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    The New Flyer 1000 series(1486 is my favorite) Metro flixible 6000 series, and the MAN Americana.
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  1. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    Nah I hope they keep them lol 77th is a spoiled garage when it comes to their fleet. A few yrs back 77th operators complained about artics being on 79th and that’s when they had the upper 4300’s for a short time but they didn’t want to drive them on 79th and eventually they got their wish lol. Due to the pandemic of course they came back and they need to stay there lol.
  2. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    I got a feeling that it’s about to be some serious bus swapping for this summer pick since the city is open again and the capacity limit is lifted. According to the tracker 1946, 1971, and 2028 are all currently doing 103rd routes 🤯🤯.
  3. Aye me too bruh lol but they rarely have any flagman positions up smh.
  4. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    Maaan you definitely a real one for this confirmation cause I was thinking to myself am I trippin 🤔 lol but it’s good to know my eyes didn’t deceive me. This is exactly what I saw when I saw that bus in my rear view mirror earlier today. Thanks again fellow Operator ✊🏽👍🏽.
  5. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    Naw I was a good block and a half west of cottage grove on 89th and I saw it through my rear view mirror. I would’ve drove to catch up with the bus but I had to be somewhere at 9am and didn’t wanna be late. But I think I was just trippin and didn’t really see what I thought I saw lol.
  6. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    I just saw a unusual nova heading northbound on cottage grove it had the front top look of a 6400 nova but the back end was of a 7900 series nova. Have the new novas arrived or something?? I could’ve very well been tweaking tho but in case I wasn’t that’s what I saw lol.
  7. I thought it was just me so now I know it’s been down for a few days.
  8. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    This off topic but can somebody post the link to the bus tracker thing I think it was called cta Math tracker or something like that lol.
  9. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    The 6400 series novas.
  10. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    We got some at 74th too I’m not sure if they’re for service or for the Covid testing that’s being held at certain garages.
  11. I get the feeling you’re probably one of those passengers who call in and complain about operators all the time for every little thing too. Those type of people have reputations around Cta and will ignore you once you call in enough times cause you’re just nitpicking and trying to get operators in trouble purposely. I stand on what I said about you being ridiculous if you think operators enjoy jerking the bus trying to make people fall cause Cta is a customer friendly business in most cases and operators can get called in the office fast due to a call in and get in trouble a lot of times becau
  12. It depends on what you like. For me I prefer the Flyers wheel base cause you can go over bumps, dips, and humps easier without the bounciness like you would with a nova lol. Novas with the shorter wheel base you have to know the street you’re working to be more cautious of the bumps on that street cause if you hit a bump going too fast your bus will be a bouncy house lol. I like both flyer and nova tho. Still most operators prefer Flyers over Novas but it’s still a lot of operators who prefer novas as well.
  13. No Cta driver loves jerking the bus and coming close to knocking passengers over that’s a ridiculous thing to say considering how fast the operators get called in the office for call ins let alone a fall on board. I resent that statement. Those Nova buses are just built like that until you get used to the breaking and acceleration of the 7900-8324 buses. 8325-49 are different in acceleration and breaking.
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