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  1. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    So does FG so I guess they don't need any more either.
  2. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    While I agree with you, I think his premise was based on the charging stations being at the FG garage and/or the Jefferson Pk terminal.
  3. Pace Bus Moves

    West will need them as most of the NABIs struggle with no a/c. So far the temps have been pleasant, but when summer gets here those buses will become saunad. Even some of the 6323 ÷ 6376 series buses struggle with no working a/c. When school goes back in session Pace should send some NABIs back north and keep 6730 - 6739 at West, since most of those trips up north are school trippers.
  4. Random CTA

    A lot of tourists stay on the Mag Mile and the Museum is a tourist destination.
  5. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    I don't think there is a crossover there.
  6. FastTracks

    Actually, some routes could stage on Circle Blvd where the 757 loads during a.m rush. Or like I said earlier, Pace could not change anything and CTA could run free shuttle buses (not necessarily artics) between Forest Park and Harlem Green Line. That eliminates your staging problem at Harlem as those buses could just load and go.
  7. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    True. Amazing the entire SSM ha no service because of this. Also amazing that people don't think the SSM needs track work.
  8. CTA Rail Service Alerts

    When and where?
  9. FastTracks

    I think the 301, 303, 305, 308, 310, 317, and 327 would go to Harlem Green Line. Its infinitely closer than 54/Cermak. The only other alternative is to run free CTA shuttles between Forest Park and Harlem Green Line.
  10. FastTracks

    Yes. But only during rush periods on some trains due to capacity restraints at 95th related to terminal expansion and construction in 98th Yard. This routing was also in effect for ALL Red Line trains for 5 months in 2013 as the line was reconstructed from south of Roosevelt to 95th. Before 1993 this was the routing for Englewood/Howard A trains with Jackson Park/Howard B trains going to 63rd/Stony Island ( cut back to 63rd/University when a crack was found on the bridge over IC Metra Electric tracks). In 1993 the south end of the Lake/Dan Ryan and Englewood/Jackson Park/Howard were swapped to form the current Green and Red Lines. In 1994 the entire Green Line was shut down for two years for a rebuild with the structure on 63rd between Dorchester and Cottage Grove being torn down. The structure from Kimbark to Dorchester was newer because there were plans to build a new terminal to connect to the NE at Dorchester, but community opposition, mainly from the church located there forced CTA to scale the line back to Cottage Grove when the Green Line reopened in 1996.
  11. FastTracks

    As for the west end of 305 at Forest Park, that route could be extended to Harlem Green Line where it once terminated.
  12. FastTracks

    The SSM needs the track work. Besides these rails being over 20 years old, they had additional wear and tear from additional Red Line service on these tracks. On the West Side, a new EB slow zone has appeared between California and Western as well as one between Morgan and Clinton. The one between Ashland and Morgan has disappeared.
  13. More Bus Moves

    Probably an emergency fill in. A street supervisor may have pulled that bus to run the 72, most likely from the 156.
  14. CTA 'L' Rosters

    Again, the CTA is waiting for IDOT to come up with a plan to rebuild the Ike so it can coordinate reconstructing the Congress branch accordingly. No need to reconstruct that section, then after IDOT starts reconstructing the expressway, CTA has to reconstruct the branch again.
  15. CTA 'L' Rosters

    You did. What we are telling you is those cars are coming from 54th Yard. They are technically assigned to the Pink Line and have Pink Line run numbers. They only run rush trips between Racine and Jefferson Park on the Blue Line. Those cars came to 54th grom the Red Line.