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  1. Brown and Orange Lines will operate as one route. Trains will run on Wells and Van Buren. Green Line and Pink Line trains will operate via Wells and Van Buren with Pink Line trains terminating at z Roosevelt.
  2. Might be time to retire that car number or consist. If it happens again after that. then it will be time to look at the switches.
  3. People aren't going to be happy about it. That's the case on the diesel lines. Metra did retweak some of those adjustments. NICTD doesn't have the frequency of Metra, but I wondered if NICTD will have to tweak its schedule for PTC or will it have to tweak its schedule based on ME changes.
  4. Was the first time involving an Orange Line train?
  5. Starting Tuesday, March 3rd. Royal Excursions will be running the South Bend to ORD and MDW service formerly operated by Coach USA. The service will be called Royal Zoom. Do far, Portage, Highland. and Crestwood aren't stops yet, but Griffith is.
  6. Right now there's a mechanical problem with an Orange Line train blocking Tower 12 at Van Buren and Wabash. Green. Orange Pink, and Brown Lines are affected. Purple Line trains running through the Red Line subway from Fullerton to Roosevelt. IPDATE: Trains are now running as of 710a with big delays. Incident occurred around 6a this morning.
  7. Metra is proposing changes to its ME service as a result of PTC. Blue Island Express trains will become local trains with transfers to Express trains at Kensington. Rush hour Expresses will only stop in Hyde Park at 55/56/57th station. South Chicago branch will get one outbound p.m. rush hour Express train. The mainline will get one new midday outbound Express train. Rush hour suburban zones will be Kensington to Homewood and Homewood to University Park. Schedule changes proposed are on Metra's website.
  8. I forgot about 5800s. 5800 thru 6399.
  9. Indian Trails (not Trailways) is a privately and family owned company based in Owosso Michigan. They run service between Chicago and points in Michigan. In exchange for using Greyhound facilities in some places, Greyhound and Indian Trails share ticketing. Greyhound does this with other companies like Burlington Trailways in Iowa and Jefferson Lines in Minneapolis. Remember Pace leased from MCI and not Greyhound.
  10. For the longest time. Greyhound used MCI coaches. At one time,Greyhound actually owned MCi from the late '50s to mid '80s. MCI was sold in 1986. Until recently, all of Greyhound buses were MCI. Now they are increasing their Prevost X3-45 fleet. The state of Michigan also bought VanHools for Greyhound to use on routes operated in Michigan. Greyhound used to have a competitor called Continental Trailways. They operated an exclusive fleet of Eagle buses. Greyhound bought Continental Trailways in 1987. Some MCIs were painted in Trailways livery, and a few Eagles sported the Greyhound livery until Greyhound phased out the Eagles and the Trailways livery altogether. Long story short, I can see how you see the highway coaches as Greyhound buses.
  11. The body style originated in 1985 as the MCI 96s and 102s. The 96s were 96inches wide. The 102s were 96 inches wide in the front and 102inches in the rear. Both came in A models . The 102s most popular model became the C model. Around 1992 MCI introduced the D model. The D3 was the 40' model and the DL3 was the 45' model. Around 2000, the models were renamed the D4000 (40') and the D4500 (45') to align with the renamed Renaissance EL3 which became the E4500. MCI also introduced a J4500 and a G4500 (which was built primarily for Greyhound). However. Greyhound seemed to prefer the Ds over the Gs. Since some charter companies and some transit agencies used the buses as commuters, MCI made some D4500s D4500CTs. The only difference is the entrance doors, overhead signage, and lack of restroom. Minor tweaks have been made to the headlights, flushmounted windows, taillights, but the base design has not changed for the D series buses, excluding the D4500 CRTe commuter. The only highway coach companies are MCI, Prevost ( which also builds the Volvo 9700), VanHool. and Setra. Prevost also has commuter coaches based on its X3 -45 model. NYMTA has a bunch of those.
