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  1. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    I am puzzled by the lack of a rear window in these remaining 25 buses. https://chitransit.org/topic/3636-is-it-just-me-or-a-discussion-on-bus-design/?do=findComment&comment=97599 Although, it could be the reason for its elimination is so passengers cannot look out the rear and notice the pack of buses bunching behind them.
  2. Your New Blue - O'Hare Branch Rehab

    To @BusHunter, perhaps you may want to check in on the surface at Belmont Blue? There is construction occurring on the southeast corner of Belmont and Kimball to the extent that [i]I believe[/i] the Authority is putting in an elevator. The chamber will be where the former vent was: [i]North[/i] of the station stair and escalator exit.
  3. Bringing Back a Route and/or Segment

    I diverge on this to state that a reason why somebody would propose a route segment adjustment is because the standard transfer on the Authority allows a customer only two transfers. There are, by my observation, frequent transit trips which (would) involve three transfers. In the current payment scheme, a third transfer will cost another $2.25. This is how transit customers look for routes which will get them to their destination without having to change to a third route. So - they make proposals in this thread to adjust a certain route to eliminate the transfer. I propose petitioning the Authority, as well as Pace, to allow a third transfer within the two hours the standard transfer time permits. I believe this does not involve any expenditures from the agencies. I would find it hard to believe this would cost the agencies any business; because more customers would ride transit due to this liberalization.
  4. Ticking the logon box labeled "Logon Anonymously" is ineffective. The 'anonymous' user's username displays at the foot of the page anyhow. Having now seen a scenario in which two users {I am sometimes an 'anonymous' logonner.} ticked the box - but their username appeared. Please remedy. Either make the anonymous logon option functional, or drop it from the logon menu.
  5. Ouch! Wreck photos!

    I guess if I ride transit as often as I do; someday this would occur. On Friday, I went out to Metropolitan Brewing for a few craft beers. When I finished there, I walked to Belmont and Rockwell for a westbound #77 Belmont bus. I think you know Belmont Ave. is in horrible shape now, with all the construction occurring on it. At this very moment, the Belmont Blue Line “L” station is closed for the first stage of its renovation. The detour for westbound #77 buses is south on Kimball to Milwaukee, northwest to Central Park, and north on Central Park to Belmont. There is a tight turn from Kimball to Milwaukee, but that is not where this occurred. It occurred at 10:53 pm when the bus (#8253: Run F738) made its left turn from Central Park to Belmont. It struck a bicyclist. I was sitting in the upper floor section, so I did not see anything, but the sound of the impact was noticable. The bus was going to stand (in the middle of the intersection), so all the passengers were let off to go to the curb. At this moment, I espied the accident victim. She appeared to be a hefty female, but her weight was no match for a moving bus. Reaction from the street was that she had at the least a broken leg. I had my camera in my pocket. So I took a few photographs before the assembled crowd was requested to stand back. Here are two of them. I do not know to which hospital she was taken. I thought the Chicago Fire Dept. ambulance would take her to Belmont Community Hospital west on Belmont, but it left the intersection going south on Central Park. Police arrived first. I highly suspect our bus operator was cited. Bus #8253 did sustain a cracked front windshield (the lower part on the driver's side - you might be able to see it in one of the photos). In operational terms, what happens when an accident occurs, and none of the passengers are injured, but the bus must go out of service? F738 doesn't sound familiar to me as an owl run. Would an extra bus be put into service at this time of night? Intriguingly, the following bus which took all of us from #8253 was old Nova #6826. If it had been the one involved in the accident, and its windshield damaged, I bet that would be the end of its life.
  6. Photography on Different systems

    Saturday, I rode Metra up to Kenosha, WI. for the Border War Beer Festival. From the Metra Kenosha station, the way to the fest grounds was via the Streetcar. The last time I rode a streetcar to a beer festival was in January 2016 in San Francisco, CA. So it was an intriguing coincidence that the streetcar running was the S. F. Muni liveried one. I took a clutch of photographs, but I also experimented with shooting video. My Canon PowerShot SX600 HS has a video function available. Rather than compel you to view it by embedding the video here, I have uploaded it to a variety of file hosts. The file name is kenosha-04aug2018-b.mp4. It is 7.5 MB - 00:00:18 Download it from any of these. https://www.axfc.net/u/3926988 http://filescase.com/src/GEN100MB8922.mp4.html DLKey 4617 or https://1fichier.com/?pz5zimnszt82k2wmcwpx
  7. Random Metra

