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  1. In the city and age, many things can happen. Your can be accused of wrongdoing, someone can possibly use your image for profit without permission, you could be stalked. And yes, some people are very much camera shy. But with so much technology ( security cameras, red light cameras, smartphones, in cab cameras) it's a wonder if we can go one day without anyone getting at least one picture of us.
  2. I worked at O'Hare airport too. The actual Bus Shuttle Center is located in the Main Parking Garage. If you are walking, you can access it from Terminals 1, 2, or 3 by going down to the basement level then catch an elevator from Elevator Centers 3 or 4 to the first floor and follow the bus shuttle Center signage. You could walk across the roadway from Doir 1F LL or 3F LL, but for safety reasons I generally don't recommend that. If you are taking a shuttle bus from Remote Lot E or Terminal 5, those buses drop off on the Upper Level. That means taking the elevators off escalators down to the BL (Basement Level and following the above steps. If taking the CTA shuttles, I recommend Elevator Center 3 Elevators as they will put you closer to Door 3, but Elevator Center 4 works also, especially from Terminals 2 or 3. If you are coming from Remote Lot F aka the Rental Car Facility, those buses drop on the Lower Level Center Lane at Terminals 1, 2, and 3. The best exit is Terminal 1. The stop is 1F LL. In this scenario, the fastest way to the Bus Shuttle Center IS to use the crosswalk and walk to Door 3, which is the 2nd doors you would come to. If you mistakenly wind up on a bus that only serves Terminals 2 and 3, exit at Terminal 3 and use the crosswalk. Go to Door 3 which is the 3rd door. A brief history lesson. At one time, Terminal 1 was the International Terminal. United paid to have it demolished and rebuilt for itself. This is how United got to be in Terminal 1. That meant a new International Terminal was needed. The interim solution was the Main Parking Garage. The 1st floor was designated Terminal 4. Passengers were bused on super wide buses between Terminal 4 and the planes, which were parked in the area where Terminal 5 sits. The ATS was built with the intention to serve the new Terminal 5, initially the same way as the other terminals were served, but the design was altered so the ATS would go inside Terminal 5. Prior to the opening of Terminal 5, shuttle buses operated from Lot C ( now E) and Lot E (now Lot F). There was also a Terminal shuttle which served Terminals 1 thru 4 and also served Butler Aviation ( now Signature), which is where the light is just south of I 190 and Bessie Coleman. To the east of that, where the service road is located, is where Skychef was located. It was also served by the Terminal shuttle bus.
  3. Would love for CTA to wrap one bus from each garage in the old liveries of the 100s/300s, GMC 1000s/7400s/9000s, and the MAN 7000s,4000s, and the original 9800/1600 series Flyers. I would also like a CSL livery as well as the bicentennial livery.
  4. Under Phase 2, doesn't the 226 get rerouted to serve Howard Red Line? That would mean that it would no longer serve Jefferson Park.
  5. Unfortunately, I don't think Pace included any options to order more than the 75 contracted for. If/when Pace needs more buses, they will put out an RFP. I think the law requires that. I'm surprised that Pace didn't have a clause for options. Perhaps they felt the Eldorado Axxess buses are still 6 years away from retirement eligibility. Yes Pace's fleet is newer than CTA'S and I would like to see more New Flyers in Pace's fleet. Perhaps when CTA purs up a RFP for new buses, maybe Pace can piggyback OR maybe the RTA can get a better deal with a RFP for both agencies like the 8000 series RTA GMCs and CTA 9600 series GMC buses that RTA ordered.
  6. I don't think chargers are necessarily related to the bus manufacturer. Just like there aren't New Flyer engines or transmissions, Novabus engines or Transmissions. Whoever makes these chargers, bus manufacturers have to make sure their components and chargers are compatible. The charging stations have to work for ANY and ALL CTA electric buses, be it New Flyers or Proterras or whoever else builds one for CTA.
  7. Not 2000. I think you either meant over 1000 New Flyers OR you have mistaken that for some of the 1000 series buses are numbered 2000 - 2029.
  8. Between O'Hare and Rosemont. Yes. Shuttle buses between O'Hare and Rosemont. Boarding at O'Hare airport will be at Door 3 at the Bus Shuttle Center.
