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  1. This occurred a couple of weeks ago. The mainly shared Green/Pink Line fleet now has up to at least #5213-14.
  2. Sure, the equipment may share the same tracks. It's just that the 5000s are electrically incompatible with the 3200s and 2600s, meaning that the 5000s cannot be trained together with the older series cars in the same consist in regular revenue service as another member has mentioned. And the reason for the lack of any 5000s on the Orange Line may have something to do with Howard Yard's receiving maintenance parts for only the 5000 series, requiring that all remaining 5000s being delivered at the time (2015) be assigned to the Howard Yard. That left none available for the Orange Line. Thus, the only way that the Orange Line could have received 5000s would have been to "steal" equipment from the Pink and Green Lines, possibly leaving both of those lines equipped entirely with 2600s and/or 3200s. By the way, in addition to 3449-50 that I mentioned as fully rehabbed including the new LED digital run number boxes, 3453-54 (which was previously reported as "LED destination sign-only rehabbed") has recently received the full rehab including the LED run number boxes.
  3. This might not have been mentioned before, but #3449–50 is now "fully rehabbed" including the LED digital run number boxes. It is on the Brown Line.
  4. Could this be a replacement of the 4One Aries seats with the AMSECO InSight seats? Or (choke) AMSECO 6468 seats?
  5. They are both back at the Glen as of now. On another note, 77th did borrow one clean diesel 4333-series artic from NP: #4397 is currently on route 3 (King Drive).
  6. Only 1819 and the 1820s and 1830s went to Chicago. On another note, in addition to 1376-1385 and 8200-8211, Chicago also received 1601 from 77th.
  7. 77th now has buses 1194-1375. 1376-1385 are now at Chicago. Kedzie's artic count increased as a result of losing most of its remaining 1800s to Chicago. Kedzie now has 4000 to at least 4063, plus 4198-4207. Some of Chicago's 4110s, along with its 4170s and 4180s, are now at 103rd, while the rest of Chicago's artics ended up at North Park (which had to give up its 4050s and some 4060s to Kedzie, as well as its lower-numbered 1800s to Chicago, to make room for the 4120s-4141). This may be in preparation for potential bus route garage assignment changes (for example, Kedzie may lose the #35 and #39 to 77th), as well as the potential assignment of some other Kedzie routes with artics (for example, the #82 may see more artics on the route, especially on weekends).
  8. I missed that part.
  9. As mentioned earlier, the currently rush-hour-only express route will now operate all day, Monday thru Saturday, beginning on the 19th.
  10. The revised 319 schedule will go into effect on December 19. Most weekday and Saturday trips will continue to operate between Grand/Nordica and Wolf/North. However, at Wolf/Grand, some weekday rush period trips will be diverted north to Franklin Street towards Bensenville. Service on Belmont and on Franklin east of Wolf Road will be discontinued.
  11. More than likely mothballed. In addition, Kedzie may also lose all of its artics completely and join 74th, 77th and Forest Glen in running only 40-footers. This makes the only viable destinations either North Park (which clearly doesn't need any more artics) or mothballed.
  12. Actually, all seating surfaces in buses and trains - and private automobiles, for that matter - have problems of their own. Cloth has a nasty habit of absorbing fluids and dirt, while vinyl (which the CTA had used prior to the advent of hard fiberglass/plastic seating surfaces) is notorious for being badly torn up by vandals. And hard plastic is uncomfy and often slippery. And let's face it, guys: This seating surface "controversy" is a definite no-win situation.
  13. I was wrong about #1601. That bus stayed at 77th. #1386–#1391, #1590–#1593, #1595 and #1596 made it from 77th to FG. From 74th, buses #1552–#1563 went to FG.
  14. Chicago sent #1746, #1753-#1761, #1799 and #1800 to FG. FG also received upper #1550s and lower #1560s from 74th and upper #1380s, lower #1390s, #1590-#1596 and #1601 from 77th. Only the 1000s sent from Chicago to FG are Cummins ISL-powered while the rest of those 1000s FG received are Cummins ISM-powered. All of the buses FG received this weekend are equipped with the American Seating InSight seats with fabric-upholstered padded inserts. None of the 1000s FG received were the Alison transmission-equipped units.
  15. Yes, the 6468 and InSight have been used in both CTA and Pace -- in the case of Pace, the 6468 in the Orion VI and the InSight in the EZ-Rider II. The Pace NABIs use a different American Seating model - the 6466.