hubular joint was found in a test, CTA officials sure thought it was OK to run it in service then. #7542 was actually the test bus, even though it wasn't. As far the #5000's, you did state they had two years to inspect them while they ran in service on various lines. I guess they didn't learn anything in those two years because they gave the ok to proceed with the order. if it wasn't premature wear, why did the wheel bearing journals not fail during the two year test? 2 plus 2 equals 4, but maybe you don't understand that. I'll leave you to your ignorance, they say ignorance is bliss.
  14. 5000-series - Updates

    As usual you are misrepresenting my statement. I'm just saying in a realistic world something is going to fail hopefully its not major enough to sideline anything but if it did happen cta 5000's cannot cover the entire system. Remember, the #5000's did pass the initial inspection. It's problems were related to premature wear. Think of it like the space shuttle, hundreds of contractors had bid on it's contract, (all successful bids were the cheapest bids) but the right circumstances developed which caused two accidents. Everything has the capacity to fail, we just hope they are not major fails. Oh yeah the NABI's passed the cta inspection, so this must mean they are good, right Busjack?
  15. 7000-series - Procurement

    I guess the CRRC building is up now.