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  1. More Bus Moves

    Chicago has 1366-1369, 1371-72, and 1374-78. That’s what I meant
  2. More Bus Moves

    Don’t forget that Chicago has some buses in the 1300s. For now.
  3. The Breakdown Thread

    I think it is a battery fire. It’s on obviously a larger scale than the Samsung Galaxy battery fires and it’s fortunate that it apparently occurred in the garage and was extinguished quickly. Until the battery manufacturers solve this issue of spontaneous combustion (maybe they should see how Tesla batteries don’t have this issue), we’re not gonna see all-electric buses on the CTA any time soon.
  4. More Bus Moves

    I saw 1379 on Diversey and 1847 on Broadway.
  5. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    On 8248, the rearmost seats are now upholstered but the other seats are still all plastic. And no, I didn't photoshop this...lol!
  6. Return of the 11 & 31 Bus

    I don't understand why the #37 and #11 were separated, though I'll admit I didn't see the ridership numbers for the combined Lincoln/Sedgwick. When those two routes were combined I don't recall any service complaints, except maybe occasional long waits for buses during inclement weather. Maybe NP didn't want to deal with another long route?
  7. More Bus Moves

    Looks like C did give up some buses. I just saw C's 1928 on #49B.
  8. I respectfully disagree that it should never have been built, it's just that it should have been designed to be much more energy efficient and space efficient than it is. It would have resulted in a bland-looking building but a more useful and efficient building that wouldn't even be the subject of a possible demolition.
  9. More Bus Moves

    And there's going to be room for them at 103rd because 40-footers will have to be sent up to Chicago in exchange, so there shouldn't be an issue regarding space. BTW, the 2 can use some artics because every time I see one of those buses on LSD, they're always SRO in either direction. It's just a matter of where they can terminate by the U of C.
  10. More Bus Moves

    If Chicago is giving up all of its artics, the lions share will probably go to 103rd to alleviate their shortage-due-to-maintenance issues and I agree with jajuan that 77th will have to get over their artic aversion and put them on 3 and 4. The other remaining question is what exactly will Chicago get in return
  11. More Bus Moves

    And what better way to get that feedback than to run them on routes such as 8, 9 and 49 that run through the north and south sides.
  12. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    I did see 1553, 1557, 1559 and 1591 on #56 today
  13. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Some plastic-seating buses from FG are being distributed to C, 74th and 77th in an effort to gather people's opinions about the seating in other parts of the city.
  14. More Bus Moves

    BTW, this could explain why 1557 and 1591 are on #56.
  15. More Bus Moves

    That's a good point. Don't be surprised if 8200-8249 are seen on 74th's and 77th's routes as well.