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  1. I am not posting here any more. But I did want to restore the three images which imgbox somehow lost: #s 1, 4, & 5. They were backed up on another imagehost. But it is going to show an interstitial warning of "Adult Content". 😕 You won't glimpse anything like that in these images, and there are no edgy banner ads.
  2. Errr, maybe you should double-check the bus' number? (See outlined portion.)
  3. pudgym29

    More Bus Moves

    If you're inspecting the bus trackers today {including right now}, you should glimpse select east-west routes on Chicago's north side operating buses - including 60-footers - that they usually do not operate. (No photo here, but I got a Kedzie Garage 60-footer running #77 Belmont EB to Halsted (@ Cicero). I'd bet #74 Fullerton and #72 North got some 60-footers also.)
  4. You can do this. I did this in order to get to the Blue Nose Brwy. in Hodgkins with only two transfers.
  5. Here is a newspaper article from Nadig with detail.
  6. The mask has come off! Look at what Uber states in its initial public offering document. [url=https://jalopnik.com/uber-finally-admits-its-directly-competing-with-publi-1834009027]Jalopnik[/url]https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/25/tech/uber-public-transportation/index.html]C N N {!}[/url][url=https://48hills.org/2019/05/ubers-plans-include-attacking-public-transit/]48 Hills [San Francisco][/url] [url=https://prospect.org/article/ridesharing-versus-public-transit]Prospect .org[/url] [url= [/url] Uber (& by extension, Lyft) are attacking public transportation. If I can temporarily set to abeyance the element about persons earning lower income being crumpled by increasing 'rideshare' operations; what would happen if public transportation ceased operation on the routes where rideshare operators literally and physically slowed down the operation of transit vehicles on that avenue and at that time? I believe more single (or dual) occupancy vehicles is not a valid transit alternative. In Chicago's case, the Authority should bellow, "Riding a #22 Clark bus costs $2.25 regardless of when and where you board it. Can Uber or Lyft give a more definitive price on what it will cost at a specific time of day {or night}?"
  7. One 'advantage' the old, junky Novas have is, as I (and you) can read on this forum, their air conditioning almost always works. So perhaps the Authority does not want to retire these buses this soon.
  8. I could envision the line being cut back from Forest Park to Illinois Medical District, because that leaves the connector to the Pink Line as available, which the Authority might use to run some trains from Racine to 54/Cermak.
  9. Why haven't #1026 & #1027 migrated to FG from 79th? Where the imprecision occurs is in the 1370s, 1550s, & 1590s at FG. There are some buses missing, and we do not know where they are. Tangentially, it seems to me that 79th does not like to run its (Nova) 7900 buses. On Math22's tracker, look at the 7900s series [general] and notice how few of the ones assigned to 79th garage are out. Operators seem to have a strong preference for the New Flyers. (#8 Halsted is the key route to inspect.)
  10. I have photographs of #8349 on #77 Belmont and #8345 on #91 Austin. I can confirm that, although I did not get a picture of the front windshield (I did not know this bus would arrive at this stop on this route.), there were no garage decals in either of them.
  11. The technology is already here. The amber BustRacker display @ Cicero and the Eisenhower shows arrival times for southbound CTA and Pace buses. It would definitely help if one was waiting for a southbound bus at Harlem and North Aves (which has included me), and pondering if the next bus was a #90, #307, or #318?
  12. I am sorry to read about the routes these garages may run. But they shouldn't re-edife anything -v superb hurb superb hould etcalur.
  13. https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showpost.php?p=157008640&postcount=400
  14. #8326 is on route #71 on Red Line "L" station.
  15. For all you motor coach maniacs, here is a post about a new motor bus route being institituted on SEPTA (notice how its run number is sufficiently messed up).
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