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  1. #4000 Americanas lifetime assignment list and other info.

    Just want to add a bit of trivia - the very first use of a 4000 MAN in service was on 131-Washington.
  2. More Bus Moves

    Kedzie uses artics basically on two routes 151 shorts and 156. You also see them on 12 on weekends.
  3. More Bus Moves

    Essentailly unable to keep existing schedule speed. Result was erratic service.
  4. Is it just me... [Or: a discussion on bus design]

    A 'suburban" in the 1960's was more than just a single-door transit. Normally included high-back seats (sometimes relining, sometimes not, but usually with legrests) mounted an slightly elevated platforms on either side of the aisle (about 6 inches usually) and luggage racks with individual reading lights.. Basically a highway coach interior without the expense of a highway coach. Most common on the east coast, especially for running into Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City. Not too many suburbans were built after about 1987, though Cobb County Georgia did have RTS's with full coach interiors, and of course PACE had the Classics.
  5. Geometry car

    Boston Blue Line subway clearances are even smaller than CTA because the subway part was built for and used by streetcars for some time before MTA electrified the Boston & Revere Beach RR.
  6. More Bus Moves

    Artics have always been a funny issue. When CTA first got their first artics in 1980, they were used as "unassigned spares" for at least a year, being tried out on practically every route out of every garage. Then they finally settled on there routes - 99-Stevenson Express, 6-Jeffery Express, and 22-Clark. When the 7100's showed up, they went on basically the same routes, just adding 151-Sheridan and 147-Outer Drive Express. Attempts to run them on other routes have been made from time to time, such as on 15-Jeffery Local and 28-Stony island on weekends for one pick, and of course 79 and 66, but in the end the artics have pretty much stayed where they were initially, on routes with long non-stop portions for the most part. On local routes, the dwell times at stops are just too long compared with standard buses, and unless you make the schedule almost walking-speed, endless delays are almost inevitable. This has also been shown to be true in other cities too. Most cities with large fleets use them on express routes of one sort or another. Places like Atlanta and Portland which once had artics gave up on them when the express routes were eliminated by rail extensions. Milwaukee had 40 artics years ago, but never replaced the original fleet when it was discovered they were being used two to three hours a day on Freeway Flyers, and were nearly impossible to run anywhere else because they were so slow loading. New York used theirs on "Select Bus" routes which are prepaid BRT-style runs with stops every half mile or so. CTA 4300's were bought for a specific reason - Dan Ryan replacement routes. They worked very well there. Once the Ryan was back in service, the 4300's became excess baggage.
  7. Random Metra

    All ex MILW and RI cabcars had cabs decommissioned. What else was done varies. Some had cab windows plated over, horns removed, marker lites removed, pilot removed. Others just lost horns and pilot, some just lost pilot. No obvious pattern, maybe a progressive change?
  8. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    Yes I meant Cicero-Touhy. As it is Cicero/Montrose becomes somewhat of a dead end. Maybe to Jeff might do something, but Jeff will get very crowded soon. Running up to Touhy gets you connections east, west, north plus the shopping area and industrial area. If reducing pay hours is all that matters, considering 54A goes away, should still accomplish that, though not as much...
  9. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    Any more 6700's there?
  10. Pace/CTA North Shore Coordination Plan

    I got an idea - extend 54 via Cicero-Foster to Central (the 290 short loop). Gives 54 a decent north end destination.
  11. cab signals

    CTA does have defined blocks. Those yellow number signs like RV1 145 between tracks are block limits.
  12. cab signals

    Back when CTA used wayside signals in the subway, the distances betwern signals varied widely. Between stations far apart, in stations close together. How many reds were behind a train varied by location, with two usually between stations, as many as four within a station. Remember all except the last one would clear (drop the trip arm) when following train stopped in front of it, permitting follower to come up close to leader. Normally this was only done in stations, but it could be done anywhere if needed, such as to come up to a disabled train. ATC works the same way, except a red clears to a flashing red after stopping.
  13. New Pace Paratransit Vehicles

    Any new reports from S Holland? 17054 highest seen so far?
  14. Random Metra

    At the time yes. The track to the east that was usually used for midday layups before the station was rebuilt.
  15. Random Metra

    SS borrowed diesel trains on several occasions in 80's and 90's because of car shortages. At one point (1982?) for a few weeks most service was with diesels as so many of the old cars were broken down.