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  1. I could see the UPS troip ending at Midway interlining with the 330. It's a short deadhead from Midway to Archer and Harlem. It could Also interline with the 331, 316, 315, or 314 as Morton College isn't far from Midway.
  2. The 395 used to be a S and SW split. Is the 395 still split, operated only by S, or unseemingly operated by W?
  3. Maybe they felt running trains from Pulasi to Western (5 stations) wasn't worth it, considering that the 21 runs parallel with the Pink Line. That bus route isn't going past Western either, so just eliminate the duplication . Besides, who will pay $2.75 to ride a train when the parallel bus route is FREE?
  4. Sad when ANY BUS crashes into a building.
  5. I don't think they drove through Minneapolis or St Paul either. I'm pretty sure they used the I- 694 bypass which runs north of both cities. It's actually a little faster than going through the Cities.
  6. Good question. I would imagine the 6 running to 47th, if at all. The 8 and 9 could run in 2 sections, from 47th south and from Fullerton north. I would run the 3 and the 4 as an interline. NB 3s become SB 4s and NB 4s become SB 3s. Considering 47th is a mess, are they turning buses at 51st? Yesterday the exit ramps to 87th and Garfield were backlogged onto the Dan Ryan. Exits to Canalport, Roosevelt, and Congress (Ida B. Wells) were closed. Quick rant. How come Welks wasn't renamed Ida B. Wells? Now we have an intersection of Ida B. Wells and Wells. The 28 already ends at 47th and the 15 can handle Jeffery without the J14. I do think there will be a lot of pressure on East West bus routes, especially those that connect to rail service from 47th south and Fullerton north. I would also assume Brown Line trains are running shuttles between Kimball and Belmont. Are Orange Line trains only running between Midway and Western? How about Pink Line trains between 54/Cermak and Western? I'm guessing Green Line trains run Express from 47th to California? Blue Line trains running Express between California and Western Forest Park branch? I'm sure Red Line will run Express from 47th to Fullerton. Will some dummy attempt to pull the cherry in the downtown zone? With CTA suspended all service again for lockdown (curfew)?
  7. As of 630P, add Pace to the suspended service list.
  8. My understanding is that CTA AND METRA Canceled rail service.
  9. Eventually the leas less experienced drivers will have to drive those buses. The new buses don't stay new forever. The Axxess buses were once new. The NABIs were once new. Again, in a hor say, there's no excuse to have HOT buses on the streets while buses with good a/c sit in the garage only because they are new.
  10. No other model has been subjected to this. My first Axxess ride was in a Saturday morning on a brand new 6337.
  11. Why aren't these new New Flyers not running today? Eldorado Axxess buses 6323 and 6339 are sweat boxes. I see NABI buses out but not the newbies? CTAbuses have good a/c. What's the purpose of buying new buses if they are going to sit idle at the garage?
  12. 4087 has a 3 sticker but I am currently riding it on the 20 Madison.
  13. Article dated February 2020
  14. If you mean letters like FS, J, and L, LA, those are I believe commuter lines for AC Transit. VanHool models are A first Teansit, CX and TX for motorcoaches. The TDX is the double decker motorcoach. Alexander Dennis builds the double decker transit buses. ABC Companies sells new VanHool abd Alexander Dennis products in the U.S.
  15. What I would love is for CTA to return to the "Green Limousine." I would take either the livery starting with the 1000/7400 series GMC GMC fishbowls or the 7000 series MAN articulated buses. That scheme continued through the 9800/1600 series Flyers and the 4300 series MAN Americanas. I suppose the dark green of the 300s, 3500s would also work A less desirable option would be to take the schemes from the ORD Parking lot shuttles which depict the city colors and theme. Somehow I think CTA will differentiate the electric fleet from the rest with either a modified version of the current livery or a special wrap.
  16. The wrecker could be pre 2003, which would mean the Yellow was from the previous livery color scheme. It's not like those things rack up miles every day. I forgot the year of Pace's latest model of MCIs, but breakdowns happen.
  17. Alexander Dennis is the only company that I know that makes doubledecker transit buses. VanHool makes transit buses and highway double deck coach buses, but not transit DDs. Although they don't make "commuter " coaches like MCI or Prevost. many charter companies use VanHool coaches for commuter and Line runs. Coach USA's Van Galder and Wisconsin Coach Lines used MCI coaches on its services from Wisconsin to O'Hare and Midway while Coach USA Indiana (Airport SuperSaver) primarily used VanHool ciaches with some MCIs mixed in
  18. Just above the AC in the front if the bus in the black area just below the windshield it says VanHool. The headlights are also specific to VanHool. They are the A series . They are supposed to be building a new plant in Tennessee to build transit buses. If true, they could be a game changer if they can crack the U.S. or Canadian markets.
  19. The only viaducts on Kimball I remember are at Grand and the UP NW viaduct between Addison and Belmont.
  20. Marquette is 1/2 miles from 63rd. The reason for 69th being a stop is that it's a transfer point for the 67. Not all 67s go west of Western.
  21. Did she drive through a flooded viaduct?
  22. They had the RTA livery which includes, blue, but not green.
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