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  1. Random CTA

    X99 had a fatal flaw. The Ford support industries do not have fixed start/end times, but every day's schedule is based on what Ford needs that day. One day they work 6 hours, next day 10, day after 7. I saw this when I drove a supply truck at Chrysler Belvidere.
  2. Pace Roster

    Can you put up the paratransit page too? Andre
  3. CTA roll sign...

    A bit of signage trivia - CSL motor buses all had one-piece front signs. Originally just destination, but after sometime in mid-30's added route numbers. Trolley buses in 1930's had two piece, small route number sign, large destination part. CMC used two pieces. Large part on curb side had route number and name' small part on street side had destination. Except 1305-1399 which had them reversed. Small destination at curb, route number and name on street side. This is because they were built for Fifth Ave Coach in New York and this was how New York signs were set up as their destination part was immensely long so they used a single line for each and had only about a three inch high display on that side. CMC and CTA never changed this. Also, while they had a normal sign display, CMC 1425-1444 as I remember the series correctly were also built to New York spec as with safety windows (fixed lower part) instead of single piece and three steps up instead of the GM standard two at the front door.
  4. CTA roll sign...

    Marine Dr in the 1950's (maybe since CMC days) had a single am rush 151 trip sb starting at Argyle.In 1964 some rush 156's in rush direction via Clarendon-Montrose-Marine, soon aftet some rush trips from Foster. Wilson ODX via Wilson-Marine to Irving Park in 1970. All day as 146 only from 1977. Same time 156 via Marine to Wilson all dsy, some rush still to Foster for a while.
  5. CTA roll sign...

    North Park had yellow 96 HOWARD RAPID TRANSIT and 97 HOWARD RAPID TRANSIT readings by 1966. Also yellow 97 SKOKIE. 21B and 17 had partially yellow signs (route name part) since the 1950's.
  6. Random Metra

    Now that Chicago Terminal (Goose Island) is gone, no other freight customers except Freedom Center?
  7. Random Metra

    There is a place just south of Bryn Mawr Av that has a siding that gets plastic pellets in covered hoppers. Also this used to serve the bakery at Palmer and Kenton on the old freight line, but that might be gone.
  8. 700-series XE40 - Deliveries & Assignments

    CCW rebuilt some Gilligs to electrics for Indianapolis. CCW is Complete Coach Works (?) in LA.
  9. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Roosevelt/Monitor was leased, lease not renewed. Maybe owner wanted too much?
  10. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Reason 12 was cut back was that museum riding only went to State St where there was a 100% changeover of passengers where 146 carries them up to downtown and up Michigan Av. This is where the museum business is - tourists.
  11. Random CTA

    The final reason was that it was too long with too few riders. Part of that was because the Ryan kept getting more and more congested and it became a very slow, long ride. Note too that it was not only cut to Hegewish, but made rush only, rush direction only. Basically it was declared hopeless. Remember in 1980 or so had all day service with maybe 20 rush trips via 130, via Sibley, and via 159. Then a long, slow riding loss, though service was still pretty good to the end, though the buses were pretty empty.
  12. Random CTA

    353 and 355 downtown service never really recovered from Grumman crisis. Service was dramatically reduced as a result. Old schedules from 1979 vs mid 80's show massive cuts. 1982 Pace collapse didn't help either.
  13. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    Been two years. Was there any attempt at providing for a bus turnaround? I know CTA was not very happy with 95's having to go to 87/Damen for lack of anyplace else to end.
  14. Random CTA

    353 and 355 were victims of the Grumman crisis when they were cut back "temporarily" to 115th and Cottage and run with (I'm not kidding) yellow school buses. Riding never recovered. Before United Motor Coach went bust, they had fiThereowntown routes - 10 to Glenview NAS, 11 to Wheeling, 12 to Evanston via Crawford and Golf/Simpson, and 13 (summer only) to Antioch via US 45. In addition, you had the 60 to Harvard and beyond to Big Foot at the state line, with Des Plaines short turns 61 via Park Ridge, 62 via Milwaukee and Dempster, and 63 via Milwaukee-Devon. 62 (as 262) made it to about 1979. 12, 13 were gone by about 1970, as was 60 past Barrington and 63. 60 past Des Plaines and past Jeff Park went in 1975. The 10-13 were originally American Coach, and the 10 dated back to about 1925, being operated by Suburban Transit System (yes, the one in Oak Lawn) in the 1930's. There was also a 80 via Michigan-Ohio-Kennedy and out to Elk Grove Village that had only a couple of trips a dsy and went in 1975. West Towns ran downtown, too, via Washington-Central Park-Madison-Harlem-Grand-25th-Lawrence-Mannheim to about where the ATS station now is and you transfered to Air Ride Trsnsportation buses (and paid a quarter) to go to the terminals. WTBC 14, later part of 307, gone about 1980 or so. Finally, let' not forget Blue Bird downtown to Oakbrook Centet via Bellwood or via LaGrange, Aurora via Ogden, and Joliet via Archer or Joliet Rd. 831 is the last remants of that operation.
  15. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Has 7900 ever reappeared anywhere?