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  1. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    May is too far in my opinion but I would have to say no later than march especially with the spring pick around the corner. That would make sense for bus moves as well. But I think they'll still be in service before the month is over.
  2. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Exactly!... it's between FG, 77th and 103rd. My garage suppose to get 25-35 novas. NP definitely not in the mix at all. All of 103rd operators had to have mandatory training for them so that's what makes us in the mix for the new novas. As I said before 77th could get them 1st cause they typically always get new buses 1st but FG could get them to replace their old novas. 103rd may get them and send a few flyers over to FG. Time will definitely tell though. Hopefully sooner than later.
  3. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Lol slow down a bit lol NP not even in the mix to get any Novas at all let alone the latest 1's lol the only possibilities are between FG, 77th and 103rd. But definitely not NP.
  4. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    When I drove past them a while back I saw the cloth seats in them.
  5. More Bus Moves

    I saw an unmarked new flyer today on 94th and stony. I'm almost certain it was the prototype 1000 series cause it still had the original bike rack it had back in 06 when they 1st arrived. Only thing was this bus had no numbers on it at all which was weird.
  6. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Training for bus servicers not operators. 8325's will hit the road once they're all programmed and sent to their assigned garage.
  7. 2400-series - Service Dates

    It used to be a time when those 2600's dominated this line in the early 90's lol. Also wouldn't be the 1st time green line ran the oldest cars, when it reopened in 95, 2400's were assigned there until they got the 5000's that replaced them. Me personally it's always good to see the 2600 series on the green line it reminds me of the old times when I was a lil boy in the early 90 riding them downtown 😊😊👍🏽👍🏽.
  8. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    I agree with that as well today I'll ride past 77th today to see if they're still in the front by the gates.
  9. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Please guys don't start this up again or this topic will be closed again. We're too close till the 8325's coming into service for this to close again lol.
  10. Flxible Metro B and E Garage Assignment

    Since we're talking about Flxibles I thought of these Orion buses which to me look like the Flxibles. I really wish none of these manufacturers went out of business cause the 6000's are my favorite cta bus and I wish I had the chance to drive them but time I started they were 2yrs retired already smh lol. But just imagine these buses in cta colors. I really wish they would've ordered these. Is it any particular name for this type of design? Like you have the fishbowl look for example. But what was this look called??
  11. December 2018 Bus Changes

    I think it has a lot to do with mileage on the buses.
  12. 6400-series Nova LFS - Updates & Retirements

    It does but they're 19yrs old too so they just showing their age at this point lol.
  13. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Perhaps the beginning of Feb we should start seeing the 8325's in service?? I was meaning to drive past 77th to see if they were parked out in the front but haven't been able to make that drive just yet. But I'm super curious as to where they'll go hopefully we'll find out sooner than later 😊👍🏽. I will say this though if they in fact come to 103rd it will be funny to see that each garage have their own set of Novas 77th =7900's, 74th 8000's (majority) Chicago 8100's(Majority FG 8200's Majority and 103rd may get the 8300's from FG in exchange for flyers and get the 8325's as well. All speculation of course.
  14. 7500 Series NABI Videos

    I would hope so lol.
  15. 7500 Series NABI Videos

    How soon will it be before the 7900 series page is opened again dont wanna get off topic just asking.