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  1. What would it take to change delivery method to all rail from NY State - what are the issues with handling in interchange freight ?
  2. In Chicagoland, do they time various fare hikes to not occur on election year ? Some proportion of METRA riders are Chicago city residents. Rahmy's primary and election is 2015. Quinn could well be tossed this year. Sort of ironic.
  4. Is the hidden agenda so that some of Edgewater don't have to ride the Red Line with "those people " ?
  5. I said is just right. The R142A are at Yonkers to be rebuilt into R188 clones.
  6. If it makes you feel any better, every contract order AND manufacturer of high-tech NYCT subway cars are incompatible. About 300 R142's are being rebuilt at Yonkers to be compatible with new R188's.
  8. NJT nails you a $3 fee for a pass by mail
  9. "Which is standard at most "traditional" railroads (ie. Metro-North, LIRR, NJ Transit, MBTA, etc.), though the service charge would also apply if there's a functioning ticket vending machine at a station." SEPTA has very few TVM's and ticket agents. Nonetheless, the on-board surcharge applies regardless.
  10. Back when Skokie Swift started, and they were customizing their equipment for the service, why couldn't they just buy ex-North Shore Line equipment, such as the Electroliners or Silverliners, which probably could have been had rather cheaply ?
  11. The NIMBY's are carrying on how it will degrade their property values. But we are talking of an area under Rahm whose has lost 27% of its cops from the Addison police precinct over the last few years, closed its lockup, and seen a 70% increase in beatings and robberies, most of the increase in daytime, and near riot conditions on the last Pride day. Belmont "L" station is a very dangerous area. There is a degentrification and slow residential evacuation going on in Wrigleyville and Boystown. The S-T and Trib are silent on that.
  12. Your 5000's sound a lot like the R160's.
  13. Aren't there any timed signals, trip hammers, and trip cocks preceding bumper blocks on CTA ? The whole point of an effective signals system is to prevent crashes over 10MPH.
  15. "Ventra meets performance benchmarks"