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  1. you know jajuan i agree with u so much on that and this is why i have to do my assessments on how to leave this terrible *** state immediately!
  2. omg!!!!!!! that is so cool.so is the signs programmed yet? and is the set 5011-5012 the beggining cars or do the series actually start at 5000?
  3. hey guys just interested,do anyone know if the bombardiers will have the synesthien controller like the morrison -knudsens?or just the standard controller on the budds,boeing-vertols and the vintage 40 yo's.
  4. we do have the cummins c 8.3 engine in ours,the m11 sreies probably was equipped with the same transmission,voith i believe.
  5. so does anyone know if 6084 will be retired? how badly was it damaged?
  6. no actually 6305 was rehabbed.it recieved a new paint job and minor engine upgrades.if you live near 74th garage or its service area you would see it.
  7. trey824

    More Bus Moves

    where have you been?6200 has been at forest glen for months!as well as 6197,6199,6201,6202
  8. no! we dont want the flx retirement to come faster!those are some darn good buses. but if thats what cta wants we have to deal with it
  9. correct me if im wrong,but are the two rail that the trains run on also carry a small amount of electric current? ive noticed it at interlockings as there are wires connected to the rails,also even in some stations.
  10. yep, its still out there now on run 019.with the k in the windshield still.
  11. this all happens occasionally as the kimball yard is short on 3200s and too small to accomadate any others ,so thats when howard yard steps in to put out budds or even work motors for brown line service.
  12. yea your right.its just the cars are leaving so fast and haveing problems.2010-2011 seems too long beyond now to keep them.i think cta will have to speed up orders with bombardier.
  13. you better visit before summer is out because these babies are gonna be gone! i love them too but they're over 40 years old and have been worked hard.
  14. once again another vintage budd has sustain damage.the white dodge charger that hit it head on from the expressway produced body damage and also damaged 2214's front truck and trolley shoes.with this impact,2214 derailed partially,i suppose since the series will soon be retired they wont repair or order new truck sets to accomadate 2213-2214 back into service.in addition to rail car damage the third rail appear to have been damaged also.does any one have pictures to post???
  15. its not stupid at all because i love it my self.i even mock the bus when i see one with the allison stoping and people look at me crazy.but i love that quantity of new flyers,too bad there all not like that.
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