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  1. The loop is a ghost town. Was ubering down Washington downtown midday and there were no cars at all. Spotted a #156 with no passengers. Still don't get this. Why expose the operators to this if there are no passengers? If they all get sick, who is going to drive the bus? I heard on the news CTA is exploring rear door boarding. They should do a study on absenteeism. These things have a tendency to still maintain the same effect even if they do nothing. If you don't pull the service your workforce will simply not show up due to sickness or fear, a job that doesn't care about your health, doesn't care about it's employees. Do they really want to send that kind of message to the workforce? I think this could be political. The Mare has stated that they will not pull service and they haven't. You know I heard on the news 64 CPD officers are infected, how long before it's 64 bus operators?
  2. Did you guys hear about the big accident this morning? I guess #8023 is OOS. I'm trying to figure out how a bus can be pushed onto the sidewalk? Looks as if it was pushed into a building also. Buses are heavy and can take a hit. Guy must have been flying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13zPw-03S1g
  3. Where I work what the mechanics say is gospel. They have the power to keep a bus off the street. No manager can override them. What you say is true art. By me the new buses go to the veterans. On your other point, any subsidized route like the ups of course should have overnight service. It just gets so alarmingly dead out there at night. 10pm looks like 3am. Kind of strange, I'm always on the street but out of all the CPD I've seen only 1 person was wearing a mask. We need to protect ourselves or we may be off of work longer than we think. You know not only are you protecting yourself your protecting everyone you get in contact with if you are sick and dont know it. The virus cant survive if it has no where to reside. Maybe it will tone down in the next week its gonna be warm. UV light kills the germs.
  4. When the then new CTA novas came out I heard a story at a relief point that operators would shy away from the new buses because they are new and to drive them is a new experience that has to be learned about what it does, how it handles, how it performs on turns, what is your clearance. So alot of operators would shy away. Also there may be restrictions from the mechanics as they learn about the new equipment. You can't really know what it does until it goes out on the street. The more that goes out the more you learn. It's like a new bus route once everyone is comfortable they run just like the other buses. Besides do you want to be the first operator to have an accident in the new bus? Right now that's the pride of the agency.
  5. Been noticing alot less buses out there. With no reduction in service it makes me wonder what happened to the runs? Heard a story many CPD officers called off yesterday, so that may be what it is. Saw 4 buses on the #152 and I know that's a little light, more like a sunday or saturday schedule. I think the union coming out has scared off it's members. Still don't understand why there are not mandatory masks or rider restriction to the back 3 quarters of the bus. Operators would be alot safer. Do we need to still collect fares? That should be waived with a modified schedule. It's like with uber with stores closing en mass around 9pm no one is on the street. Do we really need 24 hour service?
  6. The buses dont get that crowded. The #169 always runs with artics. They are surprisingly fast. I was driving a few shuttles for the xmas season. Mostly down 95th and 79th. The #169 gets alot of riders at night when I was shuttling. The workers seem to complain about there jobs. I always talked with my riders. They claim they dont get breaks. The hodgkins complex is very impressive from the outside. They have two bus stations serving opposite ends of the complex. Sometimes they complain they got erratic service. They liked our supplemental shuttle. It was cut short due to Amazon now having there own delivery Van's.
  7. As if things weren't crazy enough now Milwaukee transit is having free bus rides.
  8. That might be your explanation on why 200 buses are not in service. Fear is worse than the virus. I'm seeing it in uber as well. I don't get why they don't get masks for the operators. At least it will reduce transmission. With Ventra they should be getting ridership statistics. I say cut back on rush hour operations, maybe even eliminating some duplicate rush service like the #134, do we need to save 10 minutes, there is no traffic!! I've been reading a few interesting reports. Where there is lockdown, the virus has been eliminated. The original virused town in Italy now has no cases of Covid-19, so there is something to social isolation. South Korea is doing well. Why? People are protecting themselves. They have had other viruses and pandemics to learn from. We in the states are rookies. Hopefully we will get a reprieve in May or June but I hate to look at next winter. Workplace and school at home may end up being the wave of the future.
  9. At least some buses signs were working. Might have to work on the font size. The route number blends in with the route. Interesting they have a tv screen behind the driver. What is it for? Security. Surprised it doesnt have a bus tracker sign inside the bus. The bus looks alot like a cta bus inside. Since when does the #330 go to Rosemont?
  10. That is the mechanical trainer. I don't believe it's the prototype, but the buses are so expensive it may very well be so. It's been around for over a year.
  11. Hard to believe they scooped the CTA. But Pace has been doing better in recent years. They now have more Xcelsiors than CTA and will for at least a year. Nice to see an assortment of buses in Chicago. The Proterras should be cool too when they get here. When the NF's retire the NABI's Pace will have I believe the newest bus fleet it's ever had. The oldest buses now will be the #2600's and they are slated for replacement.
  12. And here they are hot off the presses, I was surprised they actually have a rear window. I don't think I ever saw an Xcelsior with a rear window!! But wow the buses are nice, I'm happy they seem to be retaining the flush tinted windows feature, that's something we haven't seen on a standard bus since the grummans, ironically out of the same garage. (of course they exist on the highway buses, but it makes the bus look more luxurious, like you want to ride it versus something that is so municiple standard equipment. ) They seem to need programming on the destination signs and the plates are applied for. Surprised they are running without plates but I thought I remember the I-90 buses debuting the same way. My company got new buses but they didnt leave the yard without plates. So without further adeau lets see some shots!!! 😃
  13. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    The last few days alot of artics have been parking on the North avenue NB LSD ramp and outside the Peggy Notabart Nature Museum. It's really amazing watching buses come off the drive with 2, 3 or 4 passengers. Even the #151 coming down the gold coast with a handful if that. The mornings are pretty bad the afternoons it picks up a little like a sunday service crowd. The staple main routes like the #77 or #79 have been doing better. I saw a group of 5 or 6 yesterday at Broadway/Belmont waiting for the #77. Metra has been pretty smart, coming out with an alternate weekday schedule that cuts service in half. I think a saturday schedule would be good. But then you risk passengers sitting closer to one another. It would be a good time to park the #6400's or at least use them as spares. My company has roughly one third old buses but half never really leave the yard and if they do the other half takes there place. Less maintenance + less breakdowns = More profit and less issues.
  14. Theres tons of freight out here. Uber has no impact. I would say amazon affected more jobs with there own delivery services ups got killed this Christmas. There an amazon truck everywhere. Thats eventually going to be what happens to rideshare the manufacturers will take over with self driving vehicles under there own brand name.
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