  9. Brings back memories from around 2000 when the snow caused Blue Line service to be suspended between O'Hare and Jefferson Park. The combination of snow, ice, and salt wrecked havoc on the undercarriage on the 2600 series cars. At that time, CTA didn't have enough buses to cover the shuttles so they chartered buses from Colonial and Keeshin to run between Jefferson Park and O'Hare ( and Rosemont) while CTA covered the Harlem and Cumberland stations. This time around, it appears that the shutdown is only between O'Hare and Rosemont. The good news is that the worst is only for 5 weekdays sandwiched between two weekends.
  10. True. After the Orange Line opened, the 44 was cut to the Halsted Orange Line station on weekdays but inexplicably kept that Red Line Chinatown station routing on the weekends. It took a minute, but someone figured it out and made the proper adjustment.
  11. artthouwill

    More Bus Moves

    You might see a repeat performance tomorrow night as Da Bears host the hated cheeseheads at Soldier Field to open the 2019 NFL regular season. Go Bears!
  12. My quote was more of a response to @andrethebusman's post citing the Clark -Archer-Wentworth was the original 22A ( now 24) Wentworth routing until 1969. I chimed in that the Clark - Cermak - Wentworth reroute coincided with the opening of the Chinatown station and the new Dan Ryan line, which occurred in 1969. The reroute was to serve the new station. We agree the purpose of the return to the original routing is to avoid the traffic although it seems like it hasn't happened yet. I remember the 22A and the 36A State. I'm pretty sure there was a 50A (now 48) South Damen too.
  13. artthouwill

    More Bus Moves

    Was there anything going on ar Soldiet Field? If so, its possible that K ran some extras from downtown to the Museum Campus/Soldier Field. These were probably buses from the 151 and 156, possibly even the 134 and 143 that would've been otherwise deadheading back to K. Its easier to get those buses rather than deadheading buses with extra drivers from P in the middle of rush hour.
  14. The traffic backup was my point if you see that last sentence of my post. The additional benefit is the new Archer entrance/exit to the Chinatown station. I also mentioned the source of the traffic, the Chinatown feeder ramp.
  15. Geting 100% New Flyers is different than getting MORE New Flyers which contradicts your "point" that FG isn't (so you think) gong to lose any Novas. You said and I quoted you above "FG is expected to get 100% flyers." If you were misunderstood, its because you misspoke.Now your premise is that FG will get some Flyers to replace some 6400s. Can you substantiate that with proof?
  16. Though anything is possible, FG becoming 100 percent New Flyer? If it were to happen, I don't think it will become that with the fall pick. You have nearly 100 6400 series Novas and nearly 100 7900 series Novas. If you meant 100 New Flyers, each of the other garages would have to give up an average of 16 New Flyers. If C and 74th received their combined total of 45 Proterras, then the other 4 garages would give up 14 New Flyers apiece. That's a lot of buses, assuming that the purpose is to retire the 6400s. It wouldn't make sense to me to swap New Flyers for 7900s at FG.
  17. When did you become interested in transit? Do you like buses? Trains?
  18. Not really. Firstly, there used to be a railyard and shop there. The Jackson Park branch, which used to run to 63rd and Stony Island. That station came in handy in 1981 when a crack was discovered on the structure that crossed over the IC (Metra Electric) tracks on 63rd east of Dorchester. The problem was the diamond crossover was east of that bridge and the next closest crossover was south of the 61st station. When the crack was discovered, B trains were truncated at 61st until a crossover was built just west of the University Station on 63rd. I forget the year, but the shop suffered a fire also. Trains were still stored there until the Green Line was shut down for 2 years in 1994. When the Green Line reopened, stations like Racine, Harvard, Wentworth, 61st, and 58th remained closed with only the Racine station still standing. During the truncation mentioned above, the 63, 27, and 6 Local were rerouted and/or extended to serve the 61st St station. The purpose for that station was to benefit University of Chicago students who lived along 61st or 60th. They could ride the 59 59th/61st bus to 61st St station and then transfer to the B train. In the late 60s and 70s, that was safer than walking to 63rd. With the 3 getting a Limited route and eventually the 4 getting an X route, and the 2 getting an extension along 60th, a 61st station was no longer necessary. But it served a purpose for a long time.
  19. The 6 used to have short turns at 63rd/Stony Island. With the high frequency of the 67, I don't think the turnaround at 67th and South Shore can handle the 6. You could do 67th and Stiny Island with buses turning north on Cornell and west on Marquette then north on Stony, laying over on Stony. My personal preference would be to reroute the downtown portion of the 28 to match the 6.
