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  1. As is typical for most bus builders, NF has been continuing to assemble 4000s, waiting for the ok and/or identification of the mods required from CTA on the 4000 and then it will be able to ship several buses. Numbers up to 4013 are being identified in production reports from St. Cloud.
  2. IIRC, the Federated site mentions them having around 45 cars (all ex-BNSF). Yes, some of the cars sold to UTA were in pretty rough shape. Metra 7793-7796 and 8745 were among the cars that were shipped west circa June 2004. I think the original concept at UTA was to have these cars operating in the same consist as the new Bombardier-built double-deckers. However, at some point the ex-NJT "Comet" cars became available, which appears to have superseded any plans to rehab or use the ex-Metra cars.
  3. 6087 was working out of Forest Glen late last week - isn't that a lower number than they'd had before? Also, Novas down to at least 6709 were working out of FG last week; that bus had been at Archer just a few weeks back.
  4. Maybe Federated Railways (owner of the ex-BNSF cars) wanted substantially more for each car than VRE did. Also, I understand Metra has contemplated buying the ex-C&NW cars they sold to UTA in addition to the VRE cars. Some of the cars sold to UTA were unrehabbed ones.
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