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  1. Nashville was in the middle of a building boom downtown. They've had a population explosion in the last few years with a lot of Illinois transplants. I am looking too, but no plans yet.
  2. The original Kensington station had two island platforms and the station house wS a street level underneath the viaduct on 115th. Now the station house is in Front St north of 115th under the tracks. Those tracks were both originally SB but now one is SB and one is NB. The old NB island platform is gone and the original station house closed . Seemingly building the current station house didn't compromise the integrity of the tracks, though i imagine they used the other island platform until the current one was completed. .
  3. I need to revisit. I thought the tetminal was on the north side of the liquor store and the parking lot was south of there. It's been awhile and my memory may be off. That said, that type of stupidity isn't limited to the South Side. It's more on the South side because that's the biggest part of the city. Theres plenty of stupid on the West Side, even though that's the smallest section of the city. There's stupid on the densely populated North Side and even in the burbs there is plenty of stupidity
  4. I'm guessing that the 20300s are the 30 ft Eldorado EZ Riders, and the 20500s are Axxess buses. The question with the Axxess buses are whether they are diesel or CNG? If CNG, will they eventually head to Wheeling? How many CNGs are actually arriving?
  5. That might be the reason they said the new.station houses would be built on ground level. Instead of the current platform level . Halsted and Western on the BNSF, Gresham on the RI, Jedzie on the UP-W. Clybourn on the UP N and NW don't inspire as safe havens either.
  6. @garmon757 reported that all of Brown Lune 3200s, with the exception of the roof board 3200s would go to Blue to awP for 2600s. Orange is already 100% 2600s, and Brown would be nearly l 2600s.. being the first two lines to get the 7000s is very possible based on the track conditions on the Forest Park branch of the Blue Line. When it comes to CTA, nothing is certain until it happens.
  7. Long overdue. Not the safest of locations, hence low ridershop.
  8. I think the Halsted Pulse is closer to fruition, though i still don't know the exact timetable. I also can't seem to find in the 2021 budget any allocations for new buses, be it CNG or diesel. I do know if Pace deferred or changed (or canceled) the 2020 order for new EZ Riders.
  9. Maybe the best option is for S and NW to swap fleets. I think S still has their diesel tanks there. Future CNGs. If any, can always go to S. Also, NW and NS can swap some routes with 290, 226, 215, 250, and 270 and Oulse going to Evanston with 213, 234, 626 going to Wheeling. With routes like 241 disappearing. Wheeling may only need 200 buses for the immediate future.
  10. I saw 6843 on the 90 this morning.
  11. In the case of the 28 at Union Station, 103rd is a mighty long way to bring a bus. If its a.m. rush, should be easier to get a bus deadheading back to 193rd or a bus that would be stored downtown to swap.
  12. From Wilson, the Red Line makes 4 stops, Sheridan, Addison, Belmont, and Fullerton. From Wilson, the Purple line makes 4 stops, Belmont, Wellington, Diverse, and Fullerton. Plus the Purple might be stuck behind a Brown Line train. So I disagree that the Purple would be faster, at least from Wilson. Currently with so much slow zone, Pyrple isn't much faster from Loyola
  13. You are correct. Loyola was the other transfer point. To me, aNy benefit to switching to Purple is offset by the slower Purple service south of Belmont. Once upon a time, the Evanston Express had express trackage south of Armitage, bypassing Sedgwick, which had island platforms. THE Purple is now designed to be a Brown reliever Moreno than Red
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