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  1. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Thanks for the info. Remember seeing the article but just skimmed over it. Anyway the article mentioned it will be tested on other routes. My question was why only Chicago and Madison after all this time?
  2. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    My error. Meant 7902.
  3. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    It’s been a long loaner. It’s still there and always assigned to Chicago. Same with 8902. Always assigned to Madison. Does anybody know the reasoning?
  4. Anybody else having a problem bringing up Maths22 tracker?
  5. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    My second sentence is an error. K still using Flyers. 103 is a mix. I suppose if I am going to be negative I should proof-read better. My bad,
  6. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    The theory was that the Novas were to be used for N60. So far that has not happened. 103 is still using flyers. With that being said, I still do not see the logic in this even swap. To me its a waste of time and money. With all due respect, its only my opinion.
  7. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Well according to Math`s, none of them were used on the N60 last night. Three are out this morning rush.
  8. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    That`s a good logical explanation.
  9. sht6131

    More Bus Moves

    Do not understand the purpose of 1564-1568: K:>77th and 7903-7907: 77th>K. Unless this is a start of a permanent swap of Flyers and Novas.
  10. The tour of Kedzie routes for 8250 has ended . Its back home.working Belmont this evening.
  11. That does make sense.The three Novas from 74th happened this morning AM rush. It just seems that since this Nova fill in started, that it was all Novas. Thanks.
  12. I do not understand why these garages keep sending Novas for fill ins. We have no proof that that Kedzie will go Novas. It would make more sense to send Flyers which the Kedzie operators are familiar with.
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