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  1. CTA roll sign...

    According to what you said , not much difference between 146 and 147 before restructuring .I definitely remember the 151 doing the Granville-Broadway routing to Devon. I woulda thought the 146 Sheridan would've exited at Irving Park to Sheridan it might to coldly duplicate the Wlson Expresses. As such, the original 146 Marne Michigan DID exit LSD at Irving Park. Was the 146 Sheridan a peak period route? I only recall seeing it once and it was in P.M. rush.
  2. Union Pacific West Line - Changes & Restructuring

    1st Avenue in Maywood at UP RR crossing has reopened to vehicle traffic. It looks like 5th Avenue will be next to close. Deter signs are up though they are currently covered. EDIT: It is 9th Avenue that is now closed at UP RR crossing and not 5th Ave
  3. CTA roll sign...

    Years ago, maybe 1978 or 1979 I remember seeing a 146 Sheridan Express bus. I think the destination was Devon. I was waiting for the 157 at Michigan and Randolph when it came going NB on Michigan. On this forum I recall seeing a 150 Sheridan Express roll curtain, but I thought the 150 actually became the 147. My question is was the 146 I saw then a precursor to what became the 146 Marine/Michigan Express? Edit: Relooking at top of thread. I see the 150 was a Sheridan -LaSalle Express and there was a 151 Express which became 147.
  4. Union Pacific West Line - Changes & Restructuring

    1st Avenue is currently closed for 3rd track installation.
  5. West Division - Changes & Restructuring

    The 332 now operates south of Irving Park n Manheim to Seymour and wes on Seymour between Manheim and Irving Park,giving workers in that area better access to the Blue Line.
  6. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    Delays on Green Line around Ashland and Lake due to either signal or switching problems. Trains operating very slow in both directions. Pink aLine trains ro not appear to be operating downtown at this time.
  7. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    The cars can be coupled together but that doesn't change the fact that the controls are different. . Orange Line operators operator daily. A Blue Line operator may not have unless he is an extra board operator or a recent transfer from the Orangeor BrownLines.
  8. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    The 3200s are Cineston control cars. Currently the only ones in the fleet.
  9. two-way buses on narrow streets

    Not really. The 59 only operates at on the Miway with no stops. Cerainlycould stage and rate WB on 59th,though I think 60th is just fine. Nothing wrong it making 50th one way EB only though. I dont recommend buses stopping on the Medway.
  10. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    That part is true. But if you haven't operated a type of railcar for an extended period of time, you certainly should get refreshed on that series again. Obviously that won't apply to every single person but certainly some.
  11. two-way buses on narrow streets

    I wouldn't say the buses on 60th have a hard time passing each other. Granted 60th is narrow. It's just a slowing down to make sure there is clearance. Perhaps the city should designate 60th as a one way EB as 59th is a one way WB. Then the 59 would have to go west from Stony Island either on Midwy Plaisance or on 59th between Stony Island and Woodlawn.
  12. Pace Breakdown Thread

    Today bus 6325 shut down a few times when the driver made stops, but one time it lost power and stopped while on the ramp from SB Rt 83 to WB Roosevelt on Rt 313. Hoping this isn't a trend with engine shutdowns with these Eldorados.
  13. Random Metra

    To add to that, if you are on the train and want to get off at a flag stops, you must inform a conductor before your intended stop.
  14. Random Metra

    I wonder if there is a correlation with automated announcements and flag stops. If no automation, then I supposemanual announcements would be necessary for ADA compliance.
  15. Random Metra

    Possibly one of the mainline trains that ow make all stops when theyME schedule was adjusted to give hourly service betweenKensington and 63rd. Midday every other mainline train runs local. You probably caught one of those. Blue Island rush trains are the locals and Kensington locals run every two hours midday with the mainline local filling in the gap. With this schedule added in with the S Chicago branch service, the HydePark stations now have midday service every 20 minutes.