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  1. I also saw it downtown yesterday turning from west to north. Do not remember the intersection. (senior monent). Could not see if there were passengers and the driver did not look like CTA
  2. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    I am OK with that but I am not fully convinced until one of those drivers comes forward and said that he or she actually trained on 8342. Like you mentioned its about time we heard something. Anyway if it does happen I think that since C will be getting the electrics the Nova`s will come from C around the fall pick.
  3. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    With all due respect 6323 I am not nit-picking and I certainly agree with you that the move should have happened by now but did any of the drivers mentioned as proof actually train on the bus unless you or anybody know if any of the drivers that actually did.
  4. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    What official source said it was to be a transfer. Still hearsay up to now.
  5. Did not know it was for public view. Thought it was done at each garage.
  6. Something weird about this.Bus first shows up at 3;00PM than vanished after 3:20PM. Maybe somebody took it for a joy ride.LOL
  7. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    It had a 72 block run.
  8. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    To my knowledge 72 does not interline. The bus will probably be back at Kedzie over the weekend. Unless it and a few others are for beach service which according to the seasonal schedule starts weekends after Memorial day.
  9. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    4037 operating on 72. If this is a loan, why an artic?
  10. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    not always true until lately for 53 & 54 also
  11. Did you notice any training stickers? Do we still believe a portion of Novas will come to Kedzie?
  12. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    So is 53 Pulaski
  13. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    8342 on the last post. Senior moment.
  14. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    I meant 6342 at Kedzie
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