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  1. Metra Ticketing

    I thought ME riders deserved something for their inconvenience. But I think 20% to 25% would be better.
  2. 5000-series - Updates

    This makes the 2600 series train spotted on the Green Line even stranger Red has a surplus of 5000s. It seems like Red and Green are swapping some cars, presumably to even out mileage.
  3. 2400-series - Service Dates

    I don't understand the logic of having ONE set of 2600s on the Green Line. Is the Orange Line Midway Yard at capacity? There's room at 63rd/Loomis Yard but there should be enough cars on Green Line to get by without using the 2600s.
  4. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    89th and Greenwood
  5. Random CTA

    I wonder if this was the set I saw pulling in Harlem Yard on January 14th. I reported an 8 car consist, but it could've been a six car consist.
  6. 4 car Yellow Line train

    Until the 1990s, the Skokie Swift didn't have third rail operation. It had electrical wiring and the rail cars had pantographs similar to what you see on the Metra Electric. The last set of cars that had this setup were cars 3441 through 3456. These cars still have the roof boards on them though the pantographs are long gone. I forget the actual year the Yellow Line transitioned to third rail operation. As long as I can remember, this line as a CTA. route has been a two car operation, but that doesn't mean that it hasn't operated with one or three of those single cars before. More recent history has had them operate the married pairs. In recent years it's been CTA policy to operate longer trains on all of their train routes (except Pink) during snowstorms or extremely cold weather. Red, Blue, Orange, and Brown get 8 cars. Green and Purple get 6 cars. Yellow gets 4 cars. This line is still the most susceptible to weeather related service interruptions and suspensions.
  7. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Because this is an option of an existing order, I'm surprised that it is taking this long to get these buses on the streets. Unless there's a difference mechanically which requires maintenance training, I don't see a reason why these buses aren't rolling unless CTA is rejecting these buses.
  8. If I ran Transit for one day...

    I don't think any of this makes sense. The 30 currently connects the Hegewisch neighborhood in the southeastern most section of the city to shopping and businesses along Ewing and the South Chicago district around 91st and Commercial. Hegewisch riders seeking to go downtown will use the South Shore Thus the 30 and 100 swapping south terminals makes no sense. As for the 95 and 100, there is sufficient ridership along 93rd between Cottage Grove and Woodlawn to justify the current routing. Remember passengers living south of 93rd in that area do not have access to 95th due to the railroad tracks running along 94th. Also there is little residential area south of 95th between Cottage Grove and Woodlawn that is served by the current 100th on 95th and the 4 and 115 on Cottage Grove. If I would do anything, I would return the 100 to it's original Jeffery Manor loop and restore the 106th routing back to the 106, even if only for rush hours only.
  9. Metra wish list.

    And gridlock traffic and exhaust everywhere else.
  10. Metra wish list.

    That doesn't seem to make much since unless its specific to downtown seeing that CN operates freight trains from 16th St south. And we've known the SS to have borrowed a Metra diesel set in the past. But you're right that the city wanted the IC to not operate steam engines which is why the IC electrified way back in the 1920s. Plus they also separated their commuter tracks from the freight tracks. The ME will remain electric for the future.
  11. Metra wish list.

    The SS will operate test trains on Saturday on its tracks. However, like ME, no passenger service Saturday.
  12. What to Do With Surplus Artics

    It won't. Besides the other issues previously discussed, see jajuan's post immediately above yours.
  13. Metra wish list.

    SS is also suspended. Where would you store diesel locomotives for the electric lines?
  14. Metra wish list.

    The initial shutdown was due to wire issues due to the severe cold. The CN derailment aggravated the situation.
  15. More Bus Moves

    I think 1838 is a K bus and might be a school tripper. With the lack of volume of people or lack of equippme6uesterday, a 40ft bus was substituted in place of an artic. Even if CPS canceled classes yesterday, CTA may not have had advanced enough warning to cancel the tripperrs.