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  1. Did you guys have a little of buses down yesterday for breakdowns and/or scheduled maintenance?
  2. Thanks. Hopefully I get a chance to ride the 7000s myself soon, though I will probably wait until they are on the Green line.
  3. I think its one of the signs in the general area of the Bryn Mawr station. Though I haven't been there recently, my guess is there are similar signs along Bryn Mawr for the 84, Broadway for the 36, and probably one SB on Sheridan at Bryn Mawr too. The map for all of these stops should be in the Bryn Mawr station. Up the thread just a tad I explain the Harlem and Lake station and signage in the surrounding area.
  4. Some of the other videos on YouTube show a clear sign when the train is sitting still but starts "acting up" just before the train starts in motion. So I'm not sure if its an LED refresh issue with the actual signs, a camera issue with settings, or a weird combination of both.
  5. I think the signage isn't so much related to the reconstruction of the Red Line as much as it is the Red Line itself. Even though I haven't been there recently, I would imagine there are signs similar along Bryn Mawr and Broadway. The Harlem sign Erin Mishkin posted is at the north side of the Green Line station. There are also signs on the south side of the station, on both sides of Harlem at South Blvd and Circle and on both sides of Harlem at Lake St as well as on both sides of Lake Street and Harlem. The main map showing all of the stops should be located inside or at the station.
  6. Good question. My thoughts are that unless there is a demand or public outcry, the majority of the suspended service won't come back. There were some low ridership routes cut. I'm not sure about the Metra feeder routes. If Metra sees a major uptick in ridership, the feeders may come back. What could be restored are some of the trips that were eliminated on some routes like the 332 and others. Assuming schools reopen, school trippers should return.
  7. How were the signs on the cars in person? Maybe they work perfectly fine with the naked eye, but on video it still appears like it's malfunctioning. As usual, great video.
  8. Thanks. That makes sense. But sometimes its so inconsistent on the same train, based on what you said, I wonder be able to tell if the operator was using the buttons or automatic system.
  9. Yes. The operator presses a button gor the next announcement
  10. The announce to and visuals are only as good as the CTA operator's use of them. Some operators only play the announcement for a station after they have arrived and once they have opened the doors, immediately hit the "Doors clising" announcement. This cuts out other information regarding transfers and the train and its destination. Some operators are so bad they play the wrong announcements altogether. Fortunately. "Doors closing" doesn't affect the visual but playing the next station announcement could cut off the prior visual announcements. Or by the time the portion of the visual y
  11. Speaking of old tunnels, there were some other tunnels downtown that existed, but got filled in. One such tunnel supposedly ran under Monroe. I wonder where they are and the dimensions? Perhaps they would have been too small for a subway train, but maybe not. I wonder if those tunnels could be the basis for the defunct Franklin Ave and Clinton Street subways? Wabash would have been a great idea for a subway. To me, these would be additions and not replacements for the Loop L.
  12. I can't speak for him, but I think his intent was getting those cars with that wrap on other lines besides the Red because there are "gays" all over the city. I don't think his intent was to stereotype. If anything, putting those wraps on the Red Line could be stereotypical because Lakeview was also known as Boystown is a known "gay community " The wraps are probably for a limited time so it's not really important.
  13. Considering the usage of the Cottage Grove branch, this seems to be a waste of money. That said, my main concern is that the station becomes capable of berthing eight car trains. I also hope the new design doesn't cap off the tracks, leaving open future possibilities for an extension back to Jackson Park. We've also discussed tearing down that branch altogether. Cottage Grove Station as a terminal doesn't work. At least extending the line back to Jackson Park gives tourists options whenever the Obama Presidential Library is built. As planned, this project is putting lipstick
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