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  1. New Eldorados?

    Make that currently without any Xcelsiors. However, the Pace order of 40-footers that was awarded last month will be Xcelsiors, with the first buses to arrive on the property sometime next year. And neither of the two companies will start building any until the "notice to proceed" is granted. By the way, the current Pace EZ Riders (at least 2600-2825) seat 27 passengers, not 23 passengers, per bus: They have no rear door like some other 30-foot buses do.
  2. New Eldorados?

    Here's the video link: http://streaming.pacebus.com/userportal/#/player/vod/Rbfea0b2446d1492290f6506109de0cbd It will be ElDorado again for the 30-footers. That company turned out to be the only bidder of the 30-foot portion of the contract. Thus, there will be new replacement EZ Rider II BRT buses in the farther-out suburbs, just like where the current EZ Rider II (non-BRT) buses currently run. The 164-bus order will replace all of the 2600s and half of the 2700s in the Pace fleet.
  3. New Eldorados?

    It might be ElDorado for the 30-footers, but we don't know yet. The Pace board meeting for the awarding of the 30-foot portion of the large bus procurement contract was yesterday. The 40-foot portion was awarded last month (which, we all know, would be New Flyer {NFI}).
  4. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    This is what the route needed in order to sustain itself in the longer term. Instead of running only midday through early evening, it makes that route a truly weekday daytime operation. Still no later evening or weekend service yet, but such service might come when the ridership justifies it.
  5. Pace 35th Anniversary Legacy Fleet

    That makes it just four of the wrapped or soon-to-be-wrapped Pace buses that are not 30-foot EZ Riders. In the case of three of those (North, West and South), they do not currently run EZ Riders at all. Northwest has two buses that are to be wrapped, one of which is an EZ Rider. And all four of the wrapped 40-footers are the Axesses (CNG in the case of South). West is currently the only garage that's running a transit (as opposed to a coach) bus from someone other than ElDorado - but they decided to wrap an Axess rather than a NABI because the remaining NABIs are slated for retirement within a year or so.
  6. Up to 45 Electric Buses

    No. That wasn't 700 or 701 at all - but one of the CTA's newest Novas, 8342. See pics in either the 7900-series or the 8325-series thread.
  7. 8325-Series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Yes; the Horizon SMT model.
  8. 8325-Series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    And the companion ChicagoBus site incorrectly lists the destination signs as "Luminator TwinVision Smart Series III" when they actually are "Hanover Displays Monochrome." I can't believe why the CTA chose to go with Hanover instead of Luminator or its TwinVision subsidiary for destination signs to be installed in new buses. (Other than the fact that Hanover's U.S. branch is based in suburban Elk Grove Village whereas Luminator is based in Texas.)
  9. Pace New Flyer buses

    It is ironic that one of the factories that New Flyer is currently utilizing for its XD## Xcelsior production is the former NABI plant in Anniston, AL (where the Pace NABIs were assembled). The ones that Pace is slated to receive, however, might come from St. Cloud, MN instead of Anniston, AL.
  10. 8325-Series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    I just saw the pic in the 7900-series thread. It was #8342, which has not shown up on maths22's tracker for a while. It still has the "3" sticker on the windshield. It is likely there as a training bus. It might not officially go into revenue service while at K.
  11. 8325-Series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    If you meant that bus that's in the center of the pic (obscured by the green screen), then I can't confirm whether or not it's a Nova.
  12. Pace New Flyer buses

    In another thread about the 2003 NABIs I had posted that "NFI might have been the only bidder". I was wrong there. There were three bidders (the other two were unnamed at the board meeting). I was correct in that the bulk of the NFI order will go to West and a few may go to one of the other garages (mainly on the north and/or northwest sides of the city).
  13. More than likely West. But there is a fairly remote chance that North Shore, Northwest or River might receive a few (though Northwest is less likely as they currently have too many newer buses)..
  14. That came during the monthly Pace board meeting. I saw the listing on the Pace Web site. So, the XD40's will arrive beginning sometime next year. This will satisfy the 40-foot portion of the latest bidding. (And I was surprised that NFI got the bid over "ElDorko" or even Nova Bus for the 40-footers; in fact, NFI might have been the only bidder there.) And if they get initially assigned to West, then I would expect to see them on a few routes that serve the northwest suburbs (I live in Mount Prospect now), such as the #303, #332, #608 and #757. That leaves the 30-foot portion of a potentially large order of buses for Pace yet to be awarded. (And I know that "ElDorko" is one of the very few North American bus manufacturers left that still manufactures a 30-foot heavy-duty bus; most of the other companies start off at 35 feet long.)
  15. More Bus Moves

    That was only a temporary loan. Today it was back at NP.