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    When I'm not involved with CTA I'm usually involved in the arcade industry traveling to shows and expos showing off my babies (games and cabinets) I spend alot of time with emulators and VP cabinets. VPforums.org is one of the best sites I've come across and the love just grows and grows. The longer you are a member, the more stuff you learn like programming and art and the possibilities are endless. I guess I'm just a sucker for nostalgia. I am also an animal lover, not the ones that ride CTA though!
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  1. New Eldorados?

    Yeah busjack I think you snagged the big fish here. Startup is going to be April 9th and suddenly ns is getting eldorados. Hmm... sounds like too much of a coincidence. Anyone see #6781 or #82 and confirm they are not highway Eldorados.
  2. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    That a result of cta not wanting joe the seniority king to drive the easy route all day. This is mainly why they started interlining.
  3. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    Not sure if 103rd has the resources for such a high demand 40 foot route. They are known as an artic heavy garage like np. All those artics take space to garage. I'm surprised 103rd got the #29 cause usually the forty foot service there is on shorter routes like the wild 100s or 28. Or 15. 77th can store many 40 footers so they can gobble up routes like 3 or 4 or 79 that need a lot of buses. 79th can take 33 alone at max peak. 4 and 3 are probably doing that or more that's 100 buses on 3 routes.
  4. What is more scary is the possibility of working next to an android. Anyone remember Ash from the original Alien movie? Big brother could really watch his employees then with an android spy. And we thought all these cameras were intrusive.... The future is going to be fun. That could work to your advantage if you need a android companion. It's all coming soon.
  5. I laugh thinking about that conversation. The doctors Northwestern med students, i should have said future doctors, scoffed at me like that is not possible. Oh yeah we thought driverless cars are folly but there not. How it stops at traffic lights I wonder about though. If it can do that it has an artificial intelligence which is all you need to perform any job on earth. The lawyers were the real deal though dealing in transportation. They had a conference at the hotel at Wacker on the east end I want to say Columbus but that's not the street. Guys and gals were coming from out of town for this, sounded like a Carolina accent.
  6. Yeah but what keeps Daniel and his buddies from opening a business and undercutting the competition. Basically it just takes a software tech to start a low key business. I guess we'll find out how safe Volvo really is. But they have 24,000 chances now to screw up multiplied by each ride. In a lawsuit the bigger fish is probably Volvo but all parties involved wouldn't be bad. Something about this just doesnt seem to wash. I would at least put stewards in to over ride any conflicts not that they are going to help with split second decisions. Like I was telling a team of doctors how long before they create the robot surgeon? There may come a day where humans are not essential to the workplace. Question is what will we all do? There was a discussion downtown about autonomous cars that a team of lawyers was telling me about so this has a lot of legal hurdles to jump through before it's reality.
  7. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Well then it might as well be retired. At least it wasn't a new bus.
  8. Probably the best they can do is sell the tech. I doubt theyll own anything. They are not Kenworth builders for example. It won't be long and others will do the same thing like product lines that are owned by retail corporations like Members Mark etc. They just be billed as an Kenworth product.
  9. I guess you have to play your cards correctly to go with the tech. You know how they have owner operators, I guess now they'll just have owners. How many autonomous trucks you own will merit your success but you would think the companies would stand to gain the most money to just buy their own trucks.
  10. Well the rumor mill said that uber was going to buy Teslas so that is probably more expensive yet but Im sure they got the bulk rate. Question is what is the fiture going to be like? Do you know how many driving jobs there are? If the driving industry goes autonomous could that actually send us into a recession. VW is talking school buses but they are small still. I wish I could put up this link but I'm on my phone but over 30 states leading professions are truck drivers. They have a graphic showing the United States and what each states leading professions is. Site is makeuseof.com but i had to google it to find it. "How many driving industry jobs are there" that what i googled. Btw Illinois is one of the states.
  11. Further reading about uber indicates they have purchased 24,000 Volvo XC90 autonomous cars in 2017. The CEO of uber indicates a rollout of autonomous cars beginning within 18 months. So maybe no more uber drivers soon. First they have to convince the legislature to allow such vehicles on the road.
  12. Busjack has more pressing questions when he said what happens with a flat tire? Or an onboard fire from a brake defect. But my question is moreless a security question How do you stop a truck hijacking? There have been reports of trucks being unloaded in route, but that could be defeated by finding out what disables the truck. I suppose they could outfit cameras on trucks to watch them and call the cops when suspicious activity occurs. I was on a truck lately that had a camera watching the load from inside the truck. Who are they watching the driver, dock worker. Strange.
  13. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    Yeah the fire hydrant looked like a toy. My thoughts were after that what stops the bus? But it must have been a tree. If it just has windshield damage it might get fixed soon. If the lift was damaged it will be much longer up to two years. It will be a question of whether it's worth fixing. It is a base order 1000
  14. Uber has started an autonomous freight service two days ago in Nevada. (18 wheelers) If we remember correctly, Nevada was the first state to legalize an autonomous vehicle. There are plenty of links just google it. Kind of scary. Its a big vehicle to be ran autonomously. They claim when the vehicle leaves the state it hands off to a live operator. An uber hired person watches the vehicle while in nevada. It's unclear if they have a cdl though. Uber hopes to be able to sell its teck to truck companies across the state. My question is with an autonomous truck who is watching the load.?
  15. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    #3237-38 and #3441-42, #3243-44 are now fully rehabbed in Kimball yard.