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  1. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    Not necessarily. Depends on what caught fire. Locomotives that have internal fires usually can be fixed. Does not look like body got damaged, so probably fire was electrical.
  2. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Going to base-16 numbers?
  3. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Order number most likely L858 as Nova order #s L plus 3 numbers. 3928 might be 6928??? This is about where serials should br.
  4. A 2006 D40LF with A different Sign

    It is a test sign. Many readings are programmed differently as I believe it can display more letters at one time, though the codes are the same. Was this sign original to 1249 or is it a replacement?
  5. Flxible Metro B and E Garage Assignment

    Biggest problem with 6000's in their later years were the lift, which had a nasty habit of not stowing. Otherwise ran good until the final day. Last I heard there were still about a dozen derelict 6000's still at SS, some over a decade already. Legal holds. They still there?
  6. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Novabus would likely be four digits since it is considered a "small" builder. So the last 8 in VIN are in format G9776790, fifth from last is always a 7 so probably omitted in internal use. Highest known numbers currently in 6800's.
  7. Fishbowl questions

    Can't say I ever noticed that. Maybe a factory error? Sometimes this kind of thing does happen...
  8. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Interestingly, both NFIL and Gillig in their internal documents only use the last five digits of the VIN to keep track of production. Rest is for government use. So what could you really do with the VIN of a city bus that would be "nefarious"? A coach, maybe, but a transit bus? Please! That said, anybody copy down one of the numbers?
  9. METRA Locomotive Wish List

    At some point north of Union Station (Canal St?) track ownership became PRR and MILW joint. PC still switched a few industries such as the grain elevator at Ogden after their line south of the split at Western was abandoned. NS still has trackage rights though Metra is now the sole? owner. Years ago, CNW ran transfers from PRR 55th St freight yard up thru Union Station and over to Western Ave over these tracks and then got on their own line to 40th St Yard.
  10. December 2018 Bus Changes

    Electric buses all have the ssme problem - they need a source of electricity. Trolley buses of old were route restricted, actuslly to within about 20 feet of the wires. These are a bit better, but still can't be too far from a charger. So if 55 needs a fill-in, pulling an electric off 63 might not be too good an idea. Also, I have heard the plan is to have "mixed service" with both electrics and diesels on the route. Kind of hedging your bets?
  11. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    If the four digit number is a 6000 or 7000 something, it would be the last 4 digits of the VIN. Order number would be an L followed by three numbers.
  12. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Can somebody quote exactly what is one one if them? Posted pics too far away to actually read.
  13. December 2018 Bus Changes

    66 is also supposed to be electric. However, it is true that at this point it is all basically political discussions with no real concrete plans. In other words the final result might be quite different. All I can do is repeat what I hear from what I consider reliable sources, who in this case precede everything with "at this point this is what is being planned".
  14. Random CTA

    62 is 74th except a few Kedzie school runs.
  15. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    The pattern on 22 is kind of odd. AM pullouts are artics that pull in after the rush, replaced by 40 footers off 143-146-148. After PM rush these all pull in and are replaced by artics off 147 that are then out all evening.so there are three separate sets of equipment, am rush, midday and pm rush, and evening.