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  1. While there is no doubt this is related to the dispute with Metra, UP can argue that it is taking precautions related to the pandemic by keeping its conductors and engineers safe. There is also a passenger benefit in that injuries would be reduced in the event of a train and vehicle accident. My question is whether fares are being collected on other Metra services including the BNSF, ME,MD. and RI?
  2. So the STB won't rule ib the matter but it will defer to the federal courts. The courts will also rule where STB has jurisdiction, if any.
  3. I don't know what timetable Pulse service on Dempster Pulse will begin, but until the I would expect the 250 to sport 2 to 5 of those New Flyers daily.. Pulse Milwaukee might see one or two if any get wrapped.
  4. This is exciting news! I suppose it would be too much to take the cars to Lower 63rd yard and, push or pull to Skokie?
  5. i hope so but I think another garage will be ln line to get some.
  6. I rode 6274 yesterday. It had good a/c, though it wasn't too hot yesterday. So it's looking like W will continue to get New Flyers through 20475 based on the number of NABIs still running. We will see when 20466 hits the streets.
  7. I haven't seen to Milwaukee in a minute. could it be?
  8. Good question. Feeder service is suspended so Westmobt doesn't need the buses right now. I don't know where those buses are being stored. We still don't have a timeline for the arrival of the new EZ Riders
  9. Eventually UP and Metra will work it out and Metra will take over the service. Metra is trying to buy time to implement the takeover but UP doesn't want to wait and wants out asap.
  10. I think z UP appeals until it wins. Meantime, like @trainman8119 said. UP will deliberately delay IP Metra service until an agreement is reached for Metra to take over.
  11. Ok we're getting close to eradicating the NABIs at West. Now were going to see if West continues to receive New Flyers and send their newest Eldorado Axxess buses away, or if another garage like NW ir NS (or even River) gets the remainders.
  12. I would think you would prefer the rails over the buses.
  13. I think UP appeals to the courts. They will argue the STB has no jurisdiction concerning the matter. Their primary argument is that they aren't a common carrier and thus they are not obligated to provide commuter (passenger) rail service. Metra is pointing to the original agreement with CNW that includes a clause that if the RR and Metra don't have a POS agreement in place, the RR would continue to run the commuter service per the common carrier provision by ICC. Since then, the ICC was abolished and replaced by the STB. UP is arguing that, since the ICC was abolished, the common carrier provision was abolished with it, and thus no longer applies I think UP will lose un the STB hearing. which is partially why they don't believe, or want to believe the STB has jurisdiction over this case Does anyone know what became of the fight between UP and CTA over the r.o w concerning the westernmost leg of the Green Line? UP wanted to drastically increase the fees CTA paid them and CTA balked. CTA even filed a lawsuit to have that portion if r.i w "condemned " UP argued that wasn't possible or legal because federal law superceded that. UP won that part. I assume that eventually they came to some agreement.
  14. Drivers have been known to make side trips? Remember the Nova that made its way to Detroit,? This is beyond a side trip. Where did this bus originate? Uf Alabama it makes perfect sense, although I don't think Aniston builds 60 ft buses. St Cloud makes sense in that the bus would have to go through Detroit or Niagara Falls to enter Canada. The real problem is if thus bus was actually built in Canada.
  15. It was the LIMITS garage drivers that gave that nickname to a driver from 77th. It's one thing to have a bad name at your own garage. It's another thing to have a bad name in a garage you DIDN'T work in on the opposite side of town. Who knows? Maybe he did work at Limits once
  16. If that's the pavement in the left lane, it doesn't feel good in a car either. Incidents have an effect on not just that bus and its drivers and passengers, but also affects the follower. Years ago when the 8 was shared by 77th and Limits, I had a 77th driver who apparently was having a very difficult day. He stopped the bus at least 3 times and refused to move the bus. On the third time, some of us got off that bus and got on the Limits bus which had caught us. When he passed the 77th bus , he remarked that driver had a nickname. They called him The Fool. So the trip was crowded but peaceful. It's bad when drivers from another garage give you a nickname like The Fool.
  17. I got you. I don't disagree with anything you stated. Every operator is different whether at CTA, Pace, or Metra conductor. But like I stated in my original response, I believe those passengers knew they were short. It happens. It happened to me at few times. I informed by drivers and conductors as soon as I boarded so they could decide whether I could ride or not. All of them appreciated my honesty up front and kept me go to at least get to a train station where I could reload my Ventra card, or configure my account to purchase a Metra ticket. I don't agree with being petty, but I know I can't stand someone trying to play me. Nowadays it's not worth it to put the game players in their place. Some people look for anything to attack another person.
  18. That's a sound policy. It deescalated potential volatility and keeps the drivers and passengers safe. No need to violin death over $2 50. I can help but think there's something more to this story. There's a reason why the driver opted to call the police. Based on what we know, that seemed nonsensical. I'm thinking prior events could have happened. Was this guy just a perpetual fare evader or a robber who has stolen passenger belongings like purses, cell phones, jewelry, wallets.
  19. The passenger who was short on his fare knew that before he boarded. He should have informed the driver before putting any money in the fare box or tapping his Ventra Card. If the driver kicks him off, just gets off with no problem. It's the passenger 's responsibility to have the proper fare. That said, I think the driver possibly overreacted. I say possibly because I don't know if this driver had a previous encounter with this same person who may have been trying to get over. This is the only reason I can see the driver kicking him off the bus and not letting others pay his fare. Unless that passenger had a visible weapon or made a threat, or attempted an assault, I don't think the police should have been called. With all of the violence goun on, this seems petty. Considering the body slam incident and the termination of those drivers for not following procedures, perhaps this driver and others fear termination to the point they will follow procedure to the letter.
  20. All you probably have to do is show your reservations or boarding pass on your phone.
  21. This is the first time I'm noticing. First saw it today on 20414.
  22. And I'm on 20458 on the 313.. Did anyone notice the monitor on the driver side. It kinda acts as a security device. It shows video being recorded of the inside of the bus. The camera is mounted on the windshield above the Ventra card reader.
  23. This is a catch 22. Is CTA planning to run bus service between O'Hareand Rosemont? If not, how do workers get to and from the airport?
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    4007 working the 4 with a Not In Service sign.
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