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  1. New Express Routes Coming Soon.

    Just trying to answer the other person's question. Moving on...thanks.
  2. Pace Bus Moves

    Since 612 is an "on demand" service running from 9a-3p, it's probably going to be a para-transit bus. It makes more sense that the 754 would be ran by Heritage because Lewis University is in Romeoville, just a few miles from the Joliet Heritage station, where the rest of the MCIs are. No reason to bring a 6500 series from SW all the way downtown, then back to Lewis, espeically since one of the MCIs can easily finish it's I-55 shoulder route and run back out to Lewis. EDIT: Schedule for 754 shows Heritage as the garage. So it likely will be an MCI, not a 30-footer El Do.
  3. Pace Roster

    OK. Sounds like we need another official bus roster from AndreTheBusMan.
  4. Pace Roster

    That bus may be gone now (or at Ravinia). It's not out today and I haven't seen it in a while.
  5. Pace Bus Moves

    We'll have to see what happens to the 6700s and whether or not they go back to NS in August, but it's clear that the 2003 NABIs remaining are slim. The only ones that are out there right now (8am this morning) are 6612, 6666, 6210, 6219, 6246, and 6251. So if there is a bus shortage as previously mentioned, it's because the NABIs are retiring fast. I have a feeling more movement with El Dorados within all divisions to retire these last 6 buses (and more if they are any left) is coming in the next week or two.
  6. Pace Bus Moves

    I don't understand why with all this movement from SW, R, N, and W El Dorados, plus the 18500s in service. There really shouldn't be any 6600s remaining.
  7. Pace Bus Accidents

    http://wgntv.com/2018/06/18/9-injured-after-bolingbrook-bus-crash/ Moved the thread here. Interesting to see if #2749 comes back to service.
  8. Pace Bus Moves

    On top of that, when I was out and about yesterday, there were quite a few 2003 and 2005 NABIs out, which surprised me. Also, remember artthouwill's post indicating he spoke to a bus driver who indicated that more El Dorados were coming due to the fact they were short buses at West. The 6300 El Dorados are 6 years old, maybe going thru mid-life rehab?
  9. New Eldorados?

    That's what I was figuring also, they are probably looking at these buses for shorter routes before sending them on the 877/888/890 and maybe the Amazon routes. I would think at least one bus per day would be out as tests before they all come out.
  10. Rosemont Circulator

    I can't imagine a heavy crowd for this so if a real bus is used, I'd think a 30 footer would be appropriate.
  11. 7900-series Nova LFS - Deliveries & Assignments

    Is #8077 a goner after this: http://abc7chicago.com/boy-15-struck-by-bullet-on-cta-bus-in-chicago-lawn/3419909/
  12. New Eldorados?

    Yep....on Route 241 right now.
  13. Pace Bus Moves

    So far on Webwatch, no sign of 2611, 2612, 2618, 2623, 2624, 2625, and 2628. 3 notes of interests that may make me backtrack on the above: 1. #2826-2829 are also not out at the moment. 2. I really thought more buses would not be out from this list, but the more I think about it, Route #532 #534, #676 and #685 do not put buses out there at least 5pm. That's 6 buses not accounted for (1 each for 532/534 and 2 each for 676/685).
  14. Posted Stops Only

    Yep. New signed up and down Southwest Highway labeled as "C" trips.
  15. Pace Bus Moves

    I know I'm very late, but it's official: #2706 is now at FV. Probably time to look closely at the early #2600s that stay consistently out of service in the coming weeks to find out if any of them might be retired. You don't make this kind of a move unless there's increased service, more routes, or buses reach the end of it's useful life. A big telling clue is if #2704-2706 are out a lot as well as the #2826-2829 and the #2670s and #2680s that FV has. Since the chance of them being moved appear nil (unless Ravinia?), retirement seems to be the only logical conclusion.