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  1. Most of these pictures are from 1984,right around the time PACE was formed.The picture of 8099 was on the 526 West Plaza route taken on Sept.25th,1984.I'm not sure why the headsign was showing the 549 McLean Rt.The original bus #s assigned to Aurora were 8009-8014,8095-8099.
  2. Niles bus showed up earlier this week
  3. Here is a shot of 8007 I took back on the 523 North Lake Route,at the end of the line@K-Mart in N.Aurora.
  4. Here is something I've never seen on a local route before.Usually express only. Anybody else,any thoughts?
  5. Here are a couple of pictures I took today@CN's yard off the Tri-State and Ashland Ave.5750 could this be what you saw the other day?
  6. According to a book I purchased years ago,the model #'s for the "new" fishbowls(RTA #s 8000-8150) were T6H4523A.The 6 indicates the number of cylinders,H=mechanical transmission,45=nominal capacity,23=96 inch width and the A=air conditioning.
  7. Here are a few pictures I took of the fishbowls(some before PACE)
  8. The headlight configuration looks a lot like PACE 2010's.
  9. Have they(CTA)thought of how visitors(or the elderly) will take to this? I'm also curious how they will print these up,and in how many languages? :unsure:
  10. I was told yesterday,they will be put up for auction,if no acceptable bids are received they will be sold for scrap.
  11. I was at SW Div today and here are some pictures of SW Divisions last NOVA Classics. :(
  12. Nova Classics 2379 and 2381 are sitting outside SW Div,unfortunately I don't believe they'll be back in service. :(
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