    On Friday, I was strolling from Cicero & Montrose to the Blue Line “L” Montrose station. {I usually walk the opposite direction.} I have rode the Union Pacific Northwest Line numerous times: To Palatine, Barrington, Cary, and Crystal Lake. But here was something I did not expect to glimpse, particularly during weekday daylight hours. Thankfully, I had my camera handy. This was a short train. Only those two cars were being hauled. Does anybody know what industry is being served by this train?
  8. Random CTA

    If we're pointing out what should have been proofread before production, here is the bus terminus layout sticker at the Midway Orange Line terminus: Where does the #47 route go?
  9. 2400-series - Service Dates

    Is there a possibility the 2400s might take a "curtain call" for the b**eball series next weekend?
  10. PudgyM's foray into digital photography

    So last Wednesday, when we actually had some good weather (unlike this week - it's April; weather should not be getting worse.), I decided to head for the new Marz Community Brwy. @ 3630 S. Iron St. I was on the southbound #54 Cicero bus {having the #X54 route would have been nice}. We stopped for a traffic signal at Jackson Blvd., and I espied this rara avis operating on #126 Jackson. Just for you , here are images of the Marz Brwy. taproom. The camera I use now is the Canon SX600 HS. This newer computer does not have Ulead Photoimpact 12, so I haven't lightened or tweaked any of these images.
  11. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    Transit authorities are in a difficult stance now. I can believe that it will take an error by Uber and | or Lyft which will make its service less appealing. But I can also contemplate that Uber and | or Lyft will intentionally make an error. That “error” would be a more-frequent application of surge pricing which we know each can already practice. In Tokyo, taxicab services charge a post-24:00 hour surcharge. Uber and | or Lyft could do that tomorrow, and pocket the additional profit. I can also see certain fees when Uber and | or Lyft pick up at an address of a licensed beverage purveyor. Again, the money would go to corporate. If you then add in the possibility that an individual Uber and | or Lyft operator senses his passenger may not be 100% alert due to inebriation, I would not be surprised if that passenger got the six-mile ride home instead of the three-mile ride it should have been. In any instance, the Uber and | or Lyft passenger will notice that the fee for getting him | her back to the abode is escalating in an unpredictable manner. If this rises to the level where it compares unfavorably with the amount he | she spent at the venue, transit re-enters the sphere.
  12. Random CTA

    {This is also a test of the forum's new software.} Something is afoot at the Authority's Chicago Garage. Over the last (5-8?) weeks, a concerted effort has been made to have New Nova (7900-8324) buses maintain all service on route #54 Cicero (and by extension, #54B South Cicero). (There are exceptions - but they seem to confine to Saturday and Sunday service.) I do not know why. This though, seems to be similar to what the Authority is doing on route #9 (and #X9) Ashland. Since, as numerous other threads here on Chitransit inform us that Bus Rapid Transit on Ashland is dead, dead, dead, why is Ashland being run with only New Nova buses? Is a test of Transit Signal Priority (TSP) continuing on Ashland? Is a test of TSP occurring on Cicero Avenue? Could this be a sign that an express bus route (#X54) might get another shot on Cicero? The clarion signal to me is that a populous route from Chicago garage, #20 Madison, seemingly does not get many New Novas assigned | allowed on its runs. If the imprimatur is to run the New Novas primarily on routes with high(er) ridership, #20 would get all New Novas before #54. Lucidly, we need somebody in middle management stationed @ Chicago Garage to inform us here of the circumstance. * = To prevent my haters here on the forum from rubbing in my face a spot where my postulate falters; here is an image of a New Flyer bus [#1430] running northbound on route #X9. But then, we don't have anybody in middle management at 74th St. Garage to explain how this happened either.
  13. 2600-series - Service Dates

    Somebody here on ChiTransit was imploring for 3199-3200 to be the preserved train cars. Here's your chance, bunky. Buy them now. Try to sell them to IRM or RELIC.
  14. Metra MK/Amerail car assignments 4/16

    mr wlesh, I think you had another tab on your browser connected to Chitransit. Those would be old CTA bus series.
  15. Lucifertk, I think you had another forum open in another tab on your browser. If you didn't, I recommend you ask this question on the FlyerTalk forum.