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  1. The blue line turns more than I-190 as it leaves it. I believe there was a parking lot or empty lot, that it went through on it's way to terminal 2. Probably they would have to extend the people mover, but they would need a road to connect the western part. If they were cheap about it, they could just make the approach off I-490. They wouldn't need a road tunnel; and if they extend the people mover around the airport possibly they wouldn't need a rail tunnel either. Connection to the other terminals might be 10 minutes away though.
  2. Yeah United and American aren't too happy about this news. I heard they complained that they didnt want to share gates with them at their terminals 1 and 3. I honestly thought they would get terminal 2. Terminal 5 seems too far from the action. I'd be calling rideshare if I flew sw. The terminals are a mess. Maybe the people mover will start in 2021 else this may be a fail.
  3. Should be a blast on halloween. I'm debating if I should work. At least I have a choice, but the union should be stepping up to help you guys. You guys pay bank for union dues. I recently found out how much. Ouch!! You need to get what your paying for.
  4. Yeah 79th and cottage usually has people hanging on the corner. I dont know I dont like tight intersections like that. But it appears the attacks are coming from a car. With all the cameras we got in the city, It should be easy to catch these guys. Why doesnt cta start a policy at 77th to tell riders to exit from the rear doors only. It would save the operators from opening the doors up front too much. Heard it happened while riders were exiting. I'd be driving defensively.
  5. Usually theres a heavy police presence out south. I was wondering what happened to all the cops cause I barely see them up north. I found out one Sunday night. I was working on an uber bonus and got caught up working in Roseland around Michigan and 112th through the ryan split. There were cops it seemed like every 2 blocks hanging out all over. It actually unnerved me seeing all the police. They were sitting around some were on calls. I never really saw that before. I got to north side and noticed people driving over 100 on the kennedy. It just seemed that night like there was so much lawlessness. I was happy to get home.
  6. Alot of the cuts are employee generated routes like #610 which makes me wonder if the funding was pulled due to contracts being rescinded. But there are cuts to the I-90 service which are grant routes, as you say, so how do you cut a grant? Only the state or feds can do that. Theres even going to be cuts to the I-55 service as well as pulse 270. Again it makes me wonder how it can be done if there was funding to create those routes. With Metra and CTA not making a single cut, it seems as if Pace is not trying hard enough. I'm also wondering if Pace as a company could possibly fail. If the winter Covid does 3 to 4 times the damage as last spring, where will that leave Pace?
  7. I dont know why kedzie doesnt get a few buses. They've been charging the #700s plus they have service at navy pier with the #124. They are closer to downtown too if you experience issues.
  8. Ah the article states that there will be 5 charging stations, so is that 2 terminals on each line and one at chicago, but what about 74th? Maybe at the garage they plug in? That would open up a slot. You know really, if they could charge at one spot, they could run these on several lines like at midway you could do 55 or even 63w. At navy pier you could do 65. They could get more bang for their buck. Oh yeah forgot #63 does west terminals at kedzie so what do you there?
  9. Looked like 10 min to me. It wasnt one train it was many. Plus opposing traffic didnt come one after another, maybe because I was at forest pk, they were setting up for the midday but still that's early. Maybe at 9am would be more believable.. Had an interesting ride anyway. In my travels I came across a train that did three express journeys one after the other I thought it was odd that they didnt pass many stops and only expressed a few (Jackson to clark/lake, that one is standard, clark/lake to damen, damen to Logan. The train was supposed to be 10 minutes apart it was one or two. After all the expressing it got to 6. It got to Jeff and expressed to Rosemont. So it did 4 expresses. Guess it had some trouble on the forest pk branch.
  10. They wouldnt have no riders if it was 3 minutes. Forest pk had a hard time with 10 minute headways. Only the red line showed signs of vitality. The brown line was incredibly light. Plus these bus lines dont seem to run as frequent. I pick up alot of uber customers at the train station. 20 minutes for a bus? . I can have them home by then. Buses are lighter in volume. The only place that it looks exactly the same is on the south side, but they have the heavy ridership. You cant cut down 79th!!
  11. Yeah the #4000s especially the kedzie ones didnt really get too much work over the years. Outside of a m-f rush, the weekend service was light. Plus they dont drive much real estate, not like 103rd to downtown or Howard to downtown. But the corona virus is changing that. The artics are getting heavy use now, so their mileage may creep up. Alot of the #1200s had a welcome rest at fg over the years. While they started at 77th and they are there now. A few years break did them good. Like the #1900s are resting quite a bit because the #8100s do the majority of the hard labor at chicago and now you have the artics pulling the weight. The #1000s might not be that bad either, doing Archer and fg. I dont think the 4300s have been mentioned for replacement yet. They are in their mid life. Looks like they are replacing artics with artics though so whoever said there is a surplus of artics will be saying so for years to come.
