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  1. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    How could maintenance be more effective on attics compared to OTRs unless the OTRs are VanHools?
  2. New Eldorados?

    11 more to go
  3. What's Left for Pace's Orion VI's 6000s?

    Currently riding 6160 on the 301. I never knew the rear doors open inward on 6156 through6161. On the other 6000s the rear doors swing open outward.
  4. Washington/Wabash Station Build

    Washington/Wabash is in the news for a bad reason. A cell phone robbery occurred Monday night with an 81 year old man being the victim. He's fighting for his life after being pushed down the stairs to street level.
  5. 755/855 Expansion Coming Forthwith.

    A lot of TAs are using coaches for commuter routes. Houston METRO, is one example. NJ Transit is well known for it. It has become popular enough that MIC and now Prevost have commuter coach product lines. Once upon a time private coach companies were primarily responsible for commuter service. Before PACE ventured into it, this area's only commuter service was Hammond Yellow serving NW Indiana to downtown commuters. Pace route 855 was operated by private carriers Keeshin/Coach USA, Neal's, Mid America and even Greyhound used to operate the 855. Each carrier used their own equipment using a dedicated fleet for the service. Greyhound even had the Pace logo painted near the door entrance. I love motorcoaches period so I am excited to see TAs use coaches for longer haul commuter routes.
  6. Pace Bus Moves

    6246 back home at West. Currently on 301. Also 6666 at West.
  7. Pace Bus Moves

    6273 was on the 301 this afternoon.
  8. What's Left for Pace's Orion VI's 6000s?

    Yesterday I saw Orions on 301 and 322. We will see if today starts a trend or is just an abnormality.
  9. Pace Bus Moves

    You can find all the history in the/ Academy / Pace Operations thread
  10. Pace Bus Moves

    6267 on 301
  11. Pace Bus Moves

    Maybe now they can shed some 6600s
  12. The Breakdown Thread

    Remember the Boeing 787s had battery issues when that model plane debuted I think the issues have to do with battery temperatures and protections. Once those lithium batteries get a certain temperature they are prone to explode and catch fire. Thus they also nes to be housed in a way that should an explosion occur, a fire can be somewhat contained so that it doesn't quickly spread.
  13. PACE supervisors

    I guess there are two types of reroutes. There's the planned detour and the emergency or immediate fetour. In the first scenario, Pace or any transit agency has advanced notice of a project requiring a detour and studies and implements the best routing. There are passenger notices and alerts posted in advance. The second scenario usually finds the first driver having to wing it. By calling his dispatcher, perhaps the followers can be told how to detour. Sometimes in an extended unplanned detour, a passenger alert will go up stating the detour is until further notice (example the current 313 detour). See the Detour Stops thread
  14. Ventra - Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    My phone thinks it's smart. I type Ventra and sometimes it auto "corrects" to Ventura and I need to do a better proofing before hitting submit.
  15. Ventra - Bugs, Feedback, and Questions

    I put the Ventura Card on the app with the intent of paying my fare with the Ventura Card but it didn't take. Perhaps that was because I had to create a second account because I couldn't remember my original info. I guess one card can't be on 2 email accounts