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  1. Considering how long it took to bore two miles for the new 2nd Ave subway in New York, we may be 50 years away from a downtown to O'Hare high speed railway with dedicated r.o.w. Better start printing new money now.
  2. I'm not on the X route bandwagon for either route. As one who has traveled 79th, there is a glutton of stop signs, especially between King Drive and Western. No bus on any route can overcome the vehicular traffic that it shares roadway with. At least 79th short turns buses at Western. I believe a similar short turn at Sacramento or Pulaski could help some on Chicago as well as short turns at Fairbanks and Ontario (the original terminal for the 66). Perhaps using some peak direction expresses from NP, K, and 103rd to run short trips from Chicago/Western to Fairbanks and Ontario help.
  3. Is that a 10 car length platform?
  4. I don't know about the cheaters, but one advantage is that you could possibly tap your Ventra card before the 2 get window expires even if the bus isn't coming for another few to several minutes. Of course you have to play the game and tap just before your first bus arrives or board conventionally to maximize your time.
  5. It could work at a busy terminal like 95th where the 34 and 119 can leave full.
  6. IIRC, the 29 and WB 67 stop just east of the stationhouse on the bridge, the 71 stops just West of the stationhouse on the bridge and the 30 stops on the far west end of the bridge.
  7. I didn't forget about the 30, but it's ridership is negligible. Even though the 30 and 71 are EB routes, they both board in separate areas on the bus bridge. I still think 71st could benefit from the prepaid boarding.
  8. Actually the South Chicago announcement happens at 93rd St. Go figure.
  9. IIRC, on the UP-N, the full announcement was made for inbound trains originating in Waukegan, even though there are trains that originate in Kenosha.
  10. Very interesting. It seems like you would dedicated row (even on streets) for this to work here in America (especially in Chicago).
  11. I guess it could work if everyone prepays. If everyone isn't prepaying, does the prepaid passengers get boarding priority over the cash fare paying customers?
  12. I only mentioned the County because that was the last place I remember anyone seeing Orions before you spotted one. That was the Colonial/Alexis bus.
  13. I wonder how that works when the first two 146s show up full. Please forgive me and my error but exactly how does prepaid boarding SPEED the boarding process? Then how do you speed board a jammed packed bus?
  14. You didn't mention whee you saw it before. Btw, Windy City is based in Franklin Park, on Grand West of the SooLine tracks.
  15. Windy City may have an Orion other two, but they aren't running the shuttles for Cook County Hospital. A school bus company is doing that now. To your limo point, there are a lot of independent limo drivers that work for Uber, Lyft, VIA, Airport Express, in some combination. I believe Windy City and American Coach Limo make their independents sign exclusivity agreements.