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  1. I have wondered if CTA Bus and Rail controllers are unionized? And are they promoted bus/rail operators or are they hired from the outside? Thanks.
  2. MRChiCity

    Bypass lever

    Good afternoon, I have heard defective fareboxes being called in on CTA and Pace buses and have heard references to the bypass lever? What is that? Thanks.
  3. FYI https://metrarail.com/about-metra/newsroom/metra-sues-breach-contract?fbclid=IwAR3ClrHGljdB8GLUYYVcqE7V1bi2cJulD12JudrZ_Co-CwLALtcR4v7pcVo this is gonna get interesting.
  4. FYI https://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2020/08/19-unions-passenger-groups-offer-support-to-metra-in-dispute-with-up
  5. I think you mean fazing them out, I am wondering if UP did this unilaterally and if doing so might have crossed a collective bargaining agreement? Just thinking out loud as I doubt anyone on this forum can say for sure.
  6. That what it sounds like, rumor has it that UP laid off all of there ticket agents. If this is true is it possible that they could be running a foul of a collective bargaining agreement?
  7. FYI https://prod.stb.gov/proceedings-actions/decisions/?fbclid=IwAR0jjrJb3GlQKMTkuFX2B8EHfmI78jmdU6FkNM0Ov0NEDNu90K5Z9ZrWK44
  8. And if UP keeps appealing and ends up losing?
  9. So if Metra wins in booth the STB and Court then what do you think will happen?
  10. What can you see happening if the STB rules in Metra's favor?
  11. Especially if the group is coming from say Woodstock,Kenosha,or Harvard. Very long bus ride
  12. Why would you all say that School Field Trips might use Metra instead of Bus?
  13. Reminds of when hearing the MANS getting on Lake Shore Drive at Belmont.
  14. Good Evening and Happy 2020, Has anyone ever spotted a celebrity on either a CTA bus or L train? If so what was it like? Finally when TV shows and movies film on the CTA how are bus or train operators chosen? Are they offered OT? Thanks.
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