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  1. Altoona AMTRAN was the last system in the U.S. to use GM T6H-4523As (1976 model Fishbowls). They were retired and replaced in early June 2018 with Gillig CNGs. Here is a retrospect on the Amtran's GM Fishbowls along with the other buses in their fleet: https://allwheelsforward.com/retro-buses-altoona-amtrans-gmc-fishbowls/
  2. Kenosha has several of MCTS' old Orion Vs. Does this mean the 30ft Flxible Metros or Orions in their fleet gets retired? I remember KAT mentioning to me when a Flx goes boom they don't bother to fix it due to problems with obtaining parts. This was back in 2009, I don't know how many Flxibles KAT has left, hopefully, they are still around.
  3. I rode the 95E route on a 1991 TMC RTS-08 to there (when CTA still ran those). I got off at 92nd St and Buffalo Ave and walked by the scrap yard to see the scrapped TMCs. I couldn't get in to see more of them, but I was able to take pics of what I could from outside the fence. That area for me is okay during the day, sure there are people who look intimidating, but I just kept cool and ignored them. I certainly wouldn't want to be around there at night though.
  4. Here is my ride on an ex-CTA RTS in Peoria back in 2009. ex-CTA 4550 TMC RTS in Peoria Some CTA Flxible Metro rides I recorded: CTA #6328 squealing Flx Ride! Cummins Engine CTA #6084 ride, Detroit Diesel Series 50
  5. I wish I was a transit fan when St Louis still had Flxibles in revenue service. During the 1990s Bi-State's fleet was majority the Flxible Metro along with Neoplans, and two dozen GMDD New Looks. The Flxibles were retired in 2003. Many of them were sold for scrap or to other transit agencies such as Macomb WIU Go West and Rock Island Metro. Though there is one still left in St. Louis, a 1991 Flxible Metro B is now used by the St Louis Sheriff. Here is a pic of the Flx at last years St. Patricks Day parade.
  6. I was up in Rockford last Summer. I parked my car along the street and took pictures of the RMTD buses as they entered and left the terminal. After 25 minutes I was harassed by a police officer that came out from the nearby police station. The whole time I was there he was watching me from the window. I showed him my photo album full of bus pictures from around the world and explained him I am a transit enthusiast. He then told me taking pictures of RMTD buses is NOT allowed, but I told him otherwise. After I was done taking pictures he then followed me back to my Toyota. Then he told me I shouldn't be driving a foreign car around in Rockford. I was like you have a problem with me taking pics of buses and now you have a problem with me because I drive a Toyota Prius? Wow? On top of that he decided to write me a ticket as I was leaving the one hour parking zone, yet I was only there for 35-40 minutes. What a pr*** that cop. I will avoid Rockford in the future. :angry:
  7. St. Louis Metro's fleet of 360 buses consists mainly of Gillig Phantoms ranging from years 1992-2004 and sizes of 30ft, 35ft, and 40ft, though there are currently 26 35ft Gillig Low Floors from 2008. Metro intended to buy more new buses back in 2009, but budget and funding constraints made them put off their purchases. Now that proposition A passed, this means restored service and an emphasis on modernizing the fleet. 21 new Gillig Low Floors are scheduled for delivery in the first quarter of 2011, including 7 40ft buses and 14 35ft. Approximately next September, 29 more 40ft Gillig buses will arrive. Metro has an agreement with Gillig up until 2013. 2008 Gillig LF during a layover at the CWE transit center. Gillig Phantoms, the backbone of Metro's fleet. Video of St. Louis area buses and light rail: http://www.youtube.com/user/chnchlla88#p/u/12/PAXGsUuQY5w Note: This video has Neoplan AN440 CNGs, Metro retired these back in March 30, 2009 when they drastically reduced service.
  8. Since I live in the St. Louis area, I should share some info and pictures of transit agencies that run around here. Madison County Transit runs both local and express services for residents of Madison County, Illinois. The local is within Madison County, but they have buses that connects to a Metrolink lightrail station in East St. Louis. MCT's express service runs during the AM and PM rush hours; it starts in various cities within Madison County and goes to various destinations in downtown St. Louis and vice versa. MCT runs 73 buses. They consist of 1997 New Flyer D40LFs (201-239), 1998 D30LFs (240-265), and Ford Cutaways. Next year MCT will be running 40ft Gillig BRT buses. These BRTs are currently arriving to their facility, which will mean some of their 1997 New Flyers being retired. Video of St. Louis area buses and lightrail: http://www.youtube.com/user/chnchlla88#p/u/12/PAXGsUuQY5w
  9. I think he is referring to Madison County, Illinois, Madison County Transit (MCT) that serves part of the St. Louis area. They're expecting to get new buses later this year, I guess what he saw was for MCT. http://www.mct.org/ Its sad that MCT decided to buy Gilligs to replace their 1997 New Flyer D40LFs. :(
  10. Des Moines newer buses also emit a sound when they turn.
  11. Wow, CTA still has some of these left? I thought majority of the TMCs and old Flxs were already scrapped. The place where CTA sends these is a scrap yard at S Ewing and 95th. I swung by that scrap yard back in 2008 and saw lines of TMCs there ready to be shredded.
  12. Dayton RTA retired their 2001 D30LFs earlier this year.
  13. I love the new paint scheme on MCTS's new buses.
  14. I had it set so only I could view it, but here it is.
  15. Great job saving her guys! I rode Citylink 2202 ex-CTA 4550 last October during a visit in Peoria. I have videos of the ride posted on my youtube. I remember the driver told me they only ran two of these CTA buses, while the others were used as parts spares and special events. I am guessing Citylink still has one or two to use, now that #2202 is no longer there. Also, I remember the driver pressed 4550's horn for me during layover and it was weak as the lines had faded out. I'd like to see her again, but I don't know where the CHBM is located. :(
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