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  1. I remember when the 6400s were new talk about some leaseback deal. This would require digging thru 2000 board proceedings to check out. I would have thought the lease would have expired by now though.
  2. Five year plans are just that - plans. Until bids are requested and awarded they mean very little. Try to reconcile PACE five year plans with reality sometime.
  3. The issue with 74th is that all west of Midway routes are interlined with east of Midway routes. Bus comes off 55, makes trip on 55N, goes back to 55. Next 55N might be off 63 or 59. So you are stuck running 40 footers out there. FG has same problem, endless interlining caused by trying to keep service hours down.
  4. This might be CTA specs, but I have serious doubts its a CTA bus. Where is this anyway? Looks very demo to me.
  5. 56A also replaced 19 via Devon-Ozanam-Ozark to NW Hey. Most of that territory was eventually taken over by 88 and 209.
  6. Auburn Park got closed down what 30 years ago now for lack of business. Basically it did ok until the Ryan L opened. And let's be real, old Auburn Park station was at best rather creepy, especially if there were only a couple people getting on or off the train. The Ryan L tremendously changed travel patterns on the far south side, including dramatically cutting riding on the IC Electric south of Hyde Park to Kensington. Now the pendulum is swinging back. Instead of the half-dead RI commuter cars straight out of the 20s competing with a brand new L, you have pretty nice commuter cars competing with an L that is getting a pretty bad reputation for petty crime.
  7. Now let's see if CNW gets in on the act? Or for that matter, GM&O or Wabash?
  8. Aurora started downhill when the pulse point was moved to the roundhouse and headway went to 35 minutes. Small town systems recognize you need memory schedules. 35 is not a memory schedule. The outer cities were much better run before PACE.
  9. Actually there should be four tracks available much of the time. Assuming the SB local can be straightend without impacting existing SB local. Then you cut over to new alignment, take out and replace the old, cut over SB express, repeat process. Assuming new does not foul old, as I said. If it does, then three in use at a time. Yes, it does take a LOT more time to build anything today than 100 years ago, when the SS Main was triple-tracked in months while maintaining service to all stations. Just how it is.
  10. There is very much a mindset out there that "Metra is better". In many eyes the L is the province of the hoi polloi, the great unwashed masses, while Metra is where the "better" folks go. The suit and tie crowd doesn't think highly of the CTA
  11. Progress has to be thrilled to get this work. They are absolutely dying since Tier 4 kicked in. Muncie has got to be a ghost town. These rebuild jobs are about all they have left.
  12. Slowly the outer ring service goes away. Nobody wants to admit the collar counties will never have bus usage to speak of. Even the train feeders are failing and could be easily replaced with bigger parking lots.
  13. There has been stuff on legal hold at S Shops for OVER A DECADE
  14. Fire damage almost always fatal. Wreck depends if frame starts telescoping which happens with front impact. Angle impacts usually survivable. Strange about 4167. Low speed impact, at an angle. Should have been survivable. Maybe frame broke behind axle?
  15. Replacement for the Auburn Park station at 78th closed early 80s for lack of use. Will Hamilton Park and Englewood be next? History is repeating itself here!
  16. One add - during RTA shutdown 331 shut for about a month, when it came back only went as far north as Cumberland and Higgins. When L opened rerouted into station.
  17. The 290 to McCormick was evening 22 pullins when real 290 had some big headway gaps. Eventually replaced by the normal Howard-Western-Foster routing
  18. Since destination signs are in base 16, you can have something like 10,000 readings. Where the fun comes in is when the signs interface wrong with the program that controls the announcements. Then you get things like WB 95 running with 90N N HARLEM to TOUHY displayed!
  19. From all available records, the following buses should still be sitting in back at South Shops: 1 4400 RTS - 4687 2 4900 RTS - 4901, 4911 (WB13) 1 5300 Flx - 5454 14 6000 Flx - 6029 (Food Desert), 6031, 6043, 6057, 6095, 6120 (WB2), 6127 (Food Desert), 6129 (Food Desert), 6204, 6220, 6227, 6237, 6246, 6293 (WB1) 3 5900 NFIL - 5900, 5901, 5902 total 21 Older work buses not included Many have been there over a decade now.
  20. Interesting that 2273-2274, 4271-4272, 6101-6102, 6711-6712 are as of 9/1 carried in the CTA computer as "heavy maintenance holds". Until now they were never admitted to even existing.
  21. Waukegan is your basic small town bus system (same as Elgin, Aurora, Joliet). All routes come together once of twice an hour. This is something that goes back to streetcar days and can be found in a thousand smaller cities. It works excellent. Big systems do not do this because headways are different on different routes. Like 95/Ryan. Many routes, but all leaving at different times. CTA tried a pulse point once, at night at State/Washington. Didn't work too good. Could not figure out the idea of we all leave at once
  22. Only 800 active is 804. Others laid up at SS
  23. 6472, even though it has not hauled a passenger in years, is still carried on the books as an active vehicle, based at FG.
  24. I would imagine. Why bother otherwise?
  25. All time total 1428 counting 58 and 5900s plus 700-701
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