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  1. artthouwill

    More Bus Moves

    What will 77th do with artics? They don't have routes conducive to them. I suppose sending some to 77th creates space at Kedzie and from a storage standpoint, 77th has plenty of room.
  2. 3457 and 3458 were in existence before this accident. There was a period when the Blue Line was suffering from many incidents including this one, a derailment in the subway, a car fire in the subway, and the infamous crash into the escalators at the O'Hare station.
  3. When Pace had contracts with Keeshin/Coach USA, Pioneer/Colonial, Greyhound, and MidAmerica, those contracts required that those companies provided the equipment. Each of those companies only highway equipment with lavatories, though Colonial did have older coaches without lavatories. Keeshin used to run the 626 and 691 with MC5C buses without lavatories, but Pace switched that contract for Keeshin to run those routes with Pace provided transits. Greyhound ran the 855 first before Keeshin. Keeshin then was under budded by Neal's Bus Service, but due to their poor performance, Keeshin/Coach USA finished out that contract only to lose the bid to MidAnerica. This was the first contract ( with MudAneeica) that Pace required the contracted party to provide lift equipped coaches. Again, due to poor performance, Coach USA finished that contract until Park implemented the Bus in Shoulder service which required Pace to purchase it's own commuter coaches. I'd I recall correctly, Colonial always had the 610. I think they had the majority of the Pace Prairie Stone subscription service routes except the three far south side and south suburban routes that Hammond Yellow had. When INDOT restricted Hammond Yellow to intrastate service only, it effectively shut them down. Obviously they lost the Pace contract, but most of the company's income was generated with commuter service to Chicago and charter services primarily in Illinois. Due to poor equipment. they probably would've lost the Pace contract anyway. Obviously all of the subscriptions service went away.
  4. So there was an accident at 69th and Halsted involving a CTA bus and an attack and robbery on a CTA bus driver that resulted in a crash st 94th and Ashland. I don't know if they happened in the same day.
  5. I can understand roping off the seat immediately behind the driver on the Novas to a small ascent. However, that seat is literally walled off from the driver. So unless the virus travels around that wall.... The New Flyers have no such seat. So are they doing something similar to what I ascribed to Pace West this morning? Pace didn't actually rope off the accessible seats, but had a paper sign there (and throughout the buses) stating they were intentionally keeping certain seats empty. If CTA actually rope off the accessible seats, what to they do if they get a wheelchair passenger, or a passenger who is elderly, or a pregnant passenger, or a passenger with an oversized baby stroller? What sense would it make to rope off or restrict passengers from the accessible seats? There is a wheel well that gives ample distance between those seats and the driver. If you want to protect the drivers, have them use the shields. If buses don't have them, get them installed. To be honest, the best chance for a driver to get the virus from a passenger is during boarding and alighting. What CTA and Pace can try is to make all passengers except wheelchair, elderly, pregnant, and baby stroller passengers exit from the rear. This could be a good time to implement this so passengers will have adjusted to this before things get better. Oh the insanity that the overreaction to this virus is causing.
  6. I have to admit both buses look good in MTA livery. PACE livery with the New Flyers looks great,! I prefer the New Flyers but if it comes down to these two manufacturers, it really doesn't matter. Now if Gillug or Eldorado were to win, then we'd really have something to talk about.
  7. This coronavirus stuff is getting silly. On Pace buses,there are signs posted on some seats to remain empty, including signs on the accessible seats. On all 3 of my Pace rides, someone sat in the handicap seats. Just one person on each bus sat there. Two of the drivers had no issue (Male drivers). The third driver did even though this passenger had a cane and told her he had a bad knee. She wouldn't move bus untsoeone else gave up his seat to move to the rear. He was trying to sit in the accessible seat furthest from the driver and he maintained the social distancing required. I think she should've used some sense and let him stay where he was.
  8. Today I spotted 20406 on the 307 and 20404 on the 318. I also spotted 20408 enroute to the garage. That might've been coming from the 307 that terminated at the Green Line. That bus was a New Flyer. Those buses are quiet, similar sound to the CTA Novas. Hope to ride one soon.
  9. Ok. This just started this week. And its temporary through November.
  10. Did I miss something? This morning my EB 313 served the Harlem Green Line station via Harlem and North Blvd. That seemed strange, but since al of the passengers exited at Harlem and Lae, I figured he was making a purchase stop. But then I saw a WB 309 emerge from South Blvd turning right onto Harlem toward Lake St. This wasn't the case about 3 weeks ago. Since when did these routes str serving the station in both directions? I know that once upon a time, bot routes serves te station WB. Then te 313 was rerouted to stay on Lake. Eventually the 309 followed suit.
  11. I'll answer your last question first. Yes we need 24 hr service. People still work overnights at UPS and other shipping companies and warehouses.
  12. No operator wants to be the first to have an accident with a new bus. History has shown that newbies tend to be more likely to have those accidents. This is why most agencies and companies will assign the new buses to veteran drivers. There are times when newbies wind up with a new bus due to driver reliefs, call offs, and breakdowns. Also, with a large agency like CTA newbies are more likely to get a new bus if they are st a garage that has them. The way Pace West seems to be set up. most buses are pull outside and pull ins. Most street reliefs are for lunches, though there on street reliefs to start or end a day. Like I said before, once a garage gets a bunch of new buses, the newer drivers will get their chance to drive them.
  13. Another possibility is the lack of experienced drivers on the road on weekends. Eventually they will be driving those buses when the fleet increases, but usually new buses go to the most veteran drivers first.
  14. A few observations. 1. Nicely manicured hands with the Ventra card. 2. Nice touch with the rear window. What a pleasant surprise. 3. Annoying turn signals and flashers, but at least no annoying "bus is turning" and "look both ways " announcements. 4. Perhaps having the request stop buttons instead of the cord will cur cut down on passengers requesting a stop before the stop they actually want. 5. Quiet engine but bus seems to rattle a bit, at least to me. 6. Nice security additions, especially the driver shield. Pace South drivers will be jealous. Don't think cameras deter crime since they aren't monitored in real time. 7. Pretty similar to a CTA bus. 8. Yet to be seen is how good the a/c will be. Great video!
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