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  1. Not sure what you mean about "BS" that the 127 couldn't change signs. The Clever Devices software and hardware has gone through some upgrades in the past few years, so mid-route sign changing capability could have been a recent add-on (the 127 went away long before any of those upgrades). But I'm sure it's all just B.S. and you're right with your vast operational knowledge of how these systems work. It was probably on page 60 of George Krambles's book.
  2. Glad I don't use the Harlem stop. For those going to O'Hare, that's a 10+ minute deviation (5 minutes Harlem - Jeff Park, and 5 minutes back, plus waiting time at Jeff Park).
  3. They were. I don't remember the last one in service (very vague memory says it was 5643, but I could be completely wrong on that). Chicago was definitely the last garage to run them in service. I got a chance to ride one around the lot at Chicago a day or two after it was retired.
  4. Losing ten buses (if they work) without replacement will be noticeable to any garage.
  5. Water under the bridge now, but for years I wondered why they didn't try to make one at 5th & Wisconsin, across from the convention center. IIRC, there's just a surface parking lot (and a parking garage next to it). It would have been the perfect transfer point for routes through downtown, and pretty close to the train station. The location they chose was never convenient for anything except people going to/from the festivals on local buses (because the festival flyers just run direct to the festival lot). That said, I wonder what will become of the historic transit display upstairs, assuming it hasn't already been removed.
  6. See Tea Eh

    More Bus Moves

    The software is called HASTUS, made by a Canadian company called Giro. http://www.giro.ca
  7. The update actually went on ridemcts.com a lot sooner than I expected it would. http://www.ridemcts.com/about-us/news/changes-coming-for-several-bus-routes-through-downtown
  8. The Downtown Transit Center, such as it is (or ever was), closes permanently at the end of August. Starting with the next pick, the few routes left that go there (12, 31, 33, and a couple of flyers) will have their downtown terminals changed. Route 12 will end at the Amtrak station, route 31 will turn around right around 12th & Wisconsin (or maybe 10th, can't remember offhand), and the 33 will go over to roughly Prospect & Juneau. The 44 and 79 will start at 6th & Kilbourn and loop around (similar to how the 49 operates), and I forget what the 137 is supposed to do. This is all based on memory from the document I read. If you want to look it up yourself, search the Milwaukee County Board committee on Transportation, Public Works & Transit minutes / reports archive for the July 2016 meeting, or wait a few weeks and the info will be on ridemcts.com.
  9. Riding west on a 92 past North Park, I noticed two 4000s sitting in the driveway facing Foster without bike racks (there were a couple more artics behind them, though they were parked right up to these two buses so I couldn't see the front bumper). I figure they could have been removed for maintenance purposes, and then the buses put into service because of a shortage of serviceable buses, but it seems odd that there would be two right next to each other like that.
  10. Was walking downtown this morning when I saw a drag of 5000s not in service, with a few cars heavily covered in graffiti. I think they were 5100s, but couldn't see the numbers clearly from how far away I was.
  11. Block numbers identify the vehicle throughout the day. The route number is the route the bus spends the most time on during the day. The block suffix identifies the garage (first digit) and pullout sequence, with PM pullouts starting at 51. So, 76-451 would be a PM pullout spending most (or all) of its time on the 76.
  12. I'm well aware of the level of computerization of modern buses, but I'm not sure what a defect with a 30+ year-old railcar (or however old it was at the time it happened) has to do with the topic at hand.
  13. Victoria, BC, recently took delivery of new Nova buses this year and have had the same problem. Lots of breakdowns due to check engine light issues.
  14. Last I checked, all light traveled at the same speed. Red light has a longer wavelength, but it ain't any faster.
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