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  1. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    4334, 36, and 37 are all still at 103rd currently on the 6.
  2. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    That’s the only thing I can think of too at the moment.
  3. Lol the truth is it’s actually pretty easy to make that right turn on Irving Park and Ashland and it’s easy in both 40 and 60fter with me having done both before. When I was at 103rd a about 6yrs ago they used us a shuttle/gap buses from Madison to Irving park to help the regular operators cause it was like a big concert there by lake and Ashland. So I did a route from basically 95th all the way up north and when I got the Irving park it’s the same way you would turn a 40fter just make sure you angle out enough to make the turn and you’re good.
  4. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    8094 also returned back home to 74th lol.
  5. In my opinion the 1000 series New Flyers May last longer than the 6400 novas or at least 20yrs. It’s 1,030 of them and it’s going to take a long time for them all to get replaced just look how long it’s taken the 6400 Novas to get replaced it’s 20 going on 21yrs to replace 484 of them now imagine how long it’ll take to retire and replace 1,030 New Flyers. Hopefully I’m wrong tho but we’ll see. It really makes me wish The 6000 flixible lasted at least till 2015 that woulda gave them a good 20yrs too lol.
  6. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    I know about both buses that’s why I said what I said.
  7. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    4051 been at 103rd for awhile actually it was used as a training bus the same as 7900-01 now they’re back in regular service. 4068 been there a min too coming back to 103rd from NP.
  8. The operators at 77th feel like any other operator at any garage that have them, they don’t want them lol but like the other operators they just gotta deal with them. Artics not bad tho but I definitely prefer a 40ft any day of the week over a artic that’s for sure and that’s how the majority of operators would feel as well trust me on this 😁👍🏽.
  9. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    I was thinking the same thing the mileage gotta be crazy low for Both 7900-01
  10. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    Oh that’s interesting so that puts 103rd back up to 20 Novas in total now lol good stuff.
  11. Mr.cta85

    CTA 'L' Rosters

    This is 10cars in total so what are you saying 2601-02 are on the Blue line now? Are you on train with 26 and 3200’s together?
  12. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    7900 is used as a training bus at 103rd 7901 is in service now I saw it today as a 95.
  13. Mr.cta85

    More Bus Moves

    Because those were the buses they used to train the operators on the new technology that’ll soon be installed on all buses. For instance gore pace announces when the bus is making a left or right, Cta will have that as well. 7900 has it already.
  14. They’re actually done with what they were doing at midway so I guess the electric buses are next for testing perhaps? We shall see
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