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  1. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    That bus came out of South Shops. Its assignment on the #9 may be temporary. With more 6400s coming back from hold, it is not surprising that FG started to lose some of its "borrowed" 1000s. For example, 1225 was sent back to 77th.
  2. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    So did 6805. In fact, K had only six 6400s prior to this weekend. K ended up getting possibly 1753-1758 (of which 1755 was confirmed).
  3. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    Yes. It appears that FG is beginning to lose part of the 1753-1760 group (although 1760 is still running an FG route). K likely sent most (if not all) of the few 6400s back to FG.
  4. Actually, 8. I forgot 6730.
  5. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    1923-1925 are also at Chicago Garage. (For some reason, 1930-1932 are still at North Park.) 1387 went from 77th to North Park. It should have gone to Forest Glen, alongside what 1380s and 1390s it already has (1384-1386, 1388-1394).
  6. 6846 is also at K. That brings the 6400's count at K to 7. (6710, 6734, 6772, 6805, 6810, 6846 and 6862.)
  7. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    Not all of them were from North Park when they went to Forest Glen in the first place. 1725, 1731 and 1733 came from Kedzie. These same three buses all went to North Park over this past weekend. And not all of the North Park buses that Forest Glen took were returned to North Park. 1764, 1769 and 1790 all remain at Forest Glen at the moment. And yes, Kedzie did officially get assigned about five of the returning 6400-series Novas. 6710, 6730, 6772 and 6862 are four of those that are known to have migrated there.
  8. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    Slowly but surely. K also lost many of its artics. If this trend continues, it will not be long before K and NP will join FG and 74th in becoming 40-foot-only garages
  9. It's still early. Some of the routes out of West do not start their Sunday schedule until well after 8 o'clock. And a couple of them do not start running until well after 10.
  10. Yes. As of right now, although there are still a few 2005 NABIs on the road today, only one of the 2003 buses is currently out.
  11. RJL6000

    More Bus Moves

    Yes. Also, NP lost all its hybrid artics as well. The only artics remaining at NP now are the diesel artics 4334-4399. And K received some more lower 1200s from 77th (such as 1219), to compensate for the loss of its 1570s to 74th. All those moves this weekend were due to the increasing number of artics at both 77th and C.
  12. Nope. They did not run yesterday because it was Memorial Day. And all Memorial Day service operates on a Sunday schedule. And the drivers that were out there on weekends and holidays generally are less experienced than those who drive only on weekdays.
  13. True, but that was only the prototype applications. I go by what the buses were painted in, as delivered.
  14. Maybe not. The current livery dates back 30 years, debuting with the 4400-series TMC RTS buses and the 5300-series Flxibles. The only change to this livery was the replacement of the "speed lines" logo with the current "meatball" logo beginning with the 1000-series New Flyer D40LF's in 2006. These may debut an all-new livery which may become the new standard livery for the next several years or decades. This is speculation.
  15. For now, 6711-6712 remain in its most recent livery that was received in the mid-1980s, while those cars were still assigned to the Congress-Douglas-O'Hare line (the Congress and O'Hare portions of which now constitute today's Blue Line while the Douglas branch is now part of today's Pink Line), shortly before the CTA transferred all of the West-Northwest Route's remaining 6000s to the Ravenswood line (today's Brown Line) where they lived out their remaining service lives. This pair, which was originally delivered in a Mercury Green-Croydon Cream livery with a Swamp Holly Orange belt rail in between the green and cream (the final variation of it, implemented when the CTA introduced the "Metropolitan Transit" version of its logo in 1957, and which dated back to the delivery of the 6200-series curved-door cars in 1954), has had several changes to its livery over the following decades: First, the 2000's-style green and white livery of the late 1960s, then the Bicentennial livery of the mid-1970s (yes, 6711-6712 did receive the Bicentennial livery, along with the name "George Washington"), before finally receiving the livery that was shown in those pics. Funding permitting, let's bring the original as-delivered livery back on this pair.
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