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  1. 1724 on 97 has the same run number. What gives?
  2. I was not aware that 72 provided extra`s for the fireworks as I thought it was a little too far north. The 72 did have extra`s for the Air and Water shows when they were scheduled as the show was at the doorstep of the beach east terminal.
  3. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Not today according to tracker. In fact, I think the last time 72 got help was the Water and Air show several years back. I also have not observed beach service help in a long time. On Sundays during the streetcar days there would be as many as 10 extras between Kedzie and Clark. As a teenager, since l lived 2 blocks from North & Kedzie, I spent my Sunday afternoon`s hanging around with the supervisor at Kedzie.
  4. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    I agree. Lots of runs missing over the entire system.
  5. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Just checked 72 tracker. Schedule still indicates North-Clark while tracker indicates North Ave beach.
  6. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Not even extended beach service?
  7. Cannot pull up Route listing. Anybody experiencing same issue?
  8. You are correct regarding chicagobus.org. However, when you go to Chicago Real Time arrivals for example 82 is 200`s when it should be 800`s. Rte 72 is 800`s when it should be 200`s. in addition to that the numbers do not change and for example, run 201 could be out there all day and evening. Also the the second and third digit do not even come close when compared to each other. Run 201 still will show at 10:00PM. I wish that this had the same system as the L Tracker. Run numbers are perfect
  9. Is there a link that illustrates the true bus run numbers?
  10. It worked, We learn new things everyday. Thanks again Erin.
  11. Thanks I`ll try it
  12. Have not been able to get into it in over a weeks. Is it my computer. Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks for your patience. Got it. Its too complicated to explain what I didn`t do. Simply, I should have hit "activity" to bring up "all activity" Thanks again.
  14. I didn`t see a "all activity" page. Do you mean the "recent update" section? I know there was an "all activity" section on the recent format.
  15. I inserted newest in the sorting section and it still comes up starting with the oldest. What am I doing wrong?
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