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  1. That is correct, according to Tribune Article bus driver unions pressured this change. However in theory they have some sort of discipline action internally. Also on a side note, I don't recall or know the run or operator, but often I get a driver on the 80, who will from Irving Park Blue line to Western constantly use the horn at every auto, person or bicyclist she sees in her way driving 'fast' cutting people off etc. If you're waiting for a bus and don't actively indicate to her you want on, she will pass you by. However once we reach Western she will sit for a good 5 - 10 min as I assume she's too far ahead of schedule.
  2. sprout78

    Bus Bunching

    Montrose bus is far too slow in the evening, and not very frequent. Foster is okay in summer months (no school kids). I'll make due with the 80 for now or perhaps using Metra UP NW line from JP to North Line at Clyborn... Cost more but it's faster, assuming the NW line train is on-time... But thanks for suggestions, sure always an adventure getting home but I do have many options at least.
  3. Well true, keep in mind your talking about technology that involves mechanical parts moving. These parts may fail over time. As there wouldn’t be moving parts on an LED sign failure would be less frequent but I’m sure yes it could happen, technology is not perfect. Maybe I’m wrong but in case of the blue line showing wrong destination signs, I believe they changed content of them not long ago when adding Jefferson park and UIC Halstead short runs, thus if a person hasn’t changed the physical roll sign, it’s not likely going to show the correct destination. As there isn’t any physical object to change this wouldn’t be an issue in an LED sign.
  4. sprout78

    Bus Bunching

    I may try Belmont bus heading home sometime, however in the past, I’ve found traffic on Belmont to move pretty slow (both driving and taking bus). Just as a note, yesterday bus tracker indicated I’d have two 80’s coming in 4 minutes and sure enough I had two 80’s in which to board. There was no local Cubs game, and so far as I know traffic was fine. I should point out the one following the two pack of buses was "delayed" so I feel for anyone who had to wait.
  5. I was able to catch the northbound run on my way home from work. I will say that on paper, and thinking about it I wasn't too keen on sitting sideways. Myself, sitting sideways on a bus, I tend to get a little motion sick and I figured the same would be true here. However my thoughts are as follows; first, this was a rush hour train, and quite packed. Not a single person on board seemed to mind the seating. In addition, it was much easier to board, as standing passengers were not crowded in the door way, instead they were spread throughout the train. Overall it was a much more comfortable trip, with much more space, and freedom to move into, and off of the train. When I was actually able to get a seat, sitting sideways didn't bother me so much as it does on a bus, I suppose as it isn't typically stopping and going so frequently. However, I hope that the CTA chooses to have the final product delivered with the new style seating used on the stimulus NF's, as they are much nicer than the old style seats. On a note also discussed above regarding the new LED Maps, I'm not sure that these are a needed expense. Having ridden trains in NY, one will notice that they use a similar map for their routes, however it is a route map not system wide map. This, makes a bit more sense there as equipment isn't changed between routes as it can or is here in Chicago. The map is also quite larger in NYC, taking up most length of the rail car, and thus visible to all. The one's being used here of course here is a system wide map, as one never really knows when CTA may move car's around between lines. I would also point out that the map is very small, and really only visible for those seated or standing in the middle of the rail car. Yes it looks nice, but I don't see a need for it really as the regular system maps are already posted above doors as they are now in every other rail car. It just adds additional expense to modify should stops or line be added or changed.
  6. sprout78

    Bus Bunching

    I use the 80 every week day as part of my daily commute between Rogers Park/Cumberland CTA. First, I really miss the X80, in some cases the 80 stops are far too close; Francisco, Mozart, California for one example. I’ll also say, that Cubs game or no Cubs game, there is much more bunching going on with the 80 then there had prior to service cuts. Some days it’s perfectly fine, others I’ll be waiting a good 15-20 min for a bus to have 2 of them show up at the same time. What’s further annoying is when two come, typically only one will let passengers on at Irving Park Blue line the other passes by, typically making for a very crowded bus.
  7. I am new here, so was a bit hesitant to submit these earlier when I received them, however I figured why not. I've got a friend who lives in Plattsburg, NY near the Bombardier test track and he captured these earlier this month of the new cars being tested. Keep in mind these were taken with a cell phone camera so the quality isn't so great. Video 1Video 2Video 3
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