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  1. That does make sense.The three Novas from 74th happened this morning AM rush. It just seems that since this Nova fill in started, that it was all Novas. Thanks.
  2. I do not understand why these garages keep sending Novas for fill ins. We have no proof that that Kedzie will go Novas. It would make more sense to send Flyers which the Kedzie operators are familiar with.
  3. Not one but three. 8046 and 47 was on 82 this morning.
  4. On second thought, The Novas or Flyers from C should go to F to retire some more 6400`s.
  5. I don`t think all Flyers. The Nova`s move will depend on how many Electrics C receives. All speculation on my part. I personally do not think that this speculation makes sense .The Flyers should go to K since they have all Flyers. Sending 20 or so Novas to K again makes no sense.
  6. I agree regarding the bus moves and if it does happen, I believe the Novas will come from Chicago since they are getting the electrics. Bottom line. Its not a Garage decision on who gets what.
  7. Makes me wonder why FG and C sent Nova`s to K. K has mostly Flyers and FG and C have Flyers. I would think that Flyers would be more famillar to the operators.
  8. My immediate thought is that according to sw4400 updated garage roster FG has 71 active 6400`s. I don`t fore-see these 6400`s being retired soon. Some present operators and new hires still have to qualify to operate them.
  9. Well we can put our speculation to sleep. 8282 was back at FG this morning working #78
  10. Maybe this this is an example of why BJ left us.
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