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  1. The confusion was on my part not my friend's. He told me that operation of the shuttle was to be contracted to First Student. I had assumed (I know makes as ass out of you and me) it was DG that contracted this out not Pace. Hadn't realized Pace was involved at this level.
  2. Not exactly PACE, but there is information from a very reliable source that DG is contracting with First Student to assume operation of the Shuttle. Effective?
  3. Posted by Sean Graham-White over in another group. Source: http://metrarail.com/metra/en/home/about_metra/capitalprojects.html In particular: PE 4401 LOCOMOTIVE REPOWERING F40Cs, MET Metra proposes to repower two F40C locomotives used to provide commuter passenger rail service in the Chicago area. The repowering will consist of a new diesel engine and control package. The diesel engine will be certified to EPA Tier III requirements, thus achieving reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in addition to those achieved through remanufacturing of locomotives. This project also includes the pur
  4. Don't forget the 2700 series Brills!
  5. I have never heard of any CTA bus at MOT, more details please! Could it be as ex Omaha bus similar to the Smithsonian's faux CTA bus?
  6. This answer is slightly sneaky in that the property that General Motors sold the bus to was Chicago Motor Coach. The bus that I had in mind in this question is General Motors model TDH 5502 serial exp 248. This bus was built as the demonstrator for the 5502's. There were 100 5502s built for Chicago Motor Coach. GM did hope to sell this model to other properties and built this demonstrator. It differed from the production coaches in having an emergency exit which was not present in the others. I have never been able to get a definitive answer as to whether this bus was built before or after the
  7. Okay so here is the answer that I had in mind when I asked the question. Several people picked this bus as the answer to trivia question number 1! The bus that I had in mind is the 8650. Purportedly, and I do say purportedly as I had been told this by several knowledgeable individuals but have no hard evidence of the fact, this bus did demonstrate in South America before being purchased by the CTA. Note that Flxible did sell several buses to De Ritter in Argentina at around this time. The 8650 was said to have demonstrated in Brazil as well as Argentina.
  8. buslist

    CTA 8576

    I had forgotten about this but this photo posted on another forum jogged my memory. There were experiments conducted by Flxible and CTA utilizing guided bus technology. The experements were conducted on old Lake Shore Drive on the South Side. The bus followed a wire embedded in the pavement.
  9. It's an OSA fan trip, this is the one where we got stopped by a supervisor, for being off schedule, when we told him it was a charter he wouldn't believe it "who's crazy enough to charter a trolley bus?" We had to show him the papers. And yes skipping the watermark us older folks will recognize the location as the Olson Rug co's bit of wilderness at Pulaski and Diversy. ( jokingly called the Poor Man's Dells) Pulaski was always a Marmon route so the St,Louis is out of place.
  10. Don't know if that's the case. There have been 6 features on the legacy railroads in On The Bi Level this year alone. Metro North's New Haven (was there ever a more visible and hated by commuters bankrupt railroad) painted locomotives have proved quite popular.
  11. No simply a locomotive painted in the colors of its predecessors as NS has done, and Metro North's New Haven tribute locomotive(s).
  12. Yup that's what I get for putting the photo over there as well. Good research! Actually leased only for the summer, it had be returned with several sisters to SSS to operate some school trippers. Layden did not have sufficient buses of its own buses operable at the time hence the shutdown.
  13. So should METRA put together a fleet of heratige painted locomotives ala NS and Metro North?
  14. BTW one of the weaknesses of the early post war Twins is quite well demonstrated in the first photo, note the sagging front endisaligned doors etc. The problem was fixed before the 5000s were built.
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