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  1. Looks like Pace is really ramping up the Posted Stops Only. A slew of them go into effect on June 11th or 12th:
  2. Looks like Route 465 is saved:
  3. Here's the press release from IKEA:
  4. Where are they gonna get these buses from?
  5. That is strange, there are 2 6600s out there on 352 now in the PM rush. And the 348 has 2 40-footers out there now when this morning there were 2 6600s.
  6. I completely forgot about that (link no longer works). So unlikely any El Dorados head South, for now. I did notice a lot of 2005 NABIs out. South does have a habit of not doing a lot of upkeep of their buses so it wouldn't surprise me that the 2003 Nabis are in really bad shape. Maybe the Orions might have to stick around if that's the case.
  7. Looking at Webwatch this morning, there are a slew of 2003 40 foot Nabis from South that are not out and about during the am rush. That tells me that they are prepping to either move them to West (perhaps some go to North or North Shore) or retire them. I could potentially see this happening this week, although most of the Orion are still out there at West right now. Several 6600s are out there at South as well. Since route 348 can't have CNGs due to height of the buses vs the underpasses out there, what are they gonna do if the 6600s move and/or retire? Would some 30-foot El Dorados have to go to South, possibly from Naperville or Fox Valley?
  8. Well, the Romeoville station is officially happening.
  9. That's typical in that garage to see buses parked on the side, I used to pass by West garage daily in my commute on Lake street from Forest Park to Elmhurst when I used to live in the area. If any were black striped, then it was officially a goner.
  10. I'm guessing that they were working on the Eldos over the weekend and didn't want too many of them out. With the 17500s out, more 6162s or late 6200s are on the move or retired, likely headed to West. The Orions are definitely leaving if there are officially only 35 left.
  11. Only 4 Orions running right now at NW. #6117, #6145, 6091, and #6008. Might be the end for the rest of them on the roster at NW.
  12. Not only retiring the Orions, but you'll see some 6162s and 6600s probably heading out too. I wonder when the "small" buses will arrive to the feeder routes?
  13. Did this video happen at Jefferson Park CTA? I was over there earlier today for the first time in at least 2 years. Didn't see any pulses when I was there
  14. I can't say for sure if there have been some transfers between the 2 routes. I'll try to watch for this later this week. 722 is usually empty when I've seen it pull into the Naperville Metra Station around 8am and around 5:30pm when I'm usually there whereas 530 usually has at least 1-2 riders, but they mostly transfer to 714, I assume to go to COD. 30 minutes for 722 is way too much, I could see hourly.
  15. So today, I decided to make a switch and take a different route to Naperville. Normally, I take route 463 to Metra DG, then take that train to Naperville, but that option is pricey due to the raised Metra prices. Today, I took 463 to Metra DG, but then got on the 834 from there to Ogden/Main in DG, then eventually got on 722 to Naperville Metra (bus was about 5 minutes late). I was one of 2 people on this bus and I was all alone after Warrenville/Yackley in Lisle. I must be truthful, this is a route that I don't think last thru the end of the summer. I've seen empty buses on this route a lot during the day, both peak and off-peak. The routing on Warrenville Road is redundant with 829 and 888, both are rush hour buses. Why would anyone need to go into that area after 9am? When I take the train and get to the Lisle stop just before 8am, at least 10-15 people get on route 829, going the same direction as the 722. So that tells me that people that live in the city and work in Lisle/Naperville would rather take Metra, not go to Yorktown and then get on 722. In the past, I didn't see a lot of people get on the 714 when it used to run down Ogden, not even COD students, could be one of the reason why the route changed. In the afternoons when I get to Naperville Metra, I almost always see 714 and 722 waiting. 714, usually 3-5 people are on that bus. 722: maybe 1 person? Today, when I got off at my stop near the Naperville Metra, I asked the driver if this route gets busy often, she said "nope, I rarely see more than 3 people on this run and I've never seen you on here before." Says a lot. Pace has got to know this route isn't a money maker for them and I just can't see it lasting.