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  1. I wonder how many buses 36 million buys? 72 maybe????
  2. Wow Pace is really going to outpace cta when it get those new flyers. Why has the cta been having so many problems with new bus deployment. The proterras will at least be coming this month we hope. CTA new flyers are starting to look old. Cant help but wonder if all this waiting for electric buses has hurt them or not.
  3. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    No probably just going there for warranty work or to pick something up. You do see Novas going over there but it's always in the midday weekday.
  4. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    #7990 I spotted on Mannheim going to prevost over in Schiller park.
  5. Sounds like fg might lose a good 10 buses when they eliminate 54a and 205. I wonder where they plan on berthing 641 and 215 at jeff pk?
  6. Nothing beats Metra there are some sweet express trains out there. Someone was telling me theres a Naperville to downtown express train that does that in 30 minutes. That cant be beat. Theres also an Arlington park to downtown run. But the express buses are very attractive for pace. They basically do the same thing. Rideshare has its benefits it goes where the buses and trains dont and the quality of service is better. Basically you get what you pay for. If you pay more you get more.
  7. Probably needs a local. Should be interesting how many local riders are there versus express? They probably should have tried to make Milwaukee pulse further up. Throw the 272 a few pulses maybe to deerfield metra. The 272 270 connection could really be helped by pulse. They are like 90 minute commutes jeff to hawthorne
  8. Now it doesnt match with belmont.
  9. Was out ubering this morning and came across 4 micro buses being delivered from Thomas school bus. Was kind of interesting. The lead bus was hauling a minivan maybe to take the drivers back to Thomas. They all had North Carolina plates. In the back windows was marked what fleet number the bus was going to be and it said they were going to student transpo which doesnt sound like it's from around here. I traced them getting on the edens then lost them I was going to ohare. On the gas caps was marked diesel but one was marked gasoline. So what it takes unleaded? Never heard of a school bus that runs on unleaded. Took some pictures (Yes the bus companies put on their own company names.)
  10. Belmont looks pretty modern too. They should do something with Logan square.
  11. No she had a ticket notepad so she was writing it. Car was parked at the bus stop.
  12. Was out doing my route and saw a supervisor I want to say on friday writing a ticket for a black limo at north/wells. Was surprised didnt know supervisors have that power. But then again meter maids can write tickets and they are not the police. Maybe the driver went to second city. They have some good comedy shows.
  13. Dont they run on the #807 and #806. #807 goes to McHenry courthouse. They only have 3 buses probably one spare. Those routes only run in the rush.
  14. Does seem unusual hes gone. He had his mother in a nursing home. Maybe something happened to her or he was just busy or bored with the site. I havent posted much myself. I got turned off with the site because I cant contribute. It's funny how your interests change when life events happen. I actually met him one day at nwtc. He was very attentive to the buses but I suppose I am too. When Pulse opens he will be there if not in person in spirit. I was always intrigued by some of his comments and I think he was intrigued with my comments too. A worthy opponent, we always seem to debate topics. Sometimes it would get nasty, but sometimes heavy debating is like that. I hope hes ok too, the forum seems to have lost some of its luster without him. Besides I have no one to argue with!!! Lol!!
  15. I hope someone posts the pumpkin bus. That's like the coolest wrap of all. Was out at McHenry courthouse was tempted to look for the garage but I dont know Woodstock.
  16. Yeah just heard about it on the Pace facebook page. They have been busy. They are supposed to have purple pulse wraps too. Officially the barney route!! I wonder why not red instead of purple. Red is an express color. I'm going to have to check this out!! They want to expand bus on shoulder. I drive the I-55 corridor myself with my bus and theres nothing worse than watching those buses fly past you. They are the envy of the whole highway. Travel times are 60 minutes plus on that stretch all we can do is watch and wave. Would be nice if they had a little bit bigger shoulder the buses at times travel slow due to clearance issues. At least they dont have that annoying rumble strip.
  17. Just wait until Pulse gets started. North terminal will be a riot. When a #270 takes a break where does it layup? They used to have the approach on the south terminal but no Pace buses serve the south terminal.
  18. It had the battery electric wrap. It was a promotional bus for proterra. Same bus that was at chicago
  19. Yeah but from what I hear everyone starts on the extra board. Everybody by me says that a deterrant. I dont mind. I'm like hello you are making good money. I'm pulling 12 hrs days between all my jobs. The only downside I see is getting something overnight like a #79 but driving at night is easier no traffic. I've been all over the city on rideshare so i dont see the danger. Besides you have a bullet proof shield. I just dont like long commutes on split shifts. Currently driving 45 minutes to work on a split shift. I learned though if you uber you can make money up until you are scheduled. I'm making a negative a positive but that's how I roll.
  20. Why do say that about the garages seems everyone wants to work 103rd or 77th. When I heard a bus instructor from chicago talk about bus garage assignments for new applicants no one wanted to go to fg. Np wouldnt be bad or chicago. I just dont want to drive an artic until I'm comfortable with the 40 footers. Pace seems easy to drive but it does pay less. You want more money drive cta the traffic is more challenging.
  21. Someone did tell me from a cdl driving school that the worst they can do to you is make you repay the cdl costs. Basic cdl training is worth around 3k. I notice sometimes they say it's a year and sometimes they say 6 months. So it could be bs. Mostly I'm staying for the hiring bonus. I could earn better money for the cdl I have but for the most part it's a ladder job. I'm just happy they took the time to work with me. Plus my benefits exceed 4k in free money. So it's not a big deal. I can always rideshare to supplement my income. Now take away the hiring bonus and I could be a flight risk.
  22. Maybe I'll go out on one of these hot days and check out the 8325s myself. It makes sense with the tinted windows. They should try and and tint one of the 7900s windows just to see what is the effect. Yeah I know the 6400s are wonderful. If I was driving I'd probably request an old bus. They got to have some better ac for the driver on the 7900s. If not that buses ac is hopeless. I probably will end up at one of the two companies. My thinking is if I went to Pace I could try for the full time garages Aurora or Elgin. Most likely Elgin cause I'm on the north side. Depends what the pay is. I could escape all this part time. If I did do the part time I'd go to cta. The pay is excellent. I wouldnt be part time forever and the raises are excellent. CTA is the better paying job. I know some forest glen drivers that would be happy to see me and it should be easy to assigned there. I just dont want to get based on the south side with split shifts that's too much back and forth. That's the situation I'm currently in but I got a good deal with them. I've been driving a year and a half with rideshare and discovered I like driving. Had the opportunity to get a cdl so why not. I'm basically using them to get experience, but they claim they can disqualify my license if I leave within six months been driving almost 3 months now. Been talking to people some say yes they can do that some say no they cant. My driving ability is good. Because I'm a busfan this all interests me which makes me a good driver. Cta claims to do the same. Walk in with a permit they will license you up but a north park driver told me they told him you have to stay for a year or the license is disqualified. So bottom line it's going to be interesting but I do like driving buses.
  23. BusHunter

    More Bus Moves

    An engine can be replaced. I'm sure there is a nf around somewhere that could swap engines with it. The big problem is someone can sue cta if like say they fell through a rotted floor so ownership is a liability on the cta. CTA needs to partner up with places like IRM and together they could get the buses restored and usable. I'm sure the chicago film industry would be interested in a period vehicle. CTA could have tours of its system and. buses. MTA has a museum why not CTA? These vehicles are iconic. I'm sure IRM has earned alot of money over the years.
  24. You know the #36 layover at LaSalle metra it was there. No destination sign lined up between 2 artics.
  25. There is currently a proterra at LaSalle metra on financial place it's the prototype from chicago. Could it be doing a #36????
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