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  1. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Which would also apply to Greyhound
  2. Changes are coming

    The question I have is this; If the ME ihas lost 14 percent of its ridership over the last six years, where are the losses stemming from? Is it branch service? Midday service? Mainline service? Based on the press release, ME ridership losses would be greater except for the 7 percent increase in Hyde Park boardings. Maybe the branches only deserve rush hour service (except now these trains will fill the gaps giving Hyde Parkers 20 minute service midday) and mainline trains need to run the hourly service flag stop between 115th sand 63rd. No other Metra line except RI has midday express service, and RI is losing its expresses due to lack of demand. All Saturday mainline should be flag stop between 115th and 63rd with the exception of when the Blue Island trains are running. But it may be more cost effective if the Blue Islands have to run on Saturdays, run them as a shuttle only to connect to the mainline and run the mainlines flag stop like on Sundays.
  3. Detour Stpps

    Recently. Pace implemented a detour on rOute 313 from St Charles/ Rt 83 to Roosevelt/Meyers due to a weight restriction on a small bridge on St Charles just West of Rt 83. Now the 313 runs south on Rt 83 and West on Roosevelt (the reverse EB) to Meyers where it goes back on rOute Drivers had been making stops upon request along Roosevelt at posted 301 stops until Wednesday. I requested a stop at Ardmore but the driver showed me a message on her MDT instructing 313 drivers not to stop along Roosevelt. To me this is unfair. Any passengers that live along Ardmoore or Summit NORTH of Roosevelt but south of Washington that could walk from Roosevelt now can't take this bus through no fault of their own. For me, I can get off on Meyers but Ardmore puts me closer to home. Also the 301 does8 run West of Oak Brook Mall on weekends. What is Pace policy regarding stops along detour routes, especially significant detours such as this one?
  4. Pace Roster

    6518 currently parked at ATS station in Reupdate. Bus just turned into a 250mote Lot E. Bus is not in service. Bus just turned into a 250 Dempster
  5. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    Not gentrified nor safe enough yet. Also the one on Ashland is a one seat ride with little walking compared to 38th which had either a longer walk or requires a transfer.
  6. South Halsted transit study

    Sorry sir. The whole release didn't load on my phone. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. South Halsted transit study

    I guess with the success of the 352, day and night, CTA is trying to figure out how to cash in . Perhaps they would extend the 108 to Harvey (similar to the 49A extension from 119th to 135th).
  8. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    6512 was on the 250 Yesterday. I remember seeing 6511 on 850 a few weeks ago.
  9. Rail Service Alerts-Discussion Thread

    Forgot to mention no Pink Line Loop service. I suppose they don't like the Roosevelt turn using 13th St middle anymore Though not politically correct , maybe late night and weekend Pink Line trains should all terminate at Racine Blue Line. .
  10. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    To me, the other problem with the 11 was that it connected to nothing. By that I mean downtown. Fullerton is just not a destination. But seniors would ride downtown. As a local route only didn't seem to work unless they ran Optimas.
  11. Washington/Wabash Station Build

    I guess this is end of one of my favorite stations which is Randolph and Wabash. The station featured indoor seating on the southbound side and was a great place to wait for a train in winter. I don't know if that was the original design of that station or a remodeling. I wonder when they will announce this station closure.
  12. I can't believe it CTA repurchases #6101-02!!

    Also on the Marker Lights discussion they have a set of marker lights for the not yet In existence Airport Express service.
  13. O'Hare Remote Parking Bus

    The MDW ones are operated by a joint venture with Cook County School Bus and Continental Air Transport (aka Airport Express).
  14. Hiring Process

    Be like NY.