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  1. Wilmette fireworks shuttle

    I think it might be a hold over from the WIL-bus days, there has always been a bus shuttle for as long as I remember.
  2. Wilmette fireworks shuttle

    Nice, and just like I mentioned in another thread the run numbers had a 5 and 3 other numbers wonder if this has to do with operators working OT? Glad you enjoined it, I remember growing up in Wilmette and ridding the old Orion's to Gilson. Have a good night and Happy Independence day!!
  3. Run numbers

    Or the Ravinia buses that have the bus number in the run box.
  4. Wilmette fireworks shuttle

    Infor for 2018 http://www.wilmettepark.org/upload/2018_IndependenceDayBash_handout.pdf
  5. Metra arrangements

    Can any one picture A RR PD including Metra being featured on cops?
  6. CTA power control

    Or if a spark hit one of the masts.
  7. CTA power control

    Couldn't they just signal the trains to stop? And in the bridge towers they have CTA representatives present and tells the bridge operator when power has been cut.
  8. CTA power control

    I have been fallowing the bridge lifts downtown, I have noticed that they will not raise the Lake and Wells Street bridges until power has been cut to the third rail. Why is that?
  9. Metra arrangements

    His badge on his belt said so and he had a UP ball cap on.
  10. Metra arrangements

    So several weeks ago at the Main Street station in Evanston I saw a UP cop, one of the storage bins was spray painted and the lock was broken open. He check it out and re locked it, he drove an unmarked pick up and was in plain clothes with a black vest with the words, "POLICE" in big white letters on the back. My question is in the Chicago area do most RR Police drive unmarked cars and ware plain clothes? And if Metra is now Policing the stations on the UP lines why did UP send an agent out there? Thanks.
  11. Random Metra

    http://abc7chicago.com/travel/i-team-commuter-crunch/3384097/ thoughts?
  12. FYI http://evanstonnow.com/story/government/bill-smith/2018-03-27/79510/bus-route-changes-proposed
  13. Metra arrangements

    According to the Metra cop I talked to the reasson UP pulled there police from the three commuter lines was liability, same with BNSF wanting to turn Policing over to Metra. It has to do with technical wording in there contracts or something like that.
  14. Metra arrangements

    Talked with a Metra cop two weeks ago and found out that UP dropped there special agents on the commuter lines, Metra PD now handles policing of the stations and trains now. Rumor now has it that Metra will take over policing the BNSF line, very interesting.
  15. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    So how should the CTA get ridership back from ride-share.