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  1. The question I have is how this works in relationship to the proposed extension to 130th, assuming that is real.
  2. IIRC the 8 Halsted which was shared with 77th, then 69th, the 9 Ashland which was shared with 69th, 36 Broadway short turns to Waveland, the 153 Wilson/Michigan (when eliminated became the 151 Sheridan short trips between Belmont and Michigan/Congress,) the 156 LaSalle, the 145 Wilson/Michigan Express, the old 149 Stateliner, the 157 Streeterville. I can't remember if the Wilson/LaSalle Express ran from there.
  3. Not necessarily. Perhaps that bus could get rewrapped or another wrapped in its stead. . There could be a bus swap forthcoming that could include 4091. However unwrapping all of theJeffery Jump buses would allow flexibility fleet wise as opposed to some buses racking up mileage being assigned almost exclusively to the J14. I guess we have to keep watching out.
  4. Buses are a good idea. Railcars, not so much given the propensity for taggers to tag raiilcars.
  5. To educate, if you wil, the word Thot isan acronym for :That Hoe (whore) Over There.
  6. I guess you guys outgrew the Fulton Market facility?
  7. Where on Chicago Ave is the other garage?
  8. I go with 6. This is Illinois!!!
  9. According to the Illinois Secretary of State, Alexis Luxury Tours Incorporation was dissolved (involuntary dissolution) on 11/11/16.
  10. Thanks for the clarification.
  11. The initial poster said that "Certain weekend closures of 95th with trains and buses running to 87th."
  12. In all likelihood CTA will run weekend shuttle buses between 87th and 95th. I think that's better than running all of the 95th terminal routes to 87th.
  13. Like a stated earlier, I really only imagine the 900 runs starting and ending at Ashland. If some of those . Runs are split shifts, those would be those rush trips. Any full runs would probably have one 95th trip in the middle. I think that all of the 800 runs will go to 95th. I don't imagine Red South being severely impacted. Because.Red south trains will invade Green Line South territory with a higher frequency during rush hour, CTA may opt for restricting Green Line service on the SSM, particularly to 63rd and Ashland. Now no one said how long 98th Yard would be closed. It's possible that they could run all weekend service out of Howard Yard but more than likely not. Based on David Harrison"s post, this is only during rush periods Monday through Friday.
  14. Except King and Cottage Grave The question is how this change affects South Side Green Line service? Will some Green Line trains from Harlem end at Roosevelt or circle the Loop with thru trips only going to Cottage Grove? EVEN with continued Red Line to 95th, would the Red service on the SMS be high enough to warrant a change in regular Green Line service?
  15. Which brings up the question of signage for the Ashland trips. They could use the Green Line signage or they could make signage with red lettering on a White background. I don't think using the red Ashland/63 signage is a good idea. Also, is it possible that all 800 runs will run to 95th with all of the 900 runs starting and ending at Ashland with any middle trips going from Howard to 95th?