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  1. T8H5307A

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    It was a movie train, filming scenes for the Chicago Fire TV show. It sas out there Saturday and Sunday
  2. You can still see concrete ties on the Kennedy if you look at Edmunds middle (that's the middle track north of Jeff. Pk.) FYI, That track is referred to as Edmunds Center Track. Middle Tracks are interlocked.Center Tracks are not and you have to manually operate switches to access the track.
  3. The turnback track at Dempster holds 5 cars. Common practice as of recent is to run 4 car trains during winter weather (ice, snow, sleet, etc). One unit has the deicing equipment on board. They cut the doors out on the one unit since you can't properly berth a 4 car train at Dempster.
  4. For those parties interested, the 2013 CTA historical calendar is available on their website.
  5. T8H5307A

    More Bus Moves

    So what would you have liked the bus operator to do?
  6. Hey CTA5750, I know I shared these with you, but I thought maybe the others would like to see. 9532 at the Division/Austin terminal
  7. T8H5307A

    More Bus Moves

    I'd be more concerned with the walker blocking the aisle being a tripping/safety hazard than the belongings on the seat.
  8. I believe the cameras do record constantly as on the buses. I know they have a hard drive and it was explained to me that if someone presses the PIU or pulls a door, those events trigger a "save event" just like the buses have a save event button. So if a rape case occurred and no PIU was activated, they'd just have to review the camera feeds on the hard drive around the approximate time it happened,within the time frame before it gets written over, it just wont be bookmarked!
  9. On the 5000's you enter the prefix + run number, select the origin and destination just like all the rest, but in order to to put it in auto mode, the doors have to be open and you have to play the initial classification announcement, then the GPS pics up where you are and does the rest. If you run the announcements manually, it doesn't matter. It works just like the rest.
  10. Yes Busjack, when you enter your run number you have to add a prefix to it and the different prefixes which are for different times of the day determine which announcement is made at the transfer points. Usually 1 is weekday Rush, 2 is weekday/sat/sun base, and 3 would be Sunday Early AM or PM, etc. Some lines have many prefixes. I know 7 along with a Kimball or Midway run number gives you the Midway-Kimball through routing sequence. Other than the prefix, there is nothing else on the OCU which allows the operator to vary the announcements besides playing special announcements for delay, etc.
  11. Okay. If a passenger presses the intercom (referred to as the PIU (Passenger Intercom Unit)), the operator may only see the video feed of the car from which the PIU was activated if the train is completely stopped. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes the cars go through a maintenance mode and a Red PIU with a line through it will appear on the operator screen and when that occurs you can't get a video feed from that car, so if the operator doesn't get a response from whomever pressed the PIU, they still have to physically check the train to see if anything is going on. I hope this answers some of the questions/concerns/theories of how it works currently.
  12. I believe 5073-74 are wrapped with an ad for Remy Martin. They were on the Green Line for a while, but I saw them on a Pink Line train today in the loop
  13. There are 5 runs out of Midway that do a through trip to Kimball and back in the AM on Weekdays only. 705,708,701,711,& 702. There are 24 runs during the week on the Orange Line now. There used to be only 20 last pick, so naturally more cars are required this pick and those happen to be 2400s.
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