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  1. Public transit will have a lot smaller part to play in cities for years to come I'm afraid. This has caused permanent changes in how the world works and shops, and a permanent reduction the need for mobility is probably a long term result. There will always be a need for some transit, as there will always be a "captive audience", but the glory days are likely over. But look at it like this. If most short distance travel will be by car, a battery car with a 200 mile range will suffice very nicely!
  2. Realistically, public transit in 2021 will resemble public transit in 1971. If it wasn't around then, it probably won't be around now. Not just here, nationwide. Municipal operations probably will do better than transit authorities unless they have taxing authority. Metra feeders you can forget about. Most parking lots will never fill up again.
  3. I will confirm artics easier to turn. 60 footer turns like 35 footer as trailer follows where middle axle goes. Middle clears, so will tail.
  4. Multicolor digital signs existed at least since 2001, when Sacramento CA got some.
  5. Clearances were a big issue in TT days. About 6 to 9 inches below bridge. Many cases wires were placed close to curb so center of underpass had more clearance. Remember however that in 1940s trucks were only about 10 foot tall. 13'6" is only from about 1980s, and for years big rigs had severe restrictions moving around the city. Many had to follow very indirect routings.
  6. Runs that do school trippers have a "school" schedule and a "no school" schedule. If schools do not open they just run the "no school" paddle
  7. Should not be, but is...
  8. As of June 15, 4300,7900,7901 not listed as active, but 804 is...
  9. 4300 seems to be like 7900. 7900 has spent much of its life at Greenwood, but apparently has been used in service time to time.
  10. Seems to be the pattern at most systems now. Orders are do large compatibility with older types does not matter. New York now keeps each type separate, which was not the case from 1948 thru late 80s when most were fully compatible and could and did run in mixed trains.
  11. Actually they have moved about the scrap pile several times over the years, last time about 2015.
  12. 4300 has been a training bus at Greenwood for several years now.
  13. Are the dozen or so wrecked Flxibles still at SS?
  14. 2nd row last one (ACF) should be cream and red. Only blue ones were Fords 4301-4309 that were delivered in ODT gray and painted before entering service to resemble the prewar PCCs. All other pre 1945 buses were red. After that mercury green, cream and swamp holly orange until 1950, then the cream and green we all remeber.
  15. City service you can probably get away with it. Hideously expensive, but then most unfunded mandates are, and CA has lots of them. Like the multi-engine switch engines UP and BNSF were forced to buy for local service in LA area about 10 years ago. Offloaded them the day the 10 year contract they had to sign to get state funding expired as they were basically maintenance intensive problems. So you can see state having to kick in for electric buses, which on their 12th birthday, to the day, get retired, as in 12 years certainly the "next generation" will be much better. No more buses hanging around 20-22 years as was common until 1990s.
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