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  1. Does anyone know how much adding (or subtracting) a car on an individual train would add/subtract the cost of operating that train? Maybe adding more trains with less cars to offset the cost would help. I'm sure it would not even be close to a 1:1 savings, but may help justify.
  2. CTA 8499 out on July 19th

    What was the occasion?
  3. Metra 553, 555

    I wonder why they painted it back????
  4. Metra 553, 555

  5. Metra 553, 555

    And here it is at 5:37 heading north. Bonus points to anyone who can guess what street my place is on!!
  6. Metra 553, 555

    OK...not crazy. Here it is going IN to Ogilvie Station at 5:14. My guess is it will leave at 5:35
  7. Metra 553, 555

    I will look today. Does anyone know if it was painted back or am I losing my mind?
  8. Metra 553, 555

    I recently moved into an apartment in River North with a great view of the UP North line. I thought I saw 553 or 555 painted in the original yellow and green colors and now I can't seem to see that train in the AM or PM, although I don't know which train it is. Anyone have an update?
  9. Destination signs

    That would be great if there was one in each car. But what about just an audio announcement such as the one on CTA buses when the door opens? That would certainly be less expensive
  10. Destination signs

    Yes I was talking about the Milwaukee North line. However I did take the North Central to Ohare last week which was in track 3 for that 5:10 run only. They could put up monitors that show the next train before it gets there and what stops it makes. Giving people time to get to the next track. Maybe even displaying the engine or coach number. At the least, how about a digital sign displaying the train run...similar to the cta?
  11. Destination signs

    Has it ever been discussed to add some kind of destination signs? I have recently started using the western avenue station I never realized how many trains go through there!
  12. Procurement of more gallery cars

    As of yesterday, they were still there. 7600's coming soon????
  13. Locomotive 98 and 99

    Thank you!
  14. Locomotive 98 and 99

    Anyone know the story of these two? I saw them by Western Av yesterday. I apologize if this has already been covered
  15. Procurement of more gallery cars