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  1. Has any Metra, BNSF, or UP conductor had to turn a passenger into the RAILROAD Police upon arrival at a downtown station? I bring this up because during lolla someone was playing on the tracks in front of the Wilmette Depot and they tried to deny him boarding but he managed to slip on. The train called UP commuter control and after giving a description of the offender they requested to have a special agent meet the train downtown. Is this a common practice? Thanks.
  2. On sight operations

    Not an online scanner, an actual radio scanner and i don't stream it online.
  3. On sight operations

  4. On sight operations

    Good evening, Been listing to CTA rail channels and I have wondered what on sight operations are? Rail control puts out this announcement every time work is being done on the tracks a major event is letting out at Wrigley, what is on sight operations? Thanks.
  5. Last TMC RTS

    So Kedzie still had TMC'S after it got Flex's? When did Kedzie get rid of the renaming TMC'S?
  6. Last TMC RTS

    Gotcha, so when did Kedzie lose the TMC's?
  7. Last TMC RTS

    Ok, but which garage was running the 20 Madison? Kedzie or the newly opened Chicago garage?
  8. Last TMC RTS

    Look at this , two things that are long gone. By the way was Kedzie or Chicago running the 20 Madison bus at this time? Did Chicago have any TMC's? Thanks
  9. Wilmette fireworks shuttle

    I think it might be a hold over from the WIL-bus days, there has always been a bus shuttle for as long as I remember.
  10. Wilmette fireworks shuttle

    Nice, and just like I mentioned in another thread the run numbers had a 5 and 3 other numbers wonder if this has to do with operators working OT? Glad you enjoined it, I remember growing up in Wilmette and ridding the old Orion's to Gilson. Have a good night and Happy Independence day!!
  11. Run numbers

    Or the Ravinia buses that have the bus number in the run box.
  12. Wilmette fireworks shuttle

    Infor for 2018 http://www.wilmettepark.org/upload/2018_IndependenceDayBash_handout.pdf
  13. Metra arrangements

    Can any one picture A RR PD including Metra being featured on cops?
  14. CTA power control

    Or if a spark hit one of the masts.
  15. CTA power control

    Couldn't they just signal the trains to stop? And in the bridge towers they have CTA representatives present and tells the bridge operator when power has been cut.