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  1. Did you see the buses during the time that northbound LSD was shut down for the vice president's motorcade? That was causing a lot of delays and reroutes. Otherwise, even along the lakefront the snow wasn't heavy enough to merit rerouting buses.
  2. Kevin over at CTA Tattler has posted an advance look at the CTA Holiday Train schedule. (He says it's unconfirmed by the CTA as yet.) It appears to be consistent with the last few years: Green, then Brown/Orange, then Pink/Blue, then Red/Purple/Yellow. Green Friday, 11/29/13 Saturday, 11/30/13 Tuesday, 12/3/13 Orange & Brown Wednesday, 12/4/13 Thursday, 12/5/13 Friday, 12/6/13 Saturday, 12/7/13 Pink Tuesday, 12/10/13 Wednesday 12/11/13 Blue Thursday, 12/12/13 Friday, 12/13/13 Saturday, 12/14/13 Red Tuesday, 12/17/13 Thursday, 12/19/13 Saturday, 12/21/13 (Red and Purple) Purple Express Wednesday, 12/18/13 Friday, 12/20/13 Saturday, 12/21/13 (Red and Purple) Yellow Monday, 12/23/13
  3. Trip is scheduled for this Thursday, 8.8.13. One round trip late morning from Rosemont (or O'Hare?) to Forest Park and back.
  4. Saw cars 2227-28 and 2347-48 being dragged by a 2600-series out-of-service train last night at Belmont heading north toward Howard.
  5. greenstreet

    More Bus Moves

    Not a lot of southwest-side Catholic school graduates on this board. The view is from the Brother Rice high school parking lot facing northwest toward Pulaski and 99th (around 2007-2008). The operator was apparently blocked in the parking lot and was attempting to get to Pulaski which we see over the berm on the left. That grassy area has since been regraded and is no longer that height.
  6. Nice photo. Not sure what year that shot was taken (2010?), but it wasn't last year (2011). The wrap design is different. As I recall from pictures I've seen and taken, in 2011 the vinyl wrap also extended across the front of the train.
  7. I wonder how the Red Line riders are liking the 5000s this morning. Any firsthand reports?
  8. Has anyone seen the wrapped J14 buses yet? The route went into service this morning around 5:30, so the buses should be visible along the route or at the layover at Washington/Desplaines.
  9. Try a trip taking the 85 Central or 91 Austin to Jeff Park to catch a Blue Line train. RTA's Goroo sends the traveler on a walk to the other side of the expressway to catch the train. It says to get off the bus at Jeff Park bus terminal, walk one block north on Milwaukee to Northwest Hwy, and then right (east) on Northwest Hwy to catch the Blue Line. Might also be similar directions for other buses arriving there - I stopped after getting these inaccurate directions. Then tried the same trips on the Google Transit option on the CTA's website. Obtained normal, accurate directions there.
  10. Check your numbers. You must have one wrong. 5014-5015 are not married -- at least not to each other. 5014 is paired with 5013, and 5015 is married to 5016. Must have been getting ready to go in service Sunday.
  11. Look for 5000s to start going into service on the Red Line on Sunday, 11/11.
  12. Can anyone comment on how often the 2400s are being used on the Orange Line? It appears the 24 2400s are in addition to the Orange Line's usual allotment of 94 3200s. Could these 2400s be intended for use for the additional Orange-to-Brown Line (Tattler article) service that is upcoming?
  13. Thanks for the clarification. I had looked back in the thread, but only at all the posts on the two last pages. Apparently, I didn't go back far enough (to September). I thought there was some new reference I had missed.
  14. Since I have heard discussion about this plan from sources other than this board, all your info rings true. The CTA has posted a Notice of Prequalification for General Contractors and Track Subcontractors for Dan Ryan (Red Line) Track Renewal Project (REVISED) since early May. Yes, one would have to register to download the prequalification package. ;-) According to the prequalification package, almost 60 people attended the pre-bid meeting, some from major players in the public works realm (Parsons, Kiewit, PB, Paschen, Walsh) and some from local advocacy/consulting agencies (HACIA, Chicago Urban League, Reyes Group). There was even at least one representative from an elected official's office (a representative from Bobby Rush's office). It seems to me very plausible that information about the project is leaking out given the large number of people who have information about it. Although a cursory read didn't reveal a schedule for the actual construction work, I did note a timeline about the contract schedule. Anticipated Schedule: May 2012 - Issue request for Qualifications May 2012 - Date Statements of Qualifications due June 2012- Notification of pre-qualification June/July 2012 -Invitation for Bids from prequalified bidders August 2012 - Bids due September 2012 - Approximate notice to proceed Given the pool of people who know about the plan for this project, I won't make any spurious judgments about how you received this info. I wouldn't reveal my source either. ;-) Thanks for sharing.
