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  1. New Eldorados?

    Fair enough. For the 30' side, this means that unless some smaller or more obscure company bids lower on the contract, ENC is the winner by default. Nobody else that I know of currently manufactures 12-year buses of such a short length. Other than ENC, the last U.S.-based bus manufacturer that did was NABI, which had been bought out by New Flyer (which last made a 30-foot 12-year bus back in the days of the CTA 1000-series D40LF buses when they were brand new, and whose 30-foot LFR never made it past the prototype stage) back in 2013.
  2. More Bus Moves

    By extension, what Sam92 stated is practically the only reason for Kedzie Garage to have any artics at all. After all, Kedzie currently has no high-ridership express routes assigned to it. That fact alone dictates that Kedzie should have been re-equipped entirely with 40-footers. But for now, they're stuck with the 81 artics currently assigned to them. And yes, they have to run some of the artics somewhere, such as the #151 short trips and the weekend #12 trips (which I'm sure has been suffering from much the same problem as using artics on the #66 and #79).
  3. More Bus Moves

    What this recent part of this discussion now implies is: Don't anticipate the CTA to order any articulated buses - new or used - in the foreseeable future. As a matter of fact, the CTA can do almost entirely with 40-footers for the foreseeable future.
  4. New Eldorados?

    Busjack, I believe that would be Gillig. It is the only current company in the US that I know of that offers trolleys and both standard and BRT-styled buses. Also, both New Flyer and Nova Bus are out of the running for the 30-foot portion of the split contract because neither company currently offers a 30-foot bus (although one or both of them may bid on the 40-foot portion of the contract). New Flyer's offerings bottom out at 35 feet while Nova Bus only offers 40- and 60-foot buses. That leaves ENC and the recently-formed Alexander Dennis USA for the 30-foot portion of the contract. (Perhaps smaller companies, both domestic and abroad, as well.)
  5. More Bus Moves

    A few tweaks over the Easter weekend: 74th gained four buses: 1026 and 1027 from 103rd and 1366 and 1367 from Chicago. All other bus assignments remain the same as the week before.
  6. More Bus Moves

    Outside of additional potential 6400-series retirements, FG saw no change. Its 1000- and 7900-series inventory remains the same as it was before the pick.
  7. More Bus Moves

    The only moves involve a few 1000s: Out: 74th: 1026-1030, 1407-1410 77th: 1193, 1194 Kedzie: 1705-1707, 1833-1838 In: 103rd: 1026-1030, 1193, 1194 Chicago: 1833-1838 North Park: 1407-1410, 1705-1707 No other series of buses were moved at this time.
  8. More Bus Moves

    As of this weekend, 103rd, C and NP gained 40-footers while 74th, 77th and K lost some. 103rd gained 1026-1030 from 74th and some additional 1190s from 77th. C gained some 1830s back from K. NP gained 1407-1410 from 74th and some lower 1700s from K. More details coming tomorrow morning's rush.
  9. New Eldorados?

    Let me guess... I'm speculating that either 6392-6394 and 6396-6400s or the 6560s-6575 may move from NW to W to retire all of the remaining 2003 NABIs, then 6783 and up may then be going to NW to replace them.
  10. New Eldorados?

    And since the bus deliveries only went up to #6782 so far, this means that West will not receive any new buses for the foreseeable future. Only hand-me-downs. And I am also suspecting West to be opposed to receiving buses with the full-line rear destination signs, preferring a route-number-only rear sign. Just like Northwest was opposed to NABI buses.
  11. More Bus Moves

    Actually, that's 1386-1391. And 74th and Chicago still have the hard-seat-onsert 8200s (8200-8211 and 8224-8235 at C, 8212-8223 at 74th) in their rosters.
  12. West Division - Changes & Restructuring

    Starting this weekend (June 11, 12), there will be changes to weekday service on Route 308 (service will run later), weekday and Saturday service on the 322 (trips will continue to run later, and Saturday service during daytime hours will be more frequent - every 20 minutes instead of every 30 minutes). Route 313 will be permanently rerouted so that it will now operate on 25th Avenue instead of Broadway/19th Avenue between Lake Street and St. Charles Road. One trip on the 309 that currently ends at Wolf/North will be extended to Elmhurst Metra station. Finally, Route 392 will be extended to the Cicero Avenue Green Line station and will have the route name changed.
  13. Detailed 3200s Rehab Progress

    Not quite. Although it (#3451-52) has new seat upholstery, it remains LED destination sign only rehabbed (it still has the old fluorescent interior lighting). I was in #3451 on my way home from work.
  14. More Bus Moves

    I believe that was when the buses were first delivered in 2006, when the lowest of the 1000s were assigned to the now-demolished Archer Garage. A couple of years later, the 1000s were swapped to the Chicago Garage in exchange for that garage's 6400-series Novas. Archer was then equipped entirely with old Novas until its closure.
  15. More Bus Moves

    As of today, that bus is back at FG.