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  1. Besides scheduled weekday runs from NP there also is a small hand-full of scheduled Saturday runs.
  2. Based on bus run numbers, it seemed like Yesterday July 3 would have been normal schedule with an early rush but was Sunday Holiday schedule and today July 4 its Saturday schedule. I`m confused. or mixed up. I would think this weekend would be Holiday schedule.
  3. The 50`s and 60`s signs were not that bad either. Had perfect route descriptions of the routes. The color enhancements of the above sign improves the signs I described as it clearly brings brings out the route descriptions. I still believe money could be saved if the route description was worded for all directions by beginning with (operates between via etc.) I think most passengers know which direction they want to go.
  4. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Wondering if all these moves are permanent or will be restored back to there original garages after ridership returns to near normal.
  5. Not sure but this may have to do with CTA launching a ridership report that indicates when a bus is crowded or least busy. Maybe this translates to the bus someway. The info is on the CTA website.
  6. Someone mentioned that the running time would be comparable to Ashland and Western. He was right as its up to one hour and fifty minutes during periods of the pm rush. Wow
  7. I also noted that. I suppose we will have to wait till tomorrow
  8. Amen to that especially since I wrote those signs.
  9. At this moment 8206 is a night bus on 53.
  10. That`s exactly what I figured on my Saturday post. 7 to 8 during rush. Drivers need at least 10 minutes recovery at the north end. 3 would work on Sunday and 4 would work on Saturday
  11. And they continue after that.
  12. Going north to Logan Square riding to a dead end is absolutely correct. It serves no purpose. There would be almost 0 revenue between Augusta and North ave due to Humboldt Park on the east side. Besides, its already 82 territory 2 blocks west and presently extends the ride to north of Logan Square.
  13. If you look at the run time of the 52 between Chicago and the north terminal it is approximately 60 minutes both directions including layover. Under the current schedule that would be about 7 to 8 bus`s. Why can`t Kedzie just send those bus`s to 74th. If that weakens kedzie`s bus assignments than a few other like C or 77 could pitch in
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