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  1. FYI http://evanstonnow.com/story/government/bill-smith/2018-03-27/79510/bus-route-changes-proposed
  2. Metra arrangements

    According to the Metra cop I talked to the reasson UP pulled there police from the three commuter lines was liability, same with BNSF wanting to turn Policing over to Metra. It has to do with technical wording in there contracts or something like that.
  3. Metra arrangements

    Talked with a Metra cop two weeks ago and found out that UP dropped there special agents on the commuter lines, Metra PD now handles policing of the stations and trains now. Rumor now has it that Metra will take over policing the BNSF line, very interesting.
  4. CTA ridership lost to ride share

    So how should the CTA get ridership back from ride-share.
  5. Metra Ticket Agent

    I have noticed that on the UP Northline ticket agents have to ware a lime green vest during the mail train, why would you say this is?
  6. Man Americana CTA Bus

    Found a picture of a MAN bus http://gallery.bustalk.info/displayimage.php?album=325&pos=64 any one what to guess what that basketball in the background is part of?
  7. Now how can the CTA get there ridership back http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20180119/ISSUE05/180119872/uber-lyft-are-depressing-cta-train-ridership-in-chicago
  8. Watch this

    And the music is so 90's, how she feels like people hate bus drivers?
  9. Watch this

    Or she could also be on the extra board?
  10. Watch this

    This video is cool, especially the Flxible buses. Thoughts?
  11. Run numbers

    Her is an example of a Fireworks shuttle with a 500 run. So what would run 5912 or maybe it's run 5913 indicate? Would this be an example of a PM piece filled with a operator working overtime?
  12. PACE supervisors

    Yes 15th street is a narrow residential street, so why would they have used it as a reroute? Unless they took into account the fact that it goes through to Wilmette ave? Thanks
  13. PACE supervisors

    Ok, the how come in the example I mentioned above how come they used 15th street when they had to reroute 422 when Lake street was closed due to a downed tree fallowing a micro burst?
  14. PACE supervisors

    Ok, but who determines what streets to use for a reroute? /such as the example I mentioned above, thanks.
  15. Random Metra

    I think trainman mentioned that the GPS center often does not call the dispatcher and/or trainmaster.