  12. I was thinking 500 buses as opposed to 100 buses plus 5 options of 100 each for a total of 600. You are correct.
  13. I believe the buses were 6910 thru 6919. Those were 1997 MCI 102DL3s, the only 45' buses Pace has had.
  14. And the 3500s would end at 3999.
  15. All of the MCI buses were in the 6900 series. I have to look for the exact numbers. No every single Pace MCI bus didnt come from Greyhound. Most came from MCI new.
  16. Not any more. At the time, Pace needed more buses but didn't have the resources to purchase new buses. The lease was cheap and a temporary stopgap until they could get new buses. BTW, how do you know those buses came from Greyhound?
  17. There's a 4400 series they could use and not run into a bus or rail car series. There's the 3500s since the railcars end at 3458. There's the complete 9000 series. The 9000s and 9600 series buses were retired in 1996. I think the 3 digit series numbers will go to the electric bus fleets.
  18. If Nova wins, 8350 or 8400 is most likely. If New Flyer wins, it's anybody's guess. but I think I would start at 2100. @WCR doesn't have to worry about interfering with the railcar numbers. By the time CTA exercises all the options, the 2600 series cars will be retired. The 3500 series is available for Gillig and Eldorado should either longshot win.
  19. Its possible. Uber and Lyft service s probably hard to get out that way. Fixed route service may not meet some of the demand.
  20. I think that he is referring to the used MCIs Pace leased from MCI. I never rode any of those leased buses, but it is possible. though not likely, those buses came from Greyhound. Greyhound has traded or sold some of its buses to MCI or ABC Companies (seller of VanHools). Most buses Pace purchases do not have lavatories. Pace also doesn't have facilities for proper disposal of chemicals and excrement, so even if buses had lavatories, Pace would have to lock them to prevent usage. This makes me wonder how Metra does it, though railroads have always had lavatories.
  21. I think these 2 routes were chosen based on their loading patterns Consider that the J14 primarily loads NB on Jeffery with few local passengers exiting, and from downtown the J14 is almost exclusively loading passengers. The 192 exclusively loads from downtown in the a.m. and from the hospital in the p.m. I wonder what happens when the rear reader either fails or a passenger's Ventra card doesn't have any value? I think this would work better with a 3 door setup with the middle doors serving as a second entrance. At least that door is closer to the driver if an issue comes up.
  22. Yes they'll get them, the question is how many? Initially the order was for 75, now it's 85. My guess is West will get 75 and another garage (Evanston or River?) will get 10. Honestly I think West should get them all to retire the BABIs. But if I remember the one board meeting I saw online, a board member seemed pretty interested in another garage besides West getting some new buses.
  23. Could be a myriad of reasons. There's the possibility of not having parts. If it's a leased bus, they may have to get some sort of approval before proceeding with repairs. Perhaps other bus work has a higher priority because CTA has the parts necessary while others don't. Maybe some buses were stripped for parts and those parts need replacing. They have more than enough artics so there's no rush to get them all up and running. These buses have no relation to CTA ordering new buses. The first priority is retirement of the 6400s. CTA has heavily invested in rebuilding the 1000s, so unless they start breaking down, it may be awhile before CTA exercises options on this new order.
  24. Wasn't there a Pace bus wreck on interstate 80/94 involving a NABI 617×? Certainly Pace isn't going to (nor did it) stop using numbers because of a bus being involved in a wreck. However I wonder was the 8713 wreck a fatal accident? If so, possibly the first fatal accident under the Pace name? Considering the newness of the bus, they quickly decided to stop the 13s before 8813 had a chance to be delivered. Considering that the other RTA service boards don't do this and neither do Pace's ADA contractors. isn't it time for Pace to end this silly practice? Hopefully we will see a 20413.
  25. The dormancy may be due to legal holds due to injury or fatal accidents. Some may be in long term holds where the amount of damage makes it not worth repairing, but close enough to retirement eligibility that they just let the bus sit. Perhaps they rob parts from those buses to repair other buses (assuming they are not in a legal hold).
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