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  1. http://www.wbez.org/blog/city-room-blog/2011-06-15/grocery-bus-west-siders-jump-health-bandwagon-87887
  2. CTA5750 Photo Gallery

    #82 Kimball/Homan was a trolley bus route, it operated from 21/jun/1931 and discontinued from 30/jun/1937, the route has the shortest history in the trolley bus system in chicago, see http://my.att.net/p/s/community.dll?ep=16&groupid=390274&ck=
  3. CTA5750 Photo Gallery

    i remembered 82 kimball/homan and 85 central were running the trolley buses.
  4. CTA5750 Photo Gallery

    is 33576 your badge?
  5. CTA5750 Photo Gallery

    when were the lake street bus eliminated? is it for low ridership? are the terminals lake/michigan and harlem/lake green line?
  6. 5000-series - Updates

    are some of ex 5000 series in the chicago police department?
  7. CTA5750 Photo Gallery

    is the emergency oxygen bus for providing oxygens for the firefighters? i remembered 4900 series buses are tmc or orion, what's the assignment of the bus? what are the assignments of exCTA GM 300 series bus and twin coach bus?
  8. CTA5750 Photo Gallery

    what does EMT mean? if i have time, i will see you by your firetruck. is former 5858 and the other old GM bus in your firestation?
  9. CTA5750 Photo Gallery

    OK, Cta5750, you get a cool photo when you work in CFD, hope you will doing well in there. Are you a firefighter or are you a paramedic?
  10. Speaking of 5900s...

    where are the scraps?
  11. flxible workbuses

    How many flxibles are working with the workbus?
  12. ExCTAbus 4900 series

    i witnessed several excta 4900 series TMC near the sedgwick brown and purple line exp. stations, the top is still printing 4907, but now the buses' numbers are the CTA-WB-10, CTA-WB-11, what's the meaning? how many more exCTA 4900 series TMCs in today? where are they?
  13. Newest Proposal to Close the Budget Gap

    X98 too!
  14. ex-CTA New Flyer #5858/CFD

    where is CFD291 and other CFD series exCTA buses?
  15. ex-CTA New Flyer #5858/CFD

    what are the questions did the fireman asked you, and what did you answered, CTA5750?