  12. When in the afternoon? Cause this was 8am in the morning.
  13. You could say the cta did the same thing. No way was the blue line running with 10 minute headways in the rush before. Thats more like a Midday schedule. Some of it is probably political as lightfoot doesnt want the city to look like its failing. Probably this will all end up with new people in office at all levels. They talk about Trump, but Pritzker has the second worst unemployment system in the nation after Florida. I know people who havent got one cent from Illinois and they were laid off for quite some time. To close up shop because of the pandemic hurts everyone. Its hurting transit. People would ride if they had somewhere to go. The fatality rate is low, when you look at the amount that's sick. To beat the virus, 60 to 70 percent has to be exposed to it. How will that ever happen being shut ins. Then to ask people to get pumped with the virus they were told to fear doesnt sound logical. I guess it boils down to have you ever had a flu shot. I've never had one, but I've had really bad flu cases in my life. Maybe that's why I'm not sick.
  14. I get the feeling cta dont like hybrids, but it has saved them alot of money. Maybe the lease deal is high. They did rehab before but I guess it's not a life extending rehab. Cta is going to modernize very soon then.
  15. Sounds like the final 450 #1000s will be getting the rehab. Doesnt sound like there is priority to replace those. The first 1000s were here in 2006, so they are already 14 years old. The ones ordered in the 2nd option and later are newer buses. Circa 2008 and 2009. That would be around 1600 and above. The 700 buses that are priority to replace are the 6400s and 1000 to 1599. It sounds like the 450 will be replaced together with the artics. The artics are not rehabbing.
  16. That's good. I might actually get the opportunity to work there. They were getting the biggest piece of the federal pie. Wonder why things are so dire at Pace? It's really incredible the cta has actually expanded service if you count all the artics on main line routes. But I know they are not running all the #156's they used to run. It almost seems if there is a service cut lightfoot doesnt want anyone to know it. Well see how it goes.
  17. Hard to say. From what I'm hearing alot of office jobs want to stay working remotely. They have a good deal not paying for office space and using your computer equipment and electricity, they dont incur any expenses. It's like Uber, they make the money off you using your own vehicle and they sit back in there office collecting the 20 percent they take from us. It's our necks on the line, it's our gas. But I think it's worth it. You just have to know when, where and with what vehicle to work.
  18. With all this chaos with the Pace budget, I checked the Metra budget. No cuts and no fare hikes for 2021. They will be needed 70 million depending on the feds and ridership has to be 50 percent by the end of 2021. They claim ridership is 20 percent now. They want to start a 7 dollar weekend day pass versus the two day pass they currently have had. They need ridership and the pass they hope will achieve that. So alot is riding on 2021, to straighten things out.
  19. I dont know if you could see it from the platform. Probably better to take it from the street. It's the first column closest to belmont. It's not in line with the structure, unless it's for a bridge of some type. That looks like what is going over the main is a bridge cause they have 2 cylindrical columns. Probably to hold steel so they can support the structure over the crossing.
  20. I know even in my garage when you walk the rows in the winter you can smell the exhaust fumes. It's pretty thick and I'm outside.
  21. Do they run the buses in the indoor garages when it's cold like that? With all those buses its a wonder you dont get carbon monoxide poisoning. I know they probably have fans but alot of buses running probably beats what the fans can do.
  22. On a bad weather night in the winter passenger flights do run into the early am. But a bus shuttle would suffice, you wouldnt lose the service in a worse case scenario. But your still not cutting the budget down so if they need to cut where do they cut? No more purple line express? Possibly Raise fares? Would riders prefer a complete overnight shutdown of the entire system versus more daily cuts? It's all on the table.
  23. Maybe its seeing over the track. I got a question when the train leaves belmont there is one column off to the left of the structure what is that for cause it's not in line with track 4. You can see by the construction when done it will be designed just like the 18th street flyover on the green line.
  24. It will soon be Halloween and while covid may have most of us housebound, here is a ghostly tale I came across on Youtube involving ghosts on the London Underground. Click the link if you dare...... https://youtu.be/3Bf_bxfE5gw For an extra special treat watch it at night alone with the lights off.....
  25. https://youtu.be/ubj11wa8Ta4 Here's a link to footage of the current state of construction on the brown line flyover. Maybe some would like to see the current state of the project. I know we have retirees out of state. Heres your chance to see whats up.
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