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  1. CTA bus encounters with cab drivers

    I am not a bus operator, but I hate how most of these cab drivers drive. I seen them cut off both cars and CTA buses while I be in downtown, and seeing near misses. I wont use a city cab unless I have to, or I have to get to Union Station to make my Metra Train Home that I won't think I will not make in time by walking, or hoping an CTA bus.. The ones going to and from the airport are horrible. I work at O'Hare, & I gotten sideswiped by an cab driver I-90 going to O'Hare trying to cut in front of me years ago. This Cabbie sideswipe my front passenger side, even thou I was blasting my horn at him to get his attention, he still hit me, & he try to get mad at me even thou he was the one that caused it. I wanted to go off on that cabbie, but my patience's came in & stopped me, & just barley made it to work on time. Oh, Also on my first year working at O'Hare when I was working on mornings, on my way home when I lived off of Ewing Ave, an cabbie hit the side of the CTA 26 express bus I was on, trying to use the left lane on Michigan Ave. at Balbo as an left turn lane even thou the bus was already in the left turn lane, and the cab had it's side mirror broken off by the bus. The bus I was riding was one of those NABI 60ft buses before it was pulled out of service, & all the passengers had to pack onto an already crowded 40ft new flyer bus that came afterwards.
  2. Metra Photo Policy

    I had a issue on the Blue Island Metra Electric Station this afternoon, I was waiting to get photos of the IAIS BICB train leaving Blue Island, & some times I would take it from the Electric Platform, so as I was taking photos of a Metra train on the RI coming by, the conductor got off his cell phone, and told me that I was not allowed to take photos on the platform, because of 9/11, I had to go on the street, I told him that I been taking photos from here for years, and it was legal, and he bring up because of 9/11, I wanted to tell him that I was legal, but my mind told me to not get into it with this dum@#$ conductor, and just leave & go home. Now I check the Metra Website, and I found that he was wrong to tell me not to take photos on platforms, I searched, and found this paragraph on photography on metra. Metra Photo Policy Photography & Videography: For safety and security reasons, photography or videography on Metra property is only permitted in areas that are clearly open to public use. Areas that are accessible only to Metra employees, including but not limited to, the right-of way and rail yards, are highly restricted areas and are not able to be accessed for photography or videography by the general public. Metra will prosecute trespassers to the fullest extent of the law. I never had a problem taking photos on CTA & Metra until tonight. I had employees approach me on CTA, but just to see what I was doing, & don't say nothing. I am getting tired of hearing because of either Homeland Security, or 9/11(I know it was a tragic day in US History, I still cant believe it happened), & I work at the airport, I get my picture taken by passengers from the terminal every day, & I don't say nothing, it's getting old with photography, & 9/11, or homeland security, and getting me angry about it.
  3. Taking Pics/Making Vids Illegal ?

    Thanks for the heads up, I kind of noticed that when I was up there, but I really don't know how it going to be when I go up there, from the last time I been. Also I have several copies of that Krages' Photographers' Rights on me, in my camera bag, and in my car, in case someone wants to challenge me.
  4. Taking Pics/Making Vids Illegal ?

    I was up there at the bus terminal in Rockford this past July, and I was lucky that I was not bothered. What I had notice thou when I was there there were no loitering sings around the bus terminal, but on the sidewalk there was none, so I am guessing you was across the street where the buses exit at, that is public property, and that female security guard should had not bothered you, neither told you to leave, and I am planning to go up there next month or two to get more photos of the Rockford Bus System, as I head up to Madison.
  5. Pace Photo Policy?

