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    When I'm not involved with CTA I'm usually involved in the arcade industry traveling to shows and expos showing off my babies (games and cabinets) I spend alot of time with emulators and VP cabinets. VPforums.org is one of the best sites I've come across and the love just grows and grows. The longer you are a member, the more stuff you learn like programming and art and the possibilities are endless. I guess I'm just a sucker for nostalgia. I am also an animal lover, not the ones that ride CTA though!
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  1. O'Hare Airport Expansion

    Yeah it's New Flyer heaven at ohare nothing but shiny new 40 footers. Saw two different types of tail ends though one was off the shelf like the 6400s. and one is like the cta spec 1000s. As far as uber/lyft the staging was always on balmoral theres nothing different there. Perhaps if they were smart they would relocate all rideshare to terminal 5. Seems kind of dead there. The terminal 3 pickup is a zoo. Everyone must fly American. Damn so the new rental car facilities are open. I'm going to have to check that out. I've been watching the ats hoping to see the new cars in service but they are still running the old trains. How in the heck is the ats staying afloat? Maybe cause it's the winter? The car rentals go crazy with business in the summer and ohare is a virtual parking lot. Really dysfunctional.
  2. 3200-series - Rehabs

    There always plenty of 5000s. 54th is supposed to have a 100 car capacity so worst case scenario they could use up to 50 for blue. Kind of interesting 2600 cars are failing ahead of the winter which is when maintenance is most taxed. For cta's sake we dont have a bad winter or blue line might be putting in its order at 54th.
  3. Pace 2019 Budget

    Btw I did see #6224 at Harlem/Chicago but it was belching alot of black exhaust.
  4. 3200-series - Rehabs

    Yeah well they could double their bang for their buck by starting on the brown line moving 3200s over to blue and getting new cars on the brown. Orange may be desperate for cars but blue is more desperate. Knowing cta they might do 10 here 10 there
  5. Pace 2019 Budget

    Yeah this is what I was referring to. They cant retire those. I think alot of what's on the roster are spares. Eldorkos couldn't help wipe those off the radar? 10 buses may be all they need.
  6. Pace 2019 Budget

    With all these cuts they might actually be able to finish off retiring the 6162s. I'm surprised west has them but maybe they have enough that they can rotate them. Pace actually is not doing too bad. If they can get the Pulse service off the ground level they will have some pretty good service. Looking at the long range plans with Pulse its really highly ambitious but it makes sense. If they could get more shoulder service that together with Pace Express will be a force to reckon with. The tri state is terribly congested. That needs a shoulder service now. They could actually establish a south suburbs Rosemont corridor. With ohare nearby it's an attractive destination.
  7. 3200-series - Rehabs

    Well we definitely wouldnt want to put DC cars at Howard. And of course it wouldnt make sense to put more 3200s on blue and run a few ravenstons since Howard has many extra rail cars that it probably don't need. The rail fleet mileage balance is probably way off. While you have 5300s running 24/7 you have 5400s running barely at all. I would've at least rotated the 5000 fleet there. I dont expect a non nw sider to understand my points. Not having 5000 and 7000 compatibility will bite cta at some point. There are going to have the same issues then it will just be with newer equipment. Not expecting CRRC will have a warranty issue at some point with all the components on board is just naive. What will they do then? Its just the status quo up here on the nw side with the equipment. Maybe there is reason ridership is weaker here. No one said we had to ride the old equipment. At least times have changed at Pace north the other graveyard. CTA I'm not holding my breath. They are trying now yes so maybe they deserve some credit but now you have to fix stuff that is older than it should be due to neglect. If they keep it up maybe they can change our outlook of the cta but the frustration is deep rooted now.
  8. Pace 2019 Budget

    It always was kind of weak past riverside towards the zoo. Once they killed cermak they killed that route.
  9. 3200-series - Rehabs

    Well they better put some extra 5000s at Howard yard to rotate to pink line so they can rotate to blue. Ask yourself this question. Before cta said anything about power issues were we even having this conversation about power. Sorry I'm not buying it. Not riding it either anymore. Theres better options. When something is broken do you use it? I'd like to know why all this sudden attention to blue. I think they are having a ridership loss. It's going to be fun in the future not mixing the 7000s and 5000s but that will be our argument in 10 years from now.
  10. 3200-series - Rehabs

