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  1. Block numbers based on where bus spends largest percentage of time, in pullout time order and applies pullout to pullin. Run numbers however are in ending time order.
  2. The run number is based on majority of time on a route. Sometimes odd things happen, say a run does a trip on 29 for three hours, then 2 1/2 on 111 and 2 1/2 on 115 which are interlined. But gets a 29 run number because while 111 and 115 account for 5 hours, they are considered two routes, making 29 the majority.
  3. I suspect they are not "retired" but "stored serviceable" pending a decision whether Metra feeders will run again. At this point they are still "suspended", not "discontinued". If they do come back, they will go back into service.
  4. Paranoia strikes again. What was she trying to hide, I wonder? The more "private" a person is, the more likely they are to be doing something they should not be
  5. Build slots are assigned when an order appears likely. Not all are ever used. Orion build list for instance has many vacant serials where firm orders never materialized. NFIL assigns slots a bit later in process, but still before a firm order is placed. Remember that if you order a bus today, it won't show up for nearly a year. But the planning folks at the builder have already assigned it a slot in the production plan. Does not mean it will happen exactly as originally planned. Sometimes orders are moved up to available earlier slots, other times orders get moved back awaiting financing or ot
  6. 64 Foster/Lawrence started 1970 when Kennedy L opened, replacing Foster part of old 85A Foster-Central. Replaced when L opened to Rosemont by 81W West Lawrence, 92W West Foster and 69 Foster-East River.
  7. We are talking about reassigning "build slots" in the production plan. WMATA had 58 buses that had been put on the planned build schedule, and WMATA gave up these slots to CTA, with NFIL assigning 58 later slots to WMATA instead. There was a similar deal where CTA gave up some production slots to Baltimore MTA which needed the buses sooner than CTA needed the 4300s. In cases like this, the resulting vehicle is not necessarily what was originally on order, though if the change is made soon before production starts, some components might have already be at the builder, so they will be used, but
  8. Check section F for disposition dates. 2019 2nd Quarter Rolling Stock Report ( 06-30-2019).pdf
  9. 2019 Metra inventory 2019 2nd Quarter Rolling Stock Report ( 06-30-2019).pdf
  10. The last effort at a pure battery switcher was Railpower's Green Goat, pretty much a dismal failure. Not sure if any even exist any more. RJ Corman bought out Railpower, didn't get too far either. NS tried to build something too, same result. Now GE has a prototype electric ET44 in.CA, it has to stay with two real ET44s as it is basically just used to make up and break train in yards and just along for the ride en route, so yard emissions can be reduced. CA clean air mandate, not practical use.
  11. Most likely Knoxville, as they have been (re)building all sorts of oddballs. Wabtec and Progress basically only doing road freighters, again mostly converting old ones DC to AC, very few new. Siemens only doing Chargers.
  12. Roof tanks seem to be because with underfloor tanks a leak can get into body, roof just goes into atmosphere. Also less likely to get damaged in accident.
  13. Departures 2020 6424 4/2 6431 4/7 6443 4/2 6457 3/23 6462 3/25 6484 3/20 6519 4/2 6672 4/2 6725 3/23 6757 3/30 6768 3/20 6832 4/8 6432 11/23 6453 11/12 6460 11/12 6497 12/11 6559 12/17 6614 11/25 6680 11/24 6702 12/11 6704 11/30 6742 11/17 6748 11/11 6778 12/16 6782 12/10 6829 12/18 6841 12/10 6844 12/3 6845 11/23 6866 12/16
  14. Departures 2020: 2661 9/15/20 Warner Bros Studios (Following all to Scrap Metal Services): 2542 10/22/2 2653-54 11/4/20, 1/4/20 2754 10/20/20 2847-48 11/3/20, 11/2/20 2907-08 10/26/20, 11/2/20 2980 10/23/20 3007-08 11/5/20, 11/5/20
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