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  1. Random CTA

    Probably the only thing they could really do cheaply is make the #81 a limited bus or have BRT services but what would you do with all the Lawrence parking? If you did like they did on Cicero and bought a few properties, they could build parking lots to park in. (Hmm... hint hint) If Pace can ever get off the ground floor with it's Pulse service it could wipe the floor with CTA's BRT idea, that is basically a concept.
  2. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    If you look at Chicago-l.org at the 95th street station they have a shot from 1973 from the 95th street bridge that shows the same buildings. The only thing that's been removed is the white gate/fence at the end. But see how they are building a platform extension there? It looks like in the new station rendering they want to have this grandiose entrance off of the 95th street bridge, something new, but I don't really understand why a bridge is not in the rendering above it. I could be wrong but live traffic is not allowed on CTA property (as depicted in the rendering) so that would rule out the bus bridges, plus the perspective wouldn't be right for Lafayette or the other street (State?) In a way it makes sense if you figure the pedestrian bridge is an unpaid area, it would then decend into the unpaid 95th street entrance via escalator/elevator/stair. The area past the turnstile would then go down to the platform, but theoretically that could only work if the bus bridges were disconnected from the paid areas and people would be forced to use the pedestrian bridges to get to the train. Now I can see people complaining that they have to climb stairs a level to decend two levels when they could just decend the one level. Hopefully the architects took this into consideration or you have the folly of 95th station.
  3. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Hmm looks like they are starting to build the pedestrian bridge over 95th.
  4. Washington/Wabash Station Build

    Here's my flyby for 8-15-17. Give me a few minutes as I upload more pics and videos of stuff I want to discuss. I uploaded a video showing a panorama of the sidewalk from the south end of the structure showing the freshly painted structure, lighting and stairways. Things are coming along nicely. Here's a few shots I took under the station. Looking at the elevator it almost looks like Morgan/Lake's design, but then again we have an elevator tower on the east side of the street with the mosaic I was talking about before. I can't tell if that goes to the street or not. Maybe just the mezzanine. (we are starting to get some good peeks at the construction regardless) I was trying to show the platform lighting here but it doesn't seem to show up. Must look good at night though. If you notice the rib canopy lighting is continuous, but the platform rib lighting is spaced apart in 3 or 4 light sets, again hopefully the canopy lighting is bright, looks like it needs the LED treatment or perhaps wrap the interior of the lightboxes in shiny metal so it reflects. Here we have the main entrance with escalator and stairway both together on the corner. I don't know how safe that is but at least they put some concrete blocks in front of it. Don't want no Cermak-Chinatown remembrances!! (trucks going up the escalator, news video on my youtube account) It's somewhat ironic they put the "safety is our Paschen" here as I can remember several instances of cars going up on the sidewalk here. Better reinforce those blocks guys, they are going to get a test as a replay is probably inevitable. Alot of money putting an escalator there but I guess it beats putting the elevator there which is more money if it gets damaged.
  5. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    I don't know panning up and looking at the sidewalk over Wilson are the lights really that bright? They need like a continuous light bar I think to be effective. Speaking of lights, I'm uploading my Washington/Wabash flyby and by accident I discovered something new with the lighting design down there that's cool!! Give me a few minutes to upload to Youtube.
  6. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    I wanted to add in this picture, they put lights under the structure, looks like they may be dark though or there's not enough. You have to consider now with no light shining down (due to a concrete structure versus a steel) how dark it is under there. Maybe they are high illuminating LED's, let's hope so. The platforms are huge here so I would say they have 100 feet of darkness to light up. Maybe they should have considered a fortified glass catwalk here. It might sound a bit crazy but the technology must exist if they are considering glass suspension bridges in China!!
  7. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    yes, that's my point by the time you did all that you could walk to Fullerton Red line, best way to go west, ride a #73 to Armitage brown line. I can see why they had the #74A.
  8. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Yeah that's actually what I would suggest going to Clark division on a #22 or #36 as I've done it but that only benefits sb riders not nb.
  9. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    OK here's the flyby for 8-15-17 This week they have completed the canopy, tracks seem to be complete other than the connections at the ends (usually done on the last weekend before opening) They were sweeping and basically cleaning up when I shot this. The concrete wall installation was continuing over Broadway and points north. The sunnyside exit continued to be completed with additional steel being installed. The wooden catwalk over broadway is also starting to get built. This week the electric lights were hooked up. Now the station is lit up at night. I'll see if I can upload some pics give me a few minutes. Ok here's a few shots we start with the main entrance complete with working lights!! They installed lights over the Wilson sidewalk Here's a nice looking shot from the street. Station is alot nicer than it was!! Alright here the sunnyside shots, I was wondering where the entrance was because you see this platform here but you never see where it leads after that. I thought maybe to the garage the last few months but no there is an additional ramp and a somewhat fancy entrance
  10. Pace Roster

    #6516 is the cubs roundtripper bus again. Maybe this is happening more often than we think.
  11. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Yeah but you have so many great options in front of it. The #151 the #22 the #36. Why walk further and get 20 minute service. They needed a short loop terminus via Lincoln Park west and Stockton drive with a possible layover on Webster between the two. List the bus as destination zoo. How many riders did L' elephant get? You could tap into that market between the Fullerton red line and the zoo. Now ask yourself what does the #151 #22 #156 and #36 not do. Link with a subway. Now you have a competitive zoo to "l" feeder.
  12. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    Yeah the lights are all on skylight canopy is done. The guys are sweeping and using a leaf blower on the tracks so looks like the trackwork is done. I finally figured out the setup of the Sunnyside entrance. I'll post my flyby and pictures tonight. I'm heading over to Washington Wabash to see what's new.
  13. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Yeah but they anticipate that none of those 1000 riders would do the reverse commute home. (Which is where it failed) no one is going to go one way in the morning and not come back the same way. Really it boils down to who rode the #11 south of leland. Older people or younger. From what I saw I just saw young people riding. Perhaps if they could have served Lincoln Park Zoo directly they may have tapped into something
  14. Wilson Red/Purple Line Station Rebuild

    Yeah I'm just about to head over there myself for this weeks update, but I'm not going to get the night effect. i see they got the electric lights working. They were testing Washington/Wabash last week, so it might look equally impressive at night.

    I wonder how much it's been exposed to the elements. Roofline looks a hair bit weathered. These were some sharp cars back when they were freshly painted. It's like that single car at IRM. That car is sharp. Hopefully everything still works. I'm told the batteries die like in a car if not used (if it uses batteries) It's going to need the all points inspection treatment. Hasn't ran on third rail power in years. Check the fuses check the relays yada yada yada....