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  1. The fact that the cars are at Rosemont makes me think it may be possible that they may test in revenue service. That may depend on the consists. A four car consist would be non revenue service An 8 car consist may be revenue testing, but that also can test in nin revenue service for a few days first before testing in revenue service. I will try to look for the cars Monday
  2. I understand why CTA looked into electrics. For one. It is the future. Cars will eventually be electric. I'm not sure if the feds we're giving grants for agencies to try alternatives to diesel fuel. I do know private companies were getting tax credits for alternative fuels such as propane and cng. I do think going all electric will be a massive undertaking. I think they should have at least tested the aforementioned alternative fuels. Building special tanks for those buses at garages do have a cost and some garages are space constrained. But building charging stations all over town is
  3. I don't think surveying CTA drivers and mechanics is part of the bid review process. Most of the time, cost is the determining factor in who wins the bid, especially when federal funds are paying for the equipment. It's too bad CTA and Pace have radically different specs. In a perfect world, the RTA would put out RFPs for both agencies. Maybe New Flyer gets the bid for the 85 Pace buses at West AND the 600 bus order that Nova got from CTA. Then again, Nova could have won it all, but I think negotiating for two agencies may yield a better per bus cost. The only RTA order I remember
  4. The dip is definitely there. O was only saying I never experienced the bumpers hitting the ground there like I did at Forest Park where there's also a dip
  5. At Halsted Orange Line, I haven't experienced that with the New Flyers. I haven't been on a Nova on the 8 nor 44.
  6. Is that all 40ft buses or specific to Novas or New Flyer?
  7. When Pace West first got its New Flyers, I noticed that when buses were turning out of the Forest Park north terminal, it seemed like the bumper or something was hitting the ground. This never happened on any of the other models. I don't know if Pace did any repairs or drivers are more careful and slower turning out to go SB in Desplaines Ave, but the contact with the ground isn't happening anymore. Interesting enough, I have never rode any Nova on an LSD route. I suppose it's a good thing the city reconstructed the bridge over 47th otherwise the low floors buses .might have sustaine
  8. I wonder why they are running 4 car consists instead of 8?
  9. Let's look at the routes. Afams/Jackson 1 Bronzeville Union Station provides link between Union Station and the West Loop with the South Loop and Bronzeville. Once upon a time this service was provided by the 129 NW/Franklin but was eliminated due to duplicity 7 Harrison provides service from bear West Side , Medical District, and UIC to Michigan Ave. Serves Union Station 28 Stony Island links Union Station and South Michigan Ave to Balboa, then runs express to Hyde Park and the South side. Low ridership caused route to be reduced to rush hour only downtown. 1
  10. I don't think that reroute is temporary. Baxk in the day, the route was South Water (now Wacker Place), Wabash, and Wacker Drive. Wacker Pl isn't really too narrow to stage buses. If the intent was to use the end of Upper Wacker for a turnaround, the new high rise at the end of Wacker eliminated that option Keep in mind that residents will complain about exhaust i think this current routing works well and I actually think it's permanent.
  11. I would modify your idea. First, you can't eliminate 22 service north of Belmont as it is a very heavy route. You can still increase service south of Belmont by using another garage like C or K to run the service between Belmont and 35tg Red Line or increase Broadway service by reinstating the short turn service between Halsted and downtown with C or J provides that service that was once ran by Limits
  12. Maybe CTA should retrofit the 7900s with these windows. We may possibly see if there's an improvement in the a=c on those buses
  13. They did test on the Blue Line and you made it video I don't think they were testing for track issues or weight issues I would expect testing in revenue service on the Blue Lune Forest Park branch when the time comes i still believe the track issues will gave to be resolved before CTA assigns 7000s to the Blue Line
  14. I haven't had the chance to ride 8325 through 8349 yet. Is the a/c any better on those? I'm actually surprised that CTA would go with buses without hopper windows un case of weak a/c or a/c failure. I remember the 1000/7400/9000/9600 series fishbowls. The a/c failure got so bad CTA installed sliding windows to replace the sealed windows. They also stopped ordering buses with a/c until the 1993 Flxble 5300s. I noticed the 600 series Proterras also don't have hopper windows
  15. Still trying to find the exact GVR for the 7000s.
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