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  1. The Breakdown Thread

    Statement of fact - 4399 is alive and kicking at NP, 4300 is at 89/Greenwood. 4323 and 4333 are LTH.
  2. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    66 and 79 artic service failed for a very good reason - the schedule was too fast. If you stop every block to load and unload with almost never skipping a stop on a street with a tremendous amount of auto traffic, an artic will be very slow compared to a 40-footer.vehicle. In addition, CTA reduced the number of buses on the routes when the artics were put on since they figured that two artics have about the same capacity as three 40-footers. Trouble was, it also increased to number of people getting on and off per trip. Biggest problem was slowness is the back doors, which are much slower closing than a standard bus rear door. Clark St (22) seems to work pretty decent because the schedule in the evenings is quite slow. However, artcs work best on routes with the least number of stops, especially under max load conditions. Now getting back to "new equipment" - fine, Pace has CNG's, CTA has hybrids. Pace had to build a fueling station at South so those 91 buses are pretty much stuck there unless Pace builds another fueling station somewhere. A hybrid can run anywhere (see artics at 77th and Chicago Av). So who made a better decision? Where did CTA put the 7900's? Pretty much at every route out of 77th, 74th, Chicago, Forest Glen. Seems like they "spread the wealth" a lot better than Pace did... If Pace built Harvey TC and others so small they can never use a bigger bus, I would call that severe lack of advance thinking if Pace is forever stuck with 40-foot or smaller buses.
  3. The Breakdown Thread

    4300 was turned over to 89th/Greenwood last year as a training tool.
  4. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    It makes no sense to argue conditions today as if they always were. For instance, 352 before about mid-80's was a pretty minor route, in fact usually ran with the 8000-series 4523's. Now, it is probably the heaviest suburban route with 10-15 minute headway during rush hours and standing loads most of the day. If this is not justification for using artics, what is? If the only thing one worries about is cost, then any change to anything, except cutbacks, can never be justified.
  5. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    The presence or absence of CNG buses has nothing to do with anything. 352 could just as well use artics. As for use of resources, 352 would be a better fit for CTA than say 201, 205, 206 or even 54A, which are all very light routes by comparison, and in the first three cases are strictly non-Chicago.
  6. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    CTA should be running the 352. Or at the very least 108 should go to Harvey. 127th as the end of the line for 108 does not make much sense.
  7. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    I don't see what we are arguing about. In the 1970-80's a large percentage of the center city's population fled to the suburbs to get away from "them". Since then, a significant part of the center city's black population has followed them out to the suburbs, and the whites they displaced have moved further out. Meanwhile, millennials are moving back into the city to reclaim areas like Uptown, Bucktown, Lincoln Park that 30 years ago were hellholes. Armitage and Sheffield in the 1960's was an absolute dump where you would be afraid to wait for the bus. I remember riding the L past Willow St and looking down at all the abandoned buildings and seeing a dead dog in the middle of the street. Look at it now! This is the natural cycle, where an area is colonized by the relatively wealthy, gets passed down to less and less wealthy until it becomes a dump, then gets re-colonized by the wealthy looking for a "deal". Places like Calumet City, Dolton, South Holland are still on the downward part of the cycle. As for city depopulation, considering many more housing units are being demolished than being built, why is this a surprise? In the early 60's my girlfriend Samantha's family lived at 53rd and Peoria. We went back there a couple of years ago. There is a single house standing within two blocks. So in that square block, the population has gone down by what, 99%? Most of Englewood is like that. So is much of Austin. If there are no houses, chances are nobody lives there. As a historical statement, in the mid-60's, when I started exploring, this is what I saw: the west side was black largely bound by Western on the east, the CNW on the north, Burlington on the south, Garfield Park on the west. South side was black south of 31st to about 79th, between the Rock Island and the IC, excluding 47th to 60th east of Washington Park (Hyde Park area). Black suburbs were East Chicago Heights, Robbins, Dixmoor, parts of Harvey, Chicago Heights east of the C&EI, and what was referred to as the Juneway Jungle, Howard to Juneway east of the L yards. That was about it. It might really surprise people today that on 9/28/69 the area around 95th/Dan Ryan was all white except for the projects west of the Ryan, even around 87th. South of South Shops was too. Just some historical perspective...
  8. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    Oh? How be that? In fact, that is when my involvement became the closest. Obviously you lived and traveled about in different parts of the system than I did, and saw different things than I did. I mostly hung around the south side and south suburbs.
  9. New Eldorados?

