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  1. And I am so embarrassed because I take pride in knowing all the route numbers by memory since I was a kid. It also is the second time I made the same mistake with this route number. Another senior moment with a mental block.
  2. NewFlyer is correct. My mistake. Its # 9 Ashland.
  3. They already have partial owl service between Ashland and Clark provided by #8 Ashland.
  4. This sparring reminds me of another person that formally contributed to this group. He spared with evidence and I respected that. I sure miss him and I hope he is in good health.
  5. It looked like 8 sets of extra runs were operating the rush hour. Also noticed two pink line extra trains. (Thought this was am rush only) I also thought that the present schedule was maximum capacity for the power stations. If this is happening, can`t more 5000`s be assigned to blue?
  6. I also hope all is well with you. Miss your input.
  7. Why the salary discrimination among the garages?
  8. I also saw it downtown yesterday turning from west to north. Do not remember the intersection. (senior monent). Could not see if there were passengers and the driver did not look like CTA
  9. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    I am OK with that but I am not fully convinced until one of those drivers comes forward and said that he or she actually trained on 8342. Like you mentioned its about time we heard something. Anyway if it does happen I think that since C will be getting the electrics the Nova`s will come from C around the fall pick.
  10. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    With all due respect 6323 I am not nit-picking and I certainly agree with you that the move should have happened by now but did any of the drivers mentioned as proof actually train on the bus unless you or anybody know if any of the drivers that actually did.
  11. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    What official source said it was to be a transfer. Still hearsay up to now.
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