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  1. I live near Belmont & Cumberland. The poles on Belmont originally supported trolley wires and do NOT give way. They are set into the ground in concrete. If you're in my area, start at Pacific av (8000w) and go west. Almost every pole is on a different angle than it's neighbor. They've all been hit at one time or another.
  2. I used to wonder what the "pop" was, now I know. I never noticed it on the newer trains, just the 6000's.
  3. Didn't think of that. Thanks!
  4. I was watching the time lapse videos of the blue line and noticed something. It's where the tunnel is at around Lotus st on the Eisenhower going from the median to the side. Going eastbound there are 3 portals, going westbound only 2. Can anyone explain this? If this has been addressed in a previous post, please accept my apology and point me in that direction. Thanks!
  5. From an old map I have. It pretty much followed the old bridge that's still there north of Lake st. You can see it on historic aerials too.
  6. This doesn't make sense to me. Am I reading it wrong?
  7. Wow, I had no idea this would start a s---storm! I want to mention something in hopes of clarifying this situation. The pictures in the magazines were not taken by the writer or publisher. Most are from the Krambles-Peterson archives and are credited accordingly. Does this change anything? I imagine I would have to get permission from the archive owner to post. I obviously deleted my previous postings as I wish no trouble for this site.
  8. I was cleaning out an old desk and found 4 issues of Motor Coach Age magazine. These were published between 1999-2002. There are articles with lots of cool pictures of CTA buses and a few streetcars.from 1927 to 1982. If there's interest, can I legally scan and post these here?
  9. If they build a station anywhere, it should be on the pink line at the United Center.
  10. Sorry about the duplication. I must have edited my post right after you replied. Thinking back I'm convinced I saw a "70" in he number. That's why I edited the original post to show 8070.
  11. My wife and I went for a Sunday drive, we were on I-80/90 in Indiana around the exit for route 249. It was around 4 p.m. We were going east and saw a new CTA nova going west, the destination sign said "test". I did have my camera but it happened so fast there was no way to get a pic. I'm not sure of the number either, I think it was 8070? Had there been an exit right there, I probably would have turned and followed to to get the number and pics but couldn't. Could this have been a new bus being delivered?
  12. There were old look Flxibles that were 8000 series, 8000-8498, plus oddball 8499. http://www.chicagorailfan.com/rosctaxb.html
  13. Regarding Belmont, the only way I see improvement is if they went back to the old rush hour parking scheme. That would be no parking on south side of street 7-9 a.m. And no parking on north side of street 4-6 p.m. I'm sure all the business owners would scream bloody murder. And there's not enough off street parking to make this a reality. But I don't see any other way.
  14. 2200fan

    More Bus Moves

    Is FG Nova only? I'm in St Josephs Hospital rehabbing from a knee replacement. EVERY Belmont bus is a Nova.
  15. AAARRRGGHH, you people are killing me! I wanted so bad to go to this and couldn't. A few days back, I fell and landed in my knee. I couldn't hardly walk around my house, much less go to this. However, as usual, there are lots of great pics and commentary. I really appreciative everyone's efforts and time. Is there video anywhere?
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