    PACE 6400 confirmed as Altoona Test Bus. Built as PACE 6395, diverted to Altoona, delivered after testing as 6400
  10. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Back in 1975 (before Helvetica destination signs) CTA proposed an 83rd Street bus from Dan Ryan either via 79th-South Chicago-83rd-Burley-87th-Buffalo to 91st-Commercial-91st loop or via Lafayette-83rd-Anthony-Jeffery-83rd-Burley. Went to a public hearing on the matter. There was EXTREME objection to having buses on 83rd between State and Jeffery because of noise, congestion, narrow street, etc. Because of the then-recent 71st-Yates debacle involving the same issues that resulted in every bus stop sign between 87th and 75th being defaced and riding approaching zero (single digits per day), the proposal was never brought up again. However, 77th buses did get 83 signs cut in, and the new Helvetica curtains had 83 signs too.
  11. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    31st is what could be best compared to a small-town bus route. Basically the same people ride it most days, and considering the service hours (no AM rush), and the area's demographics and character, most are probably elderly doing their daily errands. Given the alternative is walking, it is bound to do reasonably well. Time to make this "permanent".
  12. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    You are right - I am far, far away now. Vero Beach FL to be exact. Been here about a year now. Things haven't changed that much that fast. I have said, and will always say, that when all is said and done CTA, despite the hacks at the very top, is a very well operating system. Way better than even most large systems. I am having a problem figuring out something: Do you have this idea that what is today always has been? Things have changed dramatically over the years. The older a person is the more changes they have seen. Somebody in their 20's or 30's cannot hope to comprehend 50 years ago, any more than I would be able to comprehend the 1920's. I wasn't there. But I saw the last 64 in person, I saw the changes, good and bad, and what I saw then influences how I see things today. I'm not going to say you interpret today wrong, just that based on experience, I interpret them differently.
  13. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    White flight started in the 1950's, and most certainly to Blue Island, Olympia Fields, Calumet City. Later on, the next wave went from these inner suburbs to further-out places. I am old enough and wandered about long ago enough to know that these suburbs mentioned were very different in the early 60's, and went thru much the same kinds of changes large parts of the city did in the 1970's and 80's. History is not "racist". Compare then and now, and if it is different, that is a fact, not a value judgement. Yes, what happened was motivated absolutely by racism, but that does not change what happened.
  14. New Eldorados?

    Orion 6's were built on OBI order 1164A. 6000 in May 2000. 6001-6144 October 2000-May 2001, 6145-6156 November-December 2001, 6157-6161 February 2002. All one order, 143 base, 12 first option, 5 second option
  15. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    Claypool was a hack. So were all the other "presidents" since the title was changed from "general manager". A general manager is the "person in charge". A president is the "political person in charge". Started with the developer, Belcaster. The only two in recent times that were not total hacks were David Mossena, who was made to take the job and take the heat for the big service cuts so he could later get the job he really wanted, head of the Metro Expo Authority. His successor Frank Krusei, was supposed to be just a hack, but actually started to show he had some idea what was going on, so he got canned, and was replaced by Huberman, another career political manager. Last real transit man in charge was Al Savage, who got booted for being "weak", i.e. not kow-towing to politicians enough. Yeah, one sad litany. Can't deny it. Thank goodness the second-level management who really run the place day to day are mostly competent, career people.When all is said and done, on a day to day level the place runs pretty good, except where political decisions get involved and muck things up.