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  1. Thanks for your patience. Got it. Its too complicated to explain what I didn`t do. Simply, I should have hit "activity" to bring up "all activity" Thanks again.
  2. I didn`t see a "all activity" page. Do you mean the "recent update" section? I know there was an "all activity" section on the recent format.
  3. I inserted newest in the sorting section and it still comes up starting with the oldest. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Seems like its back up this morning.
  5. I am having a problem with Chicago CTA real time arrivals-TransSee. Will not bring up route lists. Am I alone?
  6. I was just shucked when I saw the drastic increase in weekend service on the 82.
  7. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    It is weird. Showed up on Bus Tracker this morning about 1:10am and disappeared 1:40am. ??????
  8. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    When was this?. It`s been working the 12 all day today.
  9. Makes sense. I think they have enough artics that they can spare for weekends. Less buses and manpower. They did utilize them weekends on 82 a few years back. Heard a rumor that it stopped because Lincoln Town Center complained.
  10. This was the link that I went to. CTA schedule is still Sept. Went to todays bus tracker where my question originated. Counted 16 buses assigned when there are usually 11 buses for Sunday
  11. This is a question for Shannon or anybody that works at Kedzie. Noticed that the Sunday schedule for the 82 according to the bus tracker had 16 runs. Always has been 11 runs. What gives? Has 82 become that heavy on Sunday all of a sudden.
  12. If I remember Chicago Service Lines had 3 groups of run numbers. In numerical order first group am runs, second group splits and third group pm`s not counting the extra board. The night car runs usually immediately followed the last pm. run.
  13. When I started there were no block runs and part/time runs. They were much like the trains are now.
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