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  1. Mayor Lightfoot brings up an issue I raised in my above quote. Now my next question is where is the County getting funds to subsidize this service? While I am still not a fan of this idea, I could go along with it IF it were implemented as a stopgap measure while construction of the Red Line Extension to 130th was taking place. However we don't know if that will ever happen.
  2. What's a dead motor? Is Heritage checking the oil in their buses? Are we sure it's the motor? It could be an alternator or alternator belt issue. It could be, but shouldn't be, a fuel issue, as in running out of fuel.
  3. In the article you posted, Lunda Thisted said something very interesting. To paraphrase, she said the proposal should be about people and not agencies. The transit systems should be integrated. I don't know if that would happen in my lifetime, if ever.
  4. artthouwill

    More Bus Moves

    Cubs are playing tonight at Wrigley Field.
  5. In the city and age, many things can happen. Your can be accused of wrongdoing, someone can possibly use your image for profit without permission, you could be stalked. And yes, some people are very much camera shy. But with so much technology ( security cameras, red light cameras, smartphones, in cab cameras) it's a wonder if we can go one day without anyone getting at least one picture of us.
  6. I worked at O'Hare airport too. The actual Bus Shuttle Center is located in the Main Parking Garage. If you are walking, you can access it from Terminals 1, 2, or 3 by going down to the basement level then catch an elevator from Elevator Centers 3 or 4 to the first floor and follow the bus shuttle Center signage. You could walk across the roadway from Doir 1F LL or 3F LL, but for safety reasons I generally don't recommend that. If you are taking a shuttle bus from Remote Lot E or Terminal 5, those buses drop off on the Upper Level. That means taking the elevators off escalators down to the BL (Basement Level and following the above steps. If taking the CTA shuttles, I recommend Elevator Center 3 Elevators as they will put you closer to Door 3, but Elevator Center 4 works also, especially from Terminals 2 or 3. If you are coming from Remote Lot F aka the Rental Car Facility, those buses drop on the Lower Level Center Lane at Terminals 1, 2, and 3. The best exit is Terminal 1. The stop is 1F LL. In this scenario, the fastest way to the Bus Shuttle Center IS to use the crosswalk and walk to Door 3, which is the 2nd doors you would come to. If you mistakenly wind up on a bus that only serves Terminals 2 and 3, exit at Terminal 3 and use the crosswalk. Go to Door 3 which is the 3rd door. A brief history lesson. At one time, Terminal 1 was the International Terminal. United paid to have it demolished and rebuilt for itself. This is how United got to be in Terminal 1. That meant a new International Terminal was needed. The interim solution was the Main Parking Garage. The 1st floor was designated Terminal 4. Passengers were bused on super wide buses between Terminal 4 and the planes, which were parked in the area where Terminal 5 sits. The ATS was built with the intention to serve the new Terminal 5, initially the same way as the other terminals were served, but the design was altered so the ATS would go inside Terminal 5. Prior to the opening of Terminal 5, shuttle buses operated from Lot C ( now E) and Lot E (now Lot F). There was also a Terminal shuttle which served Terminals 1 thru 4 and also served Butler Aviation ( now Signature), which is where the light is just south of I 190 and Bessie Coleman. To the east of that, where the service road is located, is where Skychef was located. It was also served by the Terminal shuttle bus.
  7. Would love for CTA to wrap one bus from each garage in the old liveries of the 100s/300s, GMC 1000s/7400s/9000s, and the MAN 7000s,4000s, and the original 9800/1600 series Flyers. I would also like a CSL livery as well as the bicentennial livery.
  8. Under Phase 2, doesn't the 226 get rerouted to serve Howard Red Line? That would mean that it would no longer serve Jefferson Park.
  9. Unfortunately, I don't think Pace included any options to order more than the 75 contracted for. If/when Pace needs more buses, they will put out an RFP. I think the law requires that. I'm surprised that Pace didn't have a clause for options. Perhaps they felt the Eldorado Axxess buses are still 6 years away from retirement eligibility. Yes Pace's fleet is newer than CTA'S and I would like to see more New Flyers in Pace's fleet. Perhaps when CTA purs up a RFP for new buses, maybe Pace can piggyback OR maybe the RTA can get a better deal with a RFP for both agencies like the 8000 series RTA GMCs and CTA 9600 series GMC buses that RTA ordered.
  10. I don't think chargers are necessarily related to the bus manufacturer. Just like there aren't New Flyer engines or transmissions, Novabus engines or Transmissions. Whoever makes these chargers, bus manufacturers have to make sure their components and chargers are compatible. The charging stations have to work for ANY and ALL CTA electric buses, be it New Flyers or Proterras or whoever else builds one for CTA.
  11. Not 2000. I think you either meant over 1000 New Flyers OR you have mistaken that for some of the 1000 series buses are numbered 2000 - 2029.
  12. Between O'Hare and Rosemont. Yes. Shuttle buses between O'Hare and Rosemont. Boarding at O'Hare airport will be at Door 3 at the Bus Shuttle Center.
  13. Brings back memories from around 2000 when the snow caused Blue Line service to be suspended between O'Hare and Jefferson Park. The combination of snow, ice, and salt wrecked havoc on the undercarriage on the 2600 series cars. At that time, CTA didn't have enough buses to cover the shuttles so they chartered buses from Colonial and Keeshin to run between Jefferson Park and O'Hare ( and Rosemont) while CTA covered the Harlem and Cumberland stations. This time around, it appears that the shutdown is only between O'Hare and Rosemont. The good news is that the worst is only for 5 weekdays sandwiched between two weekends.
  14. True. After the Orange Line opened, the 44 was cut to the Halsted Orange Line station on weekdays but inexplicably kept that Red Line Chinatown station routing on the weekends. It took a minute, but someone figured it out and made the proper adjustment.
  15. artthouwill

    More Bus Moves

    You might see a repeat performance tomorrow night as Da Bears host the hated cheeseheads at Soldier Field to open the 2019 NFL regular season. Go Bears!
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