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  1. Mystery Bus

    SCRTD 5502 I believe, via Scott Richards who supplied many ex California buses to movie companies.
  2. Bombardier In Financial Peril

    BART having same problems with BBD slow delivery and road failures. Montreal saw the scrawl on the wall and went with the Chinese. Let's see if they manage to get all 775 BART cars actually done. This is somewhat reminiscent of Flxible's end, though there the problem was more orders than they could put through and the late penalties killed them.
  3. Bombardier In Financial Peril

    That is something that seems to affect everything these days - bad parts. Buy cheap, get cheap. But these days, seems buy expensive, get cheap is becoming normal. Was reading on internet a day or so ago govt is looking into CRRC as being a "security issue" being Chinese owned, and being able to access US high tech which might get put to nefarious use by China. There seems to be talk about pushing them out...
  4. Bombardier In Financial Peril

    BBD did pretty well with the New York and Chicago subway cars. The TTC order went completely fubar for reasons that are hard to understand. Same plant, same workforce, just can't do anything right all of a sudden.
  5. Bombardier In Financial Peril

    Same Bombardier. Tried to be a big boy in rail car world by taking over Hawker-Siddeley in Thunder Bay. Did OK until the Toronto fiasco - years behind schedule building new cars for TTC. Rumours that late penalties will sink them have been circulating for a while now.
  6. 3200-series - Rehabs

    As of 11/1 100 3200's on Blue, 188 2600's on Orange (no 3200's). 2809-2810 retired off Blue. 28 2600's on Brown.
  7. Random CTA

    Maybe 20-30 years ago it was a much more common problem. Many more routes with no washrooms at terminals. In 1980's rotted out rear stepwells were very common.
  8. 2005-2009 New Flyer D40LF(Retiring)

    No these are different. The Mack deal was because CTA needed the buses and didn't have the money, so Mack cut a deal Flx would not to do a lease-purchase. Flx wanted money right away, Mack was willing to finance. The 4000 deal was because CTA cannot write off depreciation and the investors could. Basically a tax-avoidance deal for the people behind Traxis.
  9. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Last I looked all 5 103rd owls pull out and pull in. This has been the pattern for years now. About 5 years back, the 201 owls used to pull out and do a 36 trip first, but still pullouts.
  10. Random CTA

    Operator familiarization for the upcoming season. Done every year so the Skokie switchmen who would run it in a snowstorm remember how to work it.
  11. 2005-2009 New Flyer D40LF(Retiring)

    4000-4149 were "sold" and "leased back" under an IRS provision of the time so that the investor group who "bought" them could write off the depreciation while CTA got some badly needed cash. There were many of these deals done for a few years until the IRS changed the provision. This is very different from the deal CTA had with Mack for the 7200's in 1956 where the CTA in essence paid for them over 10 years and Mack held title until the "car loan" was paid off.
  12. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    There was at least one artic with these at 103rd 2 years ago...
  13. Pace 2019 Budget

    So can you explain the three extra 17500's? Have three never been accepted? All 71 are in the early 2018 fleet inventory.
  14. Pace 2019 Budget

    Ever notice something? In the section under fleet inventory, number have a way of changing over time: 2012 - in 2018 book 13 ElDorados, in 2019 14 2016 - in 2018 book 62 ElDorados, in 2019 58 note also, in 2019 book 68 CNG ElDorados. There are 71 as far as can be determined - 17500-17512, 17514-17571 Accurate listing seems to be: 2012 - 14 6323-6336 2013 - 63 6337-6399 2014 - 20 6400-6412,6414-6420 2015 - 65 6421-6475 2016 - 58 6476-6512, 6514-6534 2017 - 59 6535-6575, 6700-6712, 6714-6718 2018 - 69 6719-6787 CNG: 2016 - 20 15500-15512, 15514-15520 2017 - 68? 17500-17512, 17514-17571 2018 - 11 18500-18510 Note this does not correlate with model years in VIN's, though that can be explained by meaning "year paid for" not "year built"?
  15. Random CTA

    Bus lanes of 79th will NEVER pass political muster. Too many small businesses that would almost certainly go bust if customers can't park in front. People will not walk a block but will go elsewhere.