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  1. Random Metra

    I guess the window replacement project has made it's way to the MD. Car 8573 has plain, untainted, and dirty windows.
  2. Metra Electric Highliners

    Spotted a set of ME Highliners with graffiti in the yard just past Western station on the MD line.
  3. Pace Bus Moves

    I guess the 2003 NABIs have nearly all faded into the sunset. How long will the 2005s last? Pace is going to need more buses sooner than later .
  4. Damen/Lake Green Line Station Build

    Even though the area has improved, it still has a reputation of being an unsafe neighborhood. Seemingly th purpose of all that glass is to offer high visibility, hence, a heightened sense of security. Lake Street isn't well lit at night and there is an industrial area on the north side of the street. I dont think this station will draw any Blue Line O'Hare branch riders away.
  5. Random CTA

    I remember all of the Blue Line trains short turning at Jefferson Park with CTA and charter buses shuttling between Jefferson Park and the other stations between and at O'Hare.
  6. Damen/Lake Green Line Station Build

    Possibly the end of the 19 when this happens? Passengers needing Oglivie or Union Stations can still ride the 20.
  7. Damen/Lake Green Line Station Build

    Looks like this Damen/Lake Station is one step closer to being a reality. Preliminary work starts in the Fall, with station construction starting Spring 2019 with opening scheduled for 2020. I guess CTA is starting to not like seeing gaps of more than a mile between stations anymore save the Dan Ryan Red Line branch. The rapid is leaving Rapid Transit.
  8. Random CTA

    The conductor's area was at the rear of the odd numbered cars. The door controls were added to the motor man area when CTA went to one man operations. The 3200s were already manufactured with one man operation in mind. The 2200s, 2400s, and 2600s were rehabbed to accommodate this type of operation. The Orange Line operated the 3200s. When one man operation first went into effect, conductors were kept only for rush hour service, but eventually they were done away with altogether. The old 6000s had conductor controls on the side opposite the motor and cab but at the rear of the car. He would be in one car for stations with island platforms and he would change cars for stations with side platforms.
  9. Random CTA

    Definitely a 2600 series railcar before the rehabs. I believe they are the only series to have the push button door controls. I believe 12_98 is the date of this particular railcar's rehab as the series original manufacturing dates are from 1981 through 1987.
  10. Random CTA

    South to Downtown? Must be a new scenic route😎
  11. 5000-series - Updates

    I think we're getting off track here. If you're complaint is that 5000s should be on the Blue Line and not sitting in Howard Yard, re read the article concerning the 5000s and its power usage versus the 2600s. I believe the 3200s will eventually make their way to the BlueLine with some 2600s going to Orange and/or Brown. The 2600s will stay around until the 7000s fill the rail yards. They have to stay in case your 7000s "fail." I think your real issue is you just want different equipment to your own neighborhood and those other neighborhoods should get the 2600s. Even if the Blue gets 3200s, the 2600s aren't going anywhere.
  12. Funny you mention the heading as that was a complaint with NYMTA as well. I wonder if they have options for right windshield destination signs.
  13. 5000-series - Updates

    Read my post above for a possible explanation.
  14. Actually NYMTA had a demonstrator. I found a video on YouTube posted June 18th.
  15. Searching the web and I have yet to find any operator who is using or has purchased the MCI 4500 CRT LE coach. I can't find any operators with current multiyear contracts with MCI for D4500 Commuter Coaches that have altered their contracts to purchase the newer model. I am checking to see if any companies have any CRT LE buses as demonstrators.