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  1. BINGO!!!! Thank you thank you NewFlyer.
  2. All the stops are indicated from one end to the other on the same page under stops. Next option box indicates route.
  3. Thanks for responding. No. its not a CTA site. I am familiar with these.
  4. Hope I am on the correct thread or close to it. My Google Chrome crashed and along with it my favorites. One was a site that illustrated on Chicago real time bus stops and routes. One option under routes illustrated a vertical column of a route chosen of all the buses. Not a map. Not sure if it is on one Maths22 sites or not. Anyone familiar with this site? would really like it back.
  5. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Not for long. At least not for me. Can still get it on the I phone
  6. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Followed BusGuys advise Feb 2. Can get into maths on my I phone but not my I pad Don’t know if I can get in on my desk top as I am on vacation
  7. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Thanks but the computer tells me that Safari cannot make the connection.
  8. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    My maths22 has been down for days. Wonder why I can’t get in.
  9. With all due respect I am aware of that and thanks for your response. The question I asked was, did Rapid Transit motormen ever operate the trains East of Desplaines similiar to them operating the North Shore south of Howard being it was Rapid Transit property.
  10. I know Rapid Transit and CTA operated the North Shore south of Howard at one time. Did they ever operate the Elgin east of Desplaines?
  11. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Thanks for the info. Remember seeing the article but just skimmed over it. Anyway the article mentioned it will be tested on other routes. My question was why only Chicago and Madison after all this time?
  12. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    My error. Meant 7902.
  13. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    It’s been a long loaner. It’s still there and always assigned to Chicago. Same with 8902. Always assigned to Madison. Does anybody know the reasoning?
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