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  1. BusHunter

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    In time like I say blue is probably getting new cars last anyway
  2. BusHunter

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    So what is that 130 3200s? That half of them
  3. Maybe they can finally get these 19 year old novas off the street. I just hope cta doesnt blow all its money on electric buses. The blue and red needs lots of money to fix their infrastructures too. Red line needs millions. That's why rpm takes 10 years.
  4. Your probably right. But the blue will probably want to hold on to the 3200s as long as it can. The stage is being set for the brown and orange line to get upgraded cars first. 5000 or 7000s only heaven knows.
  5. No just cut the rear doors out with the cutout switch by the front door. But the bus is kept in service which means there is only one exit door.
  6. Dont know about the rear door law. Cta sure runs buses with the rear door shut off. That would be illegal according to that law. Besides Eldorado could probably put some rear doors on those buses if they needed to.
  7. It's possible. Could be also this is the prototype like #6323. It will have things the production models wont have. Maybe they wont have flush windows for instance. Depends how pace ordered them. NF no doubt would like to show Pace it can produce highway buses if need be the case. So it could be showing this off even though its Pace property. I wonder why they jumped ship to nf. Both Eldorado and nf make good buses. Guess Eldorado just got under bid I'm kind of interested where the new eldorkos will go. Aurora, Joliet, NS, niles, highland park, maybe even Elgin. If I was Pace I'd mix around the new and old eldorkos and get a small fleet in each garage that uses them now. They could really eat away at maintenance. Run the fleet efficiently and you save even more money for more projects and buses and other Capitol needs. Cta could be ordering these small eldorko buses at half to 3/4 the price of a new bus. Instead it shoots its whole wad on 30 buses. They need to explore that idea. Not every small bus is an Optima. They need to wake up. No need in making the parts suppliers rich.
  8. So wth, the destination can display all those colors. I was going to say we might be looking at Pulse buses here or service expansion expressway buses. That might be why they look so nice on the outside with the flush windows. That is what they run on those routes. Besides what buses will be running Pulse Dempster if there is no order coming. They are not running the eldorkos that's for sure!! LOL!! nice looking bus though. Cta would have some except they are stuck in electric bus dreamland. As the #6800's get older, Pace is getting an even newer fleet. I never have seen pace have this new of a fleet before. simply amazing!!
  9. Hmm is that a heritage bus in the background??? Are they are west? Finally we got some Xcelsiors to enjoy besides the 2 700 cta electrics that havent ran in awhile. They look like cta buses from the inside.
  10. Sounds like blue line overcrowding is the issue. Unfortunately that stop gets high foot traffic. That area is a hot spot for uber it rivals belmont/kimball and belmont/red line as other hot spots. That just goes to show the volume that is coming through that stop.
  11. Maybe theyll change the schedule. The #94 makes too many turns it's not direct. That hurts it. They might get some riders for the green line but really there is no reason to go that way unless your going to oak park or west loop. That's one reason why it gets so bunched up. You realize it makes 16 turns now. That may he the most in the system. While this would take it down to 13. It takes time to make lefts and right in a bus. It's not as cut and dry as a car especially in busy areas that make the turns painfully slow. In a packed bus scenario i can see the issues those face on that route. It definitely would be a challenge to drive.
  12. I dont know about these pilots. Looks like to me they are trying to cut service on the north end of California. The #94 doesnt run as late as the #52 and not as frequent. Plus the service is not as good not necessarily as a result of the operators but of the traffic. Around 26th/cal they is alot of traffic and alot of stops most time service at the orange line sb can have crazy bunching like 5 bus bunching especially on friday afternoons. The #94 cause it goes to 74th and damen is already a long route. I dont see the benefit of making it longer. The odgen extension has alot of service around it like the pink line or 16th/18th bus service. I dont think any more riders are going to flock to it than they did before.
  13. The red does have alot going on. RPM is about to go into full gear and they have the belmont flyover happening too which is going to bring all new structure from belmont to almost addison. I should say between roscoe and cornelia. But the blue line is getting some rehabbing of it's own. The milwaukee subway stations are all getting a major facelift that they have needed for quite some time and the state of the art belmont bus station is coming to Logan square blue line so finally blue line on the north side is looking better and getting newer. There would be a case for blue getting new 7000s but the nw side never gets new stuff and if they do they dont keep it. Its cta tradition lol!! I see the forest pk blue line getting fixed and it's a coin toss on the 7000s going there. Let's just say the blue line gets ac cars which ones I dont know. On the 3200s roof boards they couldnt cut those off and leave a little nipple on them. Those cars will be useless on any subway lines. Theyll never be a santa express or a work train. It probably will end up 3200s will be the work trains in the ac era.
  14. If the 7000s have a different leveling design that can take some bouncing then that solves the forest pk problem and blue will get the 7000s. If it has the same problem then cta has an issue that needs addressing because 240 something 3200s will not equip the blue. The good news is that they can wait until the last minute to fix that issue if the last cars to replace 2600s did go to blue cause blue will probably still have 100 2600s even if it has 240 3200s. I'm surprised they just dont put out a contract to remove the roof boards on the 3440s and 50s. So that issue will come to the forefront in what 4 years. 2026? Or 2025? Depending on the first production 7000s happen which is 2021 at least or 2022. 2020 is the prototype testing year. I still say testing in service on the production cars will start on the pink. They are going to want to check the issues that got bombardier into hot water. No one knows what the long term effects of the cars will be.
  15. Hmm.... I heard any rail extension was dead to Mannheim and they wanted to do express buses on a special lane. If they were smart they would make intermodel stations like on the NW tollway express bus corridor. They could act as train stations but be using express bus service. The concept seems smart. Pace is exploring an expressway network right now and it's Pulse service is on the fast track. They are having hearings for the south Halsted corridor. Interesting to see how that will work alongside cta service they have yet to open a Pulse line with this feature although they wouldnt really have many problems if there were a red line extension because most service would go to it and not use halsted which is a big red line south bus corridor now.
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