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  1. I could be wrong but I think white might be difficult to see in the sun from a distance.
  2. I believe they will probably see testing on the Blue Line. It will be only one set of cars and probably for a week or two st the most if needed, they can just run them between O'Hare and UIC, but it shouldn't come to that.
  3. That we don't know yet. I believe the Brown and Orange Lines will be first to get them assigned. The Blue Line was supposed to get them, but based on the deterioration of the tracks and r.o.w of the Forest Park branch, I don't think that section and support the weight and power of the new cars. Before the 3200s were sent to the Blue Line, CTA tested a four car consist on the Forest Park branch, which obviously didn't go well Add to the fact that CTA IS WAITING on IDOT to commence an Ike rebuild so they can coordinate a Forest Park branch rebuild with them.
  4. @MrH345 are you or have you operated the Prevost H3 45, hence your username?
  5. Usually the Red Line is the first one to get the testing cars. You will probably see them testing in nonrevenue service for awhile first. Then I would expect to see them test in revenue service first on the Red Line. I don't remember the exact order of testing for the 5000s, but Red was first followed by Green. I think Pink was third, with Purple and Yellow being last.
  6. With these long intervals between buses and so many closed businesses, or businesses that don't make their restrooms available to the public, people can't hold it. At least guys can find an alley ( at least for a #1).
  7. So I suppose the construction on Oakton is complete?
  8. That bus should be taken out of service. That is definitely a health hazard. I can see also that for some people, a crowded, stinky bus is better than no bus at all. What would you do after waiting 39 minutes for a bus and when it comes, it is taken out of service?
  9. Something is going on currently at Roosevelt. Something with one of the flaggers at Roosevelt. I don't know if she was injures or sick. This is on the elevated portion affecting Green and Orange Line trains.
  10. I wonder if Metra shares fares with UP and BNSF. Of those RR can keep the fares collected, does Metra make adjustments to what they pay the RRs?
  11. While there is no doubt this is related to the dispute with Metra, UP can argue that it is taking precautions related to the pandemic by keeping its conductors and engineers safe. There is also a passenger benefit in that injuries would be reduced in the event of a train and vehicle accident. My question is whether fares are being collected on other Metra services including the BNSF, ME,MD. and RI?
  12. So the STB won't rule ib the matter but it will defer to the federal courts. The courts will also rule where STB has jurisdiction, if any.
  13. I don't know what timetable Pulse service on Dempster Pulse will begin, but until the I would expect the 250 to sport 2 to 5 of those New Flyers daily.. Pulse Milwaukee might see one or two if any get wrapped.
  14. This is exciting news! I suppose it would be too much to take the cars to Lower 63rd yard and, push or pull to Skokie?
  15. i hope so but I think another garage will be ln line to get some.
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