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  1. New Eldorados?

    I don't necessarily think the Edema BOD buses have to be highway buses but must be wrapped. But we will see.
  2. Bus Spring Pick 2018

    While I agree that the 29 should return to 77th, I wonder what effect that would have on 103rd operations. Seemingly a lot of runs interline with 29 State now.
  3. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    Perhaps when the driver saw the SUV turn, he instinctively started to turn the wheel when he hit the SUV or he didnt have a firm grip on steering wheel at impact. It doesn't take much to nove the steering wheel. Even with hands totally off the steering, a bump or pothole will cause a vehicle to veer off course.
  4. Red Line Extension (RLE)

    This is my final post concerning the Gray Line, which by the has its own thread (also under Gold Line). As stated before, CTA has no desire to run Highliners nor a suburban commuter service to University Park. CTA has no incentive to compete with itself on the mainline nor South Chicago branches. Assuming that the ME could be converted to accommodate current CTA rolling stock and service (which it can't), that would require an entire rebuild of the ME which would cost way more than $2 billion dollars. And that doesn't include money for fleet expansion. It's dead. Let it stay dead.
  5. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    Bring back the 152 Addison Express😃
  6. Red Line Extension (RLE)

    Where would CTA maintain these Highliner cars? Who coordinates its schedules with Metra AND South Shore trains? How do you collect fares especially at downtown stations? How much does CTA pay for electricity, maintenance, trackage fees? Will CTA have to recognize a 3rd union for railroad employees? How much will CTA have to spend to upgrade every station. You do realize this so called Gray Line would be competing with the Red Line, the Green Line and CTA's South LAD express routes? Obviously there is no benefit to it if neither CTA nor Metra (who could get relief from dwindling ME ridership) won't consider the matter.
  7. Red Line Extension (RLE)

    The ME boarding Busjack quoted are just that, ME hoardings. The idea is to shift the existing high ridership bus passengers riding to 95th to catch the Red Line to rail service sooner thus reducing travel times. As I have stated in the past, CTA is not interested in becoming a commuter railroad which would ADd to its expense. Minneapolis operates both LET and commuter RR, but neither existed there 14 years ago. Our systems date much further back. NY MTA isn't integrated with LIRR, PATH, nor NJT. No one here politically would subscribe to a super CTA. We can't even integrate Metra and CTA fares on Ventra.
  8. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    Odd that 146 would still need trips starting at Irving Park. The 148 covers 146 area between Berwn and Lawrence and runs on Clarendon ( a short distance from Marine Dr between Lawrence and Montrose) to Irving Park. The 144 used to cover all of 146 between Berwyn and Irving Park.
  9. O'Hare Airport Expansion

    Currently the heaviest loads on the ATS is between the domestic and international terminals. By moving the International Terminal to Terminal 2, this should eliminate traffic connecting between domestic and international flights. Moving walkways will be constructed to connect the core terminals. The question becomes what airlines will be shifted to Terminal 5? As the Blue Line is still in the median of I 190, public transit users will still need to use the ATS to access Terminal 5, but T5 users will be more originating and destination passengers as opposed to connecting passengers. I didn't see anything mentioning extending the Blue Line westward. I haven't been on I 390 east of I 290 to see if a median was built to accommodate Blue Line service to Schaumburg.
  10. Pace Roster

    Out of the 6 listed, I 've only seen 4. I haven't spotted 6652 nor 6669 on West routes. I have been on all of the other 4 this calendar year.
  11. O'Hare Airport Expansion

    I thought I read somewhere that the West and northwest burbs have been pleading for at least the western access, which was the main reason for the eastward extension of Illinois 390. Then there's that ring highway that is supposed to connect the Tri State (from Franklin Park) with IL 390 and I 90 in Elk Grove Village.
  12. Recently Mayor Rahm Emmanuel proposes an 8.5 billion dollar plan to expand the airport. Among the items is a rebuilt Terminal 2 which would become the New International Terminal, additional gates and a new satellite concourse. Not in the mix is a western access to the airport and no new terminal with that. American Airlines is balking because United will be getting 5 additional gates in this deal. Up to mow, United and/or American could veto nearly any proposal not to their liking. For instance, they have vetoed a new western terminal because all the benefits would go to other airlines not named United or American. They are the 2 largest and most dominant carriers at ORD. They pay the most fees also. If approved, the project could be completed as early as 2026.
  13. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Actually you have 6 lanes of traffic ( 3 from the Bishop Ford that merges into 2 before the Ryan merge and 3 lanes from I 57 which also merges into 2 lanes before the Ryan merge) that merge into 5 lanes from 95th to the Skyway. From downtown you have 5 lanes expanding to 7 until the Skyway, then contracting back to 5 lanes from the Skyway to 95th. Traffic from the Bishop Ford and I 57 are nightmares just getting to the Dan Ryan. While the distance from 130th may be comparable to the distance from zO'Hare, most of the O'Hare and Edema traffic is going downtown while a lot of the South side traffic is continuing, west, nw, or north, which creates the heavy reverse commute traffic flow. This also applies to transit, especially the Blue Line to ORD. The only possible loser in the Red Line extension is the Metra Electric, which could lose riders between Kensington and Harvey to Pace and CTA. Here is an interesting take on the Garfield park n ride. There are a lot of people who drive and park near 40th and Indiana and ride the Green Line downtown. Where these people come from is beyond me. But parking is at a premium around there during the week. Perhaps CTA hopes to have those people park at Garfield instead. Unlike the Red Line, seats are more available.
  14. New Eldorados?

    I guess the 6262s will be around for awhile. West still has some 6162s hanging on also. I don't know if Pace exercised all of its options for the Access buses or if they have to do a new RFP. I know the max was 416, but were the 91 CNGs at South part of that equation?