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  1. I suppose this is East Sheridan Rd, which becomes Devon Ave west of Broadway. Sheridan then runs north replacing Broadway north of Devon. The "Avenue might actually be the north south portion if Sheridan between Devon and Pratt, which includes Loyola's campus.
  2. Thats easy. The bus routes I mentioned are all low ridership. As for the Blue Line, current owl see has 2 30 minute gaps and 1 60 minute gap. My thought only eliminated 2 trains in each direction. Obviously with a 60 minute gap, demand us very low. The Red Line has the fastest owls of any CTA service. I do think current rudershp supports 15 minute owl services, but 30 minute owl service would align with CTA'S other owl services.
  3. United and American control their gates so there was no way they were going to share with anyone who wasn't an alliance partner. Terminal 5 gates are all common use gates, even for the international carriers. Honestly that was the only place they could fly from. Frontier is there too. Terminal 5 is also due for an expansion. When the O'HARE expnasion is complete, Delta will also relocate to Terminal 5.. However, we will have to see how the Western bypass plays out. If a new Terminal 4 gets built out there, who would dare move there? WOULD the Blue Line get extended to serve it? Would a separate people mover ATS be built or the current one extended?
  4. IAH is Bush Intercontinental in Houston. I don't think Southwest would try DFW but I think they will fly to DAL (Dallas Love Field).
  5. I read today Metra is supposed hold a vote concerning Preckwinkle's plans to lower fares on the ME and RI. The vote is scheduled for November and the Cook County board is expected to vote on it in December.
  6. At one time, there was nothing wrong with this. But CTA changed the markers so it would be less confusing. Now Green Line trains have green markers for Harlem and Ashland/63 and white and Green for Cottage Grove. It looks like this should be a Blue Line train to O'Hare. It looks like this train is sitting at Forest Park. Apparently the 3200s weren't reprogrammed.
  7. I was under the impression K would get some for the 124, C would get some for the 66, and 74th would get some for 63. With charging stations at Austin and Navy Pier, the 66 would be covered on both ends of the route. Due to the length of the 63 and the short turn at Kedzie, I thhaving charging stations at both ends of 63rd made sense.
  8. Somehow I thought 63rd Street Beach was the other spot However that's only operational in the summer. Since every other charging station seems to be in a turnaround, that eliminates Stony Island as a possibility Could Union Station possibly be one?
  9. How did we wind up talking about CTA train service in a Pace thread?
  10. Not my experience. It was more like 8 to 10 minutes at 5pm in the weekday rush. Same thing with the Red and Brown Lines
  11. My thoughts were that , once the train leaves Belmont, Brown Line trains would keep straight into the structure as track 5. Track 4 curves after leaving Belmont. It probably would make more sense if you shoot the video from the front of the lead car on the Brown Line or from the north end of the Belmont platform
  12. So it seems the flyover starts immediately after the Belmont station. The only thing that seems confusing is that this flyover passes to the east of Clark Tower before crossing the tracks. How does the tower see any SB Brown and Purple conflicts?
  13. Not really. If you look at the current Blue Line schedule, you have a 30 minute gap after 1 am, a 50 minute gap after 130am, a 30 minute gap after 230am. AFTER 3am, the intervals go to 15 minutes. So you actually can eliminate 2 trains in each direction between 1 and 3am. The Madison bus is 1/2 to the North of the Blue Line and already serves as the alternative to Green Line service. Milwaukee doesn't need owl bus service for a 2 hr gap.
  14. We will see how it impacts service. With the cuts i proposed that should wipe out all of the remaining 6499s. How this affects new bus orders remains to be seen. Also, how will this affect staffing? CTA just hired new drivers. Will they be cut? Will CTA offer several packages for senior drivers nearing retirement?
  15. Considering how Pace has cuts in service for its 2021 budget, I wonder what CTA will actually propose. This is what I would propose Reduce Red Line owl service frequency from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Eliminate Blue Line owl service. Eliminate bus routes 1, 11,18,24,30,31,37,43,4448,54A,55A,85A,96,100,124,134,143,165. ELIMINATE the downtown service on the 28. Eliminate service east of the Garfield Red Line on route 59, if bot the entire route.
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