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  1. Considering much of North Shore is ex Northwest, should be 1028 I would think.
  2. This could have been done so much better. Like when NS did their historic units. Original colors but adapted to the lines of a current locomotive.
  3. That is supposed to represent a Tomahawk Transit (Aurora) Flxette I guess???
  4. CTA has had issues with maintenance from time to time since time immemorial. For instance in 1981 things at 77th got so bad that almost their entire 5307 fleet was swapped out. 1000's with FG, 9600's with NP, 7400's with 69 (I think). Over 100 buses involved. The receiving garages were not pleased. In fact NP refused to send 9600-9692 back after fixing them up. At the same time any Flx's or 300's at S Shop awaiting work were simply retired.
  5. Haven't seen a new list in a long time. 4167 has been oos for over a year now.
  6. Suburban Transit one is by far the best do far. Safeway the worst, should have been Red/Cream like 600's.
  7. If anybody had a right to carp it was the unfortunates at 69th in early 70's. At the time they had: 5545-5749 1954-56, there since new, totally word out at almost 20 years 7200 Macks 1956 - not much newer, but in a lot better shape - Mack built a very solid bus! 8775-8859 1962-63 - no spring chickens at 12 years, woefully underpowered, but the pride of the fleet. Forest Glen same era: 5000-5499 series - 22 years old, running 24/7 on most routes. 5900's, 8000's - small number by comparison to 5000's, 5900's especially slow and rattly. 8400's - 14 years old, used on lighter routes only. 300-303 - dozen years old, used International Towers. 3240-3244 9 years old, 99 percent of time only on O'Hare. Marmons - 22 years old on Irving Park and Montrose By contrast Beverly: 100's dozen years old, base fleet 3000's 8 years old, on Vincennes mostly 3300's 7 years old, mostly 95th and 111/115tb Mind you it was much more fun for busfans, but CTA was a rolling junk yard at the time.
  8. 4167 is no longer on active list, appears "stored pending retirement". Likely frame damage from hitting wall in accident.
  9. At last report about a dozen. Some there 15 plus years. Metra got rid of the cars from the first 47th RI derailment in 1980's in 2008. Close to 20 years. Railroads can be just as bad. BNSF has some old GE's written off in 1980's still sitting around.
  10. 2825 look the best so far, though interesting it is modeling an OLD LOOK paint job!
  11. A run number is based on what route that run is on the largest percentage of the day. As a result a given route you could see run numbers from four or five groups since many runs now work more than one route. For instance a 29-State run that also does a half on 112-Vincennes/111th would have a 29 series run number while on 112 if the 29 half is longer, or a 112 run number if the 112 half is. The run number groups haven't changed in years, though.
  12. Nothing of consequence. Least number of changes in many picks.
  13. These are becoming very similar to the old wire-dependent trolley buses, you notice? Can only run on certain routes with chargers.
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