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  1. This was done around the time #6101-02 was painted to its heritage colors. (Which has to be 1982 or earlier) Funny if you look at the book CTA at 45, I believe they show #6101-02 with a spanking hot new paint job. Picture was dated 1989-90. So I always assumed 1989-90 was when #6101-02 was painted the heritage colors but this facebook topic says otherwise. I couldnt really say what was on any lines before 1989 as thats when I started railfanning. I was just familiar with West/Northwest from my childhood. I remember seeing #6101-02 but I never saw #2001-02 in those colors. It couldnt have retired in that livery.
  2. I just rode CTA's very first 1000 series bus, which is none other than, you guessed it, #1000! I've filmed a clip for you to look at right now. :D


    1. Busjack


      Actually, if you go through the forum, this 1000 is not the demo 1000, and hence not the first.

  3. Came across this picture from Lou Gerard on Facebook, which shows #2001-02 in a green and white livery in 1982. I never knew they had a heritage #2000. Learn something new everyday.
  4. Now the question remains did the Pulse buses retire from the bus total of 22 to make 10 or is 10 what they had before the Pulse buses arrived at NW on 4/24.
  5. Here is the flyby video for this week (5-16-17) New this week are most of the horizontal supports are installed and the shoring up of the north end of construction north of wilson is almost complete in anticipation of a concrete pour. At the south end, shoring up of the structure has started as well. Installation of the CTA logo on the elevator has been completed also this week. We should be seeing alot of concrete flowing here shortly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVfLTPcoeew Here is an additional video I took of the south end of construction from the street. What a difference from before!! In the background we can catch a sneak peek of the Sunnyside exit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6z-MZ-0_2k&feature=youtu.be Then I took a few pictures from the platform
  6. Could they finally be giving FG back some of it's Nova's it lost due to the "seat experiment?" 35 buses is quite a bit to lose and they could try to retire a couple more #6400's as they can't last forever. (although they could stand to transplant their AC system!! Not happening!! ) Hmm... 35 buses from #8199 is #8165....
  7. yes definitely West will lose the Orions it has now. The question is what will replace the 10 Orions at NW? Are the pulse buses enough? NW won't get NABI's, so it would have to get Eldo's. (eldorko's or Axess') Then we have the issue of what the other 35 South CNG's will replace. Will it be South #6162's? West NABI's? North #6600's?
  8. Hmm.. they have 3 people over here at the belmont prepaid boarding. 2 socializing and one walking around. I still dont see how they are policing this all that effectively. Its going to be interesting when the new belmont blue line station is going to be built it will have prepaid boarding built into it. I wonder if they'll have rotogates or what.
  9. Most of the horizontal steel is up now south of wilson and north of wilson still is being shored up for a cement pour. They have begun to shore up the south end to concrete that. So looks like alot of concrete will be flowing shortly over here. The only part not really being done is over broadway and points north. I took a flyby video again and shot some video at the south end of the structure by aldi of the new sunnyside exit as well as the steel. I'll upload that maybe by midday tomorrow.
  10. I was wondering why this #8200 on the #77 was so hot. I remembered oh yeah the ac is not so good on these buses!! So rather than sweat I decided to get off and check out the new Whole Foods market in Roscoe Village. When I came back to my stop I discovered all the buses are #8200's or most of them. Talk about bad luck!!
  11. Adios Orion VI's. We will miss you. (Especially with your showers underneath the back overhead ac vent)
  12. Im looking at the same item on pg 10 of the budget. Now the 64,000 question is how the seat fabrics in the rehabbed 3200s are any different than the fabrics in current equipment. They are all supposed to be treated with scotchgard protection.
  13. According to the budget they want to order seat fabrics that are easy to clean. Whether that means blue plastic seats I dont know but if the #3200 rehabs are any indication it is indeed a toss up.
  14. Then i probably can't rely on the "up to 20 electrics" statement either. Shame of it is with a few clicks of the mouse, you can find accurate info. It was kind of humorous reading about them still talking about buses from 2011 declared "new". 6 years is six years. As far as the seat shells, I was noticing #8225 has a "C" sticker on it, so they must believe they are keeping them.
  15. Was looking at this again. Now they basically have a supervisor working alone. He was assisting passengers on the bus but he wasnt really watching the farebox and people were getting on with cards with inadequate fares. (Stop sign) i guess he cant be in two places at once but the passengers should know how to board a bus. I have seen other supervisors by the farebox. Maybe this guy was new or something.