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  1. Couldnt help but notice a few artics are now running on the #156. They were on fridays PM rush. I havent seen artics there since the pandemic.
  2. Saw #6849 on the exit ramp on the edens at Peterson. It had instruction bus on the destination. Wonder if that's a fg bus again?
  3. #6372 was getting hooked up to the wrecker at Lagrange and Cermak last night around 8pm. SW corner.
  4. There wasnt that many yesterday and #4032 was broke down at 79th kedzie. I had to maneuver my bus around his. Looked like there was more service cause they had the smaller buses.
  5. Yeah I know. I drive the city too. Hey at least you have a bulletproof shield. I thought the windshield is bulletproof too I may be wrong. I dont really have anything to protect me. My coworkers are scared driving overnight in the high crime areas. I just try to work as smart as I can limiting my time in the unsafe areas. That's about all I can do. Stay away from groups of people. Do you notice most shootings especially the drive by type happen to groups of people. So maybe you can reduce your odds. I have had a brick thrown at my bus from a group. It's good to wear some glasses in case someon
  6. See now. If you drove a truck and your an owner operator. Your the boss. Carry your gun your entitled. But when your working for someone else that's different. Somehow I see this becoming an issue in the future.
  7. I can definitely relate, alot of truckers cant park there trucks just anywhere so sometimes they have to park in abandoned unlit areas in a questionable part of the neighborhood. They actually have had truckers and bus drivers of tennessee lobby for this. But at the supreme court level you can carry if you are legally entitled to. Like I say you put your life in your hands. I dont believe cta allows firearms and if I carried one into my job I'm fired. So while it may be legal, it's not company policy. If I was a businessman, I wouldnt allow it for the liability. If the operator shoots someone
  8. I think that operator was all fired up!! As crazy as it sounds if the operator has a conceal and carry permit legally they can carry a weapon on a bus. Whether cta allows that is yet to be seen. This really makes me want to ride cta!! Probably Id say that is an ex operator but the world is so crazy you never know. Depends if the weapon was used for intimidation or defense.
  9. They have been pushing for 63rd, so hands down that will be the second route. But remember when they first started talking about electric buses. They said they wanted them on #29, #124, #22 a few others so I'd be looking for all those garages and routes to be next in line. If FG got a charger and they would probably be last, the #56 would be a good candidate even the #77 or #81. Routes that run late have alot of demand make good candidates. You know how they were saying the #66 got 5 chargers. I think they are counting 2 at the terminals and one at the garage. Biden may bring forth
  10. Not to worry theres plenty of cameras on the bus. CTA knows who did what. That's how it is by me. Theres so much being tracked by computer. Your speed, your stops, your opening and closing of doors, your gps., your braking. Your acceleration, your idling. By me they rank you by how the computer catches things you do. The computer has busted me more than any human. All the safety managers walk around with computers now. It's really weird. Just this week got busted on a post trip that was too short by 17 seconds!! I was like really!! They claim your cant idle over 3 minutes by me, but they want
  11. I was by Westmont First Student and I didnt see any Pace buses. I guess they havent been there for awhile
  12. Probably just a temp loan. Once the new novas come in theyll be first on the list to receive some along with 77th.
  13. Do you think they will scatter the #6400s. Theres got to be some #6700's out there somewhere
  14. That weird why retire the 2009s over the 2006 models. Sounds like alot of the buses were at the 3rd party garages.
  15. Hmm. They must have stopped that. I know ridership wasnt that great.
  16. That's scary considering Nova will not deliver that fast maybe 150 a year. NF could have done double that. I think another bus order will have to happen before all these novas are here maybe for artics. 200,000 miles mentioned above sounds high for a 7 year old bus but I remember a nova having 400k that was around 12 years old at the glen, so it seems better than average. The Pandemic has probably helped it in that regard.
  17. Probably cause it competes with metra electric. They lowered fares. What's faster the train or the bus? I thought the #26 runs both directions but just in a light fashion going opposite of the rush traffic.
  18. Yeah as much as I hate to say it. Chicago will be a nova town. Even though there are no longer limitations on people on the bus, the artics continue rolling on these routes that typically are 40 foot. I dont know why that is. Is it staffing or what. All industries are short. We are short where I work. I dont know how long the artics can handle all the extra use. On the flipside the 7900s got to be doing better at 77th with some much needed time off. Things may get better when 40 foot novas show up brand new but that doesnt solve the issue of what about the worn out 60 foot buses?
  19. Yeah you might be right but from roosevelt to 67th it has no stops. Maybe the #4 has more stops.
  20. I was noticing myself, theres not alot of buses out here. Especially where there are artics. Was going down Cermak thinking there should be more buses than this, in the rush I only saw around 3 or 4 from Pulaski to Chinatown. There was artic bunching too. Seems like there is a staff shortage. That would explain why they are hiring so much. When school goes back they might have a real problem. I was never really a fan of artics at 77th. They drive the buses so hard they just suck the life out of them. Artics are bigger, more to mess up. Harder to keep on the road. The #79 was using artics
  21. Was driving down 111th last night. Man that is a long route the #4. That's got to be the longest artic route there is.
  22. Was driving my bus at 87th and lagrange when I saw #20430 and #20431 motor through the intersection. Tried following them to see if maybe they were heading to ups. No they went north. You know, I think those may have come from that place on 191st in mokena. Had a charter out on 191st. You know they are still servicing Pace buses there. I think it's called Chandler. I saw some of the new eldorkos out there too.
  23. No I was actually talking about the pace bus on the #392.
  24. Maybe it got fixed. The passengers were gone too. They couldnt ride in the tow truck!!
  25. It disappeared. It's either that or they hired David Copperfield!!
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