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  1. three new stations are open in Chicago NB Devon SB and NB Austin. when did this happen?
  2. we must be in kindergarden with these 'rules'
  3. cng or electric? wheeling is supposed to be CNG so milwaukee and dempster will be CNG. Halsted should be CNG from south. Maybe 95th will be electric from SW as they interface with CTA stations which are going electric.
  4. fall picks are soon here and nothing about Pace changes. are we sure thry are happening?
  5. speaking of history remember the A and B stops?
  6. today is nothing as compared to when Jeff Park was the terminal. Its important to know and understand history.
  7. get your pictures of the old before its too late
  8. why cant it stop on il 83 ? routes 223 and 757 makes stops on Il 83 in Elk Grove and Bensenville
  9. was this before pulse started on the 11th?
  10. funny how government is supposed to "act" like a business but held to a higher standard when it acts like a business. so what is it cant have it both ways.
  11. NF: opening anything without being 100% is standard business practice anywhere it goes on all the time. restaurants have soft launches residential condos/apts complexes open without all units amenities in , developments open in pieces. people get tired of waiting and loose interest. Perfectionism and 100% are not the standard and does more harm than good. doing any type of project even a home remodeling ,not everything goes as planned need to work around it. holding out for the perfect is often worse than not gradually opening people get it they see improvements coming what is worse is to hold up a project for x months just to have one last piece in.
  12. metra NC was only rush hour service although it was promised as a full service line. maybe Metra should have held off opening it for say never since its still not a full service line. the station houses were inbound only. it was only later several yrs when the 'expansion added outbound waiting sheltered and the rosemont shiller park frankin park and cicero stations. still has limited rush and infrequent off peak service no weekend service. metra shouls not have opened this line using such logic
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