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  1. If you come to cta it's 1st come 1st serve basis. So when it's time to pick your garage however many left when it's your turn that's where you'll end up unless you're needed to fill out a garage that dont have enough operators which can be any of the 7. But in most cases it's always FG or NP for the most part their the farthest garages in the system. Your seniority is everything once you get in cta as well and the longer you're here the better it'll get. 103rd is the most seniority based garage in the system meaning it's a lot of long timers lol so if you're just starting over here you'll get the scraps of what's left or most likely extra board. NP has the lightest seniority of course so if you stay there you'll have better chances of picking more decent routes. With my time I could get sat and Sundays off easily and get off crazy early if I was to go to NP, FG, or K as well.
  2. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    Its 2 old 6000 series flix buses parked right next to each other between 106th and 108th and Torrence both parked behind a gate along with a couple of school buses as well. I wish It was somebody I could talk to about those buses. If I have the money for it I would love to take 1 of those buses for myself lol. I've always wanted to drive those buses but time I started in 2012 they were already 2yrs retired from service. From the outside they look decent still they're stripped of their cta paint and I have no idea the shape their in. If any of you know that location you should check them out 1 day.
  3. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    I dont like to keep bringing this up cause I dont like to sound like I'm bragging or boasting but I'm a bus operator and I actually know operators from kedzie who told me themselves their being trained on Novas. 8342 is literally there. And they have over 300 operators and only 1 bus so it's going to take time before you even see that bus in regular service because Kedzie, just like 103rd have to make sure all operators have been trained on the nova before they put that bus in service over there. You probably won't even see that bus in training on the road neither cause they only showed us how the Nova works while in the garage we never took the buses out on the road and at the time 103rd had 7903 and 04. I already had experience driving them cause I did 2yrs at 74th and even over there I got my 1st driving experience literally while in service on the 94 California bus. So basically it takes a while to show 300 plus operators the bus cause of different schedules and off days 😊👍🏽.
  4. Pink and Green line basically share the same cars 👍🏽👍🏽.
  5. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    That's an interesting question cause for the longest I've been wondering about that particular bus myself. I never see it on the street or on tracker. Perhaps its still in the back or at 77th St South Shop.
  6. Lol cause I'm a operator and I drive that route lol 😊👍🏽. That's pretty much the only route the New Novas dont display correctly. But some of them do show the right sign when heading eastbound to 92nd and Buffalo.
  7. It hasn't been programmed with the latest sign display for 95 to buffalo that's all.
  8. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    8118 and 8135 are at 103rd not sure if it's a swap or not just yet tho.
  9. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    1197 and 98 were from 77th 👍🏽👍🏽
  10. I been with cta since 2012 and I never played it manually even after the upgrade. It always played automatically as far as I'm concerned, and I say that humbly no disrespect to you 😊.
  11. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    I'm trying to figure out what or if 103rd got in return.
  12. You're absolutely right about 77th for sure lol 😄😄
  13. Lol the bus makes that announcement all yr all the time though what do you mean?
  14. 😄😄😄 I drove those 8000's from 74th from 2016 to 18 so unless they been mishandled since then that wouldn't be a problem at all for me lol.
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