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  1. Pace Bus Moves

    #2705 is now at FV from NS. Saw it yesterday on Route 722. I'm starting to wonder whether some early #2600s at FV are retiring or they're on the move somewhere. I don't see the logic as to why #2704-2705 (and presumably #2706 eventually) would head to FV.
  2. Pace Roster

    Per the Roster List from 1/3/18, the 6 buses at West are 6612 (which was out on Wednesday), 6651 and 6652 (neither were out), 6666, 6669, and 6672 (66 and 72 were out, 69 was not). North may still have a couple of stragglers, but they may be relegated to spares. It's likely the rest have gone to South2 lot. There's also the chance some may make an appearance at Ravinia this year, but we'll have to wait until the season begins to find out.
  3. New Eldorados?

    We're seeing the end of the 6600s, perhaps everywhere. West still has 5 left, but only 3 of them are out as of now. South2 lot is probably flooded with 6600s and 6162s in the last week or two.
  4. New Eldorados?

    Many of the 6262s are starting to show it's age. I came across one of them on the 322 over the weekend and the paint on it is fading away and parts of it was peeling. Now, could Pace wrap these buses up like they did the 6162s until the next wave of El Dorados arrive, whenever that is? I doubt it as the main reason the 6162s were wrapped was to get away from the white/yellow scheme while keeping them running till retirement.
  5. New Eldorados?

    It's definitely getting close. Only 4 6600s are out at N right now: 6645, 6667, 6675, & 6680. Even the 6162s that were at North aren't out and schools just let out. More may show up, but it appears that the majority of the 6600s are probably toast and the 6162s are either toast or back at West by now.
  6. Pace Bus Moves

    Now I've lost track. Is that it for the Nabis at NS? And with the Orions long gone, what are these 2 buses replacing at West?
  7. Pace Bus Moves

    #2704 has moved to Fox Valley from North Shore. Not shocked it moved, but am shocked it moved there.
  8. Romeoville station is now open. http://abc7chicago.com/traffic/cta-wilson-station-reconstruction-project-completed/3036884/
  9. New Eldorados?

    There's a lot of Nabis out today at North (including 6220 and 6224) and about half of the 6700s are not running. My guess is the newer buses are being brought out in stages to test them all out before they turn them all loose. I assume this will continue for at least a few more weeks. ***Sorry, meant 6223, not 6224***
  10. Pace Bus Moves

    Wow, that was fast. It was just at North on Monday.
  11. Pace Bus Moves

    It is. In fact, because routes 530, 714, and 722 all go to Naperville Metra, they usually interline with each other, especially in the early afternoon as that's usually when there's a shift change with drivers.
  12. Pace Bus Moves

    So far, no sign of them on 530 (anywhere else for that matter). 714 sees some traffic with COD students so I could see them there too.
  13. Pace Bus Moves

    This is probably why Pace just went ahead and decided to put 40 footers at North and be done with it, so that they don't deal with any interline issues with smaller vs. bigger buses. And it goes back to why back doors for buses are needed except for lower running routes. Personally, although I do think 30 footers have places on certain routes outside of the feeders, I'm thinking that the 30 footers where they are currently placed are going to stay there until they retire, which may explain why the "small buses" theory is apparently dead because they're not needed. I originally thought many of them would head to N, but now that I see what's going on, I can't see any of them moving.
  14. Pace Bus Moves

    I assume that count is for all of the Nabis at North. I was originally curious as to why 6237 would be shipped west as I though they'd keep all of the 40 footers at North and use them mainly for school routes and spares once the 6600s were gone. But maybe Pace has a plan that we're not knowing. It is certainly conceivable that N could get some 30 footers as I'm sure many routes don't need 40 footers. Plus with FV supposably having 6701-6702, they could ship 2 30 footers away at some point, maybe even more. Speaking of which, I'm surprised those 2 buses didn't end up in Joliet. One route that could surely use 40 footers is the #834. It's always packed, sometimes standing room only during rush hour. I'm sure the 501 and 507 probably could use them too, they used to be mostly 40 footers until the Eldos got there, but I haven't been that way lately to see how ridership is now.
  15. Pace Bus Moves

    Wasn't that a North bus? I think I may see what's happening here. Pace's priority is to get rid of the 6600s, wherever they are (N & W). If any 6162s are in good shape at North, they must be sending them to West to eliminate any 6600s over there. When I checked Webwatch yesterday morning at North, there's a lot of 6600s that were NOT running that are currently on the latest roster and a lot of El Dorados running instead. Most of the 6162s up there were running. Once the 6600s are gone, then Pace's next priority will be the last of the 6162s and then start focusing on the blue Nabis next. Sending them all to West makes it easy to replace them all at once like the Orions and gives the 6300s over there some rest, especially on the weekends.