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  1. CTA 'L' Rosters

    That's so dope man. I'm actually happy to see 3200's on a different line besides the Orange and Brown line. They look so cool on the Blue too 👍🏽👍🏽😁😁
  2. CTA 'L' Rosters

    The fact that the 3200's are heading to the Blue Line is awesome to me. Will all of them make it or just a few?
  3. More Bus Moves

    1369 has made it's way to 103rd so now we have 1368 and 69.
  4. More Bus Moves

    I saw 1306 on route 55 about a hr ago heading westbound to Lake Park. Not sure what's going on at 74th.
  5. More Bus Moves

    You mean the 7900 series 8325-49 cause the 8200's been here.
  6. 4000-series DE60LF - Updates - Rehabs

    I believe the only wrapped buses we have now are 4090 and 4105 I'll keep an eye out for any more that I may have missed.
  7. More Bus Moves

    just a quick question for you guys. But with the new 95th south terminal opening, do you think 103rd will get the remaining Novas? You know how cta like to show off their new equipment rather if its with a new train station or in this instance a whole new terminal.
  8. CTA Bus Garage Rosters

    Could you guys a least move this conversation to another forum instead under the bus garage roster?
  9. More Bus Moves

    Earlier today I saw 1366 or 67 on route 67.
  10. More Bus Moves

    I'll be back at 103rd this Sunday after spending my last 2yrs at 74th. 1 thing I hope doesn't happen is we get rid of all the 1100's lol cause I'll be upset if that happens lol. Hopefully the 1100's will stay. But then again it's been a while since there's been a huge bus swap so I guess we'll see what happens. But as far as the spotting of those buses I wonder does that have to do with the rehab of the artics 🤔🤔.
  11. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Exactly sir!!!
  12. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    Well technically yea it is for the rail operators and flagmen but bus Operators go there too to have their fallback. I'm sure the new place will be bigger for both bus and rail lol.
  13. 95th Red Line Station Rebuild

    As a bus operator I'm excited how the break room is going to look lol hopefully more room ???? lol.
  14. More Bus Moves

    You're right I definitely misread it my apologies ??.
  15. More Bus Moves

    Those buses been over here at 74th for like a yr now lol since the last swapocalypse.