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  1. I am a rail operator, currently Green Line. Brittany was never a operator she was a flagman that recently went thru operator school. But yeah, flagman is the way to go now, you have to be hired as that, then slowly transitioned over to become a Motorman. This is actually new though, becaause I came in as a Motorman in 2011.
  2. I had a 6 car consist of led lighting last night. Headcar was 5113, 3rd was 5100, and 5th was 5122. They are slowly installing them in what seems like harlem shop, I havent been back there in months.
  3. Sorry bout that, just was reading this now after I posted.
  4. This is off the topic, but what garages serves 67 chicago, I see alot of artics on it today. 4395, 4385, 4109. 4069, etc. Looks like a coupke garages
  5. The track brake on 5000 series is more at ease than previous series. I use it rarely but it dont jerk as much.
  6. K and NP got the most downtown routes
  7. I personally don't think the shuttle work is only for the new hires, that work is probably pickable
  8. Right now im on my way to work. I'm riding a greenline with headcar 2460, 3rd is 2455, must've transfered back during my off days.
  9. I had did the same thing, had to actually get glasses, that would not hold you back. As soon as cta get the results, then they decide when its best to call back. I think it was a June when I finished all med, but didn't hear anything from them until November, but with the bus and redline project coming up, you sgouldnt have to wait that long. Trust me Its gonna come.
  10. It was my train, I'm a greenline operator
  11. You did. That was my headcar on sunday, I was surprised too, i had to get off and double check.
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