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  1. For the life of me I don't understand why would cta chose not to make the 7000's compatible with the 5000's. I mean if you're staring a new generation of rail cars why not make them compatible that way you can mix the fleet up for different lines. Do you guys think it's a good idea to make them compatible or not? I would love to know what you guys think of it.
  2. YES!!!!! This is great stuff 👍👍
  3. I seen 2 1900's at 74th last night. 1919 was on the 49 and was also my leader so I looked at the run number to double check before she pulled off from Berwyn to head back south and 1905 was at the garage when I pulled in. It's probably nothing but in case it is something I wanted to let you guys know lol.
  4. I agree lol i dont miss the artics at all lol but ill be back at 103rd next system pick lol. But I hope 77th get artics again simply because they're the spoiled garage out the 7. They get what they want and take as they please lol it will be good for them to get artics again and keep them this time lol.
  5. Well as you guys know im currently at 74th. I was asking clerk if I could help with the bus transfer for tomorrrow which I cant because I already have a run but anyway before she said I couldnt do it, she asked if I ever drove a artic and of course I have with me coming from 103rd. So now the question is now will 74th be getting artics since the operators here have to have artic driving experience in order to transfer buses. Or maybe they just need all the help they can get. I know 74th dont have the room for them tho so maybe its 77th who will be getting artics again lol.
  6. Get ready for bus swaps this weekend guys. Does anybody have an idea which number of buses are going where? I know buses 1470 and up used to go to my beloved 103rd garage for the winter pick but i dont know what buses will go where this time lol.
  7. This is what I saw so far 8215,16,17,22 and 23 are all on Ashland this morning and 1391 was on diversy heading westbound. But wait there's more lol I saw 8234 as a 73 armitage bus and 8235 as a 74 Fullerton.
  8. Now im leaning more towards the bus swap is for the marathon only cause I saw 7986 I believe on garfield heading southbound as a 9 not too long ago.
  9. I know the blue seater are for testing purposes (only cause I saw the signs in the bus stating why the seats are blue) but I still dont know if the 8200 my garage recieved are for the marathon or are actually swaps or not though. I guess I'll find that part out after today. It would be cool if 8217-23 are actually swaps but I honestly don't know that part yet 😊. We also have 1008 sitting in the garage and it's been there since Friday.
  10. So what's going on are these bus swaps or just for tomorrow's marathon?
  11. It's funny you said that cause I have 8220 and heard a conversation about the blue seats as people got on at 95th and Ashland lol. A lady said to another person is this a new bus and said she like the blue seats cause at least you can see if anything is on the seats before you sit down vs the traditional cloth seats. I have to agree and it makes the bus brighter as well on the inside.
  12. The 8200's are cool but still need to be broken in lol they're so stiff lol and a load of stop request buttons on here sheesh 😁😁😁
  13. Lookout for 8220 to be on the 9 today as well.
  14. There may be a possible bus swap on the horizion guys. As I was pulling in around 10pm I saw 1560-66 I believe sitting outside the garage. So if you happen to catch those buses on another route besides 74th then that's what happened lol.
  15. So for the "new" 95th street route apparerantly the new signs dont work cause I saw 2 buses with the 90N signs at the red line. You would think since they knew the 95 route would start Sept 4th that they would have the proper display signs installed and ready to go lol. I'm sure they'll fix this problem though.