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  1. The current Xcelsior officially comes no shorter than 35 feet.
  2. As far as 40-foot buses are concerned. We will still be getting more 30-foot buses from ElDorado. As for 30-foot buses, New Flyer recently got back into the game with its acquisition of Alexander Dennis. You see, New Flyer once produced the MiDi under license from Alexander Dennis, then Alexander Dennis took over the production itself until very recently when NFI bought the company up. And speaking of the powertrain, expect the Pace Xcelsiors to be equipped with a Cummins L9 engine and an Allison B3400 xFE transmission, unless Pace decides to go with a ZF or a Voith transmission. (Most of CTA's recent buses came equipped with ZF transmissions.)
  3. The opposite of that first sentence would have occurred had the gas prices rose to what is typically charged in European countries (after currency conversion), in which case the transportation availability would have collapsed - far fewer cars, no public transit whatsoever and a massive population drop. With that said, the bus ridership in Crystal Lake currently doesn't justify anything more than a reservation-based On-Demand service similar to what is used in some of the other communities such as the Arlington Heights-Rolling Meadows area.
  4. It might also be that that part of the area has recently been seeing population declines. After all, if fewer people are living there now than about 10 years ago, then there is less justification for transit service of any kind.
  5. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    Yes, K was testing one - and during the morning rush period. (Twice on the #35, twice on the #52 and once on a K-based #66 run.) This weekend, more may be headed to K as well: 8278-8280 have not been out at all over the weekend. We'll find out tomorrow morning.
  6. If K decided not to, then I had to look at its history. If they did prefer old-style boxy buses that nobody makes any more, the CTA might as well close the garage once the D40LFs and DE60LFs begin retirement because they had previously rejected the LFR articulateds after briefly using them. But with no replacement garage in the foreseeable future, the routes Kedzie currently handles would then be reassigned to the six other garages. This could mean that Forest Glen could operate buses as far south as 35th Street. Note that the above is purely speculation, which may or may not be true. K did run with the 4400-series TMCs almost up until their retirement in 2008.
  7. That's North Shore.
  8. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    To be specific: 1052, 1053 to K 1054, 1055 (and maybe 1056) to C
  9. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    Probably nothing in return for the summer. The UofC Kenwood routes, which are operated out of 103rd, now only operate during weekday rush periods until academics for the next year begin this September. At the same time, the MofS&I route, which is operated out of K, uses a few 40-footers to cover the trips. Thus, during the summer months 103rd doesn't need as many buses as it does normally. This move is similar to the Pace bus transfers between N and W.
  10. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    Due to service tweaks, some of the 1050s may be making their way from 103rd to K. 1052 is currently on the #126. No changes to the Nova assignments at this time.
  11. RJL6000


    Then Pace would have to find a new east terminal for those three routes. The Forest Park station terminal would be closed for the duration of the reconstruction project, and Forest Park and River Forest now effectively prohibits buses from operating on the stretch of Madison Street between the CN freight tracks and Desplaines Avenue due to the center island leaving insufficient room for anything wider than a sedan (the reason why Pace had permanently rerouted the three routes at their eastern end to operate on Van Buren Street instead of Madison Street and Desplaines Avenue a few years ago). This last reason automatically eliminates any possibility of extending any of those three routes to the Harlem Avenue Green Line station, to the point that the only feasible relocation would be to temporarily suspend service on Madison Street altogether east of First Avenue (IL Route 171). At that point the only feasible location to terminate these three routes during reconstruction would be Loyola Hospital (unless something else changes) - but that would cut off all transfers from bus to rail on all three of those routes (although they would still connect to several other Pace bus routes). And Pace does not want to operate the three bus routes on Lake Street east of First Avenue because that would then duplicate service that's already provided by the 309 and 313.
  12. RJL6000


    I meant reduced, not suspended, service west of UIC. The CTA said that it will not send any Blue Line trains to 54th on a regular basis during the reconstruction project due to the very low ridership count on that portion of the line on a per-car basis - the very same reason why it permanently discontinued the service back in 2008. And speaking of the reconstruction in Oak Park, this (with regards to the rail line) will require the existing stations and trackage to be permanently closed, and that temporary facilities be used for the duration of the reconstruction project while the replacement permanent facilities are being constructed.
  13. RJL6000

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    This will take several years because the planned elimination of left-hand exits and entrances (and replacing them with right-hand ones) will require the complete relocation of the portion of the Forest Park branch between Cicero and Forest Park, and possibly the freight railroad tracks west of Central Avenue (which are still in occasional service). The CTA does not want to permanently terminate the west end of the line to Cicero Avenue just to accommodate the new entrance/exit configuration through Oak Park (under the current plan, not only are the left-hand exits and entrances to be replaced with right-hand ones, but the expressway itself is to be widened from the current three lanes in each direction to four lanes in each direction). Remember that when the Ike was first constructed through Oak Park, it required temporary tracks and temporary stations (to maintain rail service while the expressway was being constructed) to replace the since-demolished old ground-level portion of what was then the Garfield Line. That project took well over two years to complete.
  14. RJL6000

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    Except that the CTA likely won't do that. More than likely, the CTA will instead terminate more runs at UIC/Halsted and send fewer runs west of that if and when reconstruction of the Ike begins. In addition, there may be periods of temporary but longer-term closures over large portions of the Forest Park branch during this reconstruction period.
  15. Make that currently without any Xcelsiors. However, the Pace order of 40-footers that was awarded last month will be Xcelsiors, with the first buses to arrive on the property sometime next year. And neither of the two companies will start building any until the "notice to proceed" is granted. By the way, the current Pace EZ Riders (at least 2600-2825) seat 27 passengers, not 23 passengers, per bus: They have no rear door like some other 30-foot buses do.
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