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  1. I saw one talk group for contractor.
  2. Or in the Waukegan/Gurnee area which also got hit hard. Also I have noticed that PACE operators call in to the division when ever they come across a unexpected road closer and they tend to get instructions right away. While on the subject how this be handled for contract operated routes? I think the PACE talk groups on STARCOM21 are only for the operated divisions. Unless the contractors have there own radio systems?
  3. Good afternoon, I have never seen a road supervisor with PACE expect once at Davis street. I always see road supervisors with the CTA and the occasional trainmaster/supervisors with Metra and Union Pacific out in the field. How come you almost never see PACE division supervisors out in the field? Thanks
  4. Day POSTER-FLYER_2-sided.pdf the official flyer.
  5. How come sometimes they deadhead buses to the park? Instead of to Edens Plaza?
  6. Interesting how come they Don't route the 422 down 12th street instead of Green Bay?
  7. Info for 2017 something I have wondered is why they route the bus VIA Lake to 12th to Central instead of Lake to Greenbay, to Central? Thanks
  8. Tonight on CH 7
  9. So at the basically between 1991 and 1994 Limits had 1600's and 9800's with Some Americana's loaned for the day? Just where would they Park the Americana's if the garage was small? Outside? Thanks
  10. Didn't FG also have MAN's around the same time they had TMC's?
  11. Interesting photo of Forest Glenn when did they have TMC's?
  12. Good Evening, I would like to know how rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft are affecting ridership on CTA,Metra,and PACE? Do you think rideshare is helping or hurting ridership? Or neither helping or hurting? Thanks
  13. Get a load of this why would you leave the scene of an accident?
  14. So what did they do to the 1600's flyers at Limits after it closed?
  15. 25 years ago yesterday I think the State and Dearborn Street Subways were shut down by this.