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  1. Ouch, that could be up to a two year repair, if it's fixable. You also have to consider the bus' age but being it's a newer bus it will probably return.
  2. Yeah i remember when the #56's went to navy pier, it would screw up the route because of all the downtown traffic. The #66 route does seem too long but I think the volume of passengers just messes up the schedule. When you are stopping at every stop, you are going to have bus bunching. Its just like that on belmont. More buses pull into the blue line bunched than don't it seems. I can imagine its the same on 79th.
  3. Probably it will. They need to find a better way to move the customers faster and an X route is it. I don't know if that translates into less buses. (I think we had that discussion before) but it makes the service more efficient. That's the problem with most of the longer routes like the #3. You start out not bunched but you get down to garfield and you are bunched. Same happens nb. They have some big packs coming north and end up short turning buses. That doesnt help the affected commuter and when you do that to downtown that's alot of potential customers but the same thing happens on #77. The cumberland and sometimes east of halsted customer gets affected. With some X routes maybe they could speed up service and not do so much cutting. The service would at least be more efficient.
  4. That's a good question which I can't seem to find an answer to. I would assume all new construction is for 10 car lengths
  5. Here's what I shot. Maybe you can see some of the platform. I'm not putting this on Youtube though. 6-20 washwabash flyby.mp4
  6. Yeah it's done, i shot a video on the 20th, but an Orange line crossed in front of me. It shows the south exit stairs.
  7. Came across this bank at Target downtown on State/Madison, so I took some pics. I'll mention it in case you guys are interested. It's billed as a Chicago car not a CTA, but it looks like a #3200. It's located on the first floor right outside the escalator facing north. (or in the path to the State street south entrance) It was selling for $19.99. They had plenty at least 20 or 25. I took my pics on the 20th though. Both ends have the lights though like a #5-50, so it's like a single car. They have other Chicago tourist keepsakes there but this was the only CTA object. So i wonder can they legally sell this even though it's not billed as a CTA car? (but it looks like one) Maybe it is being licensed through the city if that's possible. BTW, I looked I can't seem to find this online, maybe if I knew the manufacturer, which I didn't look for at the time.
  8. If you go to cta's facebook page, they have a rainbow wrap pictured for the pride parade. Its on the Orange line. Don't know the fleet number. Thought maybe a train on the brown or red line would be more appropriate being that they travel through boystown.
  9. They probably won't take all the fg nf's. They probably took what they wanted already. There's a possibility the experimental #8200's will come back to fg, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Why 74th needs more buses for summer i dont understand as they are not serving the lakefront directly other than on its own routes.
  10. Saw them just cant edit them now.
  11. I'd have to agree. Fg needs a reliable fleet and taking away what good buses they have is counter productive. Im surprised one of the all #1000s garages couldnt spare anything.
  12. Here is the updated Wilson Flyby for June 19th. https://youtu.be/eqrK_LCkhVA They have done quite a bit of concreting, all the spans that were on broadway last week have been installed. The escalator has been installed, (notice the blue tarp) as well as more steel has been installed for the station itself.
  13. Yeah but if the #88 has a 5 minute layover, (Some of these #90's can have a 10-15 minute layover in the evenings) it doesnt serve nobody to rush on a bus and sit for 10 minutes. I hear what you are saying but to me that dont make sense. Btw, i went through belmonts prepaid boarding tonight thinking of this 30 something seconds that is being saved and yes it is getting faster. Everyone seems to be programmed now on where to stand how to board and boarding occurs lightning fast now. They also have 3 people now instead of one watching the card reader. Earlier around 3pm (the prepaid boarding start time) I watched them close the gates and prepare to start prepaid boarding the only thing is there were people past the card reader and there was no bus yet. So how does that work at 3pm everyone rides for free? I thought at least they would wait for a bus before they started prepaid boarding.
  14. That would only be practical at high volume entry points with buses consistently late per the schedule. It wouldnt do nothing with those waiting on a bus to pull out.
  15. The point is that prepaid boarding wouldnt work at a terminal.