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  1. #6961 has a dead motor in the bus on shoulder lane at pulaski i55 outbound
  2. Dont get what your saying across from it is the people mover. I bet cta planned this with intentions of the people mover reopening. It's been delayed until Thanksgiving. Should be something especially on fridays when you have alot of outbound traffic. Mondays could be bad too. They reconfigured the ohare uber pickups. There are zones all over. Somewhat more confusing to use. I still say the rental car facility should be handling anything extra like shuttles or uber. Ohare is too busy for extra stuff.
  3. So your saying that little strip at terminal 3 on the departures level is the shuttle center? That's going to be chaos. The traffic aids there are already a pita. They can write tickets on the fly too. Almost makes it not worth it for rideshare. The city is broke. I believe it. Got bit at lollapoolosa by them. Now I shy away from big events. Heard they got some real stuff coming on the horizon trying to get through the city council. Like a leaving the state permanently tax and entering the state tax for everyone. Hate to tell them my family is already gone. I'm just about the last one here. I work four jobs. 3 rideshares and my bus driving job. I joke 2 jobs is to pay the tickets. At least I have a clean driving record. No moving violations. The latest scam by the city is called an ordinance violation. That's what the traffic aids give. 100 dollar ticket 40 dollar administration fee. Gotta love Chicago!!
  4. Where is the bus shuttle center? They cant be talking about the car rental place can they. That would be very counterproductive if there is no people mover. Rideshare is going to make a killing. Sometimes they goof too. They had at midway where you had to give the driver a code to get picked up. I tried it and left out of confusion. Picked up there yesterday and it's gone. Btw, saw the completed belmont blue platform looks really nice with the new lighting. It's a shame it doesnt have handicapped accessibility. They need to upgrade Logan square and put an elevator at belmont. Maybe in time it will get straightened out. What was with the blue line downtown subway closure cfd was all over LaSalle blue line last evening. They need to upgrade those loop stations they get the most use and reflect the most on the city.
  5. #215 probably needs it's own bay. I think theres an open bay in the south terminal still something could go over there like the 85A. If cta were smart they could stagger the times of the 85a and 88 to run 10 minutes apart between the two they could share a bay. I dont know about cta and pace sharing a bay. You can argue 56A and #270 did it but they were similar routes. Unless you put 225 with 85A but what about 641? Regardless the north terminal is probably going to soon be the Pace terminal. Maybe #92 and #85 stays but that's about it. Btw, was wondering what #270 does when Pulse is always filling its bay? Drove past. The operators was using 226s bay. So what do they do in the rush hour?
  6. Probably they are trying to figure out where to put #215 and #641 at jeff. They already have 270 and Pulse to contend with.
  7. There so rare up north it's hard to find one!! I did ride a couple but that's when they were all up north. Looking at the 77th #7900s they seem to be aging well. They still look pretty new. Now how new are they mechanically. By me they assign buses I drive one with 40k no problems runs good. One day they had to update the registration. Got a bus with over 100k. It had a few problems but was running. The older model buses are basket cases. Always in the shop. One of my buddies was assigned an older bus. Hes been through 8 buses in a month!!
  8. There keeping a close eye on them so no one will steal them!! Lol!!
  9. I looked for it cant seem to find it. When I was reading it I was like really!!! Pulse does seem to be a really big bus network. They do want to expand Milwaukee first to highway 68 which I guess is dundee rd. Then as far north as highway 120 in lake county. Might as well go to great america/gurnee mills. Seems dumb to see them in the distance and not go there. Plus you could connect to a host of Waukegan service.
  10. Kind of weird if you read the Pulse page on the pace website they talk about zero emissions buses for Pulse. With what cngs?
  11. At least they will deliver on the buses. CTA is stuck in proterra zero emission hell with its order. Last reports were they were supposed to get them in August. Now I just dont know. Proterra is a smaller company. Hopefully they can deliver on the goods. NF would have had those buses delivered by now. Man Pace is starting to really shine with its fleet. MCIs on Pace express, CNGs at south, pulse buses that are state of the art, highway Eldorados. The list goes on and on. Now Xcelsiors??? CTA needs some buses. The 6400s cant run forever we are going to have 19 year old buses soon out here with no rehab. I dont know hows that possible. By me we got 2007s and they are breaking down all the time. Stupid stuff too but that's how old stuff is. Man would I love to drive an Xcelsior. Probably west is a strong candidate for them. They have the oldest buses. But you would think some may end up being Pulse buses Dempster is coming maybe followed by Harlem. 95th and south halsted could use some but what would you use cngs??? I drive alot on the south side and see how busy those areas are. Pace is slowly turning into a stellar operation though. Hats off to the management.
  12. Better not send that bus to the bears game or theres going to be a revolt. Cheeseheads might like it though.
  13. Was thinking as the Milwaukee north Metra train passed and was decked out in a orange milwaukee road livery. Why don't they make one livery engine that is retro to that line like a cnw or a bnsf. We do have a rock island. i think that would be cool.
  14. Was checking out Pulse today. The buses are cool all the destination signs display color Pulse signs. Was looking at the shelters they look nice each has there own theme on the windows shelters are heated. Each stop displays destination times for the next bus. At golf mill that can really come in handy. I like what they've done so far. Just doesnt seem to be too many 270's anymore.
  15. That pumpkin bus does look pretty cool. Too bad it's stuck in the boondocks. What's with the yellow and green bus. It looks like a Green Bay Packers bus.
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