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  1. I actually wrote {a real U.S.P.S. paper letter} the Authority and suggested having owl runs on a portion of the #50 (North) Damen route: The portion between the Pink Line “L” and the Blue Line “L”. I noted the new nightlife venues opening on this portion and felt patrons would use this service rather than hike the half-mile to Ashland or Western. I thought a 30-minute interval would be best, but would accept a 60-minute interval.
  2. I have re-uploaded the .rar file with my C.E.R.A. presentation of May 2012. Scroll back upwards.
  3. I'll insert a note here that I am going to Japan again soon, for this FlyerTalk forum's "Japan Do" #5. This will be my thirteenth time visiting there. Yes, I will take more transit photographs. I am staying at a new(er) hostel this time in Nakano-ku. It is very close to Shinjuku, and only eight minutes away via Tokyo Metro from where a lot of the frequent flyers attending this are staying [The Tokyo Hilton]. Wish me fun and success.
  4. There should be some semblance of a transit route from Chicago | Rosemont for events at the "white elephant" Sears Centre Arena (which nobody really want to go to), where even musical legends cannot sell out the facility, and second tier sports franchises suffer lethal blows.
  5. 1919 is on the #146 Inner Drive / Michigan Express tonight. So it is back at North Park garage.
  6. If the Authority was to do this, the obvious route to select would be #77 Belmont which, during owl hours, has off-street loops at Halsted and Octavia, where the bus could presumably get an in-service charge.
  7. Being 'crazy', and a bus enthusiast, are not mutually exclusive!
  8. ..Or that Maria's Package Goods and Community Bar is a genuine traffic generator.
  9. As somebody who has made a transfer from Pace SW to CTA [390 to 54B], I think it is more probable that a transfer will occur @ Midway Orange Line.
  10. It has been five years since I presented my show to the Central Electric Railfans' Association. It was about trains in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan. I publicized it using the title, "I Shot J. R. (& Keikyu, Keio, Odakyu, et alia)"; which was a twist on the then-recent revival of the 1980s television show "Dallas", and its protagonist | antagonist J. R. Ewing. This was seemingly a bit too much for Tony Coppoletta, who was the emcee of C.E.R.A. programs in 2012. He publicized it as "Trains of Tokyo and Yokohama". Whatever. I lost a substantial portion of my audience when the 'closing event' of Chicago Craft Beer Week occurred at the same time on the same evening (Friday) (even though the calendar showed CCBW extending through to Sunday). (If I wasn't scheduled to do this show that night, I would have wanted to attend that 'closing event'.) But it was a good show. To illustrate that, I have now uploaded all the photographs I showed that night, and included the script in which I described the photographs. Some of these photographs can no longer be replicated. (The grade crossing in Shimo-Kitazawa has been eliminated.) The file has gone off-line a few times. After an incident at December 2014's C.E.R.A. show, in which we had a delay due to technical problems; I was actually asked if there was something I could show while we were trying to fix it. My answer was 'no', because I didn't have that USB flash drive with me then. [We did fix it.] We had an internet connection. I remembered uploading this. When I went to the site of the last uploader I had utilized, the file had rinsed off. So I decided to upload it again just in case we had another technical snag. The file is 24.23 MB. My photographs are Creative Commons - Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike BY-NC-SA. Essentially, you can do whatever you wish with them, including making derivative works of them, as long as you do not try to make any money from doing so. The file is now uploaded at these upload hosts. You need only download from one of them. dl.free.fr myfile.org kouploader 8 If requested, the download password is 8124. The .rar password is "Keikyu_via_Sengakuji" {without the quotes}.
  11. Maybe Comcast SportsNet or WLS-TV would like to reflect on the glory by paying to wrap a bus. (I would suggest 2016. There are a few Allison Transmission buses at North Park if the Authority wanted to move the bus there.)
  12. On Sunday, we taped another Chic-A-Go-Go! dance show at The Promontory. When it ended; since I was on the south side, I opted to go to the Beverly neighborhood's brewpub, Horse Thief Hollow near 104th and Western. When I got to 79th and Western, look at what class of motor coach I had on route #349: One of Pace south's compressed natural gas buses. It was a pretty swift ride. I did not catch a CNG bus on my return north, though.
  13. Which bus series do I have to specify?! Is it Nova Bus "A" Or "B" Or "C" or the 40-footers or LFS. Or WHAT Busjack?! I specify whatever buses the Chicago Transit Authority numbered 6400-6884 has run on its routes. Geez! I expect better than to be nitpicked for not referring to the correct nomenclature of a bus which even somebody daft about transit vehicles would recognize on this forum! Anyhow, on Wednesday night, I was unfortunate to wind up on a Forest Glen garage bus, #6553. Believe me, this bus should be retired right now. It did not display either its end destination [Lake Shore / Diversey]{are you going to call me out for having the 'wrong' destination for eastbound route #77 buses?!}, or even its garage run number. Further, and which is more important to the Authority - it took six touches of my Ventra card before it recognized this was me. My bus operator told me it would take multiple presses to the pad. He was correct. So here are what should be the last-ever images of #6553. My commiserations {ha ha! I spelled that correctly ~ no snagging me there}} to any operators at Forest Glen garage who get stuck having to run this vehicle.
  14. One of the first bus stop signs Pace should post is on the southeast corner of Archer and Willow Springs Rd. for the #390 route to CTA-Midway. I had a {thankfully} few heart-racing moments when the 10:22 pm bus headed to Midway seemed amazed there was somebody camped on that corner wanting to board his bus. (This is how to get back from Imperial Oak Brwg. Co. on a weeknight.)
  15. I still think the Authority will save six Nova Classic buses [whether 1st order or 2nd order I am imspecific] for the Heritage Fleet; and those buses will run weekends on route #88 Higgins.