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  1. are these buses driveable ?
  2. I need the route number and name as well .
  3. What I was saying is that either the 146 can go to Howard or the 147 can go to Berywn, and the 147 can go to the Alder Planitarium via Roosevelt Red Orange Green Lines, or the 146 terminate at Congress Plaza.
  4. PS Could the 147 be extended to Des Plaines/Harrison.
  5. Why can't both the 146/147 run the same trip (same destination). And the 147 could be called "Outer Drive/Michigan Express.
  6. I totally forgot about Navy Pier !
  7. CTA Rail Line Terminals too, such as Howard,95th,69th,any CTA/Pace Bus Terminal.
  8. why is 103rd and North Park are giving 74th their New Flyers ?
  9. Can someone please send me a photo of a CTA Bus Turnaround ? Such as : 79th/Western, Berwyn/Western, 81st/Pulaski, Chicago/Austin Division/Austin Madison/Austin Jackson/Austin Grand/Latrobe 67th/Oglesby (67th/South Shore)
  10. Every time I boarded a 14 being ran by a NABI (when they were in service), when they pull into Washington/Jefferson, the driver applies the brake and then it idles, does any NABI drivers ever have the fast-idle switch off ?
  11. Speaking of the 52A, why does it deadheads to Evergreen Plaza at night ?
  12. when I said "Do you recall ?", what I mean by that is to tell me the route,the destinations,garage assignments,you know, all of the information before the CTA eliminated the 16.
  13. Does anybody recall the 16 Lake Street route ?
  14. I didn't mean to cause trouble,I looked at the 52A schedule, and at 63rd Place,the CTA putted a dot at that stop, meaning that it must still laysover at 63rd Place. PS: When 52A served 36th Street, and when 52 had Kedzie Orange Line as is southbound terminal, the 52 would layover at 63rd Place as a part-time stop.
  15. Why does the 52A terminate at 63rd Place.
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