    Yeah I just dont understand the thinking here with the rail division. Green line running all 2400s or purple running old cars is acceptable because the cars get a chance to rest but blue line runs 24/7. How did they ever think they could pull that off? What's even more head scratching is the fact that basically the ohare branch has been taken down to the ballast and in some cases further than that however they never thought to upgrade the power!!?? Really??? The forest park branch has to be the most neglected branch at cta. It has never been taken down to the ballast and it's the oldest expressway line. They just dont want to invest in it. You can see the new cars rocking and rolling on the tracks now. Where in the heck is the geometry train!!! The nw side always gets the old stuff. No one lives out here of any importance. Not since Jane Byrne. Rideshare would definitely like to thank the cta it's making a killing on cta's folly. You think forest glen is getting electric buses? Not a chance. They cant even let the glen keep its allocated share of 8200s. They silently migrated elsewhere and never came back. I wouldnt be surprised if the 8325s went somewhere else. I see the some 1000s headed up north. Why does one area of the city get 30 year old railcars and 18 year old buses? That's an I-team investigation in my opinion. Lol!!
  11. 3200-series - Rehabs

    It has no choice. It's either that or cut service on blue due to not enough working rail cars. They can blame themselves for bonehead moves like making the purple line get all new cars and leaving high demand lines like blue to fend for itself. Even green doesnt need all those new cars. Wheres the demand? It not on the south side green that's for sure. This consolidation is silly. I guess the last 100 years of transit hasn't taught them anything. How can you physically couple a DC car to an ac? The couplers dont match.
  12. Mystery Bus

    This is what Andre said about them. I think hopetunnel has some pics. My all time favorites were the west towns fish bowls that were at forest glen in 1982. Never rode a early 60s model fishbowl. This was like the only set of early 60s buses I ever rode.
  13. Bombardier In Financial Peril

    No a 2016 200. But I have friends that said the '15 is junk. Dont know if it's the grade of car either. My car is a 200C all options. My friends have a base model. The base was built too cheaply with a subpar engine (175 hp)trying to save gas. I got the premium engine and its overpowered (295 hp) The '17 had a 3rd engine in the middle. Probably what should have been the base. I do like the car though. Gas ain't bad 250 miles on a full tank about $28-30 to fill. Power like a Charger. Around 25 miles a gallon. Chrysler/Dodge makes good cars. I'm definitely a fan of the brand.
  14. Bombardier In Financial Peril

    Bombardier is probably trying to do too much with too many products and the entire operation is getting sloppy. Airbus has had issues too with parts. On Qantas 72, the A330 was getting false readings from its computer causing the plane to dive. (You can wikipedia the flight) Actually caused alot of injuries and an investigation showed it happened on two other planes. Northrop Grumman got the blame for the computer issue but computers can be bad things if they have issues. I'm skeptical of the CRRC's but what choice is their that's left. I always wondered why Kawasaki didn't bid. The MTA uses their cars. The CTA needs to get with them because they buy alot of cars and can probably give them good info on what's good and what's not. Plus its product is similar to CTA. Making rail cars is nice but when your making scores of different designs all with different sub structures your going to have issues. Did you guys ever hear not to buy the first year model of any car, to buy the 2nd. Cause in the 2nd year all the defects are worked out in the first. I got a 2nd year model car no issues. I hear the first year was riddled with problems. I even hear people refer to it as junk. That is unfortunate but we all can learn from each other mistakes that why we are here.
  15. Bombardier In Financial Peril

    That can be all blamed on bad parts. Bombardier is a good company, they just got bit in their buster browns by not doing their homework not checking on their suppliers. Dont know who was the parts manager or engineers of the North American division but they failed the company. The European high speed rail sector is impressively littered with bombardier products and the airline division is impressive enough that major airlines are buying their product. It's just shocking how the us rail division is. There really isn't a strong manufacturer of cta like trains. We haven't seen the crrc trains yet so the jury is still out on those. Bad parts are really important to sniff out. There was one airline that actually crashed due to cheap imitation aftermarket parts. It wasn't a bombardier plane though. I'm sure you could find it online.