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  1. I went out to get pics of the new Proterra bus and I gor a shot of it at the Navy Pier terminal.
  2. Hey when you gonna come ride with me?

  3. As of today 4/11/07 2125 is still running. I was happy to see it.
  4. I saw 2655 on one of the Lake Cook shuttle bugs today.
  5. I saw 2652 on the 210 friday I am suprised to see it running on that route. They will use the 2600s on regular routes and use the REAL buses orions and classics on the shuttle bugs that does not make sense to me.
  6. I think they look pretty good at least is is an older design still being made. It actuallylook like a bus no a box like so mant of the new buses of today. I am not a big fan of low floors but I think this one looks good at least from the outside.
  7. Hello as of last night 2122 is still running I saw it on route 626. It looks good and I am glad to see it till running. I don't blame North shore for keeping them.
  8. As of today 11-20-06 2128 is still running I saw it on 422
  9. Hello everybody just an update on the 2100s still in service. I saw 2128 on one of the Lake-Cook rd shuttle bugs today. It still looks good an I am happy to see that it is still running.
  10. Pace 2122 is still running I saw it yesterday on the 422 it looks good to see it is still running.
  11. I like the 1995 new flyers beacuse I have ridden on them and I also like the design of the bus. They were also Chicago's first low floor bus and the first time I rode on a low floor bus.
  12. What is you favorite series of retired L cars
  13. My favorite garage is Forest Glen beacuse I used to live on the Northwest side of Chicago and they run some of my favorite routes
  14. Thats a CHBM Flxible it is US dept of energy 1825.
  15. RTA 8006 is part of the Chicago historical Bus Museum fleet
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