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  1. Been seeing pictures of nf's having the ability to color code signs in other cities. I wonder if that is standard on the xcelsior? It's got me wondering you know how cta has the express pi signs with the red markings for express or for x service. (I think I saw that unless I'm nuts) could red destination signs come back for the #6 or #146 to represent express service. I think that would he cool.
  2. Heard a report they are not buying Pulse branded buses just yet. I guess well see the validity of that once #20476 shows up.
  3. So I wonder what happens when there is a power failure. There still are lots of traftic lights out in the city. Belmont and western being the most hair raising. Saw a bicyclist almost get hit there. She was as close as you can get to getting hit. I wonder also will there be a parking point cause the pantograph has to be precise. Technology changes so fast probably the modern thing to do is putting a charging pad instead of a charging tower. I wonder what are the risks in an electrical storm?
  4. Might as well passenger levels are horrible. Many of the metra stops dont even have one car in the parking lot. You pass lines like the bnsf and the UP's and your asking yourself in rush hour where are the trains??? No kidding at 5pm not one train on the racetrack. The only thing racing are a few mice here and there!!
  5. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    Is there a university/private school only paddle?
  6. I don't get it, zooming up the picture shows the bus only goes to the length of the wall it's protruding through. There's like one aisle of seats passed the wheel well and that's it. So I wonder why they would go and acquire the bus for that? Kind of interesting, CTA was going to sell the #900 buses to an electric bus rebuilder, CCW, and the deal fell through. I wonder why then they wouldn't step up to the plate and rebuild the buses themselves for that purpose. They could try it out. It's cheaper and you would have extra buses to run. They could easily do a complete 63rd and Chicago electrification of buses and see at the same time is this really viable? Just think they could have 32 electric buses.
  7. There still people using it whether it's a trainer or work bus.
  8. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    Well I guess cta dont have to worry about cps school runs. Looks like cps is going remote. Theres still universities and private schools. How will it bid those cps school runs out? They will run anyway? This is going to be really messed up. It's hard to plan when the plan keeps changing.
  9. Could be. Nabis were being assembled out there because cali was where alot of the nabis were ordered. So they would have the facility to build. Its nf 's call whether they choose to build but if any parts come from overseas there is a port in california. That's probably why BYD is out there.
  10. Yeah I think you figured it out. Thanks. So those would come out of anniston? Isnt there the California ex NABI plant. That's a long drive unless anniston has something the cali plant dont have.
  11. Yeah it does look similar. Are they ordering Xcelsiors?
  12. Saw a xcelsior yesterday coming north on the tristate around 95th. It had a dark blue bottom with a foot wide stripe of a lighter shade of green with the top half of the bus white in color. The blue and green was in a wave like a dart bus but not as wavy. Cant seem to place the bus.
  13. We haven't heard of a CNG contract either, So I don't know what that says about the garage. Seems a little far from the action at NW, but they are banking they can use the tollway, and I do mean banking!! If all those buses would have to pay a toll your talking in the neighborhood of 500 bucks a day in tolls!! Maybe 750 if half come back after morning routes!!
  14. I adjusted the cta bus roster, added #4037 SS to 77th, #4332 SS to 103rd, #6679 SS to FG, #1719 NP to 74th. That's all the changes I could find.
  15. #6679 was dead at milwaukee/addison tonight. The 992 was revving the engine on the bus to get it going. They had brought a new nova for the operator. I had a smile on my face thinking that it might be a broke down old bus but it's got good ac. Better than the new nova anyway. If it was hot I would have told the supervisor can I keep the old bus? Just joking. 😆
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