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  1. Was it in CTA livery? Are we sure if wasn't a Prudential PLaza/Aon Center Proterra?
  2. Must have good a/c. I saw 6224 at Forest Park Terminal with no air. That driver switched with the inbound 757 that pulled into the terminal. 6210 seemed to have good air. Apparently not enough buses or not enough drivers as I waited ONE HOUR at Forest Park Terminal for the 301, a route that's supposed to run at 20 minute intervals during the rush periods. Every other route serving the Terminal had at least 2 buses show during my wait . 6651, 6612 would have been a welcoming sight instead of waiting an hour. This always happens to me when I take the 301 back west which is why I normally opt for the Green Line and the 313. I guess receiving 6730 - 6739 hasn't changed much.
  3. I remember when the 210 ran downtown as a NORTRAN ( pre Pace). Then it was cut back to Western Brown Line and again to Lincolnwod Mall. Seemed like a matter of time before it would bite the dust.
  4. I think the reason the instructor said no one wanted to go to FG is that most applicants are from the south and west sides and they are not familiar with the north and northwest sides of the city. To that end, NP isn't a popular choice for new applicants either. I knew an operator who lived on the west side but started with NP. She couldn't transfer to K fast enough as the north side was foreign to her. Most new applicants will try to get as close to home as possible. With seemingly the most senior of drivers at FG, sports for newbies may be hard to come by. Given a choice would you rather have a fixed bid at 103rd or be an extra board driver at FG?
  5. I would think that West or NW would be closer to you as the other two are very far. As for CTA I think they will try to honor requests for a specific garage but fill based on need. It might take 3 to 6 months to get in at FG but you could start working tomorrow if you work out of 77th or 103rd. But once you get your foot in the door you may be able to change garages during a systemwide pick. Finish your obligations where you are then apply when you are about a week from fulfilling your obligations.
  6. They do. Maybe the 8325s are tinted darker, but they all have tinted windows.
  7. Not discrimination. Before Pace became a reality, each garage was its own company with different unions, rates of pay, etc. Though now under the Pace umbrella, each garage still has its own rate of pay, union representation, etc. There's even one garage with no union.
  8. All of CTA'S buses have tinted windows and the 6400s have a rear window that doesn't seem to affect the way the a/c works on those buses. But it is great to hear that the 8325s have great a/c. Are there vents in the back of the bus in the interior?
  9. Thanks for answering the question I haven't asked yet concerning the 7900s a/c. I know that the first year they were out, it was terrible, especially in the rear of those buses. Apparently nothing's changed. However I am curious how the a/c is on the 8325s, seeing that there are no hopper windows on that series. The 6400s had great a/c. As for driving for CTA or Pace, go for it. I know Pace West is in dire need of drivers. I believe West and NW are the best paying Pace divisions. You probably will get called quickly if you apply for those divisions. I don't know how quickly CTA will call you but I think they pay the most.
  10. Actually the Beverly branch on the RI does quite well. Most of that area's White transit riders will use the RI over the CTA for faster service and safety reasons. Back in the day. ME had decent ridership on both the SC branch and the Kensington local as well as the Blue Island branch. CTA has been killing the SC branch with the introduction of the 14 and 26 routes which are faster. The mainline local stops between 75th and 103rd saw enough declines that ME cut those platforms from 4 car berths to 2 car berths. Pullman 111th still has a 6 car length platform but only allows access for 4 cars. I remember when Kensington had 2 island platforms accessible from underneath the viaduct on 115th St as opposed to the current 1 island platform, which was the old SB platform that is accessed on Kensington just a few feet from 115th. ME has tried to compete bu making the SC branch zone B and extending zones B and C on the mainline locals north of 111th to no avail. To maintain 30 minute intervals in Hyde Park during daytime off peak hours, I would either eliminate midday service on the Kensington local or SC with the other alternating with the University Park trains serving Hyde Park.
  11. Pretty accurate except for the fact that P really doesn't have old equipment despite being an outdoor garage.
  12. Supposedly the rationale behind the increases in Hyde Park service was due to a boom in new residential construction in Hyde Park, especially near ME stations. Also, that was the supposed area that ridership increased even though ME overall lost 14% of its ridership prior to the service adjustment. To me, SC branch service should be totally eliminated, or at least run rush periods only until the old USS South Works site gets fully developed.
  13. 6224 and 6257 on 332 with workubf air today .
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