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  1. Yeah but to bounce the ball back to the other end of the court, Pace has not only bought new buses (close to 300,) with a healthy dose of up to 125 plus cngs coming within 2 years, it has invested in new technology, instead of abandoning it which seems to be what cta has done with hybrids. It's going to transfer 2 garages to a completely different fuel source all with a smaller budget than cta. Can cta say that? CTA seems to be spending alot of time on electric technology, when the technology itself is rapidly evolving. Towers to charge a bus will soon be old, the future is most likely charging pads. I stand by my remarks about Pace, I really do believe they will be on an alternative fuel source by 2040. I wish they would try out hydrogen fuel cell eldorados. The 30 foot ones. This way they could have a newer tech for the smaller buses too. CTA is just too much a deer in the headlights when it comes to propane or cng type buses since they had that bad garage fire in the 60s. They just need to make sure the tanks are outside. I've fueled a propane bus myself. It seems safe to me. We have a sister garage that has half or its garage propane buses. Sometimes when we are doing a charter across town you end up at the other facility. They had loaned us a few propanes for a certain charter. Sometimes customers request certain buses. Because we are a diesel garage we had to fuel at their garage. Seems to me in my experience, the fuel runs out faster but I dont know the price of propane.
  2. Dont think it had anything to do with the #392. Unless it was trying to become a #307.
  3. It was not in service headed north.
  4. Saw #20444 today on Roberts rd. down around 79th. That's like the furthest south I've seen a new flyer
  5. They would probably go to wheeling, those first buses are Pulse buses, so it's likely the first 25 or so could be Pulse buses to go to wheeling. Possibly #6510-21 could be rebranded as regular Pace buses. I think I was reading they want to start building the Dempster pulse shelters, they were working on the last 2 Milwaukee ones at the south end. So not to have some kind of Pulse service there would be looney if there were shelters but no service. It would make sense to start the wheeling garage with just Pulse service and gradually get the rest of the cng fleet there. I dont really know if new #20300's have a place at Naperville first student if theres no Metra feeder market. Are there indications the routes will return? Seems to me the best place to put them is just at heritage, fox valley and river.
  6. Usually 77th trades with FG, but if artics are the problem it might be time to share the #4300's. I dont know if the problem a lack of mechanics or these buses have just petered out. You know when they were consolidating models they put all the same models at the same garages so now when buses are failing when being worked hard they wonder why? Whats worse is you cant really take from a pool of better buses cause theres not as many. I still think this pie in the sky electric bus pilot has hurt them. While they have been testing 5 buses, Pace has just about replaced its whole fleet. That could have been time spent on new buses. Pace while not going electric has went alternative and you have to applaud them for that. Electric is still too high a rung to climb to. What is more likely, CTA's plan to go all electric by 2040 or Pace to go all alternative by then? The more they obsess over electric the more theyll hurt themselves.
  7. I might have to buy one of those for uber!! Most of the carjackings are rideshare.
  8. Sounds like the #4000s are having a domino effect on the rest of the 77th fleet. It doesn't take much at 77th due to their heavy routes. If it becomes too much of a problem cta may have to swap some around with other garages buses, just to keep themselves afloat. Where I work, I've been driving a backup bus because my bus was down for several issues. It's been months, they tried to give it back to me but I reported some issues I thought they fixed, but I guess they didnt. So I'm back in the backup bus. What's crazy about it is the backup bus is newer, buses by me are assigned by route, maybe certain contractors have more clout. I drive alot of miles always coming in for extra work, so I'll put their repairs to the test.
  9. Guess that explains why I saw a 40 foot bus on 79th yesterday. I was noticing too service seemed kind of light. People were waiting for the bus, looked like they were wanting to get on my bus!!
  10. Remember when the 4000s were brand new at Kedzie and people were touching the back doors and nothing happened. They were all like wth??? It was kind of funny until you had to use the door. But I watched where people were touching and the stickers were a little off. I dont really like the idea of operator controlled doors in the rear unless there are fare controls back there or a brt setup. So many times I've rode Pace buses and the bus goes right past your stop. By the time you get the operators attention, you are couple blocks down (pace buses can be pretty fast) I remember once it got so bad I would only exit in the front. The way the cta doors are setup is good because if you want the operators attention all you have to do is push on the door and their little buzzer goes off. Plus it's good if the bus flips over or something you have a quick way out. Busting glass and turning a lever was just too time consuming and the average joe could nt figure that out. The cherries are a good idea.
  11. They want to have a 100 bus garage there. With 29 mci buses currently, that's going to be a big expansion. I thought they were saying the I-294 flex lane buses would run out of there, so maybe that explains some of the plan. They could do as you say and station all the 3rd party run buses there. Then that get them to 100. Also in the pipeline they want to expand river garage.
  12. It said no diesel buses would be on the property which eliminates that. Construction would take 3 years which means an opening by 2022. They are converting an existing building which explains why there hasnt been a groundbreaking with shovels in hand. Dont know why they said 105 buses unless pulse is going somewhere else.
  13. The news said tonight that that was the 2nd operator out of 77th shot at this week. It's like the wild west in chicago!!
  14. Is it true some cars really date back to 1950!! Looks like the BNSF, CNW and Milwaukee road will all be in line for new cars. I'm trying to find the age of the Rock Island cars, but wikipedia doesn't really say. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metra#Coaches
  15. And here is a link talking about the ground breaking of the new Plainfield garage. https://chi.streetsblog.org/2021/01/08/paces-new-plainfield-garage-will-enable-expansion-of-i-55-bus-on-shoulder-service/
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