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  1. Oh ok I didn't know the train tracking info was more of an 'inside job' I guess that would be the case for NYC as well.
  2. Hi, Does anyone know the vendor that the CTA uses for their real time train tracking data? I know that they use NextBus for their real time bus data but I'm not sure about the L' trains. Just curious.
  3. Yes there maybe several TA's that run hybrid buses in electric only mode in certain instances. However the notion of considering a hybrid bus an EV is negligible when factoring in the very short distance that said hybrid can travel in electric only mode. The parallel hybrid propulsion system is a totally different subject that is out of the realm of my previous posts. The point I was trying to make is that in order for a vehicle to be considered an EV it must be able to travel for an extended period of time in electric only mode. The Fisker Karma and Chevy Volt both have the resources to t
  4. Technically the BAE series hybrid powered buses would still be considered hybrids unless they have an "electric only" mode that would propel the wheels. This is what separates the Volt and Karma from other traditional hybrids like the Ford Fusion, Honda Civic, and the ubiqutous Toyota Prius. In theory, the Karma and Volt have a set-up similar to that of a series hybridrive system. However both vehicles can run independent of their range extending generators on pure electricity alone making them electric vehicles first and foremost. As the technology improves so will the electric range making
  5. The Fisker Karma and Chevy Volt are not hybrids either. The only difference between the Leaf and the Fisker Karma and Chevy Volt is that the ladder two vehicles have an ICE range extender that is linked to an electric generator. The ICE does not directly propel the wheels unlike more traditional hybrids. All 3 cars are considered EV's and all can run on electricity alone for an extended period of time until their respective batteries are depleted.
  6. I thought this was a worth while story to report. I don't live in the Chicagoland area but I felt this was a really great depiction of a model CTA bus operator (for once) who really enjoys her job. Big ups to Darlene for being customer centric and focused throughout some of the most challenging times with the CTA.
  7. CTA bus driver models customer service Chicago Tribune December 12, 2010|By Jon Hilkevitch | Getting Around My link The Chicago Transit Authority manages millions of dollars worth of buses, trains and other financial assets, but there's no way to put a price tag on the value of customer service. There is also no way not to feel your mood brighten when greeted by Darlene Coleman, a CTA bus driver who describes herself as having "a big personality and big hair." Coleman, 43, is right in both cases. The part-time driver, on the job less than 2½ years after working in an office f
  8. Yeah the new WMATA paint scheme is I think a direct result of metro's new GM John Catoe who worked for LACMTA prior to this latest appointment. Since his arrival I noticed that WMATA local and express routes are designated similarly to LACMTA's.
  9. Yes it was a misprint the picture from the GCRTA website (below) shows a photo of a New Flyer artic awaiting delivery at the NF facility. The article posted below does make reference to the New Flyer being the manufacturer of the newest fleet of artics eventhough the caption below the picture references NABI (strange). I wish they would've opted for the dual top mount HVAC units. http://www.riderta.c...?listingid=1342 http://www.riderta.c...ed_1536x430.jpg
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