  15. Close - from the Trib (5/10/12): "The CTA is paying $740,000 for each of the 67 diesel buses and $897,000 for each of the 33 hybrid buses, CTA spokeswoman Molly Sullivan said. The purchase from New Flyer includes spare parts and extended warranties, she said."
  16. The CTA announced that the first of the Novas were put into service on December 5, 2000.
  17. You're right - it's ready. I would not be surprised if they open the station by the end of this week - to try to get some Chicago-moving-forward news in with all the NATO coverage. Rahm, of course, will take credit for the new station, although construction began a year before he was elected, and funding and planning were determined even before that.
  18. I haven't seen a statement by CTA that they have the money to hire new drivers, but Westside Tech is holding a job fair with CTA to recruit new part-time bus operators (supposed to be in the next two weeks). I haven't seen an official link to that effect, but I have no reason to disbelieve it. However, there was no information as to what purpose these part-time operators would serve. Seems a little early to be recruiting for faux-BRT or Red Line service replacement. Maybe it is just a seasonal summer driver recruitment? I don't know.
  19. It seems to me that it has been leaked already - that's why we are reading and talking about it here. ;-)
  20. According to the most recent rail assignment and spare reports, 308 cars are assigned to the Blue Line. 256 cars are needed to make service for morning rush. These 2200s are assigned to long-term hold and are not part of the Blue Line's allotment of 106 2200s: 2201-2202, 2205-2206, 2231-2232. 2247-2248, 2265-2266, 2269-2270, 2275-2278, 2281-2284, 2287-2288, 2297-2300, 2335-2336, 2349-2350
  21. I don't think the "interesting announcement" railfan referred to was the old-news-to-Chicagobusforum CBS story about the about the 5000s stalling at gaps at Tower 18 or the old news (Dec. 8) about the CTA requesting design of full-color LED destination signs. If I read it right, I think he is referring to an impending CTA announcement, regarding a completely different situation that will make the CTA glad they still have 22 2600s assigned to 54th.
  22. The 2012 budget proposal clearly and explicitly says: The 2012-2016 CIP will provide funding for a multi-year overhaul program to the 3200-series rail cars. The 3200-series consists of 258 rail cars, which are projected to receive a mid-life (“D”) rehabilitation. Work will consist of some of overhaul of propulsion systems, trucks and couplers, and replacement of other major systems such as auxiliary power supply, door operators and air comfort. The overhaul will update the passenger information system with new LED destination signs and will include a new public address system. A new Automatic Vehicle Maintenance system will be installed that will transmit odometer and fault information via WiFi at the rail yards. Interior panels, lighting, flooring, and seats will be replaced and/or refurbished to enhance customer comfort. The costs projected for this project are identified in the budget: 2012: $82,353,000 2013-2016: $165,687,000 5-Yr. Funding: $248,040,000 It clearly is not talking about the 5000s and is very clear about what will be done. Dismissing work because it will cost "several thousand dollars per unit" is unsupported, considering the total expected cost over 5 years. But to bring this post back to the topic of the 5000s, look for an announcement next week that the CTA is entering the design process necessary to lead to the ultimate installation of color LED destination signs in the 5000-series cars.
  23. The CTA has announced the 2011 Holiday Train schedule http://www.transitchicago.com/holidaytrain/ It starts November 25, the day after Thanksgiving, just in time for holiday shopping. Green Line - November 25, 26 & 30 Orange & Brown Lines - December 1, 2 & 3 Pink Line - December 7 Blue Line - December 8, 9 & 10 Red Line- December 14, 16, 17 & 20 Purple Line - December 15, 17 & 21 Yellow Line - December 22
  24. Not true. The first #5000s went into revenue service Tuesday, November 8 out of 54th around 2:50 pm. Several rail fans, customers and news media were on hand for the first trip. The front car had more cameras than customers. ;)
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