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  1. So where are the 15500s?
  2. I guess that could be solved by posting schedules on station platforms subject to graffiti taggers.
  3. Signs make perfect sense on all routes. I know somebody who was new to the Union Pacific North line. Not being familiar with the left hand operation he boarded a train headed for Kenosha ( from Waukegan) when his intent was to head downtown
  4. Hearing that service has been restored.
  5. It is sad that the East 63rd Green Line wasn't built back up to at least Dorchester. In fact I believe from Dorchester to about Kenwood was new structure. I think there was intent to connect a new Dorchester station to the 63rd St Metra station there.
  6. By the time I was on the scene, everything east of the IC tracks was gone except Hyde Park High school. There was a big vacant building West of the tracks at Dorchester.
  7. I read today that the plans for the Presidential library includes closing Cornell Drive south of Midway Plaisance. Cornell Drive is a major route connecting 57th and Lake Shore Drive to Stony Island south of 65th SB and 67th NB. I suppose you could get traffic rerouted to Hayes Drive between Lake Shore and Cornell. But I still wonder if Washington Park would'vebeen the better choice. Perhaps someone can come up with some money to rebuild the 59th St Metra station and the 63rd St Metra station. If/When built, CTA will extend the 10 and 55 to the Library
  8. How was the crowd south of Roosevelt on your ride?
  9. Kinda makes CTA look stupid for tearing down the structure east of Cottage Grove.
  10. At ORD, they will need the 5 additional floors. The irony is that the rental companies that were at MDW used to be in the main garage. Now shuttle bus service is needed between the terminal and the Consolidated Rental car facility on 55th.
  11. The span is now built over northbound Manheim Rd.
  12. The stations can only handle 3 cars . The peak headway is 4 minutes. I suppose you could get it down to 3 minutes. What I don't see is how ALL rental companies will fit in the parking facility. Some companies are on Manheim . Will they have to move too? Then there's storage. In Minneapolis the rental companies had off site storage, fueling and wash facilities with shuttle drivers shuttling between the main garage and the off site facilities. The lower level of the main garage also had wash facilities for the rental companies that were housed in the parking garage. I can't tell but it doesn't appear to be the case here.
  13. Looking at the ATS today, they are making progress with the extension from the E Lot to the F Lot/Parking garage/ Consolidated Rental Facility. The structure from both the E Lot and F Lot extends to Manheim Rd, but the structure hasn't been built across Manheim to connect the two. I suppose when the facility opens in 2019, we will see some new ATS trains as well. The current cars have been in service since 1993 or 1994. What will happen to the current rental parking lots once the new parking garage/ rental facility opens?
  14. That early in the morning, Prions aren't the only buses available. It just may be some driver's preference. I usually see at least one Orion on the 301, 303, 305, 307, 313, 332. Undoubtedly there's one row of Orion buses in the ready line each weekday at West. I don't see them out at all on the weekend. Sometimes I see one on the 250. As a matter of fact, the last time I was on the 250, I rode one. I suppose NW also has to send a few out each weekday also.
  15. Aren't most of the Loop stations 10 car length? Adams/Wabash Randolph/Wabash and State/Lake I believe are.