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  1. Hmm.. and I had said they might start testing in revenue service in April... that's the same length of time it took the #5000's to test in service (6 months) well it should be soon if they plan on receiving the rest of the fleet in 2022. They only have 8 months, unless this is the sequel to the proterras testing!!😛😛
  2. Got a question. I read on facebook that the #7000's are laid up at Rosemont shops this weekend. That on the 12th of April they will be running the blue line. Will that be in revenue service?
  3. To say your agency will be all electric is a bold statement. No one has done it or even come close except for a few small agencies and they are a quarter to a half. First you need Elon Musk money. Then you need to hire 100s of workers to build the infrastructure. I think well have driverless vehicles before we have all electric. It's nice to dabble in the future but you cant lose sight of the present because the present brings you to the future. A little experimentation is ok, but dont put all your eggs in one basket just yet. To show how tech is getting better the new Silverado electric
  4. I get it. What strikes me as odd is other cities get electrics and away they go. Here it takes 2 years, then its run so sporadically you have to be the lucky dog to ride it. I understand it's the future but there are other ways to do it, with different forms of energy. Electric may be clean to expel but it not clean to generate.
  5. Yeah well I wouldnt like it either sweating my rump off. The ac is what really has me going against the novas. CTA will most likely get some nfs in time unless they are nuts. Unfortunately with 600 new novas and 450 middle age novas this is going to be nova country, and theyll probably send the nfs to fg but fg will probably keep what it has it will just be newer nfs. Actually the fg novas look new. I kind of hope they keep them. Someone will get dealt with the 77th #7900 novas and it will probably be fg or np. Hopefully they dont start consolidation for your sake or you might have all novas s
  6. You would think that CTA would have rotated those by now, but I think there waiting for the new novas and they'll do just that. The #7900's at 77th should be getting a break since the pandemic. They run so many artics out south at 77th. I'm wondering if they are not going run those into the ground, there always driving. 77th just has too many customers. Been thinking. I think the #8325's will come back to fg once the new novas arrive. I think almost for sure 77th and 103rd will get some. CTA actually took a couple steps back with these electric buses. They spent alot of time purchasing a
  7. Sometimes theyll come crawling in if they can make it. We had a bus mess up last week in oak lawn. It wouldnt go past 5 mph. It limped into the garage with a police escort on south lagrange.
  8. #605 was out for 10 hrs on Monday. Where is #601? Maybe testing internally?
  9. Yeah. It was warm on these buses yesterday. I would have liked to see how it was but I was working myself. Was out in morgan park and east 75th area and 103rd was really running the #8325's. I think that's the preferred bus of 103rd. #600 must be running the best so far. It's out for another 10 hr shift. Run #816 again.
  10. Hmm that run #816 runs from 730am to 530pm. #600 was out for 10 hrs today. Another bus was out for 10 hrs on Monday. (#605)
  11. Yeah remember we are a year away from retiring up to 600 buses so anything that is a headache might be up for scrapping.
  12. They can probably fix it with parts from the boneyard. If not I'm sure new flyer has an aftermarket parts dealer they can buy from
  13. Ahh!! Now #600's run in the afternoon. Run 816. It must be hot on there no hopper windows. Do you think the AC works or it needs charging. Should come working from the factory. My bus has where the mechanics can turn it off and on. Dont know how cta has it. I'm currently sweating on the bus that's why I ask.
  14. So your telling me it pulls in on the #65 grand? ( Hmm... yes it does just checked)
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