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  1. Your New Blue - O'Hare Branch Rehab

    Did a little research. Supposedly they want to have 2 express lanes from Manheim to Racine. Buses and cars with 3+ passengers could use those express lanes for free and everyone else would have to pay a toll to use them. This concept of "managed tolls" was also supposed to be on the Stevenson, but as usual, there are no funds. Your comment about Express service makes perfect sense. That explains the extra wide r.o.w in the middle of the Ike between Halsted and Kedzie and maybe even the extra portal into the subway east of Halsted.
  2. EX-CN&W Pullman RTA cars in California

    Great video. The narrator correctly identified the cars as Metra, but incorrectly said it was from Mexico.
  3. Your New Blue - O'Hare Branch Rehab

    To add to that, there was talk about extending the Blue Line westward to Manheim. To me, there's no room anywhere on the Ike past Forest Park to do that. I think there's a path north of the Expressway that could have potential for that. Another plan touted covering the Ike through Oak Park. I suppose if you could put the Blue Line on elevated structure on top of that, that could help. Just how much that would cost seems extreme. I actually thought the Feds approved a project for the Ike but I can't seem to find it.
  4. Your New Blue - O'Hare Branch Rehab

    I think part of the delay is waiting for IDOT to decide on when and how to reconstruct the Eisenhower. CTA doesn't want to do major work, then the State comes along and forces CTA to RIP their work up and redo it. They want to coordinate with the State. Truth be told, the Forest Park branch needs a complete rebuild like the Dan Ryan branch got a few years ago. But until the State comes up with a plan for the Ike, it will have to wait.
  5. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    It also serves Harlen High School and Corliss High School.
  6. News: Metra to explore buying 200+ cars

    We'll see. Even if they only modify the current design similar to the South shore Highliners, that would be an improvement. Metra should"ve adopted that for the ME if for no other reason than the old Highliners proved the faster boarding that the first new set of Highliners couldn't.
  7. March 2019 Bus Changes

    I understand. But you could still have the problem I mentioned earlier concerning the RR crossing at Archer/Kilpatrick. Those freight trains will wreck havoc.
  8. March 2019 Bus Changes

    No need to increase 62H service with the 55N within shooting distance.
  9. March 2019 Bus Changes

    The 62 will still have thru trips to Harlem. But the shorter trips now dont havr to contend with the RR crossing near Archer_Kilpatrick which currently can kill all trips. I suppose the the 47 extension as well as the short turn 62s could be related to a possible sale of the Cocero/Archer turnaround.
  10. Random CTA

    Possibly. Seemingly redundant in that the Orange Line can handle that during those times.
  11. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    Yes it is. But reread your original post. You said 77th and EWING, which would be in Lake Michigan Lol!
  12. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    77th and Ewing is dead in the water. As in Lake Michigan water.
  13. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    Owl service is SCHEDULED to run every 15 minutes, delays and abnormalities notwithstanding.
  14. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    The trains run every 15 minutes between 1 and 4 am.
  15. Spring 2019 Rail Pick April 28th

    I will be sad. This could be the last time we see Howard - Ashland/63 service ever.