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  1. I get the feeling you’re probably one of those passengers who call in and complain about operators all the time for every little thing too. Those type of people have reputations around Cta and will ignore you once you call in enough times cause you’re just nitpicking and trying to get operators in trouble purposely. I stand on what I said about you being ridiculous if you think operators enjoy jerking the bus trying to make people fall cause Cta is a customer friendly business in most cases and operators can get called in the office fast due to a call in and get in trouble a lot of times becau
  2. It depends on what you like. For me I prefer the Flyers wheel base cause you can go over bumps, dips, and humps easier without the bounciness like you would with a nova lol. Novas with the shorter wheel base you have to know the street you’re working to be more cautious of the bumps on that street cause if you hit a bump going too fast your bus will be a bouncy house lol. I like both flyer and nova tho. Still most operators prefer Flyers over Novas but it’s still a lot of operators who prefer novas as well.
  3. No Cta driver loves jerking the bus and coming close to knocking passengers over that’s a ridiculous thing to say considering how fast the operators get called in the office for call ins let alone a fall on board. I resent that statement. Those Nova buses are just built like that until you get used to the breaking and acceleration of the 7900-8324 buses. 8325-49 are different in acceleration and breaking.
  4. Exactly smh I’m pissed Nova got the contract instead of New Flyers. But like you said hopefully the next 400 will be Flyers.
  5. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    Off subject but I just wanted to point out that I like the update to this site kudos to whoever’s responsible 👍🏽👍🏽👌🏽.
  6. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    That’s what I’m thinking as well.
  7. That’s not true only reason why some “automatically” open is because of the manual switch in the front is on. So when the operator opens the front and back door then that’s when the back door opens up without you having to touch the yellow strip. All Cta rear doors for the exception of the 6400 Novas have that yellow touch here strip on the rear doors. But the manual switch is only on the artics and the 7900 Novas.
  8. The point is the rear door opens quickly if people touch the door correctly. Its a few times when I get to the end of the line and step off the bus in a artic and use it he back door to get off and it works just fine. I even understood how easy it was when I used to ride the bus as a passenger. People need to learn how to be just a sec more patient and read the signs on the bus both in and outside of it too.
  9. Lol thanks! I been around just mostly reading comments on forums. I’ve chimed in on a few post tho 👍🏽.
  10. Yea I feel you bro. It’s something about the attic buses where passengers just don’t have the patience for the back doors to open lol. One of the reasons why I left 103rd was to get completely away from artics lol.
  11. No it’s not too heavy it’s just most passengers don’t give the rear doors a chance to actually work properly like they’re suppose to. They’re used to just bombarding the rear door as soon as the bus stops, or they don’t read or notice the “touch here” sign that’s on the door. They work just fine when you do it right. Also a lot of artics actually have a switch where the operator can open the back doors the same as the front. They added more switches on the artics that didn’t have them during the time we were letting them on and off the bus rear door only.
  12. 3200’s will be around for a while I believe. For 1 they spent most of their lives on the Orange and Brown lines. Yes the lines are busy especially the Brown during normal rush hr periods but those lines are relatively short in comparison to the Red and Blue lines. I believe they’ll be on the Blue For a while until all 7000 are delivered which will take a good 3 or 4yrs before those really start to come in. So far starting with the 2200, 2400, and even now with the 2600 series have put in a good 40yrs of service in before getting retired. That’s the current rate of the 2600’s and the 3200’s are
  13. I doubt if the 3200’s are getting replaced anytime soon especially after that rehab they just got. If anything they’ll be around at least another 10-15yrs. I’ll even say the 87 built 2600 will be around another 5yrs because it’s going to be a while before all 7000 series cars arrive. They’ll probably do the 2600 series the same way they did the 2200 series on the blue line which is make them belly cars while the 3200’e lead the front and last 2 cars.
  14. I pray to God New Flyer gets the contract. I like the Novas but New Flyer are in most cases still the preferred bus Operators including myself tend to pick.
  15. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    Not at all lol the traffic can be bad but not really. 74th to me is a better garage than 103rd 👍🏽.
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