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  1. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Anyone know when edens bos starts?
  2. Miscellaneous Transit Stories

    If traffic is going 35 mph or less pretty hard for vehicles to come flying down the on ramps maybe thats why its worked for over 20 yrs in msp
  3. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Is this to prepare for bos service?
  4. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    Busjack im not questioning you. Im just saying there have been actions which seem contradict the wrapped statement such as toyoya park ,bears buses (are these bos? )and now pulse buses used in express service. Im not questioning the statement of buses need to be wrapped just trying to point out there are buses not wrapped out there and if they are running as bos.
  5. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    so the bos dont need to be wrapped?
  6. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    Impossible its not bos wrapped cant be on a bos service
  7. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    If anyone goes please providr an update. Thanks
  8. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    At least it wasnt a double deck bus lol. Would double decks be an optiom? Guess if you havr a new garage built for them they might be
  9. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Maybe axess they will be on eden.
  10. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Question is does the MCI shown on Pace website article mean anything or is it simply what marketing picked up as a pretty picture of a new bus and it runs on shoulders. I remember an ad for some fly by night airline starting new service to a small market showing a 747. Highly unlikely but the plane looked nice
  11. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    What type of 40 ft vehicles does NS have?
  12. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    The I90 buses came from cmaq grant and cant be moved around . I think cmap and the feds may have somethimg to say about this
  13. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Can anyome co firm if the extra buses on I55 Esp tbe pulse buses are wrapped ?
  14. Changes are coming

    Change fare policy for all chicago stops
  15. Changes are coming

    Quick over view looks like branches get reduced service more on mainline. Maybe this brings back the discussiom for cta fares within city