    Last Year I was at Homewood railfanning, and I got a few Pace bus photos, and one of the bus drivers stopped the bus, and kept looking at me, and opened the door, and called the cops on me, saying THAT IT WAS illegal, but I was on the sidewalk, and I told her that it was legal, and she said ok well see, but drove off after she called me in. Homewood Police did not do anything, but I wanted to tell the bus driver to go @#$% herself, but i refrained from doing it, and it gotten me pissed off. Oh this is the photo that gotten me a date with Homewood Cops. In Gary I was getting photos of the buses out there also, and one of the bus driver told me that I was crazy, and something was wrong with me, before driving off, because there was nothing he could do.
  6. MCTS Color

    MCTS now has the link up for the new buses, and bus paint. For myself I can't wait to get photos of the new buses when they start getting on the streets http://www.ridemcts.com/news/index.asp?id=1445
  7. CCT did indeed retired all of there TMC buses, when I was at the Marietta Transfer Center, all of the CCT buses are parked just south of the terminal, and I did not see not one TMC Bus, just Novas, new flyers, and coaches. MARTA is converting most of there bus fleet to have CNG buses either from Orion or from New Flyer. One thing that MARTA trains got, that CTA trains don't have is TV monitors, it use to be called the Rail Network, but now CBS brought the company, and renamed it the CBS Outdoor Rail Network. It is like the Transit TV that went bankrupt earlier this year, that was on pace, and MCTS buses Here is two pictures of some MARTA Rail Cars that I took while I was in Atlanta Also.
  8. Thats what I was trying to figure out, but I been looking it up, and it was showing it as an CNG bus, but I really dont think that is an CNG bus
  9. Here are some photos that I took for the bus system in Augusta, GA Augusta Public Transit Bus 202, an blue bird Again APT Bus 202 heading west on Green St towards the transit center as rt. 3 East Augusta. APT bus 4003, an Blue Bird Ultra LF 35ft sitting at the South Augusta Transfer Center APT Bus 5001, an Blue Bird Ultra LF 30ft at K Mart Plaza APT Bus 201, an blue bird bus sitting outside the APT offices and Garage And some photos from the CMRTA (Central Midlands Regional Transportation Authority), in Columbia, S.C. CMRTA Bus 310 after leaving the tranfer center in Downtown Columbia, S.C. CMRTA Bus 203 departing from the Transfer center. CMRTA bus 410 heading towards the transfer center as rt. 1 SWRTA(Santee Wateree Regional Transit Authority) Bus 3201 departing for Sumter S.C. SWRTA is the transit system for Sumter, S.C.
  10. I was in Atlanta back in November, and I was able to get alot of bus photos of 3 of the transit systems in Atlanta Area, MARTA, Gwinnett County Transit, and Cobb Community Transit. If I got the bus maker or model wrong, please let me know, thanks, I also took photos of buses in Augusta, Ga, and in Columbia, S.C which I will put on here later today. MARTA Bus 2116,an Orion CNG bus leaving Doraville Station Gwinnett County Transit Bus A001,Orion CNG bus departing Doraville MARTA Station MARTA Bus 2744, an New Flyer C40LF departing Doraville Station. MARTA Bus 2890 an,New Flyer C40LF in Downtown Atlanta, departing from across from the MARTA Five Points Station MARTA Bus 2216, and Orion CNG bus heading towards the College Park MARTA Station. Cobb Community Transit Bus 8031, an New Flyer D40LF entering the Marietta Transfer Center. CCT Bus 280, an NovaBus sitting for the weekend at its operation center. CCT Bus 6082, sitting at the operations center these are primary used for express routes into Downtown Atlanta Xpress Bus 4652 sitting at the CCT Marietta Operations Center, an is operated by the CCT for the GRTA
  11. Metra Announcements

    I guess it was easier to type "your station", and use it at all stations instead of each station name, and plus that the people who boards at the station already know what station there are at, by the station sings.
  12. Here are some photos that I took around the public transit systems in Hammond East Chicago, Gary, and Michigan City, Indiana. Hammond Transit: Hammond Transit System Bus 204, an Opus Low-Floor Bus HTS 313 I don't know what kind of buses these are, but it was brought from Nashville, TN, and has only one door in the middle, and was used as shuttle buses at the Nashville Airport. HTS bus 0301, an Chance Opus low floor Bus. East Chicago Transit:(Free Bus System) ECPT 2007B, an Gillig Low Floor bus An Gillig Low Floor bus. ECPT # 2007A Gary Public Transit Cooperation Gary Public Transit Bus 7002 Michigan City Transit: