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  1. Sign came into existence during the Red Line Dan Ryan rebuild. When Red Line trains were rerouted to Ashland/63, all nonpeak Green Line trains went to Cottage Grove. During a.m rush, Green Line trains that would've normally gone to Ashland/63 were short turned at Roosevelt, thus the sign you posted. P.M. rush trains that normally would've gone to Ashland/63 circled the outer loop tracks after leaving Clinton. The signs now work perfectly for a line cut at Roosevelt. The Red Line trains retained their Ashland/63 signs which came in handy during 98th Yard work and the 95th Station rebuild when certain rush hour trips were rerouted to Ashland/63. Though Blue Line service hasn't been to Cermak/54 in years, the Blue Line signs remain today. The Orange Line roller curtains used to have Ford City when there was discussion about extending the line from Midway to Ford City. I haven't seen any electronic Ford City signs, nor do I know if they exist.
  2. The new train cars are already at the airport. They started arriving in the summer of 2018. The ATS yard was completely full of them last week when I last checked. Right now they are slated to begin service sometime in January, 2020. Based on recent history, that's not guaranteed. As for the Proterras. delivery hasn't begun yet. No date has been given in regards to delivery. The buses will still have to be inspected and accepted by CTA before they begin service. Remember how long the 7900s sat before they began service. Based on that, I would think the ATS trains will see service first.
  3. Last I remember, the 395 was split between South and Southwest, especially the night shift buses. I think SW operated the 395 and South operated the 395 express trips. How many extras are you guys operating? I'm surprised that SW, S, or even Heritage couldn't provide some extras for overnights. Also it seems like CTA could also provide some extras. This brings me to the 169. I know 103rd uses artics on that route, but is CTA providing extras there also?
  4. Even if the House votes for an impeachment trial, the Senate needs a 2/3 majority to remove Trump. That is a hard task without a dominant Democrat Senate. Impeachment proceedings won't keep him from being elected again. We know Chicago isn't his favorite city.
  5. I disagree. First, there's no room for a station now. Second, there's nothing wrong with the gap between Harlem and Jefferson Park. The Blue Line travel time is too long now. Why add more time? Thirdly, the 68 and 88 adequately fed Jefferson Park and the 88 also serves Harlem. Lastly, the city limits only one mile north of the expressway You have the 68 and 270 to feed Jefferson Park.
  6. So this means the CTA is ordering 20 right now, and possibly in the future, they could order up to 25 more depending on funding and the success of the initial 20 buses. The key words are "up to".
  7. It's been almost a year since this accident happened but I haven't seen any other information about this accident between the CTA and Pace buses.
  8. One of the items that stood out to me was the overhaul of the Cottage Grove Green Line station. Could it be that the station and structure be extended east by 200feet to accommodate 8 car trains? I look forward to seeing the new 7000 series railcars in 2020. I will do my best to ride them when they are tested kn different lines. CTA is funding engineering work for the Red Line extension to 130th. With the city's anti-Trump position, 2026 could be a pipe dream for opening the Red Line extension IF Trump is re-elected. Finally, where did the idea of 45 electric Proterras come from? How will the 20 that are coming in 2020 be divided? Will all 20 go to Chicago Avenue? Will 74th get 10?
  9. Most transit buses are under 11 ft. Motorcoach buses range from 11'2" to 12 ft. I'm not sure about school buses, but I would imagine they top out around 11 ft. Like I mentioned earlier, I be only seen two viaducts under 11 ft in the city.
  10. Buses get dirty on the streets sometimes. SS is responsible for fixing buses. I don't know if they are responsible for washing them.
  11. Well. it looks like the ATS trains won't be running again until early 2020 at the earliest.
  12. For whatever reason, Gillig hasn't been able to crack the Chicago market with CTA and Pace. The former Avis rentacar buses, Aries, and Free Enterprise ran some Gilligs. GPTC runs Gilligs. But CTA and Pace have never chosen Gillig Minneapolis was a Gillig Phantom stronghold for years. I haven't seen back to the Twin Cities in years to see what Metro runs, but would guess New Flyers.
  13. Basically they should clear all viaducts on any and all CTA routes. I believe 59th, 63rd, 79th, North Ave. Ashland. Western, and Cicero are all truck routes. Since 95th is a U.S. Hwy ( U.S. 12 and U.S.20), it is considered a truck route also. I know U.S. 41 is also a zu.S. Hwy, but trucks are banned on South Shore Drive, Lake Shore Drive. and Foster Ave. I could be wrong, but I think state ( IL) routes also qualify for truck traffic meaning streets like North Ave ( IL 64) Irving Park (IL 19), and Cicero (IL 50) are truck routes.
  14. 63rd street, believe it or not is a truck route, thus all of the viaducts, including the Green Line structures are at least 13 ft Most of the CTA and Metra viaducts north of Irving Park are around 11'8" to 11'10:. The one viaduct at 87th and Wentworth is 12'8". All of the other viaducts there at Wentworth are over 13 ft. That is important. A semitrailer attempted to go through those viaducts. not noticing the sign and hit the short viaduct, ripping open most of his trailer. Obviously the rest of the trailer was wedged under the viaduct. It was truly an ugly scene He was going westbound on 87th. All traffic had to share the eastbound side of 87th. The shortest viaduct I have seen in the city is 10 ft 6 in. It is an Orange Line viaduct around Wallace I believe. Exactly how tall are the Proterras?
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