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  1. Random CTA

    {This is also a test of the forum's new software.} Something is afoot at the Authority's Chicago Garage. Over the last (5-8?) weeks, a concerted effort has been made to have New Nova (7900-8324) buses maintain all service on route #54 Cicero (and by extension, #54B South Cicero). (There are exceptions - but they seem to confine to Saturday and Sunday service.) I do not know why. This though, seems to be similar to what the Authority is doing on route #9 (and #X9) Ashland. Since, as numerous other threads here on Chitransit inform us that Bus Rapid Transit on Ashland is dead, dead, dead, why is Ashland being run with only New Nova buses? Is a test of Transit Signal Priority (TSP) continuing on Ashland? Is a test of TSP occurring on Cicero Avenue? Could this be a sign that an express bus route (#X54) might get another shot on Cicero? The clarion signal to me is that a populous route from Chicago garage, #20 Madison, seemingly does not get many New Novas assigned | allowed on its runs. If the imprimatur is to run the New Novas primarily on routes with high(er) ridership, #20 would get all New Novas before #54. Lucidly, we need somebody in middle management stationed @ Chicago Garage to inform us here of the circumstance. * = To prevent my haters here on the forum from rubbing in my face a spot where my postulate falters; here is an image of a New Flyer bus [#1430] running northbound on route #X9. But then, we don't have anybody in middle management at 74th St. Garage to explain how this happened either.
  2. 2600-series - Service Dates

    Somebody here on ChiTransit was imploring for 3199-3200 to be the preserved train cars. Here's your chance, bunky. Buy them now. Try to sell them to IRM or RELIC.
  3. Metra MK/Amerail car assignments 4/16

    mr wlesh, I think you had another tab on your browser connected to Chitransit. Those would be old CTA bus series.
  4. Lucifertk, I think you had another forum open in another tab on your browser. If you didn't, I recommend you ask this question on the FlyerTalk forum.
  5. New CTA Maps Are Out

    I love responding to myself! So, on Sunday, I was out-&-about doing karaoke at Angelo O'Leary's in Forest Park. When my evening ended, I walked to the Forest Park Blue Line “L” terminus. I had a comfortable time awaiting the next train departing thereof, so I went to the passenger assistant booth and inquired as to whether the Spanish-language CTA Route Map had been released. Bang-shang-a-lang. She had to look through a few boxes, but she turned up one with the aforequeried subject therein. Yes, I have a soft spot for Forest Park, as it was the rock-em-sock-em 'wet' suburb adjacent to the (then) dry Oak Park village. Anyhow, the Spanish-language CTA Route Map is out there - with a November publication date rather than the September issuance for the English-language variant. Go out there and request it at your preferred “L” station.
  6. Fare Game

    jajuan is correct. I did this this past summer returning from the Blue Nose Brwy. in Hodgkins. The return route was the Pace route #330 to O'Hare, and the Blue Line “L” back southeast. I was charged only 25¢ for the transfer.
  7. Random CTA

    Since when BustRacker errs, it is usually there is a bus on the route but it is not being displayed; you would think this would be the method that when TrainTracker errs, it would omit a train in service. So how does the Authority explain this display? The station, date, and time are all accurate. Where does it think those trains are coming from?
  8. When in Japan back in September for the Blue Note Jazz Festival, I finally took the plunge and bought a PASMO stored value card. The English-language instructions for obtaining one from a station machine were quite clear. I was able to classify it as a personalized PASMO card, for which a Japanese railway operator has my name and a valid e-mail address associated. I'm posting this in this thread because, after putting in a cash amount for the card, each time I tapped the card to a train station wicket, it showed the remaining value on the card. With a Ventra card, when you touch the card to the reader, it shows only "Go" or "Stop" [insufficient value]. A software update should be implemented that would reveal the remaining value on the Ventra card, so that a rider could swiftly learn how much was left. (This would also reveal when a perceived second transfer occurred beyond the two hours allocated for it.)
  9. More 6000's repatriated??

    The 6711-12 "George Washington" bicentennial-liveried train? When I was riding CTA on a Sunday Supertransfer in the late 1970s, somehow this train was pulled out of the yard and run - usually on Douglas - when 2200s were supposed to have all runs. Is the air conditioning still functional on car 6711? (6712 was not air conditioned.) I believe Fox River Trolley Museum has single-unit cars #27 & #40, not #44. #27 was bought because it had not been converted to a pantograph.
  10. A Push To Reinstate The #41 Elston bus

    Excuse me for contending, Andre, but the route #50 Damen bus is a key, if under-noted, way to go to | from the near northwest side to Andersonville. I have ridden the #50 as recently as Saturday. Prior trips from here to Andersonville includes destinations like Empirical Brwy., The Hopleaf Bar, Simon's Tavern, and Andersonville Brwg..
  11. Early bus history

    Fairly certain I rode on them a few times when accompanying dad to data processing @ Lawrence and Ravenswood on a Saturday{!} in 1970. The buses had the new displays for the Jefferson Park transit center.
  12. New CTA Maps Are Out

    Gotten. Has anybody identified when and where the photograph depicted on it was taken? It looks to me like the then new Ashland/63rd St station. But there is a puzzlement in the old(er) motor bus {with the WLAK ad} pulling out, which would seemingly indicate it being taken on a weekday; contrasted with the two-car train of 4000s in the station, which would seemingly indicate a fantrip of some kind, and those usually occurred on a weekend day.
  13. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    This thread has both winners and losers [ for the latter, look at the posts for the #11 Lincoln bus extension - which just bit the dust for good - but don't expect Ald. Ameya Pawar to take the blame.]. To return to the subject, I would like to see the #X54 Cicero express bus between Jefferson Park and Midway restored to weekday daylight hours service. I think there are enough 40-footers @ Chicago garage that can handle the route, unless the Authority opts to put this @ Forest Glen.
  14. PudgyM's foray into digital photography

    Wow. Is this an old thread? But this is where I should post these images. I was on the south side Thursday, going to Argus Brwy. on south Front Ave, and Whiner Beer near 47th and Ashland. I'll lead with something you probably thought you'd never see: A bus on the route #111A Pullman Shuttle. But to get there, I wound up on the Red Line “L” to 95th St. Here is how the construction is going. This is the route #115 Pullman-115th line (to get me to Argus). To get from Argus to Whiner, I rode the #115 back to 95th St. and transferred to a Pace route #381 bus to get to Ashland Ave. ([url= https://chitransit.org/topic/153-the-breakdown-thread/?page=15#comment-94916[/url] View a broken down northbound route #9 Ashland bus in this thread.) Finally, I wanted to have a few more beers at a late-night bar on Western Av. near Belmont Av.; so I rode the route #47 bus to Western and while awaiting it {northbound buses bunched, even at this time of night}, espied this route #94 South California bus heading for the terminus.
  15. The Breakdown Thread

    While zipping around on the south side Thursday, northbound on the route #X9 Ashland Express bus, we pulled up to this #9 Ashland bus out of service at 74th St.