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  1. That 30 foot order is probably dead. Even the early 2600s in Aurora can be easily replaced with Naperville or Westmont feeders, or even some 30 footers from SW. Pace is probably done buying buses right now, the Eldos are the oldest in the fleet now, the next oldest are the 6323s.
  2. So passed by First Student Westmont today and all of the El Dorado 30 footers are gone. These are the feeder route buses. Anybody know something?
  3. So looking at BusTracker at this moment, there are no 2003 NABIs out (as of 1:17 pm) at West. Since Pace is mostly on a Saturday or Sunday schedule, I doubt too many more buses will be out today. There's only a handful of 2006 NABIs out in service. Truthfully, I'm a little surprised they are even out because there's not many 6323s out today either. Today is being dominated by NFs. Since NFs are up to 20444 right now, I have a feeling some of the 6323s are getting some much needed refreshes. They've been used a lot since the Orions were taken out a few years ago.
  4. Instead of updating all of these changes, wouldn't it make sense to just follow Pace Tracker or physical human eyes and go that route? Seems like there's too many inconsistencies to keep all the buses current. Whatever is out per the tracker, that's what you go by until we have concrete confirmation that buses are retired. That's how it was done with the Orions a few years ago, matter of fact there used to be someone on here that would provide the official roster sheet, but I'm guessing that person is no longer active on here.
  5. And if the routes that were temporarily cut due to the pandemic do not come back anytime soon, that retirement will likely be accelerated.
  6. So interesting note to pay attention to: Route 825, a feeder route in Bolingbrook to Lisle Metra Station, had all of it's outside bus signs marked off with a black marker all along the Bolingbrook route. I've seen no other Pace feeder routes in the West/SW suburbs like this. Considering this is the last Bolingbrook route that survived the cuts and riders appear to be utilizing the I-55 routes more frequently from both Park-N-Ride stations because it's quicker to get downtown, is this route in trouble?
  7. Honestly, there are 2 scenarios that affect all of this: 1. The pandemic has forced a lot of the NW and SW 2700s to shut down as well as the feeder routes because they only have front door entry so that wipes out social distancing with the driver, even with the plastic barricade. 2. It depends on the pending order to replace all of the 2600s period, especially in Aurora, Niles, and all of the feeders. If they haven't started production yet, Pace might go ahead and move the ones at NW and SW to Aurora or the Naperville feeder buses could be moved if service isn't restored in a timely manner and put a hold on the order. The Aurora buses 2605-2629 definitely look and sound tired, but there are replacements currently available now that they can plug 30 buses from somewhere else and retire them for now. SN: Regarding Pulse, West probably needs to send the El Dorados to NW and retrofit them for Pulse, just to keep consistency.
  8. 6227 has also been out this week. I do think 6258-6268 will be the last of the Nabis to retire, those buses came from North Shore a couple of years ago and didn't have full daily runs at times so they'll have lower mileage than the rest of the Nabis. But having said that, the Nabis are 17 years old and some of them look terrible. I'd have to believe there's a sense of urgency to let them go once Pace feels comfortable with the 20400s.
  9. Well considering both routes moved to a Saturday schedule, it makes sense to have multiple buses hit Fedex to promote social distancing. I'm surprised it wasn't two Axess buses instead of the EZ Rider if the amount of Fedex workers is that steep. Plus I'm sure work at Fedex has picked up dramatically since everybody's ordering online. It also gives another driver that could've been furloughed a chance to work and stay busy.
  10. Pace seems eager to getting the NFs out, especially given the shields on these buses. And with Ravinia canceled for this year, no chance any NABIs are heading up there. And once the stay-at-home order is lifted, I don't expect Pace to be too quick about restoring some routes and/or times. Too many people or companies will be spooked to allow life to return to normal, ridership is likely going to stay down for a little while. My Prediction: It could be over for most (if not all) of the NABIs by the end of June.
  11. It's probably going to be trouble for the Nabis now as a bunch of routes will either be cut or suspended all over starting Monday, May 18th. So either they're going to run a bunch of Eldos and NFs and cut out as many Nabis as possible now OR they'll run the Nabis for as long as they can and run them to the ground so they can then retire and save the Eldos/NFs until it's time to put them in on a more consistent basis. My guess is the latter and that makes the most sense as long as most of them are running ok as it would save them from running the NFs so fast, especially if kinks need to be works out as more start service. But the minute a Nabi breaks down, it's gone from service. Since no division seems immune to cuts, I would also not be surprised if we see some kind of movement amongst other divisions to West, even if it's temporary, so that's something to keep an eye on.
  12. Given Pace's history, it might take a bit before all of the Nabi buses are gone. Only 20402 is doing a night route as of this moment. Now if this virus situation results in more Pace cutbacks, then the retirements will become more elevated, especially as mentioned the driver's shields protecting them. It looks really nice, haven't seen one yet in person, but I'm sure I'll see them in the Oak Brook area.
  13. FYI, a survey is listed on Metra's website for the public to state what features would be suitable for the newer rail cars. The survey is up till 1/31.
  14. Remember, 6251 was a Joliet bus for a while so it probably didn't get the heavy use as it does now. And if I'm not mistaken, wasn't 6227 out for a while at one point of it's life before it came back? If so, then that's probably why it's still doing well. Look for both of these buses at Ravinia next year.
  15. Since my car has been down for the last week, I've been riding the 559 Northbound transferring to the 530 Northbound. Talking to the 559 bus driver today, he stated that his ridership is extremely low and isn't surprised they're cutting it back on weekends and think complete elimination may be next. I'm one of 2 passengers on the route I've been taking daily. The 530 isn't overly hot full of passengers, on average 5-6 from Fox Valley Mall area to downtown Naperville. Interesting note, I'm told the 534 was once on the chopping block, but a slew of people came out to the hearing protesting so they left it alone and it's a feeder route. And yes, I see the Naperville feeder routes still do quite well, even the Naperville Park and Rides from Route 59. Not shocked 186 and 187 are on the chopping block, most of the time when it's past 6:30pm, people are being picked up or using rideshare if they're not driving. Uber/Lyft drivers line up along the stations when those trains show up.
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