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  1. O'Hare Airport Expansion

    would be nice if Ill RR museum ends up with one
  2. O'Hare Airport Expansion

    bolt em down on a flatcar would need to figure out access to low platforms unless rum on the electric
  3. Pulse (Milwaukee Avenue Route)

    Pace Pulse twitter tweet says milwaukee opens later this year and shows seversl pictures of information sign in construction
  4. Metra wish list.

    exactly so how is the diesel ban on electric line going to save the world. why not just ban all diesel engines from downtown on all lines. seems issue is more with fumes in randolph street than trying to keep the lake free of polution. plus the prominent winds are west to east bringing all that pollution from the interstates roads and rail lines
  5. Metra wish list.

    if City of Chicago really wants to be environmentally friendly they should make Lake Shore Drive to electric vehicles only. how long ago did the last steam engine run on the IC commuter? cars trucks and buses have more exhaust than 1 train with 800 passengers. imagine 800 ubers taking its place.
  6. Metra wish list.

    amtrak runs diesel south of 12th street. just a what if. similar to when amtrak shuttle trai s and pulled with diesels on NEC a few yrs ago
  7. Metra wish list.

    asking a what if ;;; could a Metra diesel engine pull an electric trainset and provide all utilities and functions? not sure of cab car functions but if diesels on both ends? i know they dont have enough engomes asking if it could be done
  8. Random Pace

    i saw a pace notice vans were operating 2 trips on 856 to toyota park yesterday
  9. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    its not completed
  10. Pulse - 95th St

    how bad are the railroad delays on 95th ? it crosses 5 lines
  11. Pulse - 95th St

    for better connections to Harlem service?
  12. Pace 2019 Budget

    use cng buses for pulse halsted
  13. Pace 2019 Budget

    what was the #889?
  14. Pace 2019 Budget

    things have vastly changed in will county over 20 yrs look at population
  15. Random Pace

    Probably more signs on edens as its outer shoulder and more conflicts with other vehicles vs left side. I was referrimg to walking from lake forest metra even with more trains still need to get to work site. Im not saying the lawyer is marketing BOS pace is marketing it