  20. To your point concerning making Pulask one route. Do you realize how long of a route that would be? You are talking from Peterson (Devon if you had your way) to 115th Street. That is 21 plus miles ONE WAY! 81 and 81W have different frequencies with the 81 having a higher frequency. 91 Austin. The 315 serves Austin from the Green Line to Morton College. The original north terminal was Nagle and the 86 original Terminal was Jefferson Park. The terminals for both routes were swapped.
  21. Let's see. 9 Ashland is close to Clark which is why its truncated at Irving Pk. At that point, ridership is light on Ashland and heavy on Clark. 11 Lincoln. CTA had regular service on Lincoln going downtown. It didn't work so it was cut to Clark/Wisconsin, then combined with the 37 Sedgwick. The 37was restored as its own route and the 11 was cut back to the Western Brown Line. After many complaints and petitions, the 11 saw weekday service restored to Fullerton Red Line on a trial basis. The ridership was not there and CTA cut the route back to Western Brown Line. 38 Ogden. History has shown there is no ridership along Ogden. The Pink Line is there at Cermak and Central Park and Ogden crosses many routes that already have one seat rides downtown. 44 Racine. The street ends at 31st and doesn't start again until Cermak. Also there was once a 23 Morgan/Racine route that was eliminated. 51 51st used to terminate at Drexel Square. When the 1 Indiana/Hyde Park got reduced to Drexel Square, the 51 was extended to 47th/Lake Park. In 2003, the 51 was truncated to 47/Red Line and a new 15 Jeffery Local was instituted from 47/Red to 103rd/Stony. This works best because there's little traffic on west 51st traveling to east 51st and vice versa. The other reason is the 15 carries traffic in that east 51st area south. It was the substitute for the 28 Story Island, which used to run on 47th to the Red Line, but was rerouted to go downtown via Lake Shore Drive. 53 Pulaski. When the Orange Line first opened, the route was extended to the Orange Line station and the 53A was truncated to the Orange Line station. However this upset many people because those on the 53A list their one seat rides to jobs between the Stevenson Exp and 31st while there was little to no traffic on the 53 going past 31st. Therefore the original routines were restored. 54A is being eliminated. Discussion in Pace thread. 56 Milwaukee. CTA eliminated the 56A for a reason. No need to extend a route that serves downtown and endures heavy traffic further for little traffic. The 270 handles that. 57 extensions not necessary. 74 Fullerton used to have a 74L that went from Fullerton Red to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Traffic along Fullerton east of Halsted is horrendous. It would ruin service on Fullerton. 85 Central.and 85B No one is riding south of Harrison into Cicero. CTA is not responsible for suburban service. 90 Harlem. The Green Line is a perfect turnaround for the route. Nothing exists like that at the Blue Line. Besides the 307 handles Harlem. Once upon a time there was a 90N North Harlem and a 228 Harlem. The 90N was eliminated and the 228 became the 423 which handles Harlem north of the Blue Line with EZ Ridera. That should tell you something about the ridership north of the Blue Line. 92 Foster. The 88 Higgins runs close to Foster. 103 103rd was one route until the Dan Ryan Line opened in 1969. If the Red Line gets extended to 130th, 103rd will become one route again. 108 Halsted . Most of the ridership south of 95th is going to the 95th Red Line. Why do you think the 352 is the number one Pace route in terms of ridership? There's enough traffic traveling north of 95th to justify the 8A. Besides that, rush hour ridership is too heavy for 352 to handle alone. Other notes. I don't think California runs through to Lawrence because of the river.
  22. I believe that those buses are split shifts. What I was responding to was the statement that some of those buses or drivers were relief drivers. That didn't make sense to me.
  23. It makes sense that one garage gets all 25 of the 8325s. I always thought that FG should be that garage, but we know that 103rd garage had some headlines concerning drivers being attacked. For that reason they received some Novas. I suppose FG won't miss 7 Novas, as some haven't seen any of those yet. The question is whether FG will get any additional 7900s if/when C and 74th get their Proterras. I don't know if CTA can get any more funding, but they need to get some more new buses to eliminate the 6400s altogether, even if they have to piggyback on another agency's order. The only other alternative is to get those extra artics rolling on some more P routes and send New Flyers to F.
  24. Halsted was one of my guesses. The reliefs at Division, tthough plausible, don't seem to make sense unless the relief runs are only going SB to Root/Halsted. It would seem like the drivers going to lunch would be able to keep their buses and lunch themselves before going back in service . The buses stored at Division could fill in runs to 79th then head to garage. It would seem that the Division buses would be split shifts and are to help the heavier loading on